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Atomic Geography
Hop King
Dividing the
Orphan Road
The Bridge of the
Unusual Punishment
The Fur Trade Gamble
All for the Greed of
The Snake-River
Palouse and the
Invasion of the
Inland Northwest
Isaac I. Stevens


Atomic Geography
A Personal History of the Hanford Nuclear
Melvin R. Adams
I have spent a career sifting through the rubble, the abandoned
documents, the factories and tools, with the thought of saving what
remains of water, land, and animals. But water, wind, and root have
their way.Melvin R. Adams

Perhaps the first environmental engineer at Hanford, Melvin R.

Adams spent twenty-four years on its 586 square miles of desert
terrain. His thoughtful vignettes recall challenges and sites he
worked on or found personally intriguing, like the 216-U-pond.
Nestled among the trees, the pond looks like a pleasant place to
go fishing. In reality, it has been contaminated with plutonium
longer than any place on earth.

Illustrations map references
index glossary
6" x 9" 144 pages
Paperback $22.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-341-5

In what Adams considers his most successful project, he helped

determine the initial scope of the soil and solid waste cleanup.
The Environmental Restoration and Disposal Facility today
covers 107 acres and has a capacity of 18 million tons.

His group also designed and tested a marked, maintenancefree disposal barrier. It uses natural materials that will remain
stable for thousands of years. They expanded a network of
groundwater monitoring wells to define contaminated plumes,
assess treatment effectiveness, and provide relevant data to
hydrologists. They also developed a pilot scale pump and treatment plant for use on a four-square-mile
carbon tetrachloride plume.
His environmental and engineering unit included a biological control group fondly dubbed The Weeds.
They controlled tumbleweeds, tracked and collected plants and animals found growing or digging in
contaminated sites, and caught stray wildlife discovered in Hanford offices.
In Atomic Geography, Adams presents some surprising revelations. He shares his perspective on leaking highlevel waste storage tanks, dosimeters, and Hanfords obsession with safety. He even answers the question he
is asked most, insisting he does not glow in the dark. He leaves that unique ability to spent fuel rods in water
storage basinsa phenomenon known as Cherenkov radiation.
Melvin R. Adams has published two other books with WSU Press, both on southeastern Oregon: Netting
the Sun: A Personal Geography of the Oregon Desert and Remote Wonders: An Explorers Guide to Southeast Oregon.

Also of Interest
Americas Nuclear
Politics, Accountability,
and Cleanup
Max S. Power
ISBN 978-0-87422-295-1
Paperback $19.95


Netting the Sun

A Personal Geography of the
Oregon Desert
Melvin R. Adams
ISBN 978-0-87422-236-4
Paperback $16.95


Hop King
Ezra Meekers Boom Years
Dennis M. Larsen
Two of Ezra Meekers defining traits were his ability to
recognize business opportunities and his willingness to take
risks. In 1852, the Washington Territory pioneer traveled
west over the Oregon Trail, finally settling near Tacoma in the
Puyallup Valley.
In the mid-1860s, he planted his first hops, and despite wild
price fluctuations, attained modest success. Then he met beer
brewer Henry Weinhard and began selling to him directly.
Approximately twenty-five acres of hop roots led to $9,000 in
sales$154,000 today. Inspired, other farmers slowly joined
in, shipping produce to San Francisco.
Ezra served as a broker and traveled to New York and London
to open new markets. Convinced Northwest hops were
superior, he hired a respected chemist to analyze the quantity
of extract produced from Bavarian and New York hops as well
as his own. The results confirmed his claims.

Illustrations map notes
bibliography index
6" x 9" 368 pages
Paperback $26.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-342-2

Then in 1882, Meeker quietly bypassed California middlemen,

sending Washington hops directly to New York. That same
year, Pacific coast growers benefited from widespread crop
failure elsewhere. Desperate brewers offered astronomical
prices and Puyallup farmers were rich. E. Meeker and Co.
became the largest hops exporter in the country, and Ezra the official hop king.

