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BEST THING | NEVER HAD Words and Music by ANTONIO DIXON, KENNETH “BABYFACE” EDMONDS. LARRY GRIFFIN JR., BEYONCE KNOWLES, CALEB McCAMPBELL PATRICK “J. QUE” SMITH and SHEA TAYLOR. Moderately = 100 NC G c Em Dav Ss What gocs a = round comes buck a-round Hey, my ba - by What goes a-- round comes back a-round Hey, my ba - by There was — J_ hai Tsay, what Gaus G Em D G-sust 6 _— a time 1 thought that you did Scanned by @lejancro Em D Gosust G Em > hing. right Gust bm > Am 7 Aout must "Ne been out = ta my. mind. Sowhen think of the time. that 1 Al most. loved you ‘You showed your ass snd 1 saw the re = al you Thank god _ you blew it (wht) I thank god 1 dodged a bullet (uh!) I'm so__ © - ver you_ So ba-by, good look - ing out es 1 wanted you bad, "Cause hon-est=ly you oop: $ Pte ss 3Os: tured out tobe. You tumed.out to be the Bestthing T nev = er had Em Db. o c Em Gade2iD~ Bestthing T nev = er had Best thing you've nev = er had Sra right now. W's so. sad, Ob yeah bet it sucks tobe you c2 G Em D. ca G _— you're hurt Boo hoo, oh, — did you ex You don't my tars 1 think tat guess that's why they ain't. there Amit bm there wat 9 time That al most loved. you Amit om And ba-by, yes, 1 saw the ‘You showed your. ass Amt oun: Thank god you blew it ce Dsust © + ver you acby, good look - in” out 1 wanted you bad, > 6 co 5 Se SS SS = ae VS 1m so trough with i Cau honestly you sumed aut © be the witb FES. SEE Co : oe Te: » Oz: Em D. o c SSS Best thing 1 nev o ed Em D G c Bm GauwD- ob Best thing I nev =e had Best thing you've nev = er had bot Sucks tobe you ight now 1 know you _ ant me beck cme) ca Lord knows — that it would take. Ansoth-et place, an-oth-er time Gua Amt ou Thank god 1 found the good in I ued to want you £0 _ bad, Pm so through with that ‘Cause hon-est-ly you = you tumedoutto be the Bestthing T nov ~ cr had. rerre . 29. 2 e: And 1 will al = ways be the Oh Best thing you nev ad 1 used to want, you so badh Pm so through with that “cause hon = est = ly you fumed out tobe. the. ob, you Best thing 1 nev = ct had 1 bet it sucksto be you right now — 2 Em Dar Se 7 comes back seround @ c Em D. G c Wer Gtk melee be a a Ota k Daan, (rss == 5 ‘What goes = round comes back a-round sucks tobe you = right — now) (bet it sucks tobe you —— right SSS SS What goes a ~ round comes back a-round DG os G G2