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LoadTracer - a

performance testing tool

Testing process

A unique tool fully developed from testing perspective.

GUI-based tool for Performance, Load, Stress and Scalability
testing of web applications.
Generate virtual users as many as you want to hit your web
Simulate multiple instances of web client accessing a Web
Test your web application effectively under various load or
stress condition.

LoadTracer - a performance testing tool

LoadTracer - a web based load testing tool

LoadTracer is one of the best web performance testing tool developed by Trace Technologies
Pvt. Ltd. It is very user friendly tool used for web application load testing and performance
testing. This tool can be effectively used for web application performance testing,performance
monitoring and also performance management.
In LoadTracer, load testing is done just like other web load testing tool available in the market
i.e., Recording the script and Playback with hundreds of virtual users.
In addition to that, while doing performance testing, we can log all application performance
monitoring using given performance counters. This tool uses various techniques to create load
on web server as real user does. Then using those performance monitoring counters and
recorded logs we can analyze to determine the issues and bottlenecks in the web application.
Not only just website load testing or website performance testing or website stress testing, it
is also used for website performance monitoring from client and server side while doing load
testing of websites.

Key testing
Performance, load, stress and scalability are the key areas to identify the exact
behavior of your web application
Performance testing

Performance testing is not just to determine performance attributes like response

time, throughput but it is also to determine the performance problems (like
bottlenecks, memory, disk, process, processor, cache, network, etc.) or any memory
leakage is present in system when application is running in normal scenario.

To identify the systems behavior when the application is communicating with other
application in the system.

To evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified performance


Load testing

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LoadTracer - a performance testing tool

To determine the risk factors associated with increasing the load on the application.

To determine the performance behavior of the system under load.






a system

or component with

specified load


Stress Testing

Stress testing is not just to determine stress point (when the system goes down or
crashes because of increase in load) but also to determine the factors affecting the
stress point.

To determine the performance behavior of the system before reaching the stress limit.

Scalability testing

Scalability testing is to determine system behavior by increasing the load with a

particular scaling ratio.

For every scaling point all the performance attributes have to be determined. Also the
factors affecting the application scaling capacity have to be determined.

Using LoadTracer, all the above test could be done easily and effectively. We can monitor both
client and server side performance counters.

Testing process

The RECORDER sits between client and server.

It traps all the request and response from the client and server and generates script.

During this recording session itself, the RECORDER generates a detailed report for
different parameters like request time, response time, number of bytes sent and
number of bytes received.

This script can be modified for parameterization and correction as per the requirement
using menu option.

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LoadTracer - a performance testing tool

In SIMULATOR, this recorded script is used for simulating the virtual client. The
number of clients and the other parameters like think time, iteration, proxy settings,
cookie usage, etc., can be specified in SIMULATOR setting.

By executing the script, SIMULATOR hits the server with the specified requirements.

All the virtual clients can be controlled by SIMULATOR

Each virtual clients will run on a separate thread and carrying its own data and other
parameter simulating real user environment.

The result of all virtual clients is stored in separate file.

During the execution, SIMULATOR collects all the data for every virtual clients and
data for all counters.

These raw data is sent to ANALYZER.

The ANALYZER will analyze the virtual users data and generate a detailed report.

The report can be generated in many formats like tabular, graphical. All the reports are
stored in html pages.

Ease of USE
Most of the loads testing tools are complicated to testers

Scripts are generated while recording the user actions. Requires expertise to develop
and modify the recorded script.

Difficult process to parameterize.

Testers have to learns the scripting language and then only they can use the too

All the above difficulties are solved with LOADTRACER.

No need to learn any scripting or programming for recording client action,

modification, parameterization and any other transaction.

All rights reserved, Trace Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

LoadTracer - a performance testing tool

Powerful options are provided through GUI interface for parameterization and
modification. Any enhancement can be done from menu option.

Testers can use LoadTracer efficiently from first day itself.

Simplicity and easy of use are backbone for LoadTracer.

Most of the load testing tools is big size put heavy load (extra burden) on operating system
affecting performance measurement.
Making the size of the LoadTracer very less reduces the extra burden on Operating. (Just 3
More ever since it is developed entirely in C using windows API, it makes use of running OS
components reducing the extra burden on OS.
The people who developed the LoadTracer have more than 10 years of performance, load, and
stress testing experience.
This tool was developed after analyzing and understanding many difficulties in the available
load testing tools. A tester can not be a developer. No need to learn scripts. All the options are
GUI based. Most of the available tools are in developers perspective omitting testers
The targeted audiences are not only testers but also end users. It can be used in corporate as
well as by a owner of a simple website. He himself can use this tool and identify the maximum
load his website can handle.

All rights reserved, Trace Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

LoadTracer - a performance testing tool

Features of LoadTracer



Protocols Support

HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1

Browser Support

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and others


Different values for each virtual user can be generated using

Parameterization functionality

HTTPS Support

Supports secure sites recording and simulation


Both recorder and simulator support proxy connection

URL selection

Script can be customized by selecting and deselecting necessary URL

for test run


Reports are generated in many formats like graph, tabular for better
analysis. Clear and unambiguous reports are generated as html.


Support automatic cookie handling.

Scripts Simulation

Script can be simulated in sequentially or concurrently

Script Details

Client header, Server header, and HTML pages can be view from

Think time

Think time and random delays can be given for virtual clients. Think
time modification support

Multiple server

At same time multiple server testing is possible


Same scenario can be executed iteratively for any number of virtual

clients. Iteration can be implemented in two ways by Number and by


To enhance the speed of the automation process readability of the

scripts is made very easy. The scripts are generated in such a way
that even a new tester also can find easy to understand.

All rights reserved, Trace Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

LoadTracer - a performance testing tool


Supports the synchronization for various testing steps

Real User

By configuring all the attributes for virtual client accurate simulation

Hits per second

of load created by a real user.

The LoadTracer is multithreaded application. For every user, it
creates separate thread considering all the attributes to make it like
a real user for the server. Hence the rate of hits per second is
considerably more when compared to other available load testing

Virtual Users

Thousands of virtual users can be generated.

Virtual Users

Status of each virtual user can be view during test run.

Virtual Users

After completion of test run detail status of each vusers can be




Each virtual clients runs on its own thread. Independent of the other
thread having its own cookie and data. This feature enables us to
simulate an accurate load created by real user.


vuser can be released in ramp up manner make it to run for

specified amount of time using vusers scheduler.


Logs of each virtual user can be captured with different options. Logs
are generated each and every steps based on log level. (0,1,2,3).
Level 0 indicates no logs, level 1 indicated low level, level 2 indicates
medium level and 3 indicates high level logs will be generated.


All the action and events by real users and virtual clients can be


monitored with this option. This allows in effective performance



Scripts can be ported from one machine to other machine


While simulating virtual users performance counters can also be


added and record the performance log separately

Recorder -

Brief report and Detail reports can be generated from LoadTracer


Recorder in HTML format

All rights reserved, Trace Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

LoadTracer - a performance testing tool

Analyzer - Reports

Analyzer displays many types of graphs with zooming capabilities

Many types of report and graphs can be generated in HTML and CSV
format. Results can be published as HTML pages or excel pages.









perspective. The reports should be a burden for testers to further








understandable at first look itself, are provided.

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LoadTracer - a performance testing tool

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