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School of Education

Postgraduate Supervising Teacher Report

Professional Experience A
Pre-Service Teacher

Carla McCarthy (Cash)

Gisborne Secondary
Adrian Pang
March-April 2016

Mailing address
College of Arts, Social Sciences and
Commerce (ASSC)
ASSC Placement Operations
La Trobe University
Victoria 3086 Australia
T + 61 3 9479 5904

Dates of Professional Experience

BusMan & Humanities

Supervising Teacher
Pre-service teacher to complete:
Home Campus

Dates of Absence
No. of Days in School
Course Year-Level
Subject Code

Year 1

Please assess the pre-service teacher as a novice.

Use the following ranking in your evaluation in column 2:

E Exceeds expectations. M Meets expectations. D Does not meet expectations.

Professional Knowledge
Knowledge and understanding of research into
teaching and learning
Ability to differentiate teaching
Knowledge and understanding of curriculum
content and effective teaching strategies
Ability to use curriculum, assessment
and reporting K nowledge to design
learning sequences
Knowledge and understanding of, and respect
for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
histories, cultures and languages
Incorporates literacy and numeracy support
strategies in their teaching

E, M, D



Strength across most age-groups. Need to consider how to

further challenge elite students in the VCE years.
High level of content knowledge, refers to personal experience
which further helps students to understand.
Very well organized & focused in this area

Strong cultural sensitivity, demonstrated in food discussion



Able to do this effectively, goal-driven in approach and would

cross check with me.

Very organized, always over planned.

Professional Practice
1. Preparation and Planning
Ability to write clear, challenging and
achievable learning goals
Ability to plan and present a sequence of
Ability to plan and implement a range of
teaching strategies
Engage students with a range of teaching
and learning resources, including ICT
2. Assessment
Use a range of assessment strategies and
provide positive, constructive feedback
Use a range of strategies and data to evaluate
and improve teaching and learning
Ability to maintain accurate assessment
records and an understanding of reporting
on achievement
3. Management Skills and Abilities
Ability to use strategies to encourage student
involvement in learning
Ability to make optimum use of teaching time
and to keep students on task
Establishing clear behavioural
expectations and consistency and
firmness in applying rules


Offered a wide variety, and had some great activities that were
very engaging.
Used a variety of worksheets, videos, comedy sketch,
documentaries, and ICT research. Really hooked in Yr8 & Yr 10
this way.
Built on the personality traits, with an exercise that all Yr10
groups go into.
Used outcome results to inform a revision lesson (Pictionary)
on business definitions. This was based on prior SAC outcome

Used picture review, video & creation of medieval menu for

humanities. Enjoyed the students teach class & Pictionary
(revision) for Year 11s.
Used variety of approaches & had back-up tasks for when Year
11s finished early.
Stronger when it was part of PowerPoint Slides. Able to get
generally disengaged Year 10 boys involved in task.

E, M, D

Professional Practice (continued)

4. Instructional Skills and Abilities
Effectiveness of introductions, transitions and
A bility to generate interest, curiosity and
Effectiveness of voice and speech (intonation,
Clarity of instructions and explanations and the
effectiveness of non-verbal communication
Effectiveness of questioning and listening
to students
Effective timing and flexibility in the classroom


Significant improvement after feedback- especially transitions
and conclusions
Original Year 11 class was a little flat, adapted flow & style to
Did well in a variety of settings, including open plan shared

Good, able to self-correct when they werent clear

Strength here, used a variety of questioning & participation

techniques here

Professional Engagement
1. Reflection and Professional Learning
Ability to identify and plan professional learning
needs through written self-evaluations
Ability to reflect accurately on own teaching
performance and willingness to accept and act
upon supervising teachers feedback
2. Personal/Professional Qualities

Eagerness to learn and improve

Use a range of strategies to maintain student

safety including the use of ICT

Open to feedback, and take learnings into next lesson

Came early to prepare, and worked additional days

Stopped Year 10 boys from swinging on chairs, and wrestling.

Had approaches to keep on task.

School of Education
Postgraduate Supervising Teacher Report
Professional Experience A
Reliability and punctuality

Interest in total school program

Ability to fulfill common administrative and

professional duties

Mailing address
College of Arts, Social Sciences and
Commerce (ASSC)
ASSC Placement Operations
La Trobe University
Victoria 3086 Australia
T + 61 3 9479 5904

Mostly early
Involvement included volley ball game, drama class & battle of
the bands

3. Interaction with Students and Staff

Ability to maintain appropriate professional
relationships with students
Ability to work with colleagues and to be an
effective team member

Positive interactions with students & other staff. With limited

time built great rapport with students.

Positive interactions with students & other staff

OVERALL RATING: What is your overall assessment of this pre-service teacher? Please mark the appropriate box.

Exceeds expectations
Meets expectations
Does not meet expectations

General Comments:
Building rapport with students, content knowledge and coming up with very engaging activities.
Carla will be a tremendous asset to the teaching profession and I wish her all the very best.

Areas that need improvement

Dont overwork yourself Carla!

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Please provide A COPY OF THIS COMPLETED REPORT to the Pre-Service Teacher.

PLEASE RETURN THE ORIGINAL REPORT TO ASSC Placement Operations - Professional Experience.

Email: or post to: ASSC Placement Operations, La Trobe University, Victoria 3086.