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Rising Sun & Ohio County

Community News
Volume 3 - Issue 1 - January 2009

Ohio County Firemen Honored with Medal of Valor


Left to Right: Danny Cyrus, Rising Sun Fire Chief Kevin Armstrong, and Greg Peelman

On a frigid morning on January 3, 2008 at approximately 6:03 Greg Peelman is a 17-year veteran firefighter and EMT. Greg
am Rising Sun Fire Department was dispatched to a structure fire lo- started his career with East Enterprise VFD in 1989. During Gregs ser-
cated at 5625 Salem Ridge Road. It was further dispatched that there vice at East Enterprise he also served as an EMT for Switzerland County
were occupants still inside the residence. Upon arrival two people were EMS. In 2006 Greg joined the Bear Branch VFD where he still serves.
found lying in the front yard and the firemen were advised that one Danny Cyrus responded from his home nearby, having just got-
female was still inside. A resident was pulled from the fully involved ten off call with the Ohio County EMS. Greg Peelman was en route to
building by firefighters Danny Cyrus and Greg Peelman. Two others were his job as a union boiler maker at AEP in Lawrenceburg. The tempera-
transported to UC via AirCare helicopter. tures that morning were in the single digits. Without question the two
Danny Cyrus and Greg Peelman have been recognized by the victims would not be here today without the quick actions of these two
State of Indiana for their heroism and acts of bravery which went be- brave men.
yond the call of duty...risking their own lives to save another's. Danny On Saturday, December 13 at the annual Emergency Services
Cyrus is a 13-year veteran firefighter and EMT who started his career in Christmas Party, Rising Sun Fire Department Chief Kevin Armstrong pre-
1995 with Bear Branch VFD. Danny completed his EMT certification sented Danny Cyrus and Greg Peelman with The Medal of Valor, the
and began to run with Switzerland County EMS. Later, Danny moved to state's highest honor awarded to those who perform acts of bravery above
Osgood for approximately one year and served on Task Unit 1 while the call of duty.
there. Danny then moved back to Bear Branch and ran with them until In an emotional tribute to these two men, Armstrong congratu-
2000, then moved to Rising Sun. However, there were no openings on lated Cyrus and Peelman saying, I feel without their quick actions these
the fire department at that time and Danny ran with Patriot VFD. Danny victims would not be with us. Without regard for their own safety, Cyrus
did join the Ohio County EMS and then a year later filled an opening and Peelman together pulled a woman from the burning structure and
slot on the Rising Sun Volunteer Fire Department. He has served since then rendered first aid to all of the injured until fire and EMS apparatus
then on both departments. arrived.

City of Rising Sun Presort Standard

Historic Downtown Program U.S. Postage
103 South Walnut Street Paid
Rising Sun, IN 47040 Permit #48
Rising Sun, IN

Postal Customer
Rising Sun, IN 47040
2 Rising Sun & Ohio County Community News

I hope that the holidays were good for folks here in Rising Sun or at least fair given
the state of our economy. Starting out this year is not good for our country or our state
and even for our community. As we start this 2009 year along with a new president and
with the long session of our state legislature, and also knowing the shortfall that the state
has to deal with, it does make me feel uncomfortable, as Mayor of the City of Rising Sun,
knowing the drop in the income from our gaming facility. I know we have to make some
cuts, some can be as much as 25%. These are some of the things that you don't like to
deal with in any position. But realistically it has to be done to survive, what we do hope is
that the economy will turn around. Mayor
Bills pic
Some projects that we hoped we could possibly look at starting this year may be
put on the back burner for the time being. I think that is wise on our part. I know this city
has to keep moving forward. So we will look at the highest priority project that the city will
benefit from the most. And even then some of those may be waived for a time. One
project that I hope we can move forward with but maybe at a slower pace is our Phase 4
Riverfront Project. This is one project that will complete most of the riverfront along with
monies that we did receive from federal funds back in 2006. So we have those funds to
put towards this project to keep it moving forward. Even with those funds we have to
make sure that we have enough set aside to complete this project.
Clerk Treasurer Ray Baker Gipson and I are working on these numbers for City
Council to look at, probably by the time this paper has been published. Most of the cuts
of what we are looking at would have been finalized, and even then City Council can ask
for more, if our numbers are not comfortable for what we have coming in from our gaming
The Clerk Treasurer's office is working on a new website for the city. We had re-
ceived some funds for this and we hoped that this can be established sometime in 2009
with information about the city and all offices.
Again, I ask for everybody to keep our men and women in the armed services in their prayers and ask God to watch over our great
community and our country as we start this new year with a new president.

Mayor Bill Marksberry.

City of Rising Sun

Ready or not 2009 is here. Time flies January. We are looking forward to serving the businesses in our com-
Bruno assists Amy during the when you are having fun! This year, the munity. However, you do not have to be a business owner to be a mem-
busy Christmas season. Historic Downtown Program will be work- ber of the Historic Downtown Program. Anyone with an interest in our
ing on quite a few projects. A faade city should join. As a member there are benefits, such as, 100 free
rehab program on Main Street will be keeping us busy. Partnering with black and white copies a month, 25 free color copies a month, secre-
a few of the property owners will give the downtown a facelift. tarial services, fax machine, access to our growing library with current
Also, the Ohio County Community Foundation approved a grant business books, wonderful networking opportunities within our com-
for us to create a Building Inventory for the buildings on Main Street. munity, expert one-on-one counseling services through the Small Busi-
The Inventory will include rental information, history of the businesses ness Association, targeted special interest meetings throughout the year
in each building, and information collected over the years from two dif- on topics of interest for small businesses (for example, Affordable Mar-
ferent architectural firms that categorized the buildings on Main Street. keting Workshop through the OCRA grant January 21 and Marketing
Once all the data is collected, the books will be donated to our schools, Basics April 21), volunteer opportunities to help shape our community,
library, city, museum, and other local entities to preserve our history. link your businesss website to the Historic Downtowns, and a 10% dis-
Plus, binders will be made for our office and other committees to use count for rental fees at Heritage Hall. Refer to the article in this issue of
day-to-day and can be updated easily. So, all local historians, if you Community News for more information or call 438.2750.
would like to help with this project stop by our office, we will appreciate A big thank you to everyone who has been encouraging and support-
any feedback or participation. ive though out 2008. We look forward to working with everyone in 2009.
Our Annual Historic Downtown Program meeting will be January We are so blessed to have such a lovely community. May God keep
27, 2009 at 6 pm in Heritage Hall. Our 2009 membership drive starts in watch over our home and all of our armed service men and women.

