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Hello! My name is ???? ????? Uddam Pen. My art alias is Penkuro or just Kuro.

m a sophomore majoring in Architectural Engineering at Zaman University. I'm a d
igital and watercolor artist.
I'm 100% Khmer original zin unfake.Things might not go the way everyone wants bu
t if you keep on pursuing, you'll achieve it.

-------------------------------------------------Tha there's like a legend

Of a pond hidden somewhere
It's story passed on by elder
Hai ort mean nah ke derng tha pond neng exist teh, but the way the story is pass
ed on has like clues on where on the "magical lake" is.
The fisher boy heard the story from his elder and remembered ah story neng ah
ohhhhhhhhhh so a story from a long time ago
a folklore
it adds up y he decided to build his rod
Loool well kinda
okay go on but then tadel neng
pel meet mermaid
No ort eh tadel ehh xD
no boat
No boat
Let me finished
i let u do finished
So one day while he was walking he saw something strange but sort of familiar to
the story
So he followed the trail and it lead him to the hidden lake

one day doesnt work

Then it become like his safe place cuz ort mean nah ke know
Pi ah neng eh
what about the fish rod
Tver nov nong Tov
I have something like
He got frustrated or sth and he keeps throwing rocks into the pond
And it annoys the mermaid so she come up to see what's going on lol
And that's how they met lol
And then they he would visit her and found out about her
the throwing rocks
Magical powers
the story of hanuman and mermaid is exactly liek that
did u get it from there?
Guarding nature blah blah
I actually never read that xD
holy shit
Hahahahaha xD
the story of hanuman falls in love with mermaid is that hanuman has to build a b
ridge but it keeps getting teared down by the mermaids
Jeng Tov they talk and fall in love but realizing they could never be the togeth
er :3
And so he build a magical fishing rod xD
so hanuman orders volunteers to throw rocks but the mermaids keep savaging the r
ocks to another place until they become frustrated
Wth really ? Lol
until hanuman saw the commander of the mermaids and fell for her as she fell for
and her mother saw hanuman and order her to stop
hanuman tells mermaid the story on rescuing her mother which was aducted by a de
sovannmacha was born from ravana (evil) and sita
hanuman goes to rescue sita
so in the end hanuman left a seed for macha and she gave birth machanu
damn girl
i better head to sleep
Damn who ? Damn me?
u can pull off story based on that as well
mayb he would throw rocks just for play
and he saw something moving in the lake and decided to build a road
a rod
Ohh Tver jes kr ban Dae
which actually catches macha attention
that could work too

He Tov neng derm3 talk ey Tov and Macha neng hear

And come up to listen but ort oy him kernch teh
And she fell in love with him? Lol
i like the frustratiting rock part
its funny xD
Then he catch a glimpse of her and thought it was like a predator and decide to
build a rod
And caught her
Yeah xD lol
macha be like what a fucking a asshole
as he speaks aobut his life and throw rocks
Yes then saob ja pub ler xD
Yeeep :3
until he saw something moving in the water
bitchy mermaid is cute
and he decides to build a rod
macha not knowing what it is took the bite
hahaha and he reeled up to see th emacha
Yeees lol
macha fucking pissed as hell
Hahahaha xD
that he threw rocks
and he was like totally suprised
okay perfect story jav
co-produced by boramey
then chhouk sotry
co-produced by boramey's rival
are u okay now with her or still bitter
Lol xD I'm still confuse about one thing xD
then we can continue to the peang part hahaha because macha is fucking dumb
not dumb but clueless
m sorry macha

or that the mermaid was alone in the lake and she meets the boy for the first ti
me and chgol because she was dropped into the lake by a garuda since a very youn
g age and live there as a guardian
or that he's the first to the discover the lake
Lool well I like the mermaid story better
yeah its less cliche lel
it can be typical but i need it cute
mayb the boy could pick her up to live in his peang at home for a day but the fo
rest deplete of power
I know
What xD

the mermaid gives life to forest


so the story starts with chhouk's reading her grandpa's daily quotes on a piece
of chalkboard before leaving to sell her lotuses at the temple. she picks up the
lotuses at the lake.
Okay continue
yes its non-magical sen. I can also do alternate universe chhouk with magic. she
's born from a lotus seed enchanted by macha she's the new lake guardian.
prab hoy tha story easy intertwined nas now that we have bold concept
Loool xD
okay continue. chhouk would sometimes goes nearby a school window to listen and
try to study from there. and she would get bullied and all. she will encounter a
foreigner who doesnt speak her language. the foreigner is looking a place thats
away quiet and peaceful.
the story doesnt have a bold concept but we wanted to show old khmer stereotypes
and buildings and people. the foreigner pointed at her flower and says its beau
tiful, tho chuuk doesnt understand.
but she smiles and offers the foreigner a lotus
she then ask what her name is, and chuuk tho barely knew english can understand
what she meant by name and pointed at the lotus
the whole point of the story is self-discovery.
it shows more of human interaction rather than plots
the next day and next chhuuk would bring the foreigner around the temples and ot
her places and at the temple she pointed at the iconic smiling apsara and pointe
d at herself
then she does a kinky apsara dance move
implying she wants to become a dancer
Loooooool xD of course
soon afterwards foreigner tried to look for chuuk but didnt see her at her usual
spot so she went and asked around
then the foreigner would take either a cyclo or a motodup to her home in teh sub
urb area of siemreap
its that her grandpa has died that chuuk hasntbeen able to sell the lotuses late
so the foreigner approached the house but did not see chuuk
after walking around for awhile she saw a stake, it appears to indicate some sor
t of signal so she follows several stakes to the forest that leads to the lake
there she saw chuuk singing in her boat while picking the lotuses up
chuuk was surprised the foreigner actaully found the place
and that the lake is a secret to only her grandpa and herself
then story goes on foreigner take boat ride and chuuk sings a song composed by c
agepitch or smallworldsmallband
then the foreigner asked her what she would do now? and chuuk doesnt know becaus
e she was selling the lotus only to support her grandpa now that he's gone she d
oesnt really have a goal.
the foreigner asked her if she would go with her to the city
the story would fast forward 2 years later when the foreigner open the door
and ask chuuk "are you ready?" she replied "yes"
and they take a tuktuk to an apsara dance class

where there is a short dance something-sal i forgot

right recital
and then the foreigner would put her iconic flower on the left side of her ears
opposite of other apsaras that put on the left
and it zooms into chuuks face and zoom out to see her actually dancing as foreig
ner is watching and taking a photograph.
story ends with the photograph in sepia tone.
how was it
the flower on the left ear part indicates that you dont have to be the same u ca
n be unique.

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