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Christian Iafrate

November 30, 2016

SED 322
Signature Assignment






Workedasaserverinthediningarea. Responsibilitiesincludeguestinteractionand
greatcustomerservice,cashhandlingandupsellingtoincreaserevenue. Learnedand
Positions held were busser, host and server. First time working in a restaurant
environment. Started as a busser/host and became a server through hard work and
Left this position for Dave and Busters to be closer to residence and Arizona State
Held many positions during my employment, last as a Sales Representative.
merchandise, handling of cash sales. At times served as the Floor Lead and was







Regional Champ (20112012), Sectional Champ (2011), State



Vision Statement

Each student brings a unique academic mindset to the

A Student's surrounding environment must ALWAYS help them
grow, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially.
Help to promote excellent critical thinking skills, striving for
questions that bring forth a higher level of thinking.
Knowing that it is up to the student to take the knowledge that is
taught to them outside of the classroom, I will work my absolute
hardest to present the information in an easily comprehensive
Overall as a teacher I want my students to make real world
connection to all of the material that they encounter throughout
the lessons in my curriculum.
Help students to achieve an excellence in technology-based
performance, but showcasing unique ways in which the digital
world can be used in a History classroom.
Encourage students to communicate and collaborate often!
Push for classroom control and discipline whenever it is needed.
All students are to feel welcome and safe at all times.
Push for students to achieve their goals no matter how big or
small that they may be.
Make it a point to be there for students at ALL TIMES. No matter
if it is early in the morning, during lunch, or after school. Help will
always be offered and welcomed.

Offer constant feedback and room for growth on every single

assignment, through constructive encouragement.

Professional Growth Plan

First Year Goals:
1. Survive!!
2. Be able to acknowledge all of my students by their first name.
3. Become familiar with the veteran faculty in my content area, and
approach all areas for growth with an open mind and willingness
to learn.
4. Gain much more content knowledge by the end of the school
year! This will help for future classes/school years/curriculums
5. Become much more comfortable in front of the classroom and be
more accepting of the realization that mistakes will occur, and
rather than "sweating the small stuff" I need to take every bump
in the road as an opportunity for future growth
6. Join a teacher's union like the AFT or the AEA. I think that as a
young educator it will probably be in my best interest to join
professional organizations like the Arizona Federation of
Teachers of the Arizona Education Association.
Five-Year Plan:
1. Be an advocate for facilitation and learning development in the
social studies department of my school.
2. Familiarize myself with some of the local clubs, sports teams, and
other extracurricular activities in my school.
3. If there is an opportunity to become an assistant coach on the
wrestling, baseball, or football team, apply and try to get
involved! I have a close passion to all three of these sports and
would like to help teach and assist kids as much as possible!
4. Run a fluent, well-organized curriculum in which the classroom
community allows for all students to actively learn in addition to
feeling like they are welcome inside my class at all times. I am a
firm believe that students will not learn unless they are
comfortable with their surrounding environment. If I have not

established this by my fifth year teaching, then I fear that I may

have failed as an educator.
5. If I have not made my way into an American History class yet,
talk to my department chair so that collectively we can develop a
plan to help me get there in the near future. I will welcome any
subject as a well-rounded teacher must be comfortable in many
subjects, but it is my overall goal to eventually become an
American History teacher someday!
Long-term Goals:
1. Become department chair for social studies. I feel that this would
provide me with a good deal of responsibility that a veteran
teacher should be able to handle. I always enjoy finding new
ways to push myself in life, and I think that adding on the task of
being in charge of the social studies department of my school
would be a great opportunity in my career.
2. Go back to school and push for a higher degree. I definitely
would not throw this out of my long-term future as an educator.
In fulfilling a masters or doctorate someday, new doors would be
obtainable in my career. Perhaps I can make my way into
educating at a junior college or even a university someday.
3. Be a head coach of football and wrestling. Becoming a head
coach is actually a huge reason that I am in the teachers college
in the first place. It has always been a dream of mine to someday
be able to call myself the head football/wrestling coach of a high
school team. I feel from personal experience that great coaches
can potentially be just as if not even more inspiring to students
than that of a teacher.
4. Perhaps look into moving into administration, or other school
positions. Athletic directing in particular has always been a
thought in the back of my mind. One of my close family friends is
an athletic director, and he has been a huge help in giving me
the needed advice to help me get to where I am today. Since I
am such a huge advocate of sports, it only seems necessary that
at some point in my career I look into athletic directing.