ABOUT THE NEWS... February 2nd, 2009 Program Sponsors

City of Rising Historic Downtown
The Rising Sun & Ohio County Community News is Publication Release Sun Program
a monthly publication sponsored by the Historic * Articles, Pictures, Advertise-
Downtown Program and the City of Rising Sun to Bill Marksberry, Amy Hoffman,
ments, and Calendar Items must Mayor Director
provide governmental units, not-for-profit entities, be received by Friday, January 16,
and local businesses the opportunity to communi- Rae Gipson, Clerk Karrah Miller,
2009 at 12 Noon. Treasurer Office Manager
cate directly with residents of the community. * Calendar items should be for
Community groups are encouraged to submit sto- events in February and March
ries, news briefs, and pictures to be published in 2009. City Council Members:
the newspaper. Submissions must be made elec- Roy Powell
tronically. Files can be uploaded to Dennis Radcliff Disks, CDs, and Steve Slack
other media may be sent to the Historic Downtown Mike Padgett
office at 103 S. Walnut St., Rising Sun. Local busi- Lynn Graves
nesses are encouraged to explore the discounted
advertising rates available to them. For more infor-
mation, please visit, or call 438-2750.
January 2009 3

Ohio County Animal Shelter

Well, here it is another month, another year. The holiday season
is past and a new year has begun. We have had a really good month
here at the shelter. We have had many animals adopted from all over
the tri-state, thanks to our web site
Guest Column by DearbornOhio County Deputy Prosecutor, J. Jeffrey ~IN106 and Bretzel's PC Repair for keeping our computer at its best.
Dornette We also got some new walls put up at the shelter thanks to the
The Ohio County Superior Court will disappear December 31, many donations and a big thank you to the Cecil, Joann, and Melisa
2008. Personally, it will be a sad day. I was the first Deputy Prosecutor Irwin family and to Paul and Darlene Walton for their generosity.
assigned to the Court when it started in 1975, with Judge Ed James We at the shelter owe a lot to the many people who have do-
presiding. Ironically, I am the last Deputy Prosecutor with Judge John nated to the shelter, and we can not forget our local library, and of course
Mitchell presiding. In between, I had a 25 year career in private prac- Cub Scout pack 650, the Taylors, Dave Otter family, Karen Baillie, Danny
tice. & Rhonda Vinup and the kids, Adam Warner, Doris, and B and B con-
The Prosecutor is the chief law enforcement officer for every tracting.
county in Indiana. The experience provided me with a long-term per-
spective of drug activities in Ohio County ranging from the 1970s bur-
glary of Dr. Fesslers Rising Sun office for pain pills to 2008 metham-
phetamine lab operations. Drugs of choice change over time from co-
caine to heroin, methamphetamine, and the latest epidemic, prescrip-
tion medicine. These drug cases are a big part of the day-to-day crimes
we prosecute in Ohio County. The numbers of persons stopped for
public intoxication, drunk driving, fights with their spouses and those
found to be in possession of pills is astounding. It leads us to believe
the epidemic is wide spread.
Pain pills require law enforcement attention because their abuse
is rising, addicts commit crimes to get the drugs and the addiction is
very hard to control. Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are both made from
opium and both are frequently abused in this area. There are also
many other prescription drugs including antidepressants, depressants
and stimulants. They all seem clean and harmless, compared to illicit
drugs such as Mexican tar heroin, but contain the same basic drug,
opium. As a result these pills are just as dangerous and addictive as
heroin. Rhonda Vinup and Karen Baillie put final paint in place on new walls. Some
These drugs come from Walgreens, or grandmas purse, but have of the paint was donated by our local Valley Supply.
the same risk and rates of addiction as heroin. Its users are junkies,
addicts who will lie, cheat and steal to get the drugs. Children steal
them from parents and grandparents medicine cabinets. Elderly sell
their prescriptions and junkies doctor shop to get them. Abusers crush
the pills and snort them to absorb them faster and in a more concen-
trated dose.
Doctor shopping is a common source for the drugs. Going to a
number of physicians and lying to get prescriptions for the same drug
presents a lower risk than a trip to Cincinnatis Over the Rhine. Easy
access contributes to the problem. Some in law enforcement attribute
a local decline in methamphetamine use to pills. Doctor shopping is
on the rise and a serious local problem in our community.
People convicted of these crimes cross all socioeconomic barri-
ers. It is not uncommon for a person addicted to prescription drugs to
be employed with a good job and nice home and face the possibility of
losing it all because of a serious addiction.
Prescription drug abuse is a serious crime because it has signifi- lots of puppy and cat paws adorn the new walls and doors...
cant consequences on the users, their families and the community.
Young people are frequent abusers, so parents keep an eye on your
medicine cabinet. The pills are small and available. Visit the website, to find out how to protect your family.
Ohio County is a great place to live and raise a family, but this
problem must be addressed. I have enjoyed serving Ohio County over
the past several years. As we say goodbye to the Ohio Superior Court,
the problem with drug abuse is still here and we must continue the

Countermeasure Fees

The Drug Free Communities funds are collected from local dol-
lars through the following offender fees:
---A drug abuse, prosecution,interdiction, and correction fee of at least
$200 and not more than $1,000 assessed against a person convicted
of drug offense. These would include dealing, manufacturing, and/or Little Shorty and all of us at the Ohio County Animal Shelter would like to
possessing. wish everyone a great new year. Thanks to all, till next time.
---An alcohol and drug counter measures fee of $200 assessed from
any alcohol-related driving offense, including driving under the influ-
ence, violations of probationary licenses, or violations of ignition inter- News Deadline for
lock devices.

