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Kelly Briner

Arizona State University

Signature Assignment SED 322

Freshman English
Mr. Briner

Welcome to freshman English! In this course we will survey numerous authors from multiple
cultural backgrounds and times in history as well as contemporary and young adult authors. In
this class we will be doing reading and writing assignments to understand the literature and we
will be talking, a lot. Discussion is a huge part of actively understanding literature and
collaboration with other students will be a big component of the class.

We will be reading material that is relevant to not just this English class, but to your social
studies class as well! We will be covering topics such as

Social Class
Gender in society
Justice and Equality
Sustainable Practices

Class Rules/Expectations

Put away cell phones and electronic devices

a Unless specifically instructed to take them out for the lesson, they should not be
Be in the door before the bell finishes ringing
a If you are tardy, bring a pass.
Remain in your seats before the bell rings
Do not pack up early
When I am giving instruction, there is no talking. However, the nature of this class will
be very discussion based and it is perfectly acceptable to talk during times that warrant it.
Additionally, feel free to ask me questions about the lessons at any time!
Respect yourself, the teacher and others
Follow directions if they are given
Participate and ask questions
If you leave trash on your desk, I will make sure that I return it to you.

a Each student is responsible for their desk area!

b Keep it clean!
10 Everyone is here to learn, do not detract from someone elses learning opportunity.
11 All other rules are consistent with the School Code of Conduct.

Bring your school issued chrome book to class every day charged.
I will provide a file folder with pockets to keep class assignments and homework in.
Pencils and Pens
We will need one composition book to keep classroom notes in.
a No spiral notebooks
Any additional materials will be upon teacher request

Grade scale:
A = 90% - 100%
B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79%
D = 60% - 69%
F = 59% or below
Late Work
Late work is accepted for one week after the assignment was originally due for partial
credit. After this one week grace period, late work will not be accepted unless there are
medical or extreme circumstances behind the assignments tardiness. If you contact me
ahead of time and are concerned about not being able to turn an assignment in, I will
provide an additional assignment for you to turn in alongside the late assignment for full

Communicate with me and everything will work out! ^ ^

If your absence is excused, you will have additional time to complete any assignment
given on that day, additionally your initial due date will be one week after the original
due date. The late policy takes effect after that first week grace period. For example, if
you are absent and miss an assignment that is due on Friday 10/2, you will have until
Friday 10/9 to turn the assignment in for full credit. For partial credit, following the late
work policy, the assignment is due 10/16. After 10/16 (two weeks) the assignment is no
longer accepted.

If your absence is unexcused, the same rules as above apply.

I am firm on this. Absences will not be used as an excuse to not do course work.
Due dates still exist, youre just given an extension!
Communicate with me and everything will work out! ^ ^

Contact Information
Feel free to contact me if your parents/guardians have any questions or concerns. I am
very good at responding to emails within a reasonable time frame, however I need my
sleep too, so if youre trying to reach me late at night you might get a response the next

Kelly Briner English Instructor

Kelly Briner
2127 S. La Rosa dr.
Tempe, Arizona 8282
Warmhearted teacher who places their students first with wonderful interpersonal
communication skills, who is concerned with the wellbeing of others.
Places importance on both tact and empathy seeking a teaching position.
Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education
May 2017
English Language Arts Content
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Student Teaching
Middle School or High School, Maricopa County, Arizona
Spring 2017
Worked collaboratively with a mentor teacher in an English Language Arts class
eventually Assuming full responsibilities of a teacher
Designed, planned, and applied lesson plans for an English Language Arts class
satisfying district and AZ state standards
Collaborated with English team at site in developing interactive and thematic
units for students
8th/9th/11th Grades, Mesa Riverview High School, Mesa, AZ
Fall 2015
9th Grade, Metro Tech High School, Phoenix, AZ
Spring 2016
7 Grade, Gililland Middle School, Tempe, AZ
Fall 2016
Reinforced mentor teacher in classroom activities including whole class and small
group instruction, assessment/evaluation, attending meetings, and classroom
behavior management
Designed, planned, and applied lesson plans for an English Language Arts class
satisfying district and AZ state standards and integrated technology in reading and
writing lessons

Connected with students from diverse populations and collaborated with both
mentor teacher and staff
Related Experience
Student Services, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ
July 2015 Present
Communicated with parents and students regarding information at ASU including,
course/program description, finances, advising, and scheduling
Facilitated communication with parents and students regarding technical issues
with ASUs website and blackboard
Worked with incoming freshman, international students, graduate students, all
ranging in wide variance of age and demographic
Informed students and parents of learning and development opportunities at ASU
Tutor, Metro Tech High School, Phoenix, AZ
Spring 2016
Tutored high school level students in English Language Arts content areas
Explained a variety of topics utilizing strategies for diverse learning styles and
Traveling and Researching
I love experiencing cultures from all over the globe
Fingerprint Clearance Card, State of Arizona
NES Certified (English Language Arts), State of Arizona

