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Why people do bullying ?

A General Statement :
Bullying is when people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against
someone or a group of people to cause distress and risk to their wellbeing. These actions are
usually done by people who have more influence or power over someone else, or who want
to make someone else feel less powerful or helpless. Bullying is not the same as conflict
between people (like having a fight) or disliking someone, even though people might bully
each other because of conflict or dislike.
A Squenced of Explanation :
Institutional causes of bullying often come from a home environment or a school
environment where the standards are not very high when it comes to how people treat each
other. Social issues come into play within the subject of bullying because the kids doing it
know that it will get them attention that they desperately crave. Since the world is a place
where negative actions get more attention than positive actions do bullies are inspired to
participate in these negative actions. Many times both scripted and reality TV shows make
kids think that bullying is OK because they see negative behavior and actions highlighted on
these shows. In addition to TV shows, video games are often blamed by the parents of bullies
for causing their childs actions in the first place.
The three basic reasons why bullying happens are jealousy, fear and distrust. It is
important that schools must address this proactively and positively. Left untreated, these three
things can be very destructive. Students who are jealous or fearful of other students often
become bullies to take away their jealousy and their fear. When they experience emotions
such as jealousy, fear and distrust in many cases it is due to emotional problems.
However this is not always the case and oftentimes parents and community leaders
dont realize that many bullies actually have a high level of self esteem, meaning the ones
who do are less likely to be caught. People are simply looking at the kids with low self
esteem as being the only ones who would ever engage in bullying.
A Closing :
In general, kids who dont bully but hang out with kids who do are more likely to turn
to bullying themselves. Kids who have friends that have no problem with violence also turn
to bullying in many cases. Many children will start bullying others just to see if they get away
with it. When they do get away with it this motivates them to keep doing it and even
encourages other kids to do the same. Kids and teenagers often like to test the authority
figures in their life and bullying is one way in which they do that.

A. Explanation About Explanation Text
Explanation Text contains a process that deals with social phenomena, nature, science,
technology development, cultural development, and so on explanation relates to the question
answering "Why" and "How" Against a related phenomenon

B. The Purpose of Explanation Text

The purpose is to explain the text explanation of a phenomenon that occurs.

C. Generic Structure of Explanation Text

There is three structure of Explanation Text :
1. A general statement
In a general statement contains a general explanation of the phenomenon to be
discussed or to be told, this paragraph could be the introduction of the story of the
phenomenon, or an explanation of the phenomenon.
2. A squenced of explanation
Paragraph contains a description of the process How or why this phenomenon
occurs. A sequenced of explanation could be an answer to the question '' why '' and ''
how '' when the author makes an Explanation text. In the scope of explanation could
sequenced Consisting of one or more than one paragraph.
3. Closing
Is part of the final text explanation and must be related to the topic that is told.
D. Linguistic Feature Of Explanation Text
Using simpel present tense
Using abstract noun
Using Passive voice
Using Action verbs