Distribution of FFund
February Issue is Friday,
The Governor's Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana has desig-
nated a Local Coordinating Council (LCC) in every county within the
January 16
state. These LCCs are responsible for overseeing the allocations of the Please submit articles, advertisements, and community calen-
Drug Free Communities Fund. At least 25% of the funds must go to- dar items for the February issue by Friday, January 16. Community cal-
wards each of the following areas: prevention/education, criminal jus- endar items should be for the months of February and March. For more
tice, and intervention/treatment. information, visit or call 812-438-2750.
4 Rising Sun & Ohio County Community News

General Assembly Update

An Ohio County Perspective
The Indiana General Assembly re-organized in November. I at-
tended the swearing-in ceremonies in my capacity as Legislative Liai-
son for the Ohio County Council and Ohio County Board of Commission-
ers and as Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the Association of
Indiana Counties.
The Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) represents over 1,800
county elected officials throughout the state. An AIC cornerstone posi-
tion is exactly the same position held by Ohio County elected officials
and citizens, As many policy decisions as possible should be made by
the level of government closest to the people: county government.
The General Assembly will consider many issues during the com-
ing months. On behalf of the residents of Ohio County, I will closely
watch issues that impact our daily lives, particularly those that take
policy decisions away from our local government to allow elected offi-
cials in Indianapolis to make decisions that are best made in Ohio County.
Our first watch list: David Bottorff, AIC Executive Director, and Ohio Co Councilman Dill
1) Riverboat tax revenue: Ohio County opposes any attempt to Dorrell
capture more of your tax revenue from Grand Victoria.
2) County finances: Ohio County and the AIC support legislation support a state constitutional amendment to limit legislative mandates
that recognizes that county officials are in the best position to deter- on local government.
mine local fiscal needs. I will keep you updated on these and other issues with this col-
3) Local government restructuring: Ohio County and the AIC sup- umn in the Rising Sun & Ohio County Community News. If you have
port opportunities to improve efficiencies. Ohio County opposes elimi- questions about specific bills, you can contact State Senator Johnny
nating your county elected officials and replacing them with a single Nugent at 800-382-9467 and State Representative Bob Bischoff at 800-
county executive. 382-9842.
4) State mandates: Too much of our property taxes are a result of Dill Dorrell
the State mandating programs and services. Ohio County and the AIC Ohio County Council





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January 2009 5

America In Bloom Rising Sun Wellness Spa Offers

Committee Plans Guidance For Troubling Times
New Way to Approach 2009
First Meeting of want some peace in my life!!
Now more than ever, you may want to Kathy Engelhardt is a minister and Life
consider a Life Coach. These are times of great Coach at the Rising Sun Wellness Spa. She

the New Year challenge to hold the old adage of Positive comes with a wealth of life experiences and
Thinking. Careers are changing and for some 20+ years of commitment to personal growth.
their careers are ending. Life seems to be get- She is a person who comes from the heart and
The 2009 organizational meeting of the Rising ting harder. More and more grandparents are holds a high commitment to her clients to help
Sun America in Bloom Committee will be held raising their grandchildren. them access their GREATNESS inside them-
at 6:00 pm Tuesday January 13th at Heritage I hear these comments quite often selves. As author Matthew Kelly states to
Hall. Anyone interested in the beautification I am sick and tired of being on all this Become the Best Version of Yourself is truly
program of Rising Sun, anyone wanting more medication. Gods will for you and that is what Kathy is
information about the America in Bloom pro- I cant keep going through life like this committed to achieving with all who enter the
gram, or anyone wanting to get more involved What am I supposed to do with my life Wellness Spa.
in their community is invited to attend...and I have no motivation anymore. Im al- Her sessions last about an hour and a
bring a friend! ways tired. I dont want to cook or clean my half. The introductory fee is $40 . Would you
house anymore. like a little help with coping skills, or a plan to
We will review the judges evaluations
I am so ANGRY start dreaming again? All sessions at the
from 2008 and begin to develop a plan of ac- Wellness Spa are by appointment only. Please
Maybe this is just my lot in life
tion for 2009. Light refreshments will be served. I do everything for everyone else, but I call 812-534-3305 ext 1.
For more information please call 438-1230. feel selfish that Im a little resentful about that. In 2009 make a commitment to become
There is soooo much DRAMA. I just The Best Version of Yourself !!! Blessings
Accommodations Ohio County Sheriff 1
Ohio County Soil & Water Conservation
Anderson's Riviera Inn 119 Industrial Drive (812) 438-2121 District P
CampShore Campground 8545 State Route 56E (812) 438-2135 Ohio County Treasurer 4
Courtyard Suites 107 Fourth Street (812) 438-4035 Purdue Cooperative Extension 4
Empire House Historic Hotel 114 S. Front Street (812) 438-4064 Rising Sun Municipal Utilities/City Building 2
Grand Victoria Casino & Resort 600 Grand Victoria Drive (812) 438-6311 Rising Sun Police Department 3
Little Farm on the River East Bellview Lane (812) 438-9135 Rising Sun Post Office 1
Mulberry Inn and Gardens 118 S. Mulberry Street (800) 235-3097 Rising Sun/Ohio County Tourism Bureau 1
The Walnut House 315 N. Walnut Street (812) 584-6228 Rising Sun/Ohio County Emergency Services
Building 1
Tuggles' Folly 9377 Holmes Hill Road (812) 438-9399