Rarely idle, Meeker also managed a large family, became involved in philanthropy and development
schemes, promoted Washington and Puget Sound, was active in politics and womens suffrage, and tried to
manufacture sugar from beets. Impulsive and pugnacious, he was an intimidating business opponent who
became entangled in numerous lawsuits. Sadly, a combination of bad investments, lack of diversification, the
1893 depression, a financial betrayal, and an aphid plague brought Meekers boom years to a close.
In his newest book, Dennis M. Larsen recounts Ezra Meekers profitable years as well as the intertwined
histories of hops, Puyallup, and Washington Territory. An independent historian and former social studies
teacher, he has written for historical journals and is author/co-author of four other books. He speaks frequently
on the Oregon Trail, Northwest pioneers, and of course, Ezra Meeker.

Also of Interest
A Yankee on Puget
Pioneer Dispatches
of Edward Jay Allen,
Karen L. Johnson and
Dennis M. Larsen
ISBN 978-0-87422-315-6
Paperback $29.95

Slick as a Mitten
Ezra Meekers Klondike
Dennis Larsen
ISBN 978-0-87422-302-6
Paperback $24.95



Dividing the Reservation

Alice C. Fletchers Nez Perce Allotment
Diaries and Letters, 18891892
Nicole Tonkovich

Alice C. Fletchers Nez Perce Allotment Diaries and Letters


Alice Cunningham Fletcher was both formidable and remark

able. A pioneering ethnologist who penetrated occupations
dominated by men, she was the first woman to hold an
endowed chair at Harvards Peabody Museum of American
Archaeology and Ethnologyduring a time the institution did
not admit female students. She helped write the Dawes General
Allotment Act of 1887 legislation that reshaped American Indian
policy, and became one of the first women to serve as a federal
Indian agent, working with the Omahas, the Winnebagos, and
finally the Nez Perces.

Charged with supervising the daunting task of resurveying,

verifying, and assigning nearly 757,000 acres of the Nez
Perce Reservation, Fletcher also had to preserve land for
transportation routes and restrain white farmers and stockmen
who were claiming prime properties. She sought to give the
best lands to the best Indians, but was challenged by the Idaho
terrain, the complex ancestries of the Nez Perces, and her own
misperceptions about Native life. A commanding presence,
Fletcher worked from a specialized tent that served as home
and office, traveling with copies of laws, rolls of maps, and blank plats. She spent four summers on the project,
completing close to 2,000 allotments.

Illustrations maps notes
bibliography index
7" x 10" 376 pages
Paperback $29.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-344-6

This book is a collection of letters and diaries Fletcher wrote during this work. Her writing illuminates her
relations with the key players in the allotment, as well as her internal conflicts over dividing the reservation.
Taken together, these documents offer insight into how federal policy was applied, resisted, and amended in
this early application of the Dawes General Allotment Act.
Nicole Tonkovich is Professor of Literature at the University of California, San Diego. Her research interests
center around nineteenth-century cultural productions by American women. She has published numerous
essays, and her books include The Allotment Plot: Alice C. Fletcher, E. Jane Gay, and Nez Perce Survivance and
Trading Gazes: Anglo-American Women Photographers among North American Indians.
Virtually none of the documentary sources for Dividing the Reservation exist electronically and only a small portion
had been unearthed by previous scholarly researchthis book is a genuine contribution.Dennis Baird, University
of Idaho professor emeritus

Also of Interest
Be Brave, Tah-hy!
The Journey of Chief
Josephs Daughter
Jack R. Williams
Illustrations by
Jo Proferes
ISBN 978-0-87422-313-2
Paperback $29.95


Finding Chief
The Life and Legacy of a
Northwest Patriot
Richard D. Scheuerman
and Michael O. Finley
ISBN 978-0-87422-297-5
Paperback $34.95


