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Right form of verbs

Idioms & Phrases

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Right form of verbs
Rule -1 : as soon as viv hy sentence me
mgq GKB
tense-G nq| as soon as Gi c~ei clause past
nIqvi KviY ciiUvI past indefinite ne|
1. I opened the door as soon as I - the
bell. [24Zg wewmGm]
a) have heard
b) was hearing
c) am heard
d) heard
Ans. d
Rule:-2 : `ywU eZgvb (present) NUbv hw` when/
while viv hy nq, Zvnj when/ while hy AskwU
Present continuous nq|
1. Do not make a noise while your
father---- [26Zg
wewmGm/24Zg wewmGm]
a) is sleeping b) has slept
c) Asleep
d) is being asleep
Ans. a
2. My uncle arrived while I the dinner. [evwZjK
24Zg wewmGm]
a) would cook
b) had cook
c) cook
d) was cooking
Ans. d
3. As they waited Rahim argued against war[21Zg wewmGm]

a) while his brother discusses the effects of pollution

L b) while his brother discussed the effects of pollution
c) while his brother was discussing the effects of pollution
d) while his brother had discussed the effects of pollution.
Ans. c
4. When I saw the gardener, he --- tree.
a) has been cutting down b)
c) will be cutting down
d) cut down
e) was cutting down
Ans. e
5. Complete the sentence with the correct verb
from:Neela --- her hand when she was cooking
dinner.[26Zg wewmGm]
a) is burring b) burnt
c) will burn
d) was burring
Ans. b
Rule:-3 : `ywU wPib mZ evK hLb When
viv hy nq, ZLb
DfqwU Present indefinite tense nq|
1. When water---, it turns into ice.
a) freezes
b) will freeze
c) would freeze
d) froze
Ans. a
Complete the sentence.
I will phone you when I --- the news.
a) am getting
b) get

c) will get
d) will be getting Ans. b
Rule:-4: `ywU AZxZ NUbv hw` when/ while/
as viv hy nq,
Zvnj when/ while/ as hy AskwU Past continuous
AciwU Past Indefinite Tense nq|
1. As the sun ---, I decided to go out. (24th BCS)
a) shines
b) has shone
c) shine
d) was shining
Ans. d
Rule:-4 : evK as if, as though, wish Gici to be
verb _vKj Zv memgq were nq| Ab Kvb Verb Avmj
Zvi Past tense nq|
1. The boy was so dirty that he looked as if he- in
the mud.
a) is lying
b) has lain
c) has been lying
d) had been lying Ans. D

He talks as if he -- everything.
a) has known b) had known
c) will know d) knew
Ans. d
3. He talks as if he -- mad. [Medical 98-99]
a) was
b) were
c) had been d) is Ans. b
4. I wish I (sing). What is the correct form
of the verb in the bracket? (miKvwi gvawgK we`vjqi
mnKvix wkK-2011)
a) sang
b)am singing
c) have sung
d)had sung Ans. a
5. I wish I -- a king.
a) was
b) am
c) is
d) were
Ans. d
6. I wish I -- wonderful man.
a) was
b) were
c) would be
d) am
Ans. b
7. I wish I -- a rich man. [
a) shall be
b) were
c) am
d) to be
Ans. b
Rule:-5 : Lest viv `yBwU evKvsk hy nj Lest hy
Subject Gi ci Should nq Ges g~j Verb Gi Present form
1. He ran fast lest he---miss the train.
c) may
Ans :b
2. I told him everything lest he -.(cfvlK wbeb I
cZqb cixv-2010)
a) misunderstood me
b)should misunderstand me
c) should not misunderstand me d) misunderstand me Ans.


He ran fast lest he - miss the train

[26Zg wewmGm
a) can
b) should
c) could
d) has
Ans. b
Try hard lest you fail.
a) may
c) should
d) would
Ans. c
Rule:-6 : Since viv `ywU evKvsk hy nj
Since Gi c~e Present indefinite ev Present
perfect nj Since Gi ci Past indefinite tense nq|
Ze Since Gi c~e Past indefinite _vKj Since Gi
ci Past perfect nq|
1. I --- to meet you ever since I read your first
a) hope
b) have hoped
c) have been hoping
d) am hoping
Ans. b
2. Twenty years --- since my father died.
a) has passed b) have passed
c) pass
d) passed
Ans. b
3. Many years have passed since I --- my
a) had met
b) met
c) meet
d) have been met Ans. b
Rule:-7 : No sooner had --- than, scarcely had

when, hardly had --- before Gi c_g Ask Past

nZz Verb Gi Past Perticiple form nq Ges 2q Ask
indefinite nq|

No sooner had he reached the station

the train left. (mve-iwRvi wbqvM cixv t 01)
a) when
b) then
c) than
d) while
Ans. c
2. Scarcely had he come---it started
a) then
b) at once
c) when
d) after that Ans. c
3. Hardly had the train stopped(`ybxwZ `gb
eyivi cwi`kKt 03)
a) before we got down
b) as we got down
c) than we got down
d) when we got down
Ans. a
Rule:-8 : It is time, It is high time BZvw`i ci Subject
_vKj Verb-wU Past tense nq| Avi G`i ci Subject bv _vKjto +
verb nq|
1. Its time (you realize) your mistakes. Which of the following
clauses does best fit in the above sentence? [13Zg wewmGm]
a) You realized
b) that you realize
c) You would realize
d) You have realized Ans. a
2. It is high time we the matter.
a) will discuss
b) would discuss
c) discussed
d) should
Ans. c
Rule:-9 : Kvb Simple sentence -G hw` g~j
Verb Gi ci
AveviI evKU Verb Avm Zvnj cieZx Verb wU
K) to + g~j Verb bZzev
L) Verb wUi mv_ ing hy nq|

