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Kayla Elizabeth Moore

Rhetoric and Professional Writing Student

410 Ada Street
Cincinnati, OH, 45219

April 22, 2016

Tracy Daugherty
General Manager at The Bonbonerie
2030 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH, 45208

Dear Mrs. Daugherty,

My name is Kayla Moore and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Cincinnati. My

studies are in the field of Rhetoric and Professional Writing, and I am currently taking a course
pertaining to the rhetoric of social media I was tasked to create a formal social media proposal
for a company which I am familiar with and I chose your place of business to study over the
course of this academic semester.
I am submitting to you a formal proposal pertaining to the daily practices involved in the social
media management of your business. The following report will include discussion of your
current practices, statistics, and reference points of possible changes to be made in terms of your
current social media regime.
Thank you for your time.


Kayla Elizabeth Moore

Rhetoric and Professional Writing Major
(513) 442-9438
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The Bonbonerie
A Beautiful and Delicious Social Media Proposal
Written by Kayla Elizabeth Moore

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Table of Contents:
Pg. 4 Research Abstract
Pg. 5 Social Media Proposal

Business History
Current Social Media Overview
o Website

Pg. 6
o Website contd
o Facebook
Pg. 7
o Facebook Contd
Pg. 8
o Facebook Contd
o Twitter
Pg. 9

o Instagram
Issues with Current Social Media Approach

Pg. 10 Formal Social Media Proposal



Pg. 11

Twitter contd

Pg. 12

Website / SEO

Pg. 13 Conclusion
Pg. 14 Reference Page

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Research Abstract

This proposal was written by a third-year Rhetoric and Professional Writing undergraduate
student at the University of Cincinnati. In her studies, she has undertaken a Rhetoric of Social
Media course, and was tasked to compose a formal social media proposal for a company of her
This proposal discusses various aspects of the local business The Bonbonerie its history,
followed by its current use of social media, changes that could be made in comparison to various
aspects of social media researched, and an overall summary of findings of research on this
business social media.
This company was founded in 1983, and has grown into a household name across the city of
Cincinnati, OH. Currently, its social media is in its infant stages creative and positive, but not
fully reaching its potential.
Currently utilizing a website page, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, The Bonbonerie is
reaching out to various users on a multiple platforms by means of blog posts, photographs,
contests and more but there is still room for improvement in all arenas of their social media
Facebook is currently used as mainly a blog site with occasional updates on menus and events
this could be changed by adding event pages, alongside of other minor changes on a daily basis.
Instagram is currently used as a creative expression for custom pieces and daily items this
could be used more frequently, utilizing various techniques such as tagging, contests, and more.
Twitter is currently utilized as a repost spot for the websites postings this needs the most work.
This platform can incorporate polls, conversation, check-ins, and more.
Overall, the current state of The Bonboneries social media is ultimately minimalist creative,
useful, and generally known by some users. Each platform is in a different state, but all can be
improved in some means to expand their user traffic and create a more open environment online
for communication with customers.

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The Bonbonerie was established in 1983 when two women, Sharon Butler and Mary Pat Pace,
came together in culinary genius and decided to create a quaint atmosphere for people to come to
and a fine pastry experience for customers to indulge in. Over time, this small business has
evolved into a household name throughout Cincinnati around any holiday or birthday, and
continues to grow and change as they incorporate more vendors and external events into their
yearly routine. The main mission of The Bonbonerie is to be beautiful and delicious, and this
goal is definitely met by the creative pastry and unique storefront that changes every month.
Being a local store, they have a deeply rooted connection with various other local vendors and
work events with local papers such as City Beat. These connections, alongside of the homey
atmosphere of their company overall have built an empire unmatched by any bakery in the tristate area.

The history of The Bonbonerie is conveyed by word of mouth Sharon and Mary Pat tell stories
of how they first began in a small room in a basement, and how they had a long road getting to
the point they are at now. Their beginning in 1983 was small, doing occasional wedding cakes
and saying yes to almost any idea expressed to them in order to experiment and find the rhythm
they would inevitably function in as the successful business that they are today. From this point
to the present, they have expanded and grown their family of workers into something amazing
a bakery and caf, around 10 departments, and a myriad of dedicated employees who work hard
to achieve the mission of beautiful and delicious.
In terms of social media, their use became more prominent in the past few years as the platforms
have grown. In recent years they have utilized social media as a tool to promote events, and
convey their history through blogs and photographs.


