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Aman Pachisia (UEMF16003)
Aishani Garg (UEMF16011)
Sambeet Kumar Mohapatra (16015)
Sumati Mishara (UEMF16020)


Established in 1992, ManRon evolved from a small family company to a more than 1000 employee,
company. ManRon provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. ManRon
products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with
outstanding added value. The headquarters of the ManRon Group are in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Almost 1000 employees, PAN India, enthuse their customers and build a better future. The corporate
culture is founded on integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment.
ManRon excels through outstanding innovation, top quality, direct customer relations and effective
marketing. Two-thirds of the employees work directly for the customer in sales organizations and in
engineering. ManRon has its own production plants as well as research and development centers.
ManRon upholds a clear value orientation and pursues a policy of stakeholder value. Integrating the
interests of all the companys partners customers, suppliers and employees into its strategy and
actively honouring its social and ecological responsibility creates the foundation of trust that makes
possible the long-term success of the company.

HR Policies and Staff Rules

As ManRon, has grown rapidly, it has not been able to keep pace. The policies
have been redrafted. The following parameters are to be taken care and strictly
followed for a balanced firm.
1 Recruitment policy.
2 360 Degree Appraisal.
3 Training / Talent Management
4 Recognition
5 Benefits
6 Happiness At Work

Recruitment Policy:

ManRon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate

based on race, community, religion or sex

Job descriptions with jobs bands.

Competency maps
Technical and aptitude tests (where applicable) Group discussions
(where applicable) Structured interviews
Psychometric tests
Values assessment tests

It is the first step in building two way relations between ManRon and
the new Employee
To comply with the Regulatory environment.
To provide new employees with the necessary training, information
about their role and culture of the Institute to ensure a smooth
transition into their new position.
To ensure new employees feel welcome and part of the Institute.
To build loyalty through an effective induction process, setting clear
expectations and providing ongoing training and feedback.
Gives employees an opportunity to discuss and set career development
goals for themselves and their department.

360 Degree Appraisal:

A 360 degree feedback program was introduced by ManRon that
permitted managers to raise questions over

Leadership styles,
Managerial ability and
Personal traits.

After the feedback, each senior manager had to submit a six page
letter mentioning the areas of improvement and their expectations.

Talent Management:

At ManRon, it is believed that talent is omnipresent and all people have some talent.
Identifying talent, training and developing them are the pillars of talent management p
It enables managers to make career moves, which leverage their strengths and focus o
Development as they prepare for leadership roles.
Combination of developmental assignments, classroom training, coaching along with p
special project teams to enable employees to continuously learn and develop.

Geography wise HR partners to aid employee interaction.

Buddies for all new hires on their date of joining the organization.
Initiated Speak your Mind: projects interface with HR.
Various spot awards and informal rewards recognizing deserving new recruits.
Strengthen the Training and Competency function, introducing the Monthly traini
Employee integration activities to foster fun at workplace.
Routine medical checkups of project team members.

LEAS - Leadership Program for the SKILLED

Launched in January 2013

To groom exceptional individuals to be the future leaders of ManRon.

LEAS is an intensive six - month, on - the - job training program.

Individuals with at least four years of pre or post MBA experience are eligible to apply f

Program Structure
Rotational training for six months with 2 or 3Intensive assignments.
Assignment matches based on business goals & the participants interests, stren
development needs.
Final review by senior management.
Role change and/or movement within the group every 2 or 3 years

LEAU Leadership Associate Program for the Unskilled

LEAU is an intensive 1 - year, on - the - job training program.
Individuals with 0 - 18 months of experience with or without any formal education
eligible to apply for LEAU.

Program Structure
Rotational training for one year with 5 or 6 intensive assignments
Assignment matches based on business goals and the participants interests, str

development requirements
The assignments expose participants to a variety of disciplines and business fun
within their area of specialization.
Mandatory international stint, sales stint, plant/unit stint and CSR
Mid - year and final review by senior management
Role change and/or movement within the Group every 2 to 3 years

Continuous Learning

It's not enough to learn a new skill. You've got to master it.
ManRon believes, Learning is a continuous process and it calls for time, commitm
and patience.
ManRon has partnered with AMITY University to offer an Online MBA Program to h
employees acquire the latest management techniques and broaden their vision
global perspective that is in line with our global ambitions.


ManRon Awards
Individual Awards
Awards for Individual Excellence
This prestigious award felicitates individual efforts at all levels. Each year, the Ch
personally selects the winners and presents the awards amidst much pomp and
the Groups awards ceremony.
Team Awards
Awards for Outstanding Achievement
These awards presented biennially, recognize superior teamwork, outstanding a
(benchmarked internationally), and the long-term inspirational value exhibited.

Health: Accident Insurance, Hospitalization Insurance for self, family and depend
well - equipped Gