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Essential Question: How can we identify part of a whole as a percent?

Do Now: Complete the table below:


1. A bag of candy contains 300 pieces of which 28% are red.
How many pieces are red?

Which quantity represents the whole?

Write an expression using the percent and the whole to represent the number of pieces of red candy.

Write and solve an equation to find the unknown quantity.

2. A bag of candy contains 300 pieces of which 28% are red. How many pieces are NOT red?
a) Write an equation to represent the number of pieces that are not red, n.

b) Use your equation to find the number of pieces of candy that are not red.

c) Sam told his math teacher that he could use the answer

3. Brad put 10 crickets in his pet lizards cage. After one day, Brads lizard had eaten 20% of the crickets he
had put in the cage. By the end of the next day, the lizard had eaten 25% of the remaining crickets. How many
crickets were left in the cage at the end of the second day.

The playground at UP Elementary School is formed form two equal parcels (sections) of land, which have been
subdivided into 12 assorted areas with specific purposes, as shown on the map. The PTA has agreed to donate
money to redesign and update the playground. They want the existing 12 areas combined into four larger areas
with the following specifications:
1. After the renovation, all 12 of the existing areas of the playground will be eliminated, and the whole
playground will be divided into four new areas.
2. The ball field area will be joined to one other area, and together they will make up of one of the two
equal parcels or sections of land. This will be the new Play area.
3. The area containing the Play House will be combined with two other areas to form the new Primary
Playground. This area will comprise
of one of the two sections.
4. The area that holds the slides will be increased to equal of a section. This will be the new
Playground Equipment Area.
5. The rest of the land in that section will be added to the park benches area. This will be the new Park
and Picnic Area.
6. You will be able to walk through each of the four new areas of the playground without having to cross
another area.

Use the clues abo e to find out which areas of the original playground were combined to make the four new
areas. Explain your answer.

Draw a map of the new playground, and outline each of the four new areas. What fraction of the total
playground area will be in each of the four new areas?

Do you agree with the design of the playground? Explain any changes you would make in the location of
equipment or park areas.