Orphan Road
The Railroad Comes to Seattle, 18531911
Kurt E. Armbruster
Seattle residents were bitterly disappointed in 1873 when the Northern
Pacific selected rival Tacoma as the future Puget Sound terminus for
Washington Territorys first transcontinental railroad. Lavishly illustrated,
Orphan Road depicts the growth of railways across the Puget Sound region,
including Tacomas frantic quest for a saltwater terminal of their own,
descriptions of individual lines, and the colorful personalities and urban
aspirations that eventually brought Seattle to the forefront of Washington
Richly researched and entertainingly toldthe book is rich in detail for intense
rail fans, [but] has plenty to intrigue the casual rail fan or those just interested in
slices of Northwest life.Bill Virgin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Illustrations maps notes
bibliography index
8" x 11" 250 pages
Paperback $32.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-326-2

The Bridge of the Gods

A Romance of Indian Oregon
F. H. Balch with an introduction by Stephen L. Harris
Idealistic New England missionary Cecil Greys vision draws him 3,000 miles
west. Amazingly, he discovers the exact stone bridgetomanowoshe saw
in his dream. It is a creation of the gods, and legend says that as long as the
natural rock arch stands, the Willamettes will rule.
Confident, their chief Multnomah becomes a fierce and ruthless leader,
reigning over a network of Pacific Coast tribes from Mount Shasta to
todays British Columbia. But when an old Indian prophet warns of a
different future and Grey fatefully encounters Wallulah, Multnomahs gentle
daughter, tragedy follows.
Set in 1690s prehistoric Oregon, this regional classic was the first work
of fiction by a Northwest writer to feature Native Americans as main
characters. The Bridge of the Gods also evokes an extraordinary sense
of place, introducing readers to the Pacific Northwests primal forests,
untamed rivers, and volcanic peaks. A new introduction by Stephen L.
Harris offers interpretive content and a biography of the author.

A Romance of Indian Oregon


With a new introduction by Stephen L. Harris

6" x 9" 318 pages
Paperback $19.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-343-9

Frederic Homer Balch (18611891) grew up in Goldendale and Lyle, Washington, enamored by
prehistoric Indian culture. No place was too remote if he could meet a Klickitat or Willamette elder and
absorb their stories and customs. Balch learned Chinook and pioneered the use of geomythology.

Recent Distributed Title

Chance for Glory
The Innovation and Triumph of the Washington State 1916 Rose Bowl Team
Darin Watkins
ISBN 978-1-943164-40-0 Hardbound $29.95
ISBN 978-1-943164-48-6 Paperback $22.95
Chance for Glory chronicles the untold story of the magical 1915 season, when the
innovative strategies of Native Amerian coach William Lone Star Dietz transformed
undersized players into giants on the football field and led Washington State to victory
in the first Rose Bowl.


Unusual Punishment
Inside the Walla Walla Prison, 19701985
Christopher Murray
Unusual Punishment reveals the astonishing events and personalities
surrounding the collapse of an outmoded prison culture and its agonizing
transformation into a modern control system.

Illustrations maps notes

6" x 9" 330 pages
Paperback $22.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-339-2

The Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla was once a place where
the warden exercised absolute authority. Guards and prisoners called it
super custody. Then, in the early 1970s, well-meaning but nave reform
ignited chaos. Convicts abused their new freedomsroaring prisonmade choppers around the Big Yard, openly using drugs, and taking lives
with shanks and bombs. Correctional officers became frustrated and
A new superintendents dramatic actions curtailed the most dysfunctional
inmate privileges and leadership but couldnt prevent a guards murder,
an intense lockdown, and a cell block riot. Officers also rebelled,
demanding a brutal crackdown and return to super custody.
As time passed, courts intervened, politics changed, and in 1981, a
charismatic correctional leadercharming in public and tyrannical in
privatetook command. He imposed his will and finally restored order.

The Fur Trade Gamble

North West Company on the Pacific Slope, 18001820
Lloyd Keith and John C. Jackson
Before Hudsons Bay Company domination, Montreal entrepreneurs and
American John Jacob Astor vied to command Northwest fur tradea
global mercantile initiative in which controlling the mouth of the
Columbia River and developing the China market were major prizes.

