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: Genesius Kevin Pratama



Advantages Of Being Employed :

1.Financial independence
The first and foremost advantage of being employed is the financial independence that you get. You earn
the money, so you can spend it the way you want. No need to ask for pocket money or beg before friends
to fund your needs.
2. Financial security
Since employment promises a salary at regular intervals, you feel financially secure. You can spend
money according to your whims and fancies and yet, rest assured, you still have money in your pocket!
Secondly, you can save money for yourself or for your family.
3. Medical benefit
In most companies, employees are allowed to opt for a medical insurance whose cost is beared by the
company. Imagine, you need a huge sum of money for an emergency operation and you dont have to pay
for it! Also, many get paid for the sick leaves that they avail of. Even if your company doesnt pay you a
separate amount for your medical insurance, you can always save money for a crisis situation.
4. Talent put to use
When you work in the field you love, you get to put your talent to use. Say, graphics is your cup of tea.
Pursuing a career as a graphic designer would not only make your work an enjoyable process but will also
hone your talent.
5. Productive use of time
When you are employed at a place, you tend to make a productive use of your time. And, of course, you
get money for it! Its definitely better than whiling away time at your home or your friends place.
6. Professional growth
When you are employed for a longer duration, you achieve professional growth. You can reach places in a
matter of a few years. This also means you will earn more, save more and, of course, spend more.
7. Adds to your knowledge
When you are employed, you get to learn thousands of new things. If you change workplaces, you get to
know new business ideas. Apart from that, you also get to know how different companies work. So, when
you plan to quit your job and start your own business, you will be ready for the feat.

Disadvantages Of Being Employed :


Being an employee involves taking orders. Employees who dislike authority and
directives may see the presence of supervisors as a disadvantage. While
supervisors offer guidance, they also carry power over other employees. Even top
managers take orders from a company's owner. Having a boss is considered a
disadvantage when employees lack respect for, or confidence in, members of
upper management. The lack of confidence in a boss' ability to manage may cause
problems in employee morale.


Opportunities for self-expression are sometimes restricted by dress codes and

policies when you are an employee. Company uniforms and restrictions on hair
length or number of earrings are examples of restrictions employers may enforce.
Company image can be a disadvantage for people with a strong need to assert
individuality. Conversely, business owners may create their own dress codes and
policies based on a combination of personal preference and market demands.
Owners have the decision-making power, while employees do not.

Firing and Redirection


As an employee, you are at risk of being laid off, fired or having your job title
changed. For those who enjoy certainty about their future with a company, the
idea of being let go may be bothersome. A company owner has worries, as well,
but she need not be concerned with the prospect of being fired. For an employee
who enjoys the prestige of a job title, the risk of having a job title changed may be
disadvantageous. Owners can create their own titles and change them at will,
while employees rely on the company's direction.

Scope of Work

The scope of an employee's responsibilities in a company are often limited to the

job description. Employees who want to branch out and gain new skills may
consider these limitations disadvantageous. Learning a new program outside the
scope of one's job title may be challenging, if the workplace is unwilling to
provide training. In addition, a company may reject the efforts of an employee
who is trying to contribute to something outside his perceived expertise.

There are advantages and disadvantages to Entrepreneurship :

Often people do not feel fully compensated
for the work they do. Becoming an
Becoming an entrepreneur means you have to leave
entrepreneur means you can reap the
behind the security of having a paycheck each
benefits of all your hard work. Many of the
Irelands richest people are successful
Although entrepreneurs benefit from a flexible
Having control over your work schedule schedule they often have to work very long hours
means that you can choose when to take particularly in the start-up phase. Furthermore
time off and work the schedule that suits entrepreneurs work schedules are never predictable
you best.
and they must deal with emergencies that may occur
at any time.
Entrepreneurs are able to make all of the
decisions relating to their company
Being responsible for all decisions can be quite
themselves; they have complete control.
stressful and handling such responsibility can be
This allows for a huge degree of
independence and a chance to shape ones
own career.
Becoming an entrepreneur is a very
There is also great risk attached to entrepreneurship.
exciting time, from the idea and start-up to
The success or failure of the business rests with the
the development and realisation of the
product or service.

After comparing the advantages and disadvantages . I prefer to be an entrepreneur, you will have
to decide if you can realistically handle the responsibility of running your own business. Being
an entrepreneur is a huge responsibility with many risks attached. In business decisions should
be carefully considered. Risk assessment (giving thoughtful consideration to potential costs and
benefits) and the collection of relevant information are key to successful decision making.
Entrepreneurship can offer levels of fulfilment and achievement that are hard matched by any
other type of employment. A great idea teamed with passion and commitment will certainly help
a new entrepreneur overcome many of the challenges posed by starting their own business.