K) wbgv Verb jvi ci mvaviYZ to + verb

(present form) nq:
afford, agree, appear, ask, attempt, beg, begin,
continue, dare, decide, deserve, expect, fail,
happen, hate, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, like,
manage, offer, plan, prefer, pretend, promise,
refuse, regret, seem, start, try, want, wish.
I took a map with me, as I didnt want
to --- my way on the journey. (27th BCS)
a) loose (wXjv ev wkw_j)
b) lose (nvivbv)
c) lost (nvwiqwQj)
d) loss (wZ)
Ans. b
Fill in the gap with proper word : I saw
a) go
Ans. c
3. He (dare) go there. (cwiKbv gYvjq WvUv cmwms
AcviUit 02)


a) He dares to go there
c) He dares to go there

b) He dares go there
d) He is dares to go there Ans. a

I had committed myself to----it when I sent for a rifle.

a) do
b) doing
c) be done
d) have done
Ans. a
L) wbgv Verb jvi mvaviYZ V+ing nq:
Admit, avoid, burst out, carry on, deny, enjoy, fancy, feel like, finish, give
up, go on, (cant) help, keep/ keep on, mind, miss, postpone, practice, putt
off, risk, suggest.
1. He watched the boat down the river.

(29th BCS)

a) to float
b) floating
c) was floating
d) had floated
Ans. b
2. He advised me ----smoking. (25th BCS)
a) giving up
b) to give up
c) in giving up
d) from giving up
Ans. b
3. I dont mind --- with the cooking but I am not
going to wash the dishes. [evwZjKZ 24Zg
a) to help
b) help
c) helping
d) for helping
Ans. c
4. Would you mind-the door?
a. to open the door
b. opened the door
c. opens the door
d. opening the door
Ans. d
He couldnt help (write) the letter.(cfvlK
wbeb cixv-2010)



a) to write
b) wrote
c) writing
d) written Ans. c
I cant help but laugh. The correct form
is -a) I can only laugh
b) I can help myself to laugh
c) I cannot help laughing d) All of them Ans. c
He gave up --- football when he got
wewmGm/24Zg wewmGm]
a) Of playing b) To play


c) Playing
d) Play
Ans. c
I saw the tree --- down (gvawgK we`vjq mn:

wkKt 01)

a) to fall
b) felling
c) failing
d) fallen
Ans. c
Choose the correct answer: (mn-AvenvIqvwe`t 95)
Would you mind (take) simply a cup of tea?
a) to take
b) taken
c) taking
d) to have taken
Ans. c
Rule:-10 : evK with a view to, look forward to, be
used to, get used to, worth BZvw`i ci Kvb verb Avmj
D verb Gi mv_ ing hy nq| hgbt I am looking forward
to seeing you.
1. Fill in the blank with right option:
I am looking forward- you. [26Zg
a) to seeing b) seeing
c) to see
d) to have seen
Ans. a
2. I went to the market with a view to --- a
a) bought
b) buy
c) buying
d) being bought
Ans. c
3. I am not used to ---- at this time of the
a) walking
b) walk
c) walked
d) have walked
Ans. a
I went to the market with a view to -- a
a) bought
b) buy
c) buying
d) being bought
Ans. c
Rule:-11 : It is no good, It is no use (Kvb
jvf bB,
wbi_K) Gici verb Avmj Zvi mv_ ing hy nq|
1. Which one is the right in use? [gvawgK we`vjq
mnKvix wkKt 01]
a) It is no good of to talk to him
b) To talk him is of no good
c) Its no use talking to him
d) Its of no use how talking to him
Ans. c
Rule:-12 : Preposition Gi ci Kvb Verb Avmj
D Verb
Gi mv_ ing hy nq| hgb,
1. He worked instead ofa) playing
b) play
c) played
d) having playedAns.
He was debarred from --- the
a) taking
b) sitting
c) appearing
d) Regard Ans. c
Rule:-13 : Make, hear, let, need, dear, had better, would rather
BZvw`i ci Verb Gi Present form nq Ges Verb Gi c~e to _vKj Zv
DV hvq|
1. Travellers ------- their reservation well in advance
if they want to visit the St. Martins island. (32nd
a) had better to get
b) had to better get


c) had better get

Ans. c

d) had better got

The speaker failed to make the audience --- to him

patiently. Which of the following is the correct verb form
in the blank above? [15Zg wewmGm]

a) To listen
b) Listening
c) Listened
d) Listen
Ans. d
3. Travelers ---- their reservations well in advance if they want to
fly during the Eid holidays. (18th BCS)
a) had better to get
b) had to get better
c) had better get
d) had better got Ans. c


