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DepEd Teacher Application Process

As the Filipino nation prepares for the full implementation of the Senior High School under the K-12
curriculum, the Department of Education, with its biggest slice in the national budget, would be creating
thousands of teaching items available for those seeking to be employed in the public school sector.
Here's a guide in applying as a public school teacher in the Philippines:

Step 1. Prepare all necessary documents. See checklist here.

CSC Form 212 (Revised 2005) in two copies with the latest 2x2 ID picture

Certified photocopy of PRC professional identification card or a PRC certification showing the
teacher's name, LET rating, and other information recorded in the PRC Office

Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)/Professional
Board Examination for Teachers (PBET)

Certified copy of transcript of records (GWA template)

Copies of service records, performance rating, and school clearance for those with teaching
experience. If unavailable, the applicant must submit a justification citing the reason/s for

Certificates of specialized training, if any

Certified copy of the Voter's ID and/or any proof of residency as deemed acceptable by the School
Screening Committee

NBI Clearance

Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, signed by the

Step 2. Visit and register to get a Unique Applicant Number

With DepEd Order no. 7, series of 2015, teacher applicants should register at the department's online
portal to encode their Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and select the division they want to be ranked. The UAN
is used for faster processing of application. For assistance, see guide here.
Step 3. Proceed to your nearest (preferred) public school and submit your application
There's an existing law that local applicants are prioritized in the selection process so it's best to go to your
nearest public school first in order to increase your chances of being hired.
Step 4. Wait for the interview schedule.
Some DepEd district offices are prompt in processing teacher application while others take a while so
waiting time varies. Be sure to get the contact information of the school's HR / liaison officer just in case
you need to follow up your application.

Step 5. Write a good teaching demonstration plan.

Conduct an impressive teaching demo by knowing your subject matter really well, preparing appropriate
visual aids and delivering your presentation in a confident and clear manner. See more tips here.
Step 6. Take the English Proficiency Exam.
Teacher-applicants of the division office will be required to undergo this test simultaneously. This is to
measure the applicant's reading comprehension skills, vocabulary, grammar and language proficiency.
Step 7. Wait for the posting of the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA).
With this step,patience is a real virtue since it may take the division office a long while to compute, sort
out and release the names of the applicants who meet the cut-off score (70%). Check the ranking system
Step 8. Wait for your assignment / deployment.
You also need a lot of patience on this final leg of application. I've known people who weren't able to
endure the agony of waiting, they succumb to applying for a job somewhere else.
But once you receive your assignment and appointment documents, you're on your way towards a fulfilling
career of a public school teacher. Congratulations!

4-Step Application Process for SHS Teachers

With only a few months left before the pilot year of the Senior High School, the Department of Education
has released an official memorandum on the Hiring Guidelines for SHS teachers.
SHS Teachers Evaluation Criteria
To guide interested teacher-applicants in the hiring process, key points are taken from the bureau's official
release. Here is the four-step process that needs to be undertaken in applying for this government post:
1. Register to the DepEd's online system at, where applicants must
encode their Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and select the division(s) where they want to be
Once submitted, get the Unique Applicant Number (UAN) - which will be indicated in the submission of
application requirements.

2. Submit to the SDO or the school head of the SHS, where a teacher shortage or vacancy
exists, a written application, supported by the documents:
Letter of intent which shall indicate the following information:
a. Statement of purpose/expression of interest
b. Subject group he/she intends to teach
c. Preferred school(s), if any
CSC Form 212, Revised 2005 (Personal Data Sheet) in two (2) copies with the latest 2x2 ID picture
Certified photocopy of certificates of relevant specialized trainings, if any
Certified copy of Voters ID and/or any proof of residency
National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all
documents submitted, signed by the applicant
Additional Requirements:
Certified photocopy of Diploma on Bachelors degree
Certified photocopy of Transcript of Records with at least 15 units of specialization in relevant
strand/specialized subject
Certified photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) professional ID card/certificate of
registration /license
Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for teachers (LET)/Professional
Board Examination
Written approval from his/her head of unit if he/she is currently employed by the national government or
the local government unit. (For part-time applicants)

Additional Requirements for TVL teachers:

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) National Certificate (NC) of at least one
level higher than course to be taught in subject to be taught (e.g. NC-III in SMAW to teach SMAW-NC-II) or
same level if there is no NC level higher. Exceptions are given to applicants for courses with no National
Certificates (e.g. Handicraft courses)

Certified photocopy of Trainers Methodology Certificate (TMC), if available

Additional Requirements for Arts and Design and Sports Teachers:

Certified photocopy of Certification of Proficiency/Recognition from recognized and respectable relevant

Additional Requirements for HEI / TVI Faculty:

Certified photocopy of Certification of Status of Employment/Service Record from HEI/TVI

3. Academic personnel applicants from HEIs must present a Certificate of Service Rendered
and of Good Standing from his or her previous employer with the information listed below, if
a. Employees name
b. Job title
c. Duration of services rendered by the applicant employee

4. Applicants who have already submitted the complete requirements during the Call for
Expressions of Intent shall not be required to resubmit.
However, they may submit additional/updated documents (e.g. new certificates, portfolio pieces, etc.).
Applicants who have submitted partial or incomplete requirements shall be required to submit the lacking
necessary documents.