Illustrations map notes

bibliography index
6" x 9" 352 pages
Hardbound $42.00
ISBN 978-0-87422-331-6
Paperback $24.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-340-8

Businessmen first and explorers second, these fur moguls risked lives and
capital as they gambled on the price of beaver pelts, purchases of ships
and trade goods, international commerce laws, and the effects of war.
They also quarreled, surveyed transportation routes, built trading posts,
and worked to forge relationships with trappers. As they lost valuable
natural resources and intermixed with other cultures, the regions native
peoples were significantly impacted.
Economically, the endeavors failed. Drawing from a reservoir of
previously unexploited correspondence, including the letters of clerk
Finnan McDonald and a revealing personal memorandum by Fort George
partner James Keith, the authors examine the era from a unique business



All for the Greed of Gold

Will Woodins Klondike Adventure
Edited by Catherine Holder Spude
When the Cleveland left Seattles docks in 1898, William Jay Woodin was
on board, chasing the centurys last great gold rush and hoping to earn
a fortune providing supplies. Enhanced with family photographs and
skillfully edited, Wills delightfully candid diaries, a short story, and 1910
memoir record the travails of his quest.
Unlike many stampeders, Wills party chose to travel both the White Pass
Trail and the Tutshi Trail, and his story offers a rare glimpse into this less
common route. Wills experiences also epitomize a mostly untold story of
how working-class men endured a grueling Yukon journey. He was part
of an emerging middle class who, with minimal formal education, left
farm life to seek urban employment. Whether packing tons of goods on
their own backs or building boats at the Windy Arm camp, Will brings to
light the cooperation and camaraderie necessary to survival.

Illustrations maps notes

bibliography index
6" x 9" 294 pages
Paperback $27.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-335-4

The Snake River-Palouse and the

Invasion of the Inland Northwest
Clifford E. Trafzer and Richard D. Scheuerman
Originally released in 1986 as Renegade Tribe, this award-winning
title sensitively analyzes the compelling saga of the Great Columbia
Plateaus Snake River-Palouse. These resilient tribal people resisted settler
colonialism and fought tenaciously to preserve their way of life. They
never abandoned the struggle for tribal sovereignty, opposing the Walla
Walla Treaties of 1855 and fighting as patriots during the 185558 Plateau
Indian War. This revised edition offers a new introduction and epilogue
by the authors and a new foreword by Wilson Wewa, a descendant of
Chief Tilcoax.

Illustrations maps
bibliography index
6" x 9" 292 pages
Paperback $24.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-337-8

Isaac I. Stevens [Revised Edition]

Young Man in a Hurry
Kent D. Richards
Washington Territorys first governor remains as controversial today as he
was to his frontier contemporaries during the Pacific Northwests most
turbulent erathe mid-1850s. Indian wars, martial law, and bitter political
disputes, as well as the establishment of a new, sound governmental
system, characterized Isaac I. Stevenss years as governor (18531857).
Richards definitive biography is one of the essential works on the history
of early Washington, as well as of northern Idaho and western Montana,
which in the 1850s were included in Washington Territory. This revised
edition offers a new preface.

Illustrations maps notes

bibliography index
6" x 9" 468 pages
Paperback $29.95
ISBN 978-0-87422-338-5



Developing the Pacific Northwest

The Life and Work of Asahel Curtis
William H. Wilson
The first full-length biography of Asahel Curtis reveals a commercial photographer
whose true passions were Mount Rainier and bringing economic development and
tourism to Washington.
$29.95 / 331-6 / Pbk. / 334 pages (2015)

Encounters with the People

Written and Oral Accounts of Nez Perce Life to 1858
Compiled and edited by Dennis Baird, Diane Mallickan, and William R. Swagerty
Organized both chronologically and thematically, this gorgeous reference is an
edited, annotated compilation of unique primary sources related to Nez Perce
historyNative American oral histories, diary excerpts, military reports, maps,
and more.
$50.00 / 330-9 / Hdb. / 544 pages (2015)

