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Physics 71
Set A
First Long Exam
Second Semester, AY 20152016



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First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

Instructions: Choose the letter of the best answer to each of the following questions. Use
PENCIL NUMBER 2 only to shade your answer to the exam.To change your answer, erase
neatly your old answer and simply shade the new one. Any form of cheating in examinations
or any act of dishonesty in relation to studies, such as plagiarism, shall be subject to disciplinary action. Whenever applicable, use g = 9.80 m/s2 for the magnitude of acceleration
due to gravity. Following instructions is part of the examination.
1. Sabaw. A Campbells tomato soup has a density of 1.05 g/cm3 . How many grams (g) of
soup are in 5.00 102 m3 of soup?
A. 525 g

B. 5, 250 g

C. 52, 500 g

D. 525, 000 g

2. Relationship. The relationship between three quantities x, y and z is given by x = y 2 /z. If

the dimension of y is [L]/[T ] and the dimension of z is [L], which of the following choices
is the correct dimension of x?
A. [L]

B. [T ]

C. [L]/[T ]

D. [L]/[T 2 ]

3. Find X, dont ask Y. If the +x- and +y- axes point to East and North respectively, what

is A = 500. N, 65.0 West of North in unit-vector form?

A. (453 N) + (211 N)

C. (211 N) + (453 N)

B. (453 N) + (211 N)

D. (211 N) + (453 N)

4. Arrows. Vectors P , Q and S are drawn on a scaled grid as

shown. Which of the following is the correct vector representation

of P + Q + S ?


First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

5. VicTours Inc. Vic the tour guide walks 100. m, 25.0 South of East from the Rizal monument. He then moves 150. m, 35.0 West of North. What is the position of Vic with respect
to the Rizal monument?
A. 4.59 m East, 80.6 m North

C. 32.2 m West, 43.8 m North

B. 214 m West, 129 m North

D. 32.2 m West, 43.7 m South

6. Average VeloSITTI. The plot in the figure is

the position of Sitti as a function of time. At
which of the following time intervals is the average velocity of Sitti greatest?
A. t1 t0
B. t2 t0
C. t3 t0
D. t4 t0
7. The run. A runner covers a distance of 15.0 m in 6.00 s to move from x = 0 to x = 4.00 m.
What is the average speed of the runner?
A. 0.667 m/s

B. 1.17 m/s

C. 2.50 m/s

D. 4.00 m/s

8. The Ball of Banality. A ball moves in a straight line. Its velocity is +10.0 m/s at t1 =
3.00 s and stops at t2 = 8.00 s. What is the average acceleration from t1 to t2 ?
A. +3.33 m/s2

C. +2.00 m/s2

B. 3.33 m/s2

D. 2.00 m/s2

9. Eazy. The position vs time graph shows the

motion of a particle in one dimension. At what
point on the graph is the instantaneous speed
the greatest?


First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

10. EW. Which of the following graphs represents the position-time graph of a car that travels
towards the positive x-direction at a constant speed, stops and then moves in the opposite
direction at a constant rate?

11. Hide your wallets! A snatcher is running along a straight line with a constant acceleration.
He covers a distance of 70.0 m in 8.00 s. If he started from rest, what will be his speed as
he passes the 70.0-m mark?
A. 35.0 m/s

B. 17.5 m/s

C. 8.80 m/s

D. 4.80 m/s

12. Ikotoki. An Ikot jeep with constant velocity of 40.0 m/s passes by a stationary Toki jeep
along a straight road. Immediately, the Toki jeep speeds up at a constant rate of 5.00 m/s2 .
After how many seconds will the Toki jeep catch up with the Ikot jeep?
A. 2.83 s

B. 4.00 s

C. 8.00 s

D. 16.0 s

13. Burst shots. Photos of objects were taken at equal time intervals. Which of the following
best corresponds to an object that is freely falling from a certain height above the ground?