Three Letters
Intro To Principal
Dear Principal Appleman,
Hello, my name is Christian Iafrate and I would like to take a brief
moment share with you how honored I would be if considered for
employment as a teacher at Shadow Mountain high school. I want you
to know that as a newly qualified educator of Paradise Valley Unified
School District, passion and a willingness to learn will be two major
elements that I will look to integrate in the History department if hired.
Some of my key qualifications as an educator are as follows;
completion of my content area required exams, a BAE in Secondary
Education History from Arizona State University, and have completed
all the necessary requirements that student teaching has demanded.
My objective as a newly aspiring teacher will be to set the stage for a
Socratic classroom environment in which we collectively dive into new
Historical topics that meet the required standards each and every
week. As a class we will look to establish levels of inquiry and empathy
in hopes of bettering our overall historical knowledge by the end of the
school year. Some expectations that I will have for my students will be

the development of critical thinking skills, cooperative learning among

peers, a hardworking attitude, daily participation, and a concept sense
of overall classroom organization. For parents and guardians the only
true requirement that I ask of them is their utmost support. As a
teacher we all know how hard it is to do this job alone, but with the
help of great parents and an amazing administration we can help
ensure student success. I will be happy to answer any specific
questions, take further comments, or listen to any advice that you
would be willing to throw my way. Thank you very much for your time, I
greatly appreciate it. I have high hopes in looking forward to getting
the chance to work closely with you this upcoming school year.
Christian Iafrate
Intro To Parents
Dear Parents,
Hello, my name is Christian Iafrate and I am a newly hired
American History teacher here at Shadow Mountain high school. I just
want to start off and say how grateful that I am to be apart of your
schooling community, and that I am looking forward to helping each
child fulfill their academic goals this year. I would like to inform you of
some of my expectations inside of the classroom, as well as my
objectivities for both the students and myself. To begin, all students are
to come to class each day with a good standing attitude and a
willingness to both learn and cooperate in a respectable manner with
their peers. In addition to this, daily participation is an aspect that I
value quite highly inside my classroom as I look to establish historical
understanding in a Socratic environment throughout the school year.
We will look to tackle all of the necessary standards and history

objectives put forth by Paradise Valley Unified School District and the
state of Arizona as collaboratively as possible with hopes of building
upon our previous knowledge and developing greater historical
understanding. We will do this by following the course syllabus as
diligently as possible; each student has been given one hard copy but
in addition to this there will always be a digital version made available
on my course website. I consider myself to be an extremely passionate
teacher that will always put forth additional time whether before
school, at lunch, or after school to help your child in succeeding to the
best of their ability. The only true requirement that I ask of you as a
parent or guardian is that your child is shown constant support in their
learning. If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns
my phone number and email will be listed below. Thank you so much, I
look forward to a terrific school year!
Christian Iafrate
Parent Letter Addressing A Specific Issue
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Walters,
Let me begin by first stating that prior to the past couple of
weeks, I have had absolutely 0 issues with Jack's overall work ethic and
classroom participation. He preformed exceptionally well throughout
the entire first quarter of this semester. However, over the past two
weeks of class I have noticed that he appears to be falling behind in his
work. In addition to handout assignments, he has also failed to turn in
his daily journal entries for the past 6 class periods. Each journal entry
amounts to 2 daily participation points and although this is a small
initial amount, these points can quickly add up. My worry is that

perhaps he does not realize just how many points that he has missed
out on already, and my concern moving forward is that his grade may
drop significantly if this continues to occur. When I pulled him aside
after class today and asked if there is anyway that I could be of aid
either before and after school or during our lunch hour; he did not
seem very invested or interested in any sort of assistance. I am writing
this letter to you to ask if there are any suggestions that you may have
as to how I can go about getting him back on proper track inside the
classroom? If there is anything that I can do please do not hesitate to
email me back, my information is listed below. Thank you for your
time, I hope that you have a wonderful evening.
Christian Iafrate

