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Observation 4:


11 Boys
6 Girls


Lamonte Elementary School
Kindergarten Classroom
17 Students, 1 Teacher, 1 Student Teacher



The direction of this observation was to determine of the teachings of Technology in the
classroom were meeting the standards set by the New Jersey Department of Education
(NJDOE). In order to complete my observation, I chose a kindergarten classroom with
children ages 5 to 6 at Lamonte Elementary School. I took one day to complete my
observation. Prior to going into observe the class, I became aware of the Kindergarten
Teaching and Learning Standards set by the NJDOE, specifically in the area of
Technology and focused on the subject of students understanding of technology. To
collect my data, I created a checklist. I created the checklist based off of what the
students should know, related to technology, by the end of Kindergarten. I included
standards in the checklist that I felt the students have already learned or are going to learn
by the end of Kindergarten.
The observation was conducted on Tuesday October 4, 2016.
Kindergarten Technology Standards
8.1 Educational Technology: All students will use digital tools to access, manage,
evaluate, and synthesize information in order to solve problems individually and
collaborate and to create and communicate knowledge.
Strand: A. Technology Operations and Concepts: Students demonstrate a sound
understanding of technology concepts, systems and operations.
Use basic technology terms
in the proper context in
conversation with peers
and teachers (e.g., camera,
tablet, Internet, mouse,
keyboard, and printer).
Identify the basic features

of a digital device and

explain its purpose.
appropriate navigation
skills in virtual
environments (i.e. games,
Enter information into a
spreadsheet and sort the
Create a document using a
word processing
Demonstrate the ability to
access and use resources
on a computing device.
Identify the structure and
components of a database.


During my observation I saw satisfactory use of the technology standards being
practiced. In the classroom there are three computers, a laptop, a smart board and tablets
for all the students. During classroom instruction the students used the smart board to
assist in their smart board lesson. During the lesson the students would be shown a letter,
ranging from A to J, and they would touch the screen in order to move to the next letter.
The students demonstrated their understanding of the smart board by using their hands on
the screen. They used the terminology of screen, swipe, internet and computer. They
demonstrated their sense of navigation by swiping on the screen and touching it to move
to the next letter, or game. When the students were done with the lesson the teacher
instructed a student to exit the program, they did so by touching the red X on the screen.
Overall, during this lesson I feel the students demonstrated a basic understanding of
technology. I did not see the students using word documents, databases or spreadsheets.
The standards set by the NJDOE suggest that by the time the students exit preschool
students should be able to select and use technology systems as well as select and use
applications effectively and productively. The students do have a basic understanding of
technology. During their instruction time the students utilized an appropriate amount of
technology. Upon asking the teacher about the use of the tablets in the classroom, it turns
out that the students have had yet to use the tablets due to a network issue. I feel that the
students are missing out on some important aspects of technology such as self exploration
and some creativity. It is still early in the year and I feel positive that eventually the
students will be exposed further to technology. Overall I feel the students show an
indication that they understand the basics of technology, but I do feel they can be exposed
further to the use of technology.


During my observation, I did see some room for improvement. One major indicator that
the students need more exposure to technology is that they do not have a class where they
go and work on computers; a technology class. They have in their classroom three
computers and a tablet center, but I have yet to see any of them being put to use. The
students are capable of using and understanding the functions of the smart board but as
far as using technology to create word documents, explore databases and create spread
sheets, I did not see any proof that they can do this. According to Edutopia, Learning
through projects while equipped with technology tools allows students to be intellectually
challenged while providing them with a realistic snapshot of what the modern office
looks like. Through projects, students acquire and refine their analysis and problemsolving skills as they work individually and in teams to find, process, and synthesize
information they've found online (E. 2008). Technology can enhance the students
learning experience. I recommend that the school should implement a technology class so
that the students can utilize technology to enhance their learning. Using technology can
prepare students for the future because we are constantly coming up with technological
advances that will shape these students future. I also recommend that the students have
the ability to use the tablets in their classroom. They have one for every student but due
to a network error, they still have yet to use them. I feel that once this error is solved the
students should spend time on the tablets to enhance their learning and their
understanding of technology. Once these things occur in the classroom I feel the students
will have a better understanding of technology.


I go to Lamonte elementary school every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., during my time
here I observe different classroom activities and lessons. During my observation for
technology, I observed how the teacher utilized technology and exposed the students to
technology as well and how the students use and understand technology. Creating a
checklist based on the NJDOE technology, helped me to observe more efficiently and
know what to look for in a healthy teaching environment.


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