Associations Restaurants
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant
American Legion Post 59 110 Main Street (812) 438-3688
Courtyard Fine Foods & Spirits
American Red Cross (812) 537-9036
Dining Right on the River
Chamber of Commerce PO Box 156 (812) 438-3130
Grand Victoria Casino & Resort
Lion's Club 120 Main Street
Hong Kong Kitchen
Masonic Lodge 415 Main Street
Jack's Place
Ohio County Community Foundation 591 Smart Drive (812) 438-9401
Riverhouse III
Phi Beta Psi PO Box 40 (812) 438-4440
Rockie's Bar and Grill
Rising Sun Arts Council 120 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-4933
Snack Shack
Rising Sun Regional Foundation 218 S Walnut Street (812) 438-4490
Subway Sandwich and Salad
Rotary Club (812) 438-2342
Twist & Shake Ice Cream & Grill
Aberdeen United Methodist Church 2168 Allensville Road (812) 534-3691
Bethel Unity Baptist Church 301 Main Street (812) 438-3189 Back Yard Orchard
7171 Milton-Bear Branch Bear Branch Supply
Church of Christ at Milton (812) 667-2040
Road Courtyard Gifts
First Baptist Church 116 N Mulberry (812) 438-2537 Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
First Church of Christ 301 N High Street (812) 438-2944 Fletcher Feed & Supply
First Church of the Nazarene 1013 Burgess Avenue (812) 438-2681 Mike & Ted's Videos
Holmes Hill Church of Christ 10061 Old SR 56 (812) 438-2930 Nature's Treasures Greenhouses
2370 Milton-Bear Branch Neaman Floral
Olive Branch Baptist Church (812) 667-5024
Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ 7520 Salem Ridge Road (812) 438-2903 Persimmon Tree

Rising Sun Church of Christ 430 Fifth Street (812) 438-3805 Rising Sun BP Food Mart---Gas Station

Rising Sun United Methodist Church 110 S Walnut Street (812) 438-4431 Rising Sun Shell Food Mart--Gas Station

Shiloh Baptist 321 N Walnut Street (812) 438-2197 Riverfront Gifts

3958 Milton-Bear Branch Route 56 Motorcycle Emporium
St. Peter's Lutheran Church (812) 667-5881
Road Tandy's IGA Foodliner
The Wesleyan Church 316 Fourth Street (812) 438-4660 Tri-State Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Valley Supply
Culture Victorian & Lace Gift Shop
Handcrafted Baskets by Molly 205 Main Street (812) 438-9900 Weaver Farm Supplies
Harps on Main 222 Main Street (812) 438-3032 Young & Sons Feeds
Jim and Betty's Crafts 216 N High street (812) 438-3781
Luann Houser 201 Main Street (419) 631-1874 Schools
Pendleton Art Center 201 Main Street (812) 438-9900 Children's Corner
Rising Sun Pottery 201 Main Street (513) 379-7169 Meggie's Kiddie Care
Solar Flair Studio 417 S. Poplar Street (812) 438-4910 Ohio County Elementary & Middle School
That Crazy Quilter 201 Main Street (812) 438-4286 Rising Sun Church of Christ Daycare
The Main Artery 211 Main Street (812) 438-4300 Rising Sun High School
The Pryce is Right Woodworking 112 S. High Street (812) 438-2328
The River Gallery 207 Main Street (812) 438-9204 Services Automotive
Cross Roads Towing
Entertainment & Leisure Doug Smart Auto Body & Frame
Denver Siekman Environmental Park 3334 Walston Road (812) 438-1230 Guy Ashcraft Repair
Grand Victoria Casino & Links Golf Course 600 Grand Victoria Drive (800) 472-6311 Rising Sun Tire
Ohio County Historical Society 212 S. Walnut Street (812) 438-4915 Shells Rising Sun Auto Body Shop
Ohio County Community Pool 510 S. Mulberry Street (812) 438-4155
Services Building & Maintenanc
Government Bill Fancher Excavating
City of Rising Sun 200 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-3340 D & J Electric/Millerbrick Communications
Historic Downtown Program 103 S. Walnut Street (812) 438-2750 Fleenor's HVAC &Refrigeration
License Branch--Auto--BMV 630 N. High Street (812) 438-3911 Keith Construction
Ohio County Assessor 413 Main Street (812) 438-3264 Reliable Excavating & Construction
Ohio County Auditor 413 Main Street (812) 438-2062
413 Main Street PO Box White's Electric
Ohio County Clerk 185 (812) 438-2610 White Pine Construction
Ohio County Courthouse 413 Main Street (812) 438-3410
Ohio County DFC Office 125 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-2530 Services Business
Ohio County Recorder 413 Main Street (812) 438-3369 Bretzel Enterprises
Ohio County Public Library 503 Second Street (812) 438-2257 Design Innovations Inc.
Ohio County Senior Citizen-Community Hoosier Tools & Treasures
Building 510 Mulberry Street (812) 438-2700
Ohio County Service Officer 413 Main Street (812) 438-4075
111 S. Mulberry Street (812) 438-3636 Services Financial
Po Box 147 (812) 438-1241 ASA Collections 215 Main Street (812) 438-4065
413 Main Street (812) 438-2724 Dream Maker Mortgage LLC 5566 SR 56 W (812) 438-2064
412 Main Street (812) 438-3656 Friendship State Bank 405 Main Street (812) 438-2272
200 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-3616 LaVelle's Tax Service 920 Burgess Avenue (812) 438-3973
300 S. Poplar Street (812) 438-3737 Mainsource Bank--Rising Sun Branch 230 Main Street (812) 438-2332
111 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-9352 Mortgage One 300 Main Street (812) 438-2600
120 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-4933 Peoples Community Bank 330 Industrial Access (812) 438-2111
The Crestmont Company 5566 SR 56 W (812) 438-2064
121 S. High Street (812) 438-3636
Services Funeral
Humphrey-Taylor-Detmer Funeral Home 131 N. Poplar (812) 438-3434
149 Main Street (812) 438-4112
Markland Funeral Home 327 N. High Street (812) 438-3111
135 N. Front Street (812) 438-3447
114 S. Front Street (812) 438-4064 Services Health & Beauty
600 Grand Victoria Drive (800) 472-6311 Back to Health Chiropractic 100 S. Walnut Street (812) 438-9222
206 Main Street (812) 438-2318 Baylee's Sun & Spa 325 Industrial Access Dr. (812) 438-4999
406 Main Street (812) 438-4936 Country Sunshine 12182 South Fork Rd. (513) 218 7542
143 Main Street (812) 438-2100 His and Her Hair Styles 928 Ridge Avenue (812) 438-3578
301 Industrial Access (812) 438-2204 June's Retreat 318 N High Street (812) 290-1114
228 Main Street (812) 532-0986 Performance Plus 231 Industrial Access Rd. (812) 655-3940
319 5th Street (812) 438-4000 Rising Sun Extreme Fitness & Tan 111 Main Street (812) 438-3259
516 N. High Street (812) 438-1214 Rising Sun Medical Center Inc. 230 Sixth Street (812) 438-2555
Rising Sun Pharmacy 237 Main Street (812) 438-2523
Rising Sun Wellness Spa 103 N. High Street (812) 534-3305
4713 SR 56 N (812) 438-4766
Touch of Class Beauty Salon 318 N High Street (812) 438-4002
13637 Aberdeen Rd. (812) 667-5304
Visible Changes Hair Design 100 S. Walnut Street (812) 438-4412
107 Fourth Street (812) 438-4035
Waters of Rising Sun 405 Rio Vista Lane (812) 438-2219
502 N. High Street (812) 438-4458
Willhite Family Dentistry 303 Industrial Access (812) 438-2500
211 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-2035
319 5th Street (812) 438-4753 Services Insurance
5523 Downey Ridge Rd. (812) 667-3085
Hummel Insurance Group 204 Main Street (812) 438-2630
1319 State Route 262 (812) 438-2342
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance 626 N. High Street (812) 438-4665
213 Main Street (812) 438-2800
Midwest Insurance Services 120 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-4774
632 N. High Street (812) 438-3700
519 N. High Street (812) 438-4364 Services Legal
111 N. Front Street (812) 438-2503 Lane Siekman Attorney at Law 215 Main Street (812) 438-4072
304 N. High Street (812) 438-BIKE McKay Investigations LLC 613 Fourth Street (812) 438-2638
524 N. High Street (812) 438-2405 Pre-Paid Legal Services (877) 620-4884
13677 Aberdeen Rd. (812) 667-5304
1323 State Route 262 (812) 438-3755 Services Manufacturing
221 Main Street (812) 621-0189 Brown Tool & Mfg Co., Inc. 116 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-2321
10231 Old State Rd 56 (812) 438-2099
3456 Hartford Pike (812) 438-3782 Services Newspaper
Community News (812) 438-3311
Ohio County News / Rising Sun Recorder 235 Main Street (812) 438-2011
301 N High Street (812) 438-2944
217 Fifth Street (812) 438-9555 Services Real Estate
436 S. Mulberry Street (812) 438-2626 Coldwell Banker Victoria House Realty 108 N. High Street (812) 438-3006
2182 Glenn Meadows
430 5th Street (812) 438-4502
Glenn Meadows on the River Drive (812) 438-2300
210 S. Henrietta (812) 438-2652
Star One Realtors 319 N. High Street (812) 438-3966
Turner Farms 2290 Bellview Lane (812) 438-3482
Turner Realty 100 S. Walnut Street (812) 438-9106
10089 SR 56 N (812) 438-2154
625 Smart Drive (812) 438-4050
213 Fifth Street (812) 438-4639
Services Storage
Rising Sun Store & Lock 611 Smart Drive (812) 438-9659
620 Smart Drive (812) 438-2248
Sunrise Store & Lock East Bellview Lane (812) 438-9659
604 Smart Drive (812) 438-9338