The teacher failed to make the students

to him.
a) To listen
b) Listening
c) Listened
d) Listen
Ans. d
Rule:-14 :Causitive verbs: wbR bv Ki KvDK
w`q Kvb
KvR Kwiq bIqvi Rb have, get, let, help BZvw`
verbs eeZ nj m mvaviYZ `ywU Structure
eeZ nq|
K) Have/ get + object + v.p.p
1. My mother had me ---- milk everyday.
a) to dring
b) drinking
c) drink
d) drank
Ans. c
2. Karim had his car - by a mechanic
a) to repair
b) be repaired
d) repaired
Ans. d
3. My friend ---- yesterday.
a) got his car repaired
b) gets his car repaired
c) got his car repair
d) have got his car repaired
Ans. a
4. Select the correct form of verb. I got my
car ---.
a) reparing
b) repaired
c) have repaired
d) to be repaired Ans.
Have/ let/ make/ help + object + verb Gi present
1. A lot of money in the pocket makes one....happy.
a) to feel
b) feel
c) feeling
d) felt
Ans. b
2. He did not let me ---- the guitar.
a) to play
b) play
c) playing
d) that I could play Ans. B
3. Even as harvesting was going on. [23Zg
a) the rainy season began
b) the rainy season was began
c) the fainy season had began
d) the rainy season begins
Ans. a
4. I do not usually eat three meals a day, but I am used to it
a) I am using it
b) I had use to it
c) I am got it
d) I used it
e) I am getting used to it
Ans. e
5. I waited until the plane[23Zg
a) did not take off
b) took off


c) had not off

d) had taken off
Ans. b
I was lived that night, I --- wood all
a) was cutting b) had been cutting
c) had cut
d) cut
Ans. b


1. English (to speak) in many parts of the

a) English is spoken in many parts of the
b) The English is spoken in many parts of
the world.
c) English is being spoken in many parts of
the world.
d) English is being spoken in many parts of the world. Ans: a
2. She reassured me that she the card. (DU-B-unit10-11)
a) had posted
b) has posted
c) had been posting d) has posting
3. Pick up the proper word for the gap: The boat in the
a) drowned
b) sink
c) sank
d) sunk
Ans. c
4. The machineryworking well. (cfvlK wbeb I
cZqb cixv-2010)

a) is
b) were
c) are
d) should
Ans. a
5. Had I been reach I (help) her. Choose the correct
form of verba) would help
b) will help
c) would have helped
d) will have helped Ans. c
6. It is I who (be) to blame. (cfvlK wbeb I
cZqb cixv-2010)
a) is
b) was
c) am
d) were
Ans. c
7. The path -- paved, so we were able to walk through the path. (22nd BCS)
a) was
b) had been
c) has been
d) being
Ans. a
8. The Parthenon is said ---- erected in the age of Pericles. (21st BCS)
a) to have become b) to have begun
c) to have been
d) to have had
Ans. c
9. A reward has been announced for the employees who - hard. (21st BCS)
a) have worked
b) has worked
b) will be worked d) have had worked Ans. a
An intensive search was conducted by the
detectives to locate those criminals who -- (20th
a) have had escaped
b) had escaped
c) are escaping
d) have been escaping Ans. B
11. I have no objection to your story
a) hear
b) have heard
c) hearing d) be heard
Ans. c
12. English is in many countries.(gvawgK we`vjq
mnKvix wkKt 06)
a) spoken
b) spoke
c) speaking d) speaks
Ans. a

Correction (Tense/Right Form of Verb)


Incorrect: He always went there.

Correct: He always goes there.

Incorrect: He normally got up early in the

Correct: He normally gets up early in the
Note: mvaviYZ Always, regularly, often, sometimes, generally,
usually, daily, everyday, normally, occasionally cfwZ hy sentence
present simple tense-G nq|
2. Incorrect: He just went there.
Correct: He has just gone there.
Incorrect: Did you see her lately?
Correct: Have you seen her lately?
Note: just, just now, already, recently, lately, ever, yet
cfwZ hy sentence mvaviYZ Present Perfect Tense-G nq Ges
GB British English ixwZwUB Avgv`i GLvb MnYhvM| hw`I
AvgwiKvbiv Hme word hy sentence K Past Tense-GI eenvi
Ki| Icii Incorrect sentence-jv m A_ Incorrect bq eis
3. Incorrect: He is working for five hours.
Correct: He has been working for five hours.
Incorrect: He is ill since Monday last.
Correct: He has been ill since Monday last.
Note: wbw` mgq ev Awbw` mgq ai PjQ G iKg
evSvZ for ev since eeZ nj Zvi c~ei Verb-Gi Present
Perfect Continuous tense nq|

4. Incorrect: He goes there last night.

Correct: He went there last night.
Incorrect: I meet him the day before
Correct: I met him the day before yesterday.
Note: Last, last day, last night, last year, yesterday, ago,
long since cfwZ Phrase AZxZKvj wb`kK ej Gjv
sentence-G _vKj Verb-Gi Past Tense nq|
5. Incorrect: Raju has been sleeping for 7 a.m.

Correct: Raju has been sleeping since 7 a.m.

Incorrect: Ripon has been writing since two
Correct: Ripon has been writing for two
Note: Present Perfect Continuous Tense-G hw` KvR ii mgq
wbw` Ki DjL _vK Zvnj Since Ges KvRi mgq evcK I
Awbw`fve DjL _vKj for em|
6. Incorrect: Many years have passed since I
had seen you.
Correct: Many years have passed since I saw
Incorrect: It is many years since I have
written to you.
Correct: It is many years since I wrote to you.
Incorrect: It was long since I saw you last.
Correct: It was long since I had seen you last.
Note: Since viv GKvwaK clause hy nj c_g clause
Present Indefinite Tense ev Present Perfect Tense nj cii
clause Past Indefinite Tense nq| Avi c~ei clause Past
Indefinite Tense nj cii clause Past Perfect Tense nq|
7. Incorrect: The patient died before the doctor
had come.
Correct: The patient had died before the
doctor came.
Incorrect: He had passed the examination
after be worked hard.
Correct: He passed the examination after he had
worked hard.

