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Research Proposal
Courtney Hughes
Ottawa University
Leslie Drake


Is Mental Illness More Common in Men or Women in the United States?

On this specific area of research, it is known that there has been a lot of studies,
experiments, books, and many other sources for research that have been written on mental
illness. This may be because mental illness has been around since about 2700 BC and for all
anyone knows it could have been before that, while this research is not going to be focusing on
that time period it is still an eye opener. In this project it is about mental illness between men and
women because there is a lot more information on mental illness and women. In the past research
there hasnt been as many stories or anything about men and mental illness. So it should be
looked at more because there is more research about the womens side of things than there is
about the mens side of it all. Is all of this because women really do get mental illness more than
men or is just because people like to talk about mental illness when it is about women instead of
men? Being a psychology major this would be very helpful to know. This kind of topic will
always need to be researched because the psych/mental illness field is always changing and
growing, so there is always something to do and look for. It should be expected to get a better
understanding of mental illness but more specifically how it is different/similar between men and
women in the U.S.


Is mental illness more common in men or women in the United States?
A. Introduction
a. Define mental illness
b. Why the author chose to write about mental illness
c. The reasons people should know about mental illness
B. First Subheading: What is Mental Illness?
a. Talk about why mental illness is around
b. Discuss the major points to mental illness
c. The importance of knowing about mental illness
C. Second Subheading: Women and Mental Illness
a. The different illnesses that effect women and why
b. The statistics behind women and mental illness
D. Third Subheading: Men and Mental Illness
a. All of the leading mental illnesses that effect men and why
b. The stats behind men and mental illness
E. Fourth Subheading: The answer to who has more mental illness men or women
a. Compare and contrast the mental illnesses in both men and women
F. Conclusion
a. Sum up all of the points
b. Attempt to answer: Is mental illness more common in men or women in the US?


Research Timeline


September 17

Work on Topic Proposal

September 19

Work on Outline and Timeline

September 21

Research Proposal Due

September 24

Find First 5 Sources

September 28

Find Rest of Sources

September 30

Complete Introduction

October 2

Complete First 2 Subheadings

October 9

Complete Next 2 Subheadings

October 16

Complete Conclusions and Abstract

October 23

Revise and Fix Mistakes

October 26

Research Essay (1st Draft) Due

October 27-November 6

Write Final Draft

November 7

Peer Review in Class

November 14

Research Essay (Final Draft) Due

November 28- December 5

Digital Portfolio Due