Services Veterinary
Moore Veterinary Clinic 119 1/2 N. Walnut Street (812) 438-2207
2527 Nelson Road (812) 438-3641
Rising Sun Veterinary Clinic 217 N. High Street (812) 438-2055
231 Main Street (812) 438-3455
428 Williams Street (812) 438-3860 Services Other
6724 State RT 262 (812) 438-2584
Custom Scrapbooks by Robin (812) 438-4365
1328 Fairgrounds Rd Lot
34 (812) 438-4615 Eat Dessert First 624 N. High Street (812) 438-9600
1002 Main Street (812) 438-3231 Heritage Hall 214 Main Street (812) 438-2750
7118 SR 56 N (812) 438-9725 Jessica's Taste Sensations 4970 State Route 56N (812) 438-2990
PartyLite (812) 438-4544
Photography by Kendal 11438 South Fork Rd (812) 667-4835
118 Main Street (812) 438-3311 Rising Sun Laundromat 116 S. Walnut Street
127 N. Front Street (812) 438-3733 Sunshine Cleaning 4691 State Road 56 W (812) 438-3128
239 Main Street (812) 438-EBAY
8 Rising Sun & Ohio County Community News

Community Service
for Scholarships: The
Future Generations
Scholarship Program
The Future Generations Schol-
arship program is a wonderful
way for Rising Sun High School
students to earn scholarship
money for college while volun-
teering in their community. The
Ohio County Community Foun-
dation (OCCF) is pleased to ad-
minister the Future Generations Scholarship Program. This
scholarship program was established within the Ohio County
Community Foundation in March of 2006 by Mayor Bill
Marksberry, City Clerk Rae Baker Gipson and the Rising Sun
City Council. It is the goal of the City of Rising Sun to finan-
cially assist every graduate of Rising Sun High School seek-
ing to pursue a four (4) year college degree who meets the
specific scholarship criteria.
The first step in the Future Generations Scholarship
process is for students to choose an organization from the
Approved Community Service Organizations list and perform
volunteer work for that organization. Upon completion of
their project, they will need to complete a Community Ap-
preciation Service Reporting Form and have it signed by
the contact person for that particular organization. It is the
sole responsibility of the student to submit the reporting
form to the Ohio County Community Foundation in order to
receive credit for community service hours performed. Stu-
dents may begin earning hours upon completion of the
Eighth grade.
The Approved Community Service Organization List
and the Community Appreciation Service Reporting Forms
may be picked up at the Ohio County Community Founda-
tion located at 591 Smart Drive, Rising Sun. The Founda-
tion is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from
8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
In order for students to be eligible to apply for the
Future Generations Scholarship, they must have all required
community service hours completed by the last business
day of their Senior year before Rising Sun High School gradu-
ation ceremonies. The Class of 2009 must have 30 hours
completed; thereafter, 40 hours must be completed per stu-
The Future Generations Scholarship is available to
all 2006 and later Rising Sun High School graduates that
meet the current year scholarship criteria. The additional
scholarship criteria may be obtained by calling the Ohio
County Community Foundation or by going to The scholarship amount for 2008
was $1,000 per student. It was paid in two semesters at
$500 a semester.
If you have any questions concerning the
Future Generations Scholarship Program, please contact
Christy Elbright at celbright or at 438-