Note: Before conjunction wnme `ywU Clause hy Kij

c~ei Clause-wU Past Perfect Tense Ges cii Clause-wU Past
Indefinite Tense nq|
8. Incorrect: He did not ate rice last night.
Correct: He did not eat rice last night.
Incorrect: He does not goes to school.
Correct: He does not go to school.
Note: Past Indefinite Tense-G auxiliary wnme did emj g~j verb Present form-G nq Ges
Present Indefinite Tense-G Sentence-Gi ay Third Person Singular Number nj g~j Verb Gi mv_ 's'
ev 'es' hy nq| Ze mvnvhKvix Verb _vKj 's' ev 'es' Zvi mv_B em| ZLb g~j verb-Gi mv_ 's' ev
'es' hy nq bv|
9. Incorrect: Why you do it?
Correct: Why do you do it?
Or, Why did you do it?
Or, Why will you do it?
Note: Interrogative sentence-G Helping Verb K
subject-Gi Number, Person I Tense Abyhvqx
emvZ nq|
10.Incorrect: No sooner had he reached the station than the train
had started.
Correct: No sooner had he reached the station than the train
Incorrect: Hardly had he fired when/before the birds fly
Correct: Hardly had he fired when/before the birds flew
Note: No sooner had ....than; scarcely
had....before/when; Hardly had....before/when-G
than/when/before-Gi c~ei Ask Past Perfect
Tense Ges cii Ask Past Indefinite Tense-G nq|
11. Incorrect: Work hard lest you will fail.
Correct: Work hard lest you should fail.
Incorrect: Get ready quickly lest you will not catch the
Correct: Get ready quickly lest you should fail to catch the train.

Note: Lest viv hy `ywU Clause-Gi ga ciiwUi Verb-Gi

AvM should| Avi lest hnZz Negative, ZvB cii Clause-wUi
Negative form eenvi Kiv hvq bv|
12. Incorrect: You had better gone there.
Correct: You had better go there.
Incorrect: He will let you to enter the room.
Correct: He will let you enter the room.
Note: Had better, had rather, would better, let, must, need,
dare cfwZi cii Verb-wU Present form-G nq Ges Zvi AvM to
em bv; to _vKjI Zv DV hvq|
13. Incorrect: I found him to steal the pen.
Correct: I found him stealing the pen.
Incorrect: We worked hard passing.
Correct: We worked hard to pass.
Note: GKB sentence-G `ywU Verb _vKj cieZx Verb-Gi mv_ ing hy nq| Ze Dk eySvj
Zvi AvM to em|
14. Incorrect: Would that I go to market.
Correct: Would that I could go to market.
Note: Sentence-Gi i Would that w`q nj subject-Gi ci were/could be em Ges c` VerbGi Present form nq|
15. Incorrect: Having did the work, I went out.
Correct: Having done the work, I went out.
Note: Sentence-G to be, to have I having-Gi ci Verb _vKj Zvi Past Participle form nq|
16. Incorrect: You are accustomed to live a
simple life.
Correct: You are accustomed to living a simple

Incorrect: I am looking forward to pass the test.

Correct: I am looking forward to passing the
Note: Accustomed to, look forward to mn with a view to, be/get used to,

habituated to, can not help, worth, mind, past with (preposition wnme hLb eeZ
nq) cfwZ mn mKj Preposition-Gi ci Verb-Gi base form-Gi mv_ ing hy nq|

17. Incorrect: It is high time he go there.

Correct: It is high time he went there.
Incorrect: I fancy I turn pale.
Correct: I fancy I turned pale.
Note: It is high time, it is time, wish, fancy
cfwZ eeZ nIqvi ci GKB sentence-G cieZx
g~j Verb Past Tense-G nq|
Incorrect: He speaks as if he knows
Correct: He speaks as if he knew everything.
Incorrect: He ate as though he is hungry.
Correct: He ate as though he had been
Note: As if/As though hy evKi c_g Ask
Present Indefinite Tense nj cii Ask Past
Indefinite Ges c_g Ask Past Indefinite Tense nj
cii Ask Past Perfect Tense-G nq|
Incorrect: He will go before his brother
will go.
Correct: He will go before his brother goes.
Incorrect: He will come after he goes.
Correct: He will come after he has gone.

Note: Before conjunction-Gi AvMi clause Future Indefinite

Tense nj cii clause Present Indefinite Tense nq| After-Gi
AvM Future Indefinite Tense nj cii Clause Present Perfect
Tense nq|


Incorrect: If you study hard, you succeed.

Correct: If you study hard, you will succeed.

Incorrect: If he came, I will go.
Correct: If he came, I would go.
Note: If clause Present Indefinite Tense nj cii
Clause-wU Future Indefinite Tense nq| Avevi
c_g Clause-wU Past Indefinite Tense-G nj cii
Clause-G subject-Gi ci might/could/would em|
Incorrect: I saw a dead cow walking alone the
Correct: While walking alone the street, I saw a dead
Incorrect: Whiling away time, I do not like my diciple.
Correct: I do not like my diciple whiling away time.
Incorrect: Written by me, the book is a classic one.
Correct: The book written by me is a classic one.