The Bonbonerie currently utilizes three main social media platforms alongside of their website
and restaurant review sites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms are all utilized in
different ways to convey varied aspects of the companys current events and changes to their
target audiences. Some platforms operate more efficiently than others, and all platforms are
oriented towards a different demographic.

Currently the website is utilized as a platform for blog posts and customer information menus
are posted months in advance for order convenience, and photographs of custom pastry are
present to aid customers in decision making from home. This is definitely the most functional
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use of the website, alongside of general information like contact and address of the business. In
terms of social media, the website currently has hyperlinks connected to their media platforms,
but is primarily utilized as a blog site for owners and freelance writers to come and write
interesting pieces about life and a love of food.
Figure 1 Homepage of Bonbonerie Website

When taking a look at the homepage of the website in figure 1, there are various addresses of
menus and custom offerings, but minimal social media aside from the upper-right hand corner of
the screen.
The most positive thing on the website from a social media standpoint are the blog posts they
increase awareness of various aspects of the bakery, and create a personal appeal to customers.
Sharons stories, background on different culinary options, and holiday tales are all extremely
important in keeping customers interested in the business, and these posts are the primary detail
which makes the website more personal.

Perhaps the companys largest social media platform, Facebook is by far the most heavily
utilized by The Bonbonerie. Whether they are posting about new menu items, contests, or blog
postings, this website is by far and away their most popular social media platform. Being so,
customers here are probably most likely to interact and rate the business through this platform as
it is their most publicly used site.

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Figure 2- Facebook likes, ratings, and


Looking at Figure 2, it is evident that Facebook is the most followed platform. There are various
positive uses of Facebook including holiday reminders, menu changes, and job postings, there
are also somewhat negative situations which arise on the platform in terms of customer reviews.
In Figures 3 & 4 there is a displeased customer, and the social media manager of this page
handles the situation effectively, expressing apologies and thanks.

Figure 3 To left Complaint made by

customer about wedding cake appointment
Figure 4 To bottom Response on part of
social media manager

This situation was handled effectively, in that there was apology present and gratitude from the
business this situation is definitely a positive utilization of the social media outlet in that the
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business uses these reviews as feedback on their customer service. This address and correction is
something many businesses tend to avoid in their social media, and is definitely something
positive on the part of The Bonbonerie.

Following the heavy use of Facebook comes the minimalist approach towards Twitter. In
reviewing the contents of the Twitter page, it mainly consists of URL posts from the website
these are definitely not attractive to Twitter users, as the demographic is largely millennial and
image oriented.
Figure 5 Example tweets from
current social media utilization of

Compared to the following on Facebook, the companys Twitter has an eight of the amount of
followers this could be due to the lack of content and image oriented posts. Figure 6 lists the
current amount of followers and media interactions.
Figure 6 Current
Twitter Stats

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Recently the social media involvement of Instagram has increased including creative
presentation photos, beautiful customized cakes, and images of their employees handcrafting
their product. This is definitely a positive approach, but again the following on this platform is
extremely low in comparison to that of their Facebook presence. The creativity involved in
Instagram coincides with the creativity of the bakery, so its shocking how low the interaction is
on this popular platform for the millennial demographic.

Figure 7 Example of recent Instagram post;

creative, fun, very user oriented


Overall there are definitely very positive points on most platforms personal posts, creative
images, and positive interaction with customers. There are a lot of points where the media
expression is lacking though, and these can be easily remedied by alterations of simple daily
routine, SEO changes on the website, and increased awareness of strong social media presence.

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SOCIAL MEDIA PROPOSAL Suggestions for Change

While this platform is definitely the strongest, perhaps there could be room for improvement
here. In my research, I have seen contests similar to the one below in Figure 8, and these could
definitely be utilized more as an interactive tool for followers. If not providing incentive, perhaps
adding polls for a desired treat on the menu would increase traffic on the page and thus increase
business, recommendations, and reviews. Interaction between the business and their customers is
extremely popular in public perspective it makes the user feel as though they are involved in
the decision making for their favorite pastry, and would perhaps enhance user interaction further
for the business.