Collecting Milk Jugs For

Recycled Benches
Denver Siekman Environmental Park is partnering with Girl Scout
Troop 43 to collect milk and juice jugs to be recycled. It takes 1,100 #2
type soft white jugs to make a recycled park bench. You can drop off
your #2 plastic jugs at the DSEP or call for pick up. For more information,
please call Janie Eldridge 438-1230.
January 2009 9

Wireless Internet Now Available in

Bear Branch

The Rising Sun-based Ohio River Valley Communications has in-

stalled a cell extender at Bear Branch Supply to deliver wireless high
speed internet to the Bear Branch area. This extension was made pos-
sible through a grant from Rising Sun Regional Foundation. Standard
residential service is $24 a month after a $50 installation fee. For more
information, call 438-3616 and speak with a representative about wire-
less internet for your home or business.

Historic Downtown Can Help You Grow Your Business

Historic Downtown Program has great opportunities for growing Business TTraining raining
your business and keeping your finances in order in 2009. When you As a member you will be
are a member, the following services are available to you free of charge. invited to meetings throughout
the year on topics of interest for
Secretarial Services small businesses. Marketing
Secretarial services include the use Basics is scheduled for April 21
of a fax machine, plus use of a copy ma- in Heritage Hall at 6 pm. We also
chine with 100 black and white copies have opportunities to meet with
or 25 colored copies a month. If you do representatives from the Indiana
not have a printer available you can email Small Business Development
a document to us to print (perfect for stu- Center to create a plan of work
dents or personal use). and other one-on-one business
Business Library
If you have a business question we Special Invitation
probably have the book to lend you to Come join us on January
find the answer. Our growing library in- 27 for our Historic Downtown Pro-
cludes: Getting Things Done by David gram Annual Meeting at 6:00
Allen, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable by P.M. with a light dinner being
Seth Godin, Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by served please RSVP by January
Jim Collins, Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource by Jeffrey Gitomer, 20. RSVP by calling the Historic Downtown Program Office at 438.2750
Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dan Ariely, The One Minute Manager: The Worlds Popular Manage-
ment Method by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, and many more.

Ne tw
twor or king Oppor tunities
To be successful in a small town, you need to work as a team I want to be member of Rising Sun, Indianas Historic
with the other businesses. As a member, you will be invited to cook- Downtown Program
outs, workshops, and meetings, which will give you the opportunity to
build business relationships with your fellow business people. As an Please select one of the following:
individual who cares about our city, being a member will give you the
opportunity to share your concerns and ideas with many volunteer pos- __$ 5.00 Student/youth
sibilities. You can volunteer for the following committees: Organization
__$ 15.00 Individual
(program infrastructure, selection and recruitment of officers and more
volunteers), Promotions (help develop incentives to increase sales and __$ 20.00 Business or Building Owner
traffic to our city), Economic Restructuring (help with business develop-
ment, incentives, and retention), and Design (preservation, beautifica- __$ 20.00 Non-profit Organization
tion, parking, safety, and image perception).
__$100.00 Corporate
Web Marketing
The Historic Downtown Website provides businesses with sev- __$250.00 Contributor
eral benefits. As a member, you will be given a link from our website to
your own. If you do not have a website, but can provide us with a list of __$500.00 Sponsor
your services a link will be provided to a page containing your informa-
tion. We will also be creating a page for members who are looking for
employment to post their resumes. Additionally, a web page will be
Name _____________________________________________________
created for employers seeking workers to post job ads. All services are
free for members. Business __________________________________________________
Heritage Hall Address ___________________________________________________
As a member, you will be able to get 10% off of the rental fees for
Heritage Hall. All Heritage Hall information can be found at ___________________________________________________________ You can even print a rental agree-
ment and fill it out before coming to the office. Also, you will find an Phone _____________________________________________________
updated calendar for Heritage Hall.
Clip and re turn tto
return o Rising Sun His
Histtoric Do wnt
wntoo wn 1 03 South
Walnut S tree
treett or call (8
Stree 12) 438-2
(812) 750
10 Rising Sun & Ohio County Community News

SEIOC Schedules Training Piano Studio Classes to

Sessions for Childcare Start at the Rising Sun
Providers and Caregivers Arts Academy.
SEIOC is announcing free training sessions which are geared to- The Rising Sun Arts Academy is now accepting registration for
ward childcare providers, teachers and parents and foster parents. SIEOC group piano instruction.
is a Non-Profit Organization located in Aurora. These trainings also qualify The classes will be taught by instructor Kasha Copeland using
for hours needed by foster parents to get the training hours they need the Mayron Cole Group method. The classes are offered to children ages
to keep their foster parent licenses. 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10, focusing on the fundamentals of staff-note reading,
A PROJECT OF THE INDIANA ASSOCIATION FOR CHILD CARE rhythm counting, and sight reading. This fun and fast paced method is
RESOURCE AND REFERRAL AND THE INDIANA FAMILY AND SOCIAL geared to progress students through a graduated course which ultimately
SERVICES ADMINISTRATION creates musical independence.
SIEOC CCR&R Mission: To promote quality childcare for all chil- The first course of 12 week on-going programs runs on Satur-
dren by providing information, education and support to families, child days, January 3 through March 2009. All classes will be located at the
care providers and the community. For more information, contact Amy Rising Sun Pendleton Art Center located at 201 Main St, in downtown
at (800) 755-8558, ext. 236. Rising Sun. Each Saturday class will be 45 minutes in length and the
cost is $90.00 per student for the 12 week session including workbook.