Note: Icii sentence jvZ Participle-Gi h_vh_

eenvi nqwb| eis fyj Sequence-G eeZ nqQ|
Participle h Noun/Pronoun K qualify Ki Zvi
mv_ mwZ iv Ki eeZ bv nj ZvK ej
Misrelated/unrelated/disrelated participle| c_g
D`vniY walking cow K qualify Kivq GwU fyj|
Avmj I K qualify KiZ ne| wZxq D`vniY
whiling away-Gi mv_ related noun my diciple|
ZZxq D`vniY written qualify Kie book-K|
Incorrect: If I was rich, I will help the poor.
Correct: If I were rich, I would help the poor.
Incorrect: If you had studied, you would

Correct: If you had studied, you would have

Incorrect: Had I been king, I would develop
the country.
Correct: Had I been king, I would have
developed the country.
Note: If clause-wU unreal Past Tense 'to be verb'Gi vb were em Main Clause simple future-Gi
Past form nq|Avevi If clause-wU Past Perfect
Tense nj Main Clause-Gi MVb nq subject + would
have + main verb Gi past participle. Had w`q i
nIqv sentence Gi I wbqg chvR|
23. Incorrect: I have my rice cook.
Correct: I have my rice cooked.
Note: Sentence-G have, has, had, get, got
cfwZ Verb Causative Verb-Gi KvR Ki ej Hjvi
cieZx Verb Past Participle nq|

Idioms & Phrases :


A bed of roses (comfortable)

A birds eye view (GK bRi `Lv, a cursory
A bull market (ZRx evRvi, that share prices are
A castle in the air (Aevi Kbv)
BCS written)
A dark horse (inmgq ew, A man who does not talk
much but surprises others by his qualities, an unknown
A fall guy (scapegoat, ewji cuvVv)
A far cry (`~ii welq)
(13th BCS written)
A foregone conclusion (Aekvex, an
anticipated result)
A green horn (An inexperienced man)
A hard nut to crack (Strong person)
A lot of (cPzi):There are a lot of dangerous drivers
Theres a lot of dust on these books.
A man of letter (cwZ ew, A scholar)
A man of straw (`yej wPi jvK)
BCS written)
A man of words (GK K_vi jvK): I am a man of
A round dozen (c~Y GK WRb, A full dozen):
A sitting duck (mnR je, an easy target)
A slow coach (A very lazy person):
A snake in the grass (Mvcb k, A hidden
A square peg in a round the hole (Abychy&)
(18th BCS written)
A stones throw (KvQvKvwQ, at a short
A thorn in the flesh (wbiwewQb Drcoxbi
KviY) (22nd BCS written)
A trying time (KwVb mgq)
(10th BCS written)
A verbose speech (evMvo^ic~Y eZv)
A whale of a time (an exciting and interesting time)
After ones own heart (gbi gZ, To ones own liking)
All along (meUv Ryo) : There are trees all along
the road
All at once (nVvr, Suddenly)

All for (c~Ygvvq AbyK~j)


(17th BCS

All in (cwikv) : He is all in.

An apple of discord (weev`i g~j, An Object of
Apple of one's eye (AwZwcq ew ev e)
An axe to grind ( ^v_ mvabi Dk Kiv)
(23rd BCS written)
An early bird (an early riser)
As though (hb)
(29th BCS
At a loss (wKsKZeweg~p)
(28th BCS
At all costs (h Kvb g~j) :
At arms length (wbivc` `~iZ)
BCS written)
At daggers drawn (mvcbDj, fxlY kZvq) :
At home (`, Expert, Familiar with)
At large (^vaxbfve) : Birds fly at large in the
At a stretch (GKUvbv): I can walk 10 km at a
At one go (in one single attempt)
At par (mgvb Zvj) (13th BCS written)
At stake (wec`)
(10th BCS written)

Bag and Baggage (ZwZvmn, Leaving nothing

behind): He leaves the place bag and baggage.
Bear market (moving)
Bear out (mg_b Kiv)
(18th BCS
Beating about the bush (evR eKv, Nywiq ejv,
civfve ejv): Robin has a habit of beating about
the bush without coming the actual point at
Beggar description (AeYbxq): The condition of most
slum dwellers is Beggar description.
Benefit of the doubt (cgvY bv _vKvZ myweav cvIqv)
(17th BCS written)
Between the devil and the deep sea (KwVb Aev):
Beyond reform (Incorrigible)
Bill of fare (gby, Lv` ZvwjKv, a list of dishes at a
Birds and the bees (The basic facts about sex):
Birds eye view (A rough idea)
Black Sheep (Kzjvvi, wicked man)
Blow away (Dwoq bIqv): The tree has been
blown away by the storm Blow off (wbMZ
Blow out (wbwfq djv): The wind blew out the
Blow up (wedviYi mvnvh Dwoq `Iqv):The
engine blew up.
Blue blood (aristrocratic birth, noble birth)
Blue chips (wbivc` wewbqvM, Industrial shares considered to be a safe investment)
Bolt from the blue (webv gN eRcvZ, an
unexpected calamity): The bad news struck him like a
bolt from the blue.
Bon voyage (f mdi, mdi f nvK, Wish a good trip):
Bone of contention (weev`i welq, A matter of
dispute): The piece of land was a bone of contention between
the two countries.

Bottom line (iZcyY welq, The essential point)

Break away (`Z cvwjq hvIqv) (29th/ 22nd BCS
Break down (f cov): His health has broken
down because of hard labour.
Bring to book (frmbv Kiv, kvw `qv, rebuk,
fetch for justice)
Bring to light (cKvk Kiv): The Police brought the secret
to light.
Bring to pass [Kvbv wKQz NUvbv (Cause to
Broke out (cv`yfve)
(10th BCS

Brush up on (Review): Before taking such a test,

one had better brush up on his/her vocabulary.
Burning the candle at both ends (AweePKi gZv
LiP Kiv,wasting): We should avoid burning the candle at both

ends,otherwise it will make us suffer.