First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

14. DEADpool. Deadpool drops down from the top of a tall

building. It takes 10.0 s for him to fall from point P to
point Q. What will be the total time for him to reach the
ground from the top?
A. 12.2 s
B. 17.3 s
C. 24.5 s
D. 30.0 s
15. One whole chicken. Starting from the origin of some coordinate system, a chicken moves
2 m to the +x-direction for 2 s, then 3 m to the +y-direction for 3 s. What is the chickens
average velocity for the whole motion?
A. (1 m/s) + (1 m/s)

m/s +

C. (2 m/s) + (3 m/s)
D. 1 m/s

16. AcceleraXYon. Given the velocity and acceleration of a particle as shown in the figure,
which of the following statements is TRUE
about the particles motion?
A. It is speeding up and turning north.
B. It is speeding up and turning south.
C. It is slowing down and turning north.
D. It is slowing down and turning south.

17. Diwata. In a testing site, a satellite moves such that its position
r with respect to the
origin at any given time t is

r (t) = (3.00 1.00t) + 2.00 + 3.00t2 4.00t2 k .

All the quantities above are expressed in SI units. What is the magnitude of the satellites
A. 1.00 m/s2

B. 5.00 m/s2


C. 7.00 m/s2

D. 10.0 m/s2

First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

For the next two items: A stone is thrown at point O in

a projectile motion as shown in the figure. The velocity
along the x and y axis at point P is 9.00 m/s and
6.40 m/s respectively.
18. Bato Bato sa Langit. What is the x component of the velocity at point Q?
A. 6.40 m/s

B. 9.00 m/s

C. 9.80 m/s

D. 11.0 m/s

19. ProMo. If the initial vertical velocity at point O is 10.0 m/s, what is the height of point
A. 3.01 m

B. 1.69 m

C. 1.51 m

D. 0.661 m

20. La Ratio. Objects A and B are launched from the same point with the same initial speed
v0 at different launching angles A = 40.0 and B = 60.0 from the horizontal. If tA and
tB are the travel times from their launching point to their maximum height, what is tA /tB ?
A. 1.53

B. 1.35

C. 0.742

D. 0.653

21. Mahabang maiksi. A small sphere is tied to string and is made to move in a circle with a
constant speed of 5.30 m/s. How long must the string be for the sphere to have a centripetal
acceleration of 8.40 m/s2 ?
A. 0.299 m

B. 0.631 m

C. 1.58 m

D. 3.34 m

22. Grabe siya! An adventurous cockroach lies on the tip of a 0.400 -m blade of a ceiling
fan. If the fan rotates with a period of 0.300 s, what is the centripetal acceleration of the
A. 502 m/s2

B. 175 m/s2

C. 20.9 m/s2

D. 8.37 m/s2

23. Its been a long day without you my friend. From an intersection, you move East while
your friend Brian moves North. If you and Brian maintain the same constant speed, which
of the following is TRUE about Brians velocity relative to you?
A. Its magnitude is decreasing.

C. It is directed to the northwest.

B. Its magnitude is increasing.

D. It is directed to the southeast.


First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

24. Blown by the wind. An airplane0 s velocity relative to air is 240.0 km/h, 30.00 east of
north. If there is a 100.0 km/h wind from west to east, what is the magnitude of the airplanes velocity relative to the earth?
A. 140.0 km/h

C. 330.4 km/h

B. 302.7 km/h

D. 340.0 km/h

25. Do you know? Which of the following best explains why astronauts on the Moon jump
higher than on Earth?
A. They weigh less on the Moon than they do on Earth.
B. Their mass is less on the Moon than on Earth.
C. Their jumping force is greater on the Moon than on Earth.
D. The acceleration due to gravity is greater on the Moon than on Earth.
26. Newtons Apple. Which of the following scenarios describe/s an object in equilibrium?
I. an iPhone 6S falling off a tree
II. a Macbook Air at rest on top of a table
III. an iPad Pro sliding at constant speed down a rough ramp
A. I only

B. II only

C. I and III

D. I, II and III

27. The Frame. You are riding a car that moves in a horizontal line. At what time interval is the car a valid inertial
frame of reference?
A. interval I only
B. interval II only
C. interval I and III
D. interval I, II and III
28. Quits na! A 25.0- N force directed North is acting on a 10.0- kg crate. What must be the
magnitude and direction of a second force on the crate to be in equilibrium?
A. 25.0 N, North
B. 25.0 N, South

C. 2.50 N, North
D. 2.50 N, South

First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

29. FBD. Which of the following is the correct

free-body diagram of an object at rest on a
rough inclined plane as shown?

