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Nandit Patel

4603 Bonniebrook Dr.

Troy, MI 48098

Ph: 248-633-6335

To obtain an opportunity such as clinical research or internships in the field of medicine. Preferably oriented towards orthopedics,
and sports medicine.
International Academy East
Received IB Diploma
GPA: 3.98
Wayne State University
Major Kinesiology (Pre - Med Track)
Concentration Exercise and Sports Science
Expected Graduation - May 2020

May 2016

Detroit, MI

St. John Oakland hospital, Madison Heights, MI
Jan 2015- Jan 2016
Volunteered at the main desk for two months for information assistance and patient look-up. Transferred to the emergency room
and volunteered there for ten months. Helped doctors and nurses with patients, cleaned beds, patient assistance, as well as patient
Sundays 4:00pm 8:00 pm ( 150 hours)
Beaumont Hospital, Troy, MI
Mar 2015 Jan 2016
Volunteered for the shopping cart program for four months. I had to take a cart filled with candy, snacks, newspapers, books,
stuffed animals, and toiletries to each room in the hospital and asked if anyone wanted to purchase anything. Transferred to the gift
shop and volunteered there for ten months. Handled the cash register, stocked items, and delivered flowers to patients that were
bought by their visitors.
Saturdays 10:00am 1:00 pm ( 100 hours)
Kumon Math and Reading Center, Troy, MI
Sept 2014 Jan 2015
Volunteered as a tutor to help children, ranging from 3 yrs. old 17 yrs. old, with different concepts of math as well as reading
Every other Tuesday 3:30pm 7:30pm ( 50 hours)
Dr. Buckman Orthopedic
Jun 2016 Aug 2016
Followed the doctor around and visited all of his patients. Did paperwork and filing for him. At times I would even visit the
patients before the doctor came to collect basic information about the patient.
Wednesdays 9:00am 5:00pm
Dr. Florence Family Medicine
Visited patients with doctor. Saw unique procedures like injection of testosterone in glutes.
Saturday 9:00am 5:00pm

Feb 2015

National Honors Society
President of the National Honors Society in High School. Managed the chapter along with organized different community
service projects throughout the school year.
Active board member of HOSA. I am the event manager. I organize and provide variety of connections and opportunities for my
peers in the club as well as me that are interested in the field of medicine.
Pre-Professional Medical Society
Active board member of PPMS. I am the president director I over look all of the club events and meetings. I plan to attend and
organize different medicine related informational and volunteering events.