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The Brexit Debate Script

Danny: Good Morning my name is Danny, and my team represents British

Citizens that are against the brexit.
Omar (Economy): Hello my name is Omar, My first Point is restrictions
on economy, that leaving the brexit is going to cause

Point 1: First of all the UK should not leave the European

union because the European is one of the largest markets accounting for 25
percent of global GDP.
Point 2: Also if United Kingdom leaves the European union
it will cause instability in the United Kingdom and the European union which can
cause and Economic Turn Down.
Point 3: Also if United Kingdom leaves the European union
it will no longer be a strong member of Europe Economically and

Laila (response): ( response to economical issue and transition to


Mike (trading): even tho the sterling is powerful, the euro is a very
common currency and is used for most trading among most countries.
so if the United kingdom leaves the European union, it will be
more difficult to trade, as the Sterling isn't a common currency in Trading
so over all if they leave the European union, trading for the
united kingdom will be negativity effected.
(Transition into Jobs)
* Now i will move onto my next point which is jobs.
Certain international Companies are threatening to close
down because of the unpredictable consequences and the insecurity of the
also international companies might be moved and millions of
British workers could lose their jobs.

Jana ( response): -(responce and transition to security)

Fawzy ( response): Bigger Picture is losing alias in case of real war,

because the United
Kingdom arent supported by the European

habiba ( health care and education):


Adham response: i would like to reply to habiba's point, which is

basically we can actually increase tourism by having immigrants create subcultural venues, which can make a tourist feel like they are
Visiting more than one country. like Chinatown in new

Mike (continues): i would like to refer to a point to our jobs topic, which
is basically if we give them proper job opportunities to immigrants we can
take taxes from them, which can increase our economy.
person from pro team: ( Start topic of health care and education)
Mike( response): i would like to link up all of our topics and say if the UK
accept immigrants
, we could give them job opportunities regardless if we give them the
citizenship or not,
We can take taxes from them and then its not going to health care and
By doing this the United Kingdoms economy will increase dramatically
because the UK each year has 400,000 foreign students and 50,000 people
Seeking for health care.