Burning issue (evcK AvjvwPZ welq)
BCS written)
Burning question (cKU mgmv, iZc~Y welq, A
hotly discussed question) (28th BCS written)
By all means (Kvbvfve, Dcvq, by hook or by
By and large (gvUvgywU, AwaKvsk, Mostly)
By dint of (e`jZ/ej)
(17th BCS written)
By fair means or foul (In any way, honest or
By virtue of (Y): He succeeded in life by virtue of his

Call in question (Kvbv welq ck): His

honesty cannot be called in question.
Call it a day = finish work
Capital punishment (gZz`, death penalty)
Care for (Mvn Kiv)
(11th BCS
Carry the day (Rqjvf Kiv, win)
Cast aside (evwZj Kiv)
(23rd BCS
Catch a tartar (Meet a very powerful opponent)
Cats and dogs (heavy)
Cats sleep (Nygi fvb Kiv, pretension of sleep)
Caught on (Avv nIqv)
(10th BCS
Cock and bull story (a false story)
Cold blood (in cool brain and calculated thought):
Not many people can commit such a heinous crime in
cold blood.
Cold shoulder (Aezmzjf, to Insult) : He showed
cold shoulder when the danger came.
Come into force (KvhKix nIqv, Make effective)
Come to terms (HKgZ cuQv)
BCS written)
Contrary to(opposition): The supervisor showed
enthusiasm and asppreciation contrary to what
labors had expected.

Crocodile tears (gvqvKvbv): Heartless men and

women can shed crocodile tears.
Cry in wilderness (AiY iv`b Kiv) (22nd/ 20th BCS
Culpable homicide (Abq fve nZv,grievous hurt):
Cupboard love (show of affection)
Cut and dried (c~e cZ, already decided)
Cut a sad figure (AKwZZ `Lvbv, cut a sorry
figure): She cut a sad figure in her first performance of
the stage.
Cry wolf (give a false alarm)

Day dream (Manipulation)

Dead against (Nvi weivax, strongly)
Dead Letter (APj, h AvBb gvbv nq bv, Law not
in force)
Die in harness (KvR KiZ KiZ giv, die in honour): It
was his constant prayer that he might die in harness,
Do away with (`~i Kiv) (25th/23rd/
Do yeomans service (Abe` `vb Kiv, Render a
valuable service): Mowlana Abdul Hamid Khan
Bhasani done yeomans service to the country.
Dog days (Migi w`b, Hot weather):
Draw the line (wPwZ Kiv)
(21th BCS

Eat the humble pie (fwelrvbx fyj cgvwYZ nj mB

fyj ^xKvi Ki bqv)(18th BCS written)
Every now and again (hLb-ZLb, gvS-gvS,
frequently): My uncle sees me every now and

Face to face (mivmwi, in person): I prefer to talk to

people face to face rather than to talk on the phone. Fag end
(the last part)
Fall out (SMov Kiv)
(29th BCS
Fall through (e_ nIqv)
(22nd BCS
Fed up in : I am fed up in waiting for her to
Feel like (Kvb wKQz mK aviYv)
BCS written)
Few and far between (Kv`vwPr)
BCS written)
Fight sight of (Gwoq Pjv, avoid)
Fits and starts (gvS gvS Lye Drmvn `wLq,
at irregular intervals)(22nd BCS written) Only
those who are not serious to their success work
by fits and stars.
Food loose and fancy free (Unemployed)
Food obsessed person (A person who is much
interested in food)
Fools paradise (evKvi ^M)
BCS written)
For good (wPiZi, Permanently):He has left the country
for good.
Foster Father (cvjK wcZv)
Free and easy (Frankly)
Flesh and blood (igvsmi kixi)
(21th BCS

Fresh blood (D`gx)

(29th BCS
Full of oneself (DP avivYv cvlY, is very
conceited): She never stops talking about herself
and is full of herself.

Gain ground (AMmi nIqv, myweav cvIqv) (23rd/

21st BCS written)

Gain the upper hand (myweav ev wbqY Kiv)

(20thBCS written)

Get along with (Kviv mv_ mymK ivLv)

(25th BCS written)
Get away with (cjvqb Kiv)
(10th BCS
Get lost the election (mymK iv KiZ cviv)
(18th BCS written)

Get on with (wgjwgk _vKv)

(18th BCS
Get rid of (to be free from)
Gift of the gap (evMcUzZv)
(27th BCS
Give a hand (mvnvh Kiv, help me): If you give
me hand, then I shall be able to finish more
Give in (ekZv ^xKvi Kiv, AvZmgcY Kiv)
(13th BCS written)
Give my right (do something dangerous): I
would give my right arm if I could get tickets for
that concert.
Give up ( cwiZvM Kiv): At last the enemy give
Give way (RvqMv Ki `hv, jvwfwl nIqv, is
broken): The weight was too much and the pillar
gave way.
Go all out (Try hard)
Go in for (AeZxY nIqv)
(13th BCS
Go over (Revise): The sales representatives were
asked to go over the figures in their reports before the
Go to the dogs (Mvjvq hvIqv, be ruined)
Greek to(Aeva):I know nothing about the language,
it is all Greek to me.
Green eye (Clv) (evsjv`k ijIqi Rzwbqi AwWUi-10)

Habeas Corpus (webv wePvi AvUK bv _vKvi AwaKvi):

Hand to mouth (w`b Avb w`b Lvq): Live from
hand to mouth.
Hand and glove (Mfxi mK):
(23rd BCS written)
Hang about (Loiter about) :
Hang around (BZZ NvivNywi Kiv) :
BCS written)
Half a chance (wKQz myhvM) :
BCS written)
Hard and Fast (euvav-aiv) :
Hard up (AfveM): I am hard up now
Head is in the clouds (AvKvk Kzmyg Kbv):
Heart and soul (cvYcb): They tried heart and soul but
could not prevail.
Heart of heart (Aii Aj _K): In my heart of
heart I deplored his obstinacy.

