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Outline for Persuasive Speech

1. Problem Issue
a. ISIS is a direct threat to us
i. Midway through October NBC1 news translated audio message
online from ISIS asking for lonewolf attacks on Western
countries soldiers, patrons, and troops their police, security,
and intelligence members
b. ISIS is committing heinous human rights violations/crimes against
i. (article from Monday the 3rd on International Business Times)2
ii. Systematic executions
1. 322 Sunnis executed on Monday
2. 1,820 recorded executions over 4 months
a. To put in perspective; 4 times more than Taliban in
c. Obama administration claims they want to degrade and ultimately
destroy ISIS
i. (article from Friday 31st The Daily Beast)3
ii. The United States is not doing enough to combat ISIS
1. Poorly armed resistance and American airstrikes arent
2. Officers/leaders in Pentagon are upset with White House
due to micromanagement/Decisions taking too long
a. Even the Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, is critical
of Obamas strategy
2. Plan Issue
a. There needs to be troops sent to Iraq to combat ISIS and remove key
strongholds in Iraq
i. (article from last Friday by Josh Rogin from The Daily Beast) 4
ii. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey suggests ground
1. 12,000-15,000 troop would be enough to effectively go
after ISIS in Iraq and Syria - First focus should be in Iraq
2. (Article from Saturday 1st by Andrew Bacevich of LA
a. In 2002-2003 American generals wanted half
million troops to go into Iraq
b. Secretary of Defense only used 148,000 and it has
been criticized as not enough
3. Practicality Issue
a. Domestic Politics
i. There are already American advisers, logistics, intelligence, and
command-and-control networks set up in Iraq
ii. ISIS is a direct enemy of the US
iii. I personally know Marines who want to go fight
b. World Politics
i. We already have a coalition of 40+ countries that support us

ii. Article from Monday 3rd by Hamza Hendawi of Associated Press) 6

1. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Unite Arab Emirates, and Kuwait
want to create military pact against ISIS and other
4. Conclusion
a. ISIS needs to be stopped
b. 12,000-15,000 troops should be sent to Iraq only