30. Newtons Flaw. A car is moving in a 2D plane

as shown in the figure. It increases its speed
from rest in segment I, moves in a constant
speed in segment II, then moves in a curve
at constant speed at segment III. Which segment/s is/are the net force on the car NOT equal
to zero?
A. I only

C. III only

B. II only

D. I and III only

31. Kapareha. Consider the block of mass m accelerating on the rough ramp with a magnitude
of a as shown in the figure. Which of the following is the reaction force of the weight of
the block?
A. Its mass times its acceleration
B. Frictional force by the wedge to the block
C. Normal force by the wedge to the block
D. Force exerted by the block on the Earth

First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

32. Not a crate! A box of mass 30.0 kg on a rough

inclined plane is pulled by a force F parallel
to the incline. The magnitude of the frictional
force acting on the box is one half times the
magnitude of the normal force exerted by the
incline. What should be the magnitude of F
such that the box will move up along the incline
with constant speed?
A. 73.5 N

C. 274 N

B. 127 N

D. 328 N

33. Ellavator. Ella, with mass 50.0 kg, is standing inside an elevator going up. The normal
force of the floor on Ella is 755 N. What is the magnitude of her upward acceleration.
A. 5.30 m/s2

B. 15.1 m/s2

C. 77.0 m/s2

D. 265 m/s2

34. He got one job. Your absent-minded instructor accidentally placed a 15.0-kg box on top of
a frictionless incline. Then, the instructor applied a force of 20.0 N parallel to the incline
as shown in the figure. What is the resulting acceleration of the box?
A. 0.370 m/s2 , down along the incline
B. 0.370 m/s2 , up along the incline
C. 3.03 m/s2 , down along the incline
D. 3.03 m/s2 , up along the incline
35. Hashed5. Marlou slides face first on level pavement, uniformly slowing his speed from
2.6 m/s to a stop for 1.2 s. If Marlous mass is 41 kg, what was the magnitude of the
frictional force on him?
A. 870 N

B. 180 N

C. 110 N


D. 89 N

First Long Exam

Second Semester, AY 20152016

Physics 71

36. FriXYon. A box, initially at rest on a rough floor, is pushed with increasing force until
it starts to move with constant velocity to the right. Which are possible values for the
coefficient of static friction s and coefficient of kinetic friction k between the surfaces?
A. s = 0.2, k = 0.2

C. s = 0.4, k = 0.2

B. s = 0.2, k = 0.4

D. s = 0.4, k = 0.4

37. Hatak. A 10.0-kg block resting on a horizontal floor is pulled by a horizontal force with
magnitude of 70.0 N. What is the coefficient of static friction between the block and the
floor if the block is on the verge of moving?
A. zero

B. 0.143

C. 0.416

D. 0.714

38. Rudolf. Rudolf pulled a 55 kg sled over a snow-covered ground. If the coefficient of
kinetic friction is 0.15, what is the acceleration of the sled if the tension in the rope is
150 N?
A. 0.78 m/s2

B. 1.3 m/s2

C. 1.9 m/s2

D. 2.6 m/s2

39. Conical Pendulum. A bob weighing W is being acted

by a tension (T) in a configuration shown on the right.
What is the force component directly responsible for the
centripetal acceleration?
A. T cos

C. W

B. T sin

D. W cos

40. Max speed. A 1000-kg car is making a turn on a curved

bank. The car experiences a normal force of 12, 760 N
and a static frictional force of 5, 995 N as it moves with
a maximum speed without sliding up along the bank. If
R = 10.0 m and = 20.0 , what is the cars speed?
A. 10.0 [m/s]

B. 11.8 [m/s]

A 10

C. 3.56 [m/s]

D. 5.25 [m/s]