SHS Teachers Evaluation Criteria and Computation of

To guarantee the selection of qualified teaching applicants for Senior High School faculty positions, the
Department of Education issued an order to all Districts' School Selection Committee to adhere to the
evaluation criteria set forth by the agency.
4 Steps in Applying as SHS Teacher
Evaluation Criteria

& Core Subjects


Arts & Design







Teaching / Industry Experience





Specialized Training










English Communication Skills


Portfolio / Outstanding Achievements





Demonstration Teaching










1. Education (Acad/Core-20 points | TVL /Arts/Sports-15 points)

2. Teaching / Industry / Work Experience (A/C-15 points | T/A/S-20 points)

Certificate(s) of employment or business permits (if self-employed) shall be used to determine the validity
of workplace experience. At least one (1) year of professional experience in the field(s) shall be given 0.50
point for every month of employment beginning on the 13th month of employment.
Applicants who have performed duties and functions higher than the position being applied for shall be
given additional +2 points.
Teaching experience of applicants affected or displaced from an HEI (either contractual or permanent) shall
be given additional points on top of the score obtained from the above points system, as follows:

At least 1 year of experience = +1 point

More than 1 year to less than 3 years of experience = +3 points

3 or more years of experience = +5 points

3. Specialized Training (A/C-10 points | TVL-20 | A/S-15 points)

Applicants must have attended training relevant (a) to the courses in the track/strand/subject being
applied for, and/or (b) for skills development in fields related to the work, duties, and functions of a
secondary education teacher.Thus, only seminars, trainings, workshops, and symposia directly related to
such shall be credited.
In the assignment of points, one (1) point shall be given for every training / seminar / workshop /
symposium of at least two (2) days; and two (2) points for every certification from a recognized
association/guild. These shall be duly supported by documents.
For TVL applicants:

4. Interview (15 points)

The Division Selection Committee shall interview applicants and ensure that all have equal opportunities to
be assessed. Applicants shall be interviewed on topics such as:

K to 12 Program/Senior High School

Professional experience

Instructional skills

Technology/computer skills

Classroom discipline

Classroom management

Knowledge of content/materials

Planning skills

Relationships with administration, staff, parents, and students

Personal qualities

The Committee shall rate applicants from Satisfactory (S), Very Satisfactory (VS), to Outstanding (O),
using standards and equivalent points listed below for each of the three (3) listed competencies indicated

5. English and Communication Skills (A/C-10 points | T/A/S-5 points)

English communication skills will be measured through the English Proficiency Test (EPT) which shall be
administered to applicants by the Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA). The respective Division Testing
Coordinators shall coordinate with BEA regarding the conduct and schedule of the exam in their division,
which should ideally be within December to January.
The total percentage score obtained by an applicant shall be multiplied by the weight points, as follows:

6. Portfolio and Outstanding Achievements (A/C-10 points | TVL-15 | A/S-15 points)

Submission of portfolio and/or outstanding achievements/accomplishments is encouraged. These may
include but are not limited to the following:

7. Demonstration Teaching (A/C-20 points | T/A/S-15 points)

Applicants shall undergo Demonstration Teaching specifically for subject/s under the SHS subject group for
which they are applying. They shall be evaluated according to the rubrics indicated in D.O. 3, s. 2016
which has the following components:
A. Lesson Planning and Preparation
1. Selecting Instructional Objectives
2. Mapping Coherent Instruction
3. Instructional Materials, Resources and Technology

B. Classroom Management
1. Managing Classroom Procedures
2. Organizing Physical Space

C. Teaching-Learning Process
1. Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
2. Questioning and Discussion Skills
3. Students' Learning
4. Students' Response to Activities
5. Learning Activities

D. Language and Proficiency

1. Use of Language

2. Conveyance of Information and Ideas

E. Assessment of Learning Outcomes

1. Congruence with Instructional Objectives
2. Assessing Student Learning

F. Reinforcement of Learning
1. Providing opportunities to strengthen students' written work, performance tasks and quarterly

Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) Guidelines (Excerpt)

The cutoff score for inclusion in the RQA is seventy (70) points.
For SY 2016-2017, the RQAs must be posted by the last week of February 2016. Applicants may be
appointed in March 2016.
For SY 2016-2017, hiring for teachers for the core subjects shall be prioritized.
For SY 2017-2018, hiring for teachers for the specialized subjects shall then be prioritized. For SY 20182019 onwards, hiring shall be based on the division and schools needs.
In cases where all those in the RQA have been appointed there are still available positions, applicants with
eligibility (professional teaching license) who obtained ratings of 65.00 to 69.99 points may be given
permanent appointments.

To the Schools Division Superintendent

Dear Sir/Madam:
This is to convey my interest in seeking a full time teaching position in Senior High School within the
____________ District for the School Year 2016-2017.
I believe that my instructional abilities acquired from my formal education, combined with years of
teaching experience and training suit the requirements for a teacher post in the ____________ strand of the
Senior High School curriculum.
My formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in ____________ Major
in ____________ and completion of academic requirements for a Masters degree in Education specializing in
the same field. At present, I am delegated as the ____________ of our (present company) which significantly
contributes to my interpersonal, leadership and organizational competencies.
Attached herewith are pertinent papers for your perusal and evaluation. I hope you find my education and
experience worthwhile as a possible candidate to be a molder of todays youth.
Please feel to contact me at ____________ or by email at ____________. Thank you for your time and
consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Name of Applicant

To the Schools Division Superintendent
Department of Education
City / Province

Dear Superintendent:
It is with great pleasure that I am seeking to be a full time / part-time (subject/track) teacher within the
school district of (Town/Province), particularly, (name of school).
I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in ______ from the (school graduated from) in (location) and have
(earned/completed) academic units into a Masters degree in (field of specialization).
At present, I am working as ______ at (company) which includes ( job responsibilities). All these experiences
contribute to my aspiration to mentor globally-competitive and life-long learners.
Attached herewith are pertinent papers for your perusal and evaluation. Thank you for your consideration
and I look forward to learning more about this position.

Name of Applicant