Songwriters Workshop Class size is limited. Please call (812) 438-9563 to register.

Songwriter, musician and luthier Jamon Zeiler will conduct a

songwriters workshop Saturday January 24th from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.
This workshop will be held at the Rising Sun Arts Academy lo-
cated in the Pendleton Art Center at 201 Main Street in downtown Ris-
ing Sun, Indiana.
Students will be encouraged to share original compositions, dis-
cuss the structure of successful compositions and explore the craft of
combining lyrics and music to create a variety of musical genre. This will
be a fun and informal session geared to anyone who writes songs or
would like to. Bring paper, pen, your instrument or voice and a desire to
create. Students aged 16 and up are welcome. Call Jamon at 812-290-
4996 to register. The class is free so register soon.

Events at the
Rising Sun
Church of Christ

Every first and third

Wednesday evening at 7p, fami-
lies-whole families with kids and
parents-gather in the Fireside
Room of the Rising Sun Church of
Christ. All chow down on a potluck
supper. Then kids play (or exercise)
in the gym (supervised) and adults
learn and share about family con-
cerns. Leader-Dennis Gifford (432-
5987) or call RS Church of Christ



We started this group be-

cause we wanted to learn to cro-
chet. Then someone wanted to
learn how to knit. there's even been
some scrapbooking mentioned. We
all help each other and share pat-
terns and knowledge. We talk of
everything and nothing. We meet
the first and third Monday evenings
of each month from 7p-9p in the
Fireside Room of the Rising Sun
Church of Christ. The group gets
together and works on any craft
that one can carry in. Two of us
have just learned to crochet. We
want to learn and to share by do-
ing some talking and some gawk-
ing at some neat crafts. Questions?
Call Becky Rogers (438-4540) or
Dottie McKinley at the RS Church
of Christ (438-3805).
January 2009 11

Ohio County Parks

Provides Fitness
The Rising Sun Ohio County Parks and
Recreation Department is offering classes
that may be of interest to many in our com-
munity. Tuesday Class: Zumba- (7-8p) taught
by Linda Kime-Wilson at the Senior Citizen
Center 510 South Mulberry Street. It is a car-
diovascular exercise program set to Latin
music. Its different yet effective.
Fitness Classes on Thursdays at the
Senior Citizen Center 510 South Mulberry
Street. From 9:00 am to 9:45 am Yoga For
You, a class to increase fitness, strength, flex-
ibility, and relaxation, will be in session. Then
from 10:00 am until 10:45 am Strength Train-
ing Class, taught by Leigh Turner. Weight
training, with a little stability ball and stretch
training thrown in for good measure!
Cost is $4.00 per class.
Brought to you by the Rising Sun-Ohio
County Parks and Recreation Department.
Please contact Jamie Bell, Parks Director, at
438-2700 with questions.

PAC Jan Events

The Pendleton Art Center would like to
announce their After Holidays Art Sale with
markdowns on original work.
Quilt Classes in January are 10th - Foun-
dation Piecing Techniques
January 17 th - Contemporary Landscape
January 24 - House Portrait
All classes are on Saturdays from 9am -
12 pm. To register for a class come to the
Pendleton in studio 1B. Classes are taught by
"That Crazy Quilter" (Sandra "Charlie Charles"

Rising Costs Lead To Increasing Electric Rates

As a municipally-owned electric utility, the Agencys newest facilities, which are cur- ity at a competitive cost. Rising Sun and the
Rising Sun Municipal Utilities owns and oper- rently under construction. other 52 cities and towns that purchase their
ates the local electric distribution system and Despite these increases, IMPA has taken a power from IMPA consistently have electric rates
provides hometown service to area residents. number of steps to manage future costs. The that on average rank below those of the lead-
The utility has also traditionally been one of the Agency has a diverse power supply portfolio that ing investor-owned utilities in Indiana. In 2008,
lowest-cost providers of electricity throughout includes coal contracts and long-term power con- the average residential retail rate for electricity
the state. However, as costs continue to rise tracts of varying lengths, which allow IMPA to in IMPA member communities was about $85
nationally and globally, the electric industry is minimize cost fluc- per 1000 kilowatt-hours of usage, nearly $10
feeling the financial strain. Earlier this month, tuations year to less than the average rate of Indiana investor-
the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA), year. The Agency owned utilities.
Rising Suns wholesale power supplier, gave a has also already IMPA encourages consumers to monitor
presentation to the Rising Sun City Council that purchased 30 their electric consumption and help keep their
projected a wholesale power rate increase for years worth of coal bills low. The Agencys website at
the electric utility to meet increasing costs. Ris- reserves at 2002 provides
ing Sun Municipal Electric Utility may see a coal prices (prior to tips to reduce energy usage and save money in
13.7% increase in its wholesale power costs in the escalation in the process. By equipping homes and busi-
2009. costs) for use at its nesses with energy efficient appliances and
Nearly 44% of IMPAs cost increase is related Prairie State En- lighting, as well as taking actions to reduce
to fuel. Since 2003, the cost of coal has in- ergy Campus. Ad- energy use, customers can help mitigate the
creased 250%, uranium has increased 200% ditionally, IMPA is effects of rising costs.
and natural gas has increased 125%. These investigating low- The Indiana Municipal Power Agency is the
increases are a worldwide occurrence, and as carbon and no-car- not-for-profit wholesale power provider to 52
fuel prices continue to rise, the costs of gener- bon generating as- cities and towns across Indiana and one Ohio
ating electricity will also rise. sets to help re- community who own and operate the munici-
IMPA is also seeing increases in system im- duce future envi- pal electric distribution systems in their com-
provement, new construction, environmental, ronmental compliance costs and is promoting munities. IMPA member communities deliver
transmission and operating costs. To date, IMPA energy efficiency and conservation in its mem- electric service to approximately 300,000 indi-
has invested nearly $100 million in emissions ber communities. viduals throughout the state. For more infor-
control technology at its existing generation fa- Although wholesale electric rates will go up mation, visit
cilities. Another $124 million will be used for next year and in the Agencys future, IMPAs
state-of-the-art emissions control technology at member communities will still receive electric-
12 Rising Sun & Ohio County Community News


