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LAW 421 Final Exam

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LAW 421 Final Exam (Latest)
1. When a buyer rejects nonconforming goods
and purchases the appropriate goods from
a different seller, this is an example of
which of the following:
Specific Performance
Revoking Acceptance
Lawsuit for Money Damages

2. Which of the following would be

considered intangible property?
A right of ownership or possession
An apartment
3. Upon her return home from work, Maria
discovered that her lawn has been mowed
and trimmed. An hour later, a male
stranger comes to her door for payment for
the lawn work. Maria refuses any payment
because she had not hired him to do the
work. In these circumstances
Maria would not have to pay anything.
The man could sue Maria for unjust
Maria would have to pay whatever a court
finds to be "fair."
The man could sue Maria for breach of an
implied, unilateral contract.

4. The power of preemption is derived from

The Supremacy Clause.
The power of judicial review.
The Commerce Clause.
The Necessary and Proper Clause.
5. Two merchant companies have entered
into a contract for the sale of goods. They
have had no prior dealings among
themselves that may establish a course of
conduct. The UCC will provide "gap
fillers" to supply missing terms unless
They have failed to specify the price of the
goods to be delivered.
They have failed to specify the quality or
grade of the goods to be delivered.
They have failed to specify when payment
for the goods is to be made.
They have failed to specify where delivery
of the goods is to be made.

6. "What if everyone took these same

actions?" is a question sometimes called
Morality approach.
Utilitarian approach.
Functionality approach.
Universalization approach.
7. Jurisprudence is defined as
the science and philosophy of law
the duties and obligations owed by a citizen
the enactment of laws by a government
adjudication of law suits
8. Which of the following ADR methods
results in a decision rendered by the
hearing officer?

Third-party evaluation
9. The principle challenge faced by
international courts include
Obtaining universal recognition and
participation in its processes by the U.N.
and W.T.O.
Articulating universally applicable rules of
law that reflect multiple legal systems
Enforcing its judgments on sovereign
Finding judges skilled in international law.
10.The following is required for disclaiming a
Common law authority
Conspicuous language in the sales contract

Writing, posted in a public space and

incorporated by reference in the contract
The word "merchantability" need not be
included, if a warranty of merchantability is
to be disclaimed

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