Course Syllabus

Course Information
Mr. Iafrate
Eleventh Grade American History: Colonization 1700sPresent

Contact Information
Front Office: (602) 971-6510
Curriculum & Class Organization
Hello class! I am extremely excited for this upcoming school year... It is
important to first note that my classroom is divided up into different
historical units and weekly lessons. These units will primarily
correspond to chapters out of your textbook. You will be given a unit
packet (note-taking packet), inside you will find learning goals and
grading scales that will be used to assess you during each specific unit.
This way you can look ahead at our class schedule if you would like to.
Throughout the course of the school year you will be given multiple
ways to practice your learning comprehension for every specific
objective that we tackle together. I promote a very active style of
learning in my classroom (as you will see soon enough) to help assure
that all styles of learning become present inside the class. Please be
sure to keep each individual handout and homework assignment with
you through a unit as sometimes I will allow open note assessments at
the end of the chapter. Remember to remain active and try your best
to participate as much as possible through the school year! Yes,
participation points definitely do exist inside my classroom.
Classroom Procedures & Behavior

On most days when you come into class there will be music playing
and a bell work/warm-up question displayed on the project screen at
the front of the room. You are to write both the question & answer
inside of your notebooks at the beginning of class. Once I stop the
music that is your cue that the bell work question should be answered
in your notebook. At this time we will take a few brief minutes to go
over the question together before diving into the days lesson. Other
key procedure/behavior notes are as follows...
1. Enter the room quietly. Be in assigned seat by the time
that the final bell rings.
2. Look at the white board and see what materials will be
needed for the day.
3. Please assure that your backpack gets put under your
desk. We are quite active in our learning in this particular
class, there is movement around the room often.
4. The textbook under your desk is a classroom set. It is not
to be taken home.
5. All work on separate sheets of paper is to be signed in a
complete heading at the top right corner of your paper.
6. If at any moment you would like to get out of your seat or
ask a question, raise your hand and wait until called
7. Each quarter of the school year you will receive 4 restroom
passes. There is no bathroom use during the first and
last 10 minutes of class. Above all it is ultimately at Mr.
Iafrate's discretion as to whether or not you can use the
Needed Materials
1 spiral/composition notebook
Colored pencils, standard pencils, pens, paper, at least 2
different colored highlighters
Small binder/ folders are fine.
Ear buds/ headphones
Course Textbook
Grading Policy
Grade Scale:
A- 100-90%
& below

B- 89-80%

C- 79-70%

D- 69-60%

F- 59%

80% of your overall grade will be weekly quizzes, projects, and

simulations/other assessments

20% of your overall grade will be handouts and homework. These

assignments should be thought as being practice and
preparation for assessments, and you are expected to give
your best effort in completing them.
Note that daily participation in the classroom will be accounted
for just as any other handout or homework assignment is in
regards to grade percentage.

Late/Make-Up Work

All assignments can be turned in for any given unit prior to the
end/chapter test. After the given unit is completed no more
homework for the given chapter will be accepted.
If an assignment is turned in and meets the criteria as stated
above, then a 5% point deduction will be added onto the
handout/homework for each additional day that it is late.
For any assignment that is turned in as make-up work with an
excused absence no points will be deducted. If unexcused
come talk to me before submitting the assignment.

Absent/Tardy Policy
If absent come see me to discuss what was missed/what
homework needs to be made up. Do this regardless if your
absence is excused of unexcused.
1. 1st: Warning
2. 2nd-5th: 10 minute silent lunch detention and parent
3. 6+: ISS and parent contact from admin. Parent- studentadmin meeting. Possible loss of school driving privilege.
4. Solution??? DONT BE LATE PEOPLE!!!

Extra Help
If at anytime throughout the school year you would like additional
help/tutoring, I will always make myself available either before or after
school. See me for details. There will be a class sign-up sheet to fill
out prior to our session with one another. I require students to sign up
for additional help/tutoring sessions so that I can be sure to distribute
my time evenly to all who are in need of it.
Any student that would like the opportunity to retake/redo an
assessment is more than welcome to do so at anytime during the
school year. Please be sure to sign up same as you would for tutoring.