"Child's Play" Exhibit Daily thru March 1 Ohio County Historical Museum
New Year's Day 1/1
4-H Enrollment Daily thru March 31 Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Office
Rising Sun First Friday 1/2 5:00 PM Downtown Rising Sun
Reformers Unanimous Meeting 1/2 7:00 PM Hope Baptist Church (812) 655-2300
Bo Davis and Devils Candy 1/2 The River House
Group Piano Lesson 1/3 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Bo Davis and Devils Candy 1/2 The River House
Rising Sun Rotary 1/5 12:00 PM Dining Right on the River
Youth Advisory Board Meeting 1/5 6:30 PM Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Office
Sew Crafty Ladies 1/5 7:00 PM Rising Sun Church of Christ
Zumba Dancing 1/6 7:00 PM Rising Sun Senior Center
Cool Change 1/6 The River House
Homemakers Council Meeting 1/7 10:00 AM Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Office
Family Pot-Luck Supper 1/7 7:00 PM Rising Sun Church of Christ
Yoga for You 1/8 9:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Strength Training Class 1/8 10:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Reformers Unanimous Meeting 1/9 7:00 PM Hope Baptist Church (812) 655-2300
Full Moon Risin 1/9 The River House
Group Piano Lesson 1/10 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Guitar Set Up and Maintenance Workshop 1/10 1:00 PM Pendleton Art Center
Pinch and Roll 1/10 The River House
Citizens for a Drug Free Ohio County 1/12 11:00 AM Rising Sun Library
Rising Sun Rotary 1/12 12:00 PM Dining Right on the River
America in Bloom Committee,Organizational Meeting 1/13 6:00 PM Heritage Hall, Downtown
Zumba Dancing 1/13 7:00 PM Rising Sun Senior Center
DJ Phill 1/13 The River House
Yoga for You 1/15 9:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Strength Training Class 1/15 10:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Rising Sun Regional Foundation Grant Application Deadline 1/15 4:00 PM Rising Sun Regional Foundation
Deadline for February Issue 1/16 12:00 PM
Reformers Unanimous Meeting 1/16 7:00 PM Hope Baptist Church (812) 655-2300
Southern Country 1/16 The River House
First Ladies of Fashion Exhibit (through 4/12) 1/17 Daily Ohio County Historical Museum
Group Piano Lesson 1/17 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Saturday Art School 1/17 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Southern Country 1/17 The River House
Martin Luther King Birthday 1/19
Ohio County Fair Board meeting 1/19 7:00 PM Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Office
Rising Sun Rotary 1/19 12:00 PM Dining Right on the River
Inauguration Day 1/20 12:00 PM
Zumba Dancing 1/20 7:00 PM Rising Sun Senior Center
Marvin & Dawn 1/20 The River House
Family Pot-Luck Supper 1/21 7:00 PM Rising Sun Church of Christ
Yoga for You 1/22 9:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Strength Training Class 1/22 10:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Reformers Unanimous Meeting 1/23 7:00 PM Hope Baptist Church (812) 655-2300
Just Us 1/23 The River House
Group Piano Lesson 1/24 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner 1/24 6:00 PM Heritage Hall, Downtown
"Diamond Rio" at Grand Victoria Casino 1/24 7:00 PM Grand Victoria Casino
Just Us 1/24 The River House
Rising Sun Rotary 1/26 12:00 PM Dining Right on the River
Annual Historic Downtown Program Meeting 1/27 6:00 PM Heritage Hall, Downtown
Zumba Dancing 1/27 7:00 PM Rising Sun Senior Center
Stevie Johns 1/27 The River House
Yoga for You 1/29 9:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Strength Training Class 1/29 10:00 AM Rising Sun Senior Center
Reformers Unanimous Meeting 1/30 7:00 PM Hope Baptist Church (812) 655-2300
KLUW 1/30 The River House
Group Piano Lesson 1/31 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Saturday Art School 1/31 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Fire in the Dawn 1/31 The River House
Lincoln Family Album (thru 4/12) 2/2 Daily Ohio County Historical Museum
Sew Crafty Ladies 2/2 7:00 PM Rising Sun Church of Christ
Family Pot-Luck Supper 2/4 7:00 PM Rising Sun Church of Christ
Rising Sun First Friday 2/6 5:00 PM Downtown Rising Sun
Group Piano Lesson 2/7 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Mary Todd Lincoln Dinner 2/7 6:00 PM Ohio County Historical Museum
Valentine's Day 2/14
Group Piano Lesson 2/14 TBA Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Mystery Dinner Theater 2/14 6:00 PM Denver Siekman Environmental Park
Deadline for March Issue 2/13 12:00 PM
Presidents Day 2/16
Sew Crafty Ladies 2/16 7:00 PM Rising Sun Church of Christ
Health Fair 2/18 9:00 AM Grand Victoria Casino Auditorium
Purdue Cooperative Extension Annual Meeting 2/18 6:30 PM Rising Sun Senior Center
Group Piano Lesson 2/21 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts
Purdue Cooperative Extension Recruitment Day 2/28 10:00 AM Purdue Cooperative Extension Service Office
Group Piano Lesson 2/28 10:00 AM Rising Sun Academy of the Arts