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Assessment Sheets Students are to have their preceptor fill out the assessment sheets every 3 shifts, add their own assessment of the questions posed, and upload to Canvas. Student:_Haralambos Vavlay Preceptor:_Sese ph Galluppo Dates: 9/28/16 | What is going well? |Preceptor: Bobby , is AdyesFiny fe (cv like pce dng Is Already ao ry one lew pte Teaching ene so moon and snte ries _ Toregh Student: F truly love muy To experience - dover! Nice coed en eo |= am managing one pafren! very well: Fam getting accuslered to He trot and More CNMI - : What challenges do you have? Pr 3 receptor: oie Student: © do not rave Meany Challenge? TF T were Ne vickons Sry be Veryenihel Trasmid be te wanaanam late cooriing on my time me! Are you getting the support you need to progress? - ic 7 eptor: Preceptot via cmansugh supperd fromm sie gh. Be conient | Student: 1 om g¢ttinay mere then 2n ae eee nae eM he fer yra to ete bart rune © could be an Derk role reote! / precept What do you need from me as the instructor? Preceptor: p} Pen Student: na, Meee our wpiruclers doa qrest yee norhi