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Karina Ledesma

LBS 400
Mathematics Framework
As a future teacher, I would need to have background knowledge of how mathematics
plays a role in the real world. I would need to provide examples of how mathematics is important
in different professional fields such as medicine, business and technology. Also how math is used
in common areas such as amusement parks, restaurants and at home. As an educator, I would
also need to know which problems students encounter with mathematics, and if possible, why
some students do not like math. Additionally, I would also need to have the knowledge of how to
engage students into math by using different techniques such as charts, videos and manipulatives.
One course that connect to the knowledge I must have to teach mathematics is Math 104:
Elementary Math, I took this course at Orange Coast College, and I learned different charts to
use for math such as tens squares and also different manipulatives for math such as counting
blocks and ones squares. The second course that connects to the knowledge I must obtain is Math
207: Math Elementary Teachers Geometry and Statistics, I took this course at Dominguez Hills,
and in this course I learned the reason behind different math situations and relating math
problems to the real life situations.
The artifact I chose comes from Math 207: Math Elementary Teachers Geometry and
Statistics. The artifact I chose explains the reasons why and how different shapes are categorized
and described. It proves the definitions for parallelograms, and the difference between a rhombus
and rectangle. This artifact proves that I know how to explain different shapes and that I have the
knowledge of basic shapes used in a classroom setting.