Figure 8 Example of Current Bonbonerie

Facebook Contest/ Customer interaction post

Alongside of these contests, it should be noted that checking-in at events, and providing event
pages is extremely important in keeping followers involved in the goings-on of a business.
Perhaps when there is an outdoor event that is exclusive to the Bonbonerie, create an events page
to keep customers updated and involved with the upcoming events of the business.

This social media platform is the one which needs the most work where the posts on this
platform are generally just reposts from the website, it may be interesting to incorporate similar
polls as on the Facebook page, and just sparking a conversation with users. Looking at Figure 9,
it can be seen that twitter polls are actually very interactive though this is not for a business, it
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is just a brief example of how using a poll for The Bonbonerie may be effective. For instance, if
the company wanted to allow users to have input on a cake flavor or cookie option, it would
allow for more interaction on the part of the customer.

Figure 9 Example Twitter Poll

Another thing which may aid in creating a more positive media platform on Twitter is that of
using a new hashtag for a contest making sure that this hashtag is extremely specific is vital.
Be sure to research the hashtag before use in a contest, and that it is business specific. Use of
hashtags, online polls, and general conversation on Twitter is what has made the platform so
popular upping the interaction on this media platform will attract a younger demographic, and
will then increase followers and business interaction.
Using this platform more frequently and removing the posts from the website will enhance a
conversational aspect with the company making it easier for customers to ask brief questions,
make suggestions, etc. In altering minor aspects of the companys Twitter use, there will be an
increased following, alongside of more conversation and increased traffic on the companys
With this conversational aspect, it might be interesting to check-in to events on Twitter
providing updates on seasonal events such as Fountain Square or Playhouse in the Park will be
beneficial to getting event information out in a concise format.

Currently the platform of Instagram is on a similar level as Twitter budding, but not quite at a
peak level. To enhance the following of the company Instagram, perhaps use more hashtags on
images to increase user traffic. As hashtags are a means of searching a certain item or topic,
using a hashtag with a photo will increase user interaction and thus increase awareness of the

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Along the same line of customer interaction, it might also be a positive idea to include the
occasional Instagram challenge often businesses will post a photograph and ask people to take
their own photos with a certain hashtag, also tagging the business. They will set a deadline by
when the user should submit a photo, and the business will choose a winner for a small prize.
While this type of interaction seems small, it will increase traffic on the companys account and
will also create a larger discussion about the company.

Website / SEO:
In doing research on the companys website, information on how the website operates and the
SEO status of the companys web interaction can be found. In looking at the report of the website
online, there are a few changes that could be made in order to increase website traffic, and make
the website user friendly.
The report came back stating that Google Analytics is not in use on the companys website this
should definitely become a tool used by the companys social media manager, as it tracks website
traffic, statistics on different postings, click counts, current visitors, and more. This tool is so
important in successful social media, in that it keeps organizations updated on what is most
effective in their social media platform and website usage.

Alongside of using Google Analytics, it should also be noted that the mobile version of the
website is not necessarily smart phone friendly. Updating this will exponentially enhance the
user experience when on the go, and will make it less confusing for those attempting to place a
phone order when using their mobile device.
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Overall, the social media platforms of this business are in the beginning stages of becoming
increasingly popular. Keeping customers intrigued with content, events, and personal updates
will increase traffic on all websites, and will make the social media platforms more consistent
across the board. By incorporating the creative aspects of the bakery into all aspects of the social
media, the traffic will increase as well. It seems as though, in the case of this business, customers
are just not aware of the fact that these platforms are present. Making these platforms more
prominent in event promotion and customer interaction will enhance a variety of features about
this company, and will make the social media campaigns even stronger with increased use and
minor daily changes.

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References: (Entered Bonbonerie Website URL, Will only let you do this once)

Goals for company / interview conducted with General Manager Tracy Daugherty

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