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NAME: Amal Yousef Karam

EPC 2403

Lesson Plan Template



Number of


KG 2

Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

Be prepared and organize.
Be on time.
Bring enough materials.
Learning Outcomes:


(Link to the ADEC K-5 curriculum document)

Students will be able to identify

colors, animals names and shapes.
And letter sound N.

Plastic fruits
Picture cards
Song of sound
Play dough
Small boards
Whiteboard markers
Paper shaped

Lesson Introduction
Whole group activity: Time 15 minutes

Question (Blooms Taxonomy)

Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)

What will you do in order to introduce the
concept to the students?

Remembering (low level):

Sing song of sounds with the students.

Active Engagement: (Bullet points)

After youve modeled the concept, what activity
will you have the students perform while on the
carpet to ensure that they understand it?

Ask students to write the letter N on air

and floor.

Link: (Bullet points)

Remind the students in kid friendly language
how they can apply what they did whole group in
their independent learning centers

Identify the letter and make a circle on

I will put the song of sounds and

ask the students to sing with me
and act same my actions.
Understanding (low level):

Students will match the words

started with letter N to the letter is
written on the left.
Applying (low level):

Students will search and find out

from the cubes area the letter N
and bring it to show their friends.

NAME: Amal Yousef Karam

EPC 2403
Analyzing (high level):

Show them small cards with

pictures and names. For example N
for nurse.
Evaluating (high level):

the letter N from random letters on the


Ask students to come and write the letter

on the whiteboard.

Give them a worksheet which has

two parts. The first one is identify
and circle on letter N. the second
part is circle on words started with
letter N.

Creating (high level):

Trace the letter N on a paper using

play dough.

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center 1

Small black

Learning Center 2

Learning Center 3


Learning Center 4

Plastic fruits
Shapes papers

Small Group Learning Centers: Time 15miutes

Learning Center 1 Title: (Bullet points)

Learning Center 2 Title: (Bullet points)

Each student will have a small

board and write the letter N on it.
Then I will ask them to write in
small and capital shape.

Students will have different types of

stories and each one will pick story.
And while they are watching to
stories they will recognize the
animals names, colors and shapes.

NAME: Amal Yousef Karam

Learning Center 3 Title: (Bullet points)

Group of students will sit together

and have different shaped papers.
Then, I will ask them to choose from
the plastic fruits that has same of
the papers shape.

EPC 2403
Learning Center 4 Title: (Bullet points)

Explain step by step what the students will do

Closing activity: Time: ______

Allow children time to discuss how what they did during their learning centers and how it relates to
the lesson outcome
Remember that. (restate outcome using kid friendly language)

Remember that we have taken a new letter sound. Who will come and
write it on the board?
Assessment for Learning: How will you determine if the students understood the learning
outcome? What evidence will you show to prove this?

Moving around the students while they are doing the activities and see if
they doing it right that prove to me they got the new sound.