Letter to Parent Regarding Student Behavior

Dear Mr. and Mrs. J,
I hope this letter finds you well. I enjoy having your daughter in my class and she always
brings really important topics to discussions and a great attitude towards learning when I can
keep her interested. I wanted to get in contact with you to discuss your daughter, Os behavior in
class. As of recently, O has been getting up out of her seat in class and has become a distraction
to herself and other students around her. This caused a confrontation between O and another
student which escalated outside of the classroom. The two students were in the lunchroom when
they started to become aggressive towards each other prompting a faculty member to step in and
isolate the two students from each other.
At your earliest convenience, please contact me to schedule a time to sit down and find a
solution for Os actions. Your daughter brings a lot to the classroom culture that benefits many
students on her average days. It is just that recently Ive noticed a change in her behavior and
wanted to find a way that we could work on a strategy to help her maintain focus.
I look forward to hearing back from you.

Mr. B

Letter to Parent
Subject: Welcome to 9th Grade English!

Hello Parent or Guardian of ______,

I am really grateful of the opportunity to be working with your son or daughter! Im an
English Language Arts teacher here at Arizona State High School. I spent a long time working
my way through college, gathering certifications to be able and qualified to tech your student. It
would mean a lot to me if you would contact me with any questions you have in regards to my
Your student is in the class of a capable and very caring individual!
Feel free to send me an email at:

Lets make this a great and exciting year of learning for your student!
Mr. Briner
September 27, 2016 Letter to Principal

Dr. Smudde Reynolds

Principal, Arizona State High School
1150 s. Forest Ave
Tempe, AZ, 85281

Dear Dr. Reynolds,

Im very excited to have the opportunity to be working with young scholars at your
school. Thank you for considering me as a potential teacher as well as a potential staff and
community member.
As a new teacher I will be working closely with my content area cohort to ensure that the
students here at Arizona State High School get the best education possible. I am the type of
teacher who places the students needs at the highest priority. As a first time teacher, I feel like
the best way I can actually do that is by working and communicating with the other English
content teachers. I am a team player and I intend to work with the established teachers at the
school to coordinate curriculum to make a meaningful educational experience for the students.
Ideally, I want to be in a school community made up of really good communicators. I
think staff that communicates has a much better shot at making connections between their
content areas. Additionally, I think this is how connections between both students and parents are
made. Culture is very important to me. I want to be able to implement lessons that reach the
interests of diverse students and I believe that the best way to do that is by communicating with
students. I think one objective of a good English Language Arts teacher is to understand their
students, to empathize with them, and to realize where they are coming from and to treat them as
individuals. I have a big interest in Humanities and I hope that this shows through in my lessons.
A main goal of mine is to empower the students at your school.
Again, thank you for this opportunity to positively impact the lives of the students at your
Please feel free to contact me. Below is my personal contact information.

Cell: 623-252-8263

With gratitude,
Kelly Briner
Kelly Briner
My Plan for Professional Growth

Kelly Briner

First Year Goals

My first year goals are centered on how I want to grow into a better teacher. How I plan
to do this is by specifically addressing and improving upon some of the weaknesses that I
have as a teacher. I have social anxiety which is not something that I can entirely rid
myself of, but it is something that I can attempt to control through counseling counselling
and medication. So for my first year, I want to make a lot of progress towards finding
comfort in being around my students. Thankfully, I am more comfortable around kids
than I am around my peers and my seniors. Succinctly put, I want to make strides towards
being in control of my anxiety instead of the other way around. Additionally, Im fully
aware of how difficult first year teachers typically perceive their first year of teaching. In
order to combat this I will find a mentor teacher who can help me with things that might
frustrate me. I want to also communicate really well with my administrators and other
teachers at the school. I want to be a part of the school community.
Five Year Goals
After five years from employment as a teacher I hope to remain as a teacher and to have
my motivation to continue teaching intact. I also want to by then have some sort of plan
for retirement already put in motion. Another goal I want is to become a contributing
member of the school community and to become involved in at least one club or sport.
Financial responsibility and an apartment or home are also goals of mine.

List of Organizations I plan on joining

I am interested in joining a teachers union

I also want to join an organization that is specific to my content
o National Council of Teachers of English
o Modern Language Association
National Education Association