Hitting below the belt (doing something unfair in a

Hold water (MnYhvM, cgvY wUK _vKv):
Hole and corner (jyKvPzwi) :
Home maker (A housewife) :
In a body(together):The workers demanded their wages in a
In body (together): They left in body
In addition to (AwZwi):
(24th BCS

In case of ():
(29th BCS written)
In a nutshell (msc) :
In order that (h Dk) (24th BCS written)
In smoke (come to nothing) :
In black and white (wjwLZfve):
(11th BCS
In cold blood(Vvv gv_vq): Not many people can commit such a
heinous crime in cold blood.
(15th BCS written)
In consonance with (wgj, Abymvi) :
BCS written)
In good time (h_vmgq): You will know the truth in
good time
In high spirits (cheerful): Today he is in high
In lieu of (instead of): Rana decided to pursue his
in. developmental field in lieu of sitting in his fathers
Innate in (mnRvZ): Probably the difference was
innate in the two men.(evsjv`k ijIqi Rzwbqi
In no time (kxNB): I shall come back in no
In the good book of (in favour with) :
In the long run (cwiYvg): Sinners will suffer in the
long run.
In the pink (In good health and ready to go):
In the right (Appropriate)
In the teeth of (euvav mI): Trying unitedly we
were able to have our project approved in the teeth of strong
In the wake of (cvZ):(17th BCS written)
In vain (e_v) :
(11th BCS written)
In view of (weePbvq):In view of his merit he was
given a prize.

Keep an eye (bRi ivLv): Please keep an eye on the

Keep your nose out of something (bvK bv
Mjvbv) :
Keep the flag flying (Keep surviving):
Kith and kin (AvZxq ^Rb):

Laughing stock (nvmv`) :


(28th BCS

Leaps and bounds (AwZ`Z): The price of daily necessaries

increases by leaps and bounds
Lend me your ears (listen to me) :
Let loose (Kviv BQvbyic wKQz KiZ `qv) :
(21th BCS written)
Line up to (c_)
(17th BCS

Loaves and fishes (Personal gains):

Look before you leap (be wary):
Look down upon (NYvi PvL `Lv):(17th/ 15th
BCS written)
Look forward to (fvj wKQz nIqvi Avkv Kiv)
(29thBCS written)
Look into(Z` Kiv):The manager looked into the
Look up : Look up the word in the dictionary.
Look up to (revere):

Maiden speech (c_g eZv, First speech):

Make a case (c hyw `qv):
(21th BCS
Make do (mvlRbK bv nIqv mI KvR Pvwjq hvIqv)
BCS written)
Make good (wZc~iY Kiv, compensation): You
should try to make good your loss.
BCS written)
Make hay while the sun shines (Svc eyS
Kvc gviv)
Make out (suspect): He is not as
pious as people make out.
Make sense: I wanted to build a book case but I
could not make sense of the instruction.
Make up ones mind (gbwi Kiv)
(29th BCS
Man does not live by bread alone(Man needs
other things too):
Milk and water (Lifeless, dull) :

Nail in one's coffin (Avkv msnviK AcKg) :

Every time he lights a cigarette, I tell him its another
nail in his coffin
Nip in the bud (Azi web Kiv): Bad habits should be
nipped in the bud.
Null and void (evwZj) :
(24th BCS written)

Olive Branch (Symbol of peace) :

Once again (Aviv GKevi): I want to settle this issue
once again.
Once in a blue moon (rarely) :
One in a blue moon means (Very rarely):
On account of (KviY):He could not attend the meeting on
account of illness.
On ones own (^Qvq):
BCS written)
On the brink (cvvj):
(17th BCS
On the eve of (cvvj) :She wept on the eve of her husbands
On the plea of (ARynvZ): He was charged with
murder, but got off on the plea of insanity (gw
on the spur of the moment (at the earliest
moment): I decided to go picnic on the spur of the
Open question (h cki Di/mgvavb bB):

Open secret (Mvcb njI AbKi Rvbv, cKvk

Mvcbxq): It
is an open secret that he takes bribe.(28th/20th BCS
Order of the day (Kvbv GKUv wbw` mgqi
mvaviY, Rbwcq
Kvbv wKQz): Pessimism seems to be the order
of the day|
Out and Out (cyivcywi, m~Y): (28th/ 20th/ 15th BCS

Out of place (chvR bq): What you say is quite out

of place.
Out of the wood (Svgjvgy, wec`gy) :
Out of the question (ckvZxZ):
BCS written)
Over head and ears (Avcv` gK):
Owing to (Rb)
(13th BCS

Part and parcel(AweQ` Ask):Ambition is part and parcel of

his life.
Pass for (qualify) :
Pick a quarrel with (Kviv mv_ SMov Kiv)(24th
BCS written)
Pin money (xK c` nvZLiP): My wifes pin
money has saved me from any creditor.
Point blank (mivmwi): He refused point blank to
help me.
Pot luck (LvIqvi gZ hv wKQz AvQ):
BCS written)
Pros and cons (LyuwUbvwU):
Put heads together(mgmvi mgvavb AvjvPbv)(23rd BCS