Harvest Heritage
Agricultural Origins and Heirloom Crops of the Pacific Northwest
Richard D. Scheuerman and Alexander C. McGregor
Harvest Heritage examines the people, history, and major influences that shaped
and transformed the Pacific Northwests flourishing agricultural economyfrom
Spanish exploration to modern research and advancements in mechanization,
seed quality, irrigation, and sustainable practices.
$32.95 / 316-3 / Pbk. / 200 pages (2013)

In the Path of Destruction

Eyewitness Chronicles of Mount St. Helens
Richard Waitt
A geologist with intimate knowledge of Mount St. Helens, Richard Waitt
chronicles the eruption through unforgettable, riveting narrativesthe heart
of a masterful chronology that also delivers engrossing science, history, and

$22.95 / 323-1 / Pbk. / 424 pages (2015)



Instilling Spirit
Students and Citizenship at Washington State, 18921942
William L. Stimson
For students at the state college in Pullman, campus spirit and involvement
whether in music, sports, politics, or debatebecame an essential part of
learning. Instilling Spirit traces those early decades, offering a unique perspective
on the state college experience.
$22.95 / 334-7 / Pbk. / 176 pages (2015)
Cover illustration printed by permission of
the Norman Rockwell Family Agency

Made in Hanford
The Bomb that Changed the World
Hill Williams
At an isolated location along the Columbia River in 1944, the worlds first
plutonium factory became operational, producing fuel for the atomic bomb
dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II. Former Seattle Times science
writer Hill Williams traces the amazing, tragic storyfrom the dawn of nuclear
science to Cold War testing in the Marshall Islands.
$22.95 / 307-1 / Pbk. / 208 pages (2011)

Native Trees of Western Washington

A Photographic Guide
Kevin W. Zobrist
Zobrist, a WSU Extension professor, confers a delightful, enlightening, and
lavishly illustrated examination of regional indigenous treesall from a forestry
specialists unique perspective.
$18.95 / 324-8 / Pbk. / 160 pages (2014)

Remote Wonders
An Explorers Guide to Southeast Oregon
Melvin R. Adams
Oregons wild steppebasalt rims, high cold deserts, dry lakes, and vast expanses
of grass and sageis a magnificent wonderland well worth exploring. In this
delightful road tour guide, essays, photos, and a pull-out map keyed to selected
sites highlight notable natural and historical features.
$19.95 / 332-3 / Pbk. / 186 pages (2015)



The Restless Northwest

A Geological Story
Hill Williams

Washington State
Book Award, 2003

In an easy, conversational style, The Restless Northwest provides a brief overview

of the remarkable geological processes that have shaped the Pacific Northwest.
$19.95 / 250-0 / Pbk. / 176 pages (2002)

Surviving the Oregon Trail, 1852

As Told by Mary Ann and Willis Boatman and Augmented with Accounts by
other Overland Travelers
Weldon Willis Rau
The 1852 overland migration was the largest on record, and also a year in which
cholera took a terrible toll in lives. Presented here are firsthand accounts of those
fateful times, including the words and thoughts of a young married couple, Mary
Ann and Willis Boatman.
$35.00 / 237-1 / Hdb. / 256 pages (2001)
$23.95 / 238-8 / Pbk. / 256 pages (2001)

Wagons to the Willamette

Captain Levi Scott and the Southern Route to Oregon, 18441847
Levi Scott and James Layton Collins
Edited by Stafford J. Hazelett
Levi Scotts previously unpublished autobiography describes Jesse Applegates
1846 Oregon Trail expedition as well as Scotts harrowing adventure accompanying
the first wagon train to travel the Southern Route.
$29.95 / 333-0 / Pbk. / 270 pages (2015)

Wild Place
A History of Priest Lake, Idaho
Kris Runberg Smith with Tom Weitz
Wild Place focuses on little-known yet captivating stories of the colorful characters
who navigated demanding physical, political, and economic challenges while
trying to tame Idahos Priest Lake.
$24.95 / 329-3 / Pbk. / 240 pages (2015)



Why Farmers and

Environmentalists Need
Each Other
Don Stuart
$28.95 / 322-4 / Pbk.

