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What the Teacher says and does.

What the Students say


and do.

connection to
PDP goals
and/or Action

ENGAGE -Introduction: 3-5 minutes

Part1: I will ask some questions about preview lesson:

Who remember what we took yesterday?

Where did Jeff live? Apartment building
Do you think the girl from the poem friendly or unfriendly? Friendly, because she

is looking for a new friend

Do you think the poem was happy or unhappy? Unhappy, because she was feeling

(part2): to engage students, I will open a song that called if you happy and you know
because this will attract the students attention and introduce the lesson type which is
feelings and emotions.
Teacher will sing with the students to make them be more confident to sing.
Teacher will introduce the emotion lesson to the students and after the song she will
1- What type of emotion was missioned in the song?
2- Who can tell me about anything in one word only about what makes you happy?
3- What other emotions you can describe it for me?

Continuing will be after phase 1 as part 2 continues activity.

Teacher will introduce the lesson topic

Students will answer the


by asking students to tell her their

questions by describing their

by dialog:

feelings about certain situations that

feelings, and I expect from

she will ask them about.

them to tell me what they

The questions will be:

1- What you will feel if you lost your

will feel in each situation just

like the way that I need them
to answer.

2- Where you like to go in weekends? Answers that they might
3- How you feel if the teacher tells
you that you have trip on Sunday?
4- If your neighbors are listening to a
loud music, what you will feel?

1- What do you feel if you
lost your cat? I will feel
2- Where you like to go in
Why? Any place by
telling the reason
which is, because it
makes me happy and
3- How you feel if the
teacher tells you that
you have trip on
Sunday? Very happy
and excited, and this is
real because I am
going to surprise them

Because some
students are
learning when
they talk and
explain to
ensure that
they know
what they are

about that I will take

them to a trip to the
Sharjah discovery
center. Then I will ask
them what they feel if I
tell them that they will
go on Sunday?
Surprised or excited.
4- If your neighbors are
listening to a loud
music, what you will
feel? Noisy, unhappy
and angry.
Continuing on warm-up activity:
(part 2)

Students will do the actions

by attracting

and sing with the puppet


that the teacher is using.

Teacher will change the happy word into

The actions that I am

hear what I

any other feelings vocabularies that

expecting them to do are:

say to act.

they learned.
The singing part will be with using

If youre happy happy happy clap

your hands.
If youre angry angry angry,

stamp your feet!

If youre hungry hungry hungry

say I need food!

If youre excited excited excited
say hurray!

their feet
after me
whenever I
use say

their fully
attention to

If youre scared scared scared, say

oh no!
If youre sleepy sleepy sleepy,

take a nap!
If youre happy happy happy clap

your hands.
If youre thinking and puzzled

show me that!
If youre unhappy unhappy
unhappy cross your hands!

PHASE TWO: (acting)

1- Teacher will show the students
cards and tells them the
meanings with examples.
2- Teacher will use flashcards that
shows students the picture with
the emotion type and tell the
students that she cannot hear so
they should act and show what
they want to say to the teacher.
3- Teacher will ask the student how
do I feel

Students will see the flash

cards one by one and then
feelings to show me what
they see and then waiting
me guessing what they are
trying to say. Which means
than students will look what
emotion that card shows and
act to the teacher what they
see by using their face or
bodies actions. For example,
if the card shows angry face
the students will act for me
by changing their facial
expression into angry mood,
surprised face students will
act for me and show how
their face expression is when
they feel surprised.

attention and
teach them in
a way that
makes them
learn by fun.
when students
are acting for
the teacher

PHASE THREE: Group work

Teacher will ask from the group leaders

Groups leaders will take the


to take the bag that includes 10-12

plastic bag and wait my sign

cards, 5-6 words and 5-6 pictures

to give them the cards and

Then the teacher will give them the



instructions and give them a sign to

start the activity.

because they
After that students, will label
the pictures with the words
that shows the correct

are doing the

activity using
their hands


EXTEND (extend their knowledge, and

evaluate them by this activity): around
10-15 minutes

students will use their


creativity by drawing and

Teacher will give the students a

coloring the faces that they

booklet which includes o pages

will draw which describes the

that they can draw, write, and


This activity will be with them for

learn by
drawing and

1 week and every day they are

Also, students will be able to

required to do one or two pages.

The booklet contains feelings

write a full sentence on the


vocabularies names that allows

the students to use their

students who

knowledge and understanding to

For example, I feel tired

write what they feel.

However, the last page of this

when I sleep late, I feel

booklet is an activity of reordering

feel surprised when my

letters to make a correct word and

family tell me that they will

scared when I see a spider, I

then match the word to the

travel, I feel angry when I

correct picture.

lose my pen, etc. After that

they will draw how their
faces looks like when they

+ give them homework page 33 in

are angry, surprised, etc.

activity book
I will choose one of three activities

Students will do the activity


depending on the time that we still

with the teacher:


Activity 1: will make students

Because the

recognizing what they

students will

board and students will pronoun

learned and remember the

do all the

vocabs and say what the word is.

letters of the words.

activities with

1- Teacher will put letters only on the

the teacher.

A_ _ _ _ / angry

Which means
S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / Surprised

Activity2: will show me how

any activity

H _ _ _ _ _ / Hungry

effectively the students

that the

understood the lesson


S _ _ / Sad

decides to do

H _ _ _ _ _ / Happy
Activity3: students
P _ _ _ _ _ _ / Puzzled
2- Write on the sticky notes anything
about what they learned from the
lesson in three minutes only.
3- Singing together and acting.

engagement and making the

lesson in a way that makes
them more happy and

with them
they will be
engage to
participate to
have fun
singing, and
writing using
their own