Put off (Lyj djv)

(13th BCS written)
Put up with (mn Kiv) :It is too difficult to Put up with
bad temper for long.
(17th BCS written)
Put something off (postpone or cancel a meeting or an

Quote from memory (gyL ejv):Quote this poem

from memory

Rainy day (`yw`b): Lutfa goes on helping

everyone without saving anything for the rainy
Raise ones eyebrow (PvL Kcvj DVv): He raised his
eyebrow at my explanation.
Rank and file (mvaviY ii RbMY) : (22nd BCS written)
Read between the lines (ggv_ evSv, To read
to find out any hidden meaning, read critically):
Red-handed (nvZ bvZ aiv): The thief was
caught red-handed.
BCS written)
Red letter day (iYxq w`b, Memorable day):
Reverie : He was in a reverie (He was dreaming)
Rid of (AevnwZ jvf Kiv): Get rid of bad company

Riding for a fall (ecivqvfve KvR Kiv ) :

Road block (cwZeKZv): His poor health is the
main road block to his promotion.
Run counter to (contradict) :
Run riot (Db nIqv, jvMvgnxb AvPib Kiv) :
Run short of (NvUwZ) :
(24th BCS written)

Salt of Life (Rxebi Avb`i evcvi, Valuable

Searching for (Abymvb): Police are searching for
the man
See through (eywSq djv) :
(17th BCS
Seventh heaven (in a state of supreme happiness):
Nazma was in seventh heaven when she heard about her sons result.
Show good manners (fvjv eenvi `Lvbv): You should
show good manners in the company of young ladies.
Show off (AnsKvi Kiv) :
Sine die (uncertain) :
Silver lining (hope) :
Sit on the fence (myweavi Rb wbic _vKv) :
Sixes and sevens ( Gjvgjv)
Slow and steady (axiwi ew): Slow and steady wins the race.
Smell a rat (m`n Kiv, lohi M cvIqv): (21st
BCS written)
So long as (wbw` Aev evSvbv):
BCS written)

Soft Soap (gb fyjvbv K_v, Flatter for self motives):

Sorry figure (KwZZ `LvZ bv cviv) :
BCS written)
Spare no pains (Pvi wU bv Kiv)
BCS written)
Square meal (A nutritious meal) :
Stand up for (defend) :
Straw vote (RbgZ):
Swan song (Kwei kl iPbv): The Tempest is the swan
song of Shakespeare.
(18th BCS written)

Taken in (cZvwiZ nIqv) :

BCS written)
Take a fancy to (fvjv jvMv, cQ` Kiv):(27th/ 10th BCS

Take into account (weePbv Kiv): The defendant

(weev`x) asked for a number of other offences to be taken
into account.
Tell upon (wZ Kiv) :
(24th BCS
The upper hand: At last the beast in him got the upper
Three score (lvU, Three times twenty):
Through and through (cyivcywi): Mrs. Alam
was through and through a great woman.(17th/
11th BCS written)
Through thick and thin (myL `ytL GKmv_ _vKv):
(18th BCS written)
Throw cold water (wbirmvwnZ Kiv)
BCS written)
Time to time : He comes to me from time to
To all intents and purposes (`pZvi mv_ Dk mvab) (18th
BCS written)

To be ones, wits end (Not to know what to

To be partial to something (like it) :
To break the ice (To start a conversation) :
To breathe ones last (to die) :
To cope with (mgmvi gvKvejv, deal with):
Taslima found it difficult to cope with the loss of
her job.
To end in smoke (e_ nIqv, To come to
nothing) :
To get along with (Kviv mv_ mymK ivLv,
to adjust) :
To get out of hand (to get out of control) :
To get wind of something (to hear of
something) :
To have full hands (To be fully occupied) :
To hit the roof (to be very angry) :
To keep ones head (to keep calm) :
To make good (to compensate) :
To meet ones Waterloo (to meet ones final
defeat) :
To meet trouble half way (to be puzzled) :
To move heaven and earth to do something
(to leave no stone unturned, To try in all possible
ways) :
To nurse a grudge (to bear ill will): Do not
nurse a grudge against him
To pay lip service to someone (show only outward
To play on a fiddle (To waste time) :
To pull strings (to exert hidden influence) :
To put the cart before the horse (to reverse the natural
order of things)
To read between the lines (to grasp the hidden
meaning) :
To stay put (To remain still): The father told his
son to stay put in the room.
To take somebody for a cruising (to keep
company) :
To the purpose (jvMmB) :
(27th BCS
To throw out of gear (AKRv Ki `Iqv) :(22nd BCS

To turn the tide (avivevwnKZv cv `Iqv) :

BCS written)


Tooth and nail (Completely, strongly) :

Turned over a new leaf (Opened a new chapter):The invention

of computer has turned over a new leaf in the history of modern technology.
Turn up (DcwZ nIqv) :
(25th BCS written)

Up and doing (Zrci nIqv)

(20th BCS written)
Up to his ears (AbK KvR _vK, fully occupied

Watch out for (Inspecting)

Weal and woe: Weal and woe come by turns
Whole heartedly: We supported Bangladesh whole
White Elephant (g~jevb wK AKRv):

With a good grace (mybRi) :

BCS written)
With a view to (Dk) :
(13th BCS
With an eye to (Dk) :
With flying colours means (victoriously) :
With might and main (h_v kw)
BCS written)
Worth ones while (jvfRbK)
Ans. c

Complete the sentences:

did not shine f

If the sun