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1) The

name of my first video is Unit 5 KI 1.5 Agribusiness. The video is 7

minutes and 48 seconds long. It is about agriculture agribusiness. The url is

The standard number and curriculum my video meets are:
1.1- Define terms
1.2- Describe the meaning and importance of agribusiness
1.3- Examine the relationship of agribusiness to free enterprise
2.2- discuss agribusiness opportunities

I would say that this video is a great video about agriculture agribusiness. I would
use this video as sort of an introduction video to the class about agriculture
business. The video starts out talking about commercial agriculture and all the
different steps with it. I would talk about this to the class to talk about agriculture
as a whole. It goes into agribusiness about halfway into the video. I would talk
about agribusiness and explain what it is. I would let the video play and stop
periodically to talk about the different parts of agribusiness in the video. I would say
this is a great video with a lot of helpful information to teach a class.

2) The name of my second video is shop safety video. The video is 8 minutes
and 54 seconds long. The video is about safety in a workshop setting. The url

The standard number and curriculum under the framework agriculture
mechanics are:
2.2- Discuss the meaning and importance of safety in agricultural
mechanics work
2.3- Identify practices that promote safety and minimize hazards in
agriculture mechanics.
2.4- Describe conditions for fire combustion and control
2.5- describe appropriate responses to accidents
2.6- describe the importance of personal safety

I would use this video to show on the first day of class. Since my teaching major has
to do with technology, I figure I would have a lab using dangerous tools. I would go
through the video to make sure the students understand the importance of safety in
the lab. I would make them take a test before they can even step foot in the lab to
make sure that they understand what to do. I would say that this video is a very
good video to teach your class about safety when dealing with mechanics.