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Possible questions on obligations and contracts (includes last sem finals questions,
Questions on long quizzes and books by saguingsing and Soriano)


Last Sem Problmes

A.) M, a 16 yr old student entered into a contract of sale with Dr. X
involving diamond ring given to M by his mother on his 16 th birthday.
Dr X paid P8,000 for the ring with a promise to pay the balance of
P2,000 after two weeks. Out of the amount given to M,
he gave
P1,500 each to his mother and father, deposited P3,000 in his bank
account and spent P2,000 for his summer vacation. M likewise
authorized his father to collect the balance of P2,000 from Dr.X which
his father did. Five years after the date of the sale, M files an action for
annulment of the saloe on the groundthat he was a minor at the time it
was entered into.
1.) Can Dr. X file a motion to dismiss the case on the ground that the
action has prescribed? Explain.
2.) Can the court validly annul the case? Explain.


On February 7, 206, S offered to sell his cellphone to B for P8,400. B

requested for seven days within to which decide whether to buy it or not
and S granted hos request. On February 1, 206, when they met at SM
Centerpoint, B told S that he is accepting the offer and he immediately
paid P3,500 as partial payment for the cellphone with a promise to pay
the balance on March 31, 2016. On February 15, 2016, the cellphone was
delivered by S to B.
1.) Was the contract of sale was perfected? Explain.
2.) Was the ownership of the cellphone was transferred to B? Explain.


S sold his residential lot in Quezon city to B for the amount of 1.2M. B paid
the purchase price and S delivered to him the certificate of title covering
the parcel of land. However, the sale cannot be registered because there
is no public document evidencing the sale between S and B.
1.) What is the contract of sale between them? Explain.
2.) Is there a remedy available to B? Explain


Gs sister requested financial assistance from her in the amount of

P20,000 to be spent for the hospitalization of her niece. G has no money
and her only asset that can readily be converted into cash is her gold
necklace worth P50,000. When she offered to sell it to N, her neighbor, the
latter made a counter offer of only P25,000. Although it is against her will
to sell her necklace for that amount, G accepted the counter-offfer of N in
order to help her sister.

1) Is the contract of sale is valid because lesion does not affect the
validity of the contract as long as the consent of either party is not
vitiated? Explain.

On July 30, 2015, Arroyo wrote Benigno a letter offering to sell his car for
P300,000. On August 17, 2015, Benigno sent a letter of complete
acceptance of the offer which letter was received by Arroyo on August 31,
2015. But on August 10, 2015, Aroyyo had already written a letter of
withdrawal to Benigno, which was received by Benigno on September 3,
Is there a perfected contract of sale between them? Explain.

Final Exam:
1.) A offer to sold a camera to B. B then tested it and when he had been
satisfied, he bought it and said to A that he will take it. A then said that he
will get a new stock of the same brand of that camera as the testing camera
is for display purposes only. When B got the camera, he went home and
tested the new stock camera. There, he notice that his camera is not as good
as the one displayed by the seller, A.
A.) What is the contract of sale? Explain.
B.) Assuming that his friend C said that the brand of camera is not good, may
B annul the contract? Explain.
2.) A bought a mango tree with fruits to B. The tree that had been bought has no
fruits as it is expected to produce fruits in due time. When their contract
expired, there still no fruits. What is the contract of sale? Explain.
3.) A has a cellphone and sell it to B. B then agreed and paid A and went away.
What are the characteristics of contract here?
4.) A and B went to a restaurant. There, they eat and drink each one bottle of
beer. A then show his motor to B on his cellphone with the intention of selling
it. B then agreed on the sale of a motorcycle in which he paid A. After that, A
and B went to another restaurant and drink bottles of beer in which they
become drunk. The next day, B went to As house asking for the motorcycle.
A then pointed out that the agreement between them is void because they
are in the state of drunkenness.
A.) Is the contract valid or void? Explain.
B.) What is the remedy available to B? Explain.
5.) A sells a parcel of land to B. After the agreement, B started to construct brick
walls on his newly acquired property. However, the city engineer of that place
calls the attention of B. The city engineer notifies B that the property belongs
to the government.
A.) What is the contract of sale? Explain.

B.) Assuming that C, whos land is beside the government-owned property,

may he sue B for damages? Explain.
6.) A who is a minor, entered into a contract of sale with B who is of in legal age.
After they agreed on the stipulation, B realizes that A is only a minor. With
this, B wants to annul the contract. Is the contention of B correct? Explain.
7.) A sold a car to B. In the contract of sale, it was mentioned that the price of
the car is P200,000.00 pesos. However, B paid A of P400,000.00. The said
payment was not declared in order to evade high tax rate.
A.) What is/are the remedy on this case? Explain.
B.) What is the contract of sale? Explain.