Coal Wars

An Election for the Ages

Unions, Strikes, and

Violence in DepressionEra Central Washington
David Bullock
$24.95 / 325-5 / Pbk.

Rossi vs. Gregoire, 2004

Trova Heffernan
Foreword by Secretary of
State Sam Reed
$19.95 / 304-0 / Pbk.

Battle Ready
The National Coast
Defense System and the
Fortification of Puget
Sound, 18941925
David M. Hansen
$32.95 / 320-0 / Pbk.

The Crimson Spoon

Plating Regional Cuisine
on the Palouse
Jamie Callison with
Linda Burner Augustine
WSU College of Business
$38.00 /978-0-615-86917-9

Forgotten Trails

Crooked River Country

Wranglers, Rogues, and
David Braly
$24.95 / 293-7 / Pbk.

The Funhouse Mirror

Reflections on Prison
Robert Ellis Gordon
$16.95 / 198-5 / Pbk.

Historical Sources of the

Columbias Big Bend Country
Ron Anglin
Edited by Glen W. Lindeman
$19.95 / 116-9 / Pbk.

Washington State
Book Award, 2000

Catastrophe to
Bridges of the Tacoma
Richard S. Hobbs
$24.95 /289-0 / Pbk.




Barnyards and


Native River
The Columbia Remembered
William D. Layman
$29.95 / 257-9 / Pbk.
Grand Coulee

John Mullan

Harnessing a Dream
Paul C. Pitzer
$42.00 / 113-8 / Hdb.
$24.95 / 110-7 / Pbk.

The Tumultuous Life of a

Western Road Builder
Keith C. Petersen
$32.95 / 321-7 / Pbk.

Horse Camping [Revised edition]

George Hatley
Photographs by Lewis Portnoy
Foreword by Juli S. Thorson
$24.95 / 303-3 / Pbk.

Lewis & Clark Trail Maps Vol. I

Missouri River between Camp River
Dubois and Fort Mandan
Martin Plamondon II
$30.00 / 232-6 / Hdb.
$30.00 / 234-0 / Spiral
(Volumes II and III
also available)

Railroad Shutterbug
Jim Fredricksons
Northern Pacific
Jim Fredrickson
$45.00 / 195-4 / Hdb.
$29.95 / 197-8 / Pbk.

In the Shadow of the

The Spirit of the CCC
Edwin G. Hill
$14.50 / 073-5 / Pbk.


David Thompson on the

Columbia Plateau
Jack Nisbet
$29.95 / 285-2 / Pbk.


Red Light to Starboard

Recalling the Exxon
Valdez Disaster
Angela Day
$19.95 / 318-7 / Pbk.

2015 Spur Award, Western

Writers of America

The Mapmakers Eye


Ladd Hamilton
$19.95 / 154-1 / Pbk.

The Way We Ate

Pacific Northwest
Cooking, 18431900
Jacqueline B. Williams
$18.95 / 136-7 / Pbk.

Rufus Woods, the Columbia River,

and the Building of Modern
Robert E. Ficken
$14.95 / 122-0 / Pbk.


Karl May
Translated and abridged by
David Koblick
$16.95 / 179-4 / Pbk

Rugged Mercy

This Bloody Deed

The Magruder Incident
Ladd Hamilton
$19.95 / 107-7 / Pbk.

River Song
Naxiyamtma (Snake River-Palouse)
Oral Traditions from Mary Jim, Andrew
George, Gordon Fisher, and Emily
Collected and edited by Richard D.
Scheuerman and Clifford E. Trafzer
$27.95 / 327-9 / Pbk.

A Country Doctor in
Idahos Sun Valley
Robert Wright
$26.95 / 314-9 / Pbk.

Ethnography of Mount
Rainier National Park
Allan H. Smith
$22.95 / 284-5 / Pbk.

Yellowstone Summers
Touring with the Wylie
Camping Company in
Americas First National Park
Jane Galloway Demaray
$24.95 / 328-6 / Pbk.





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of the West, particularly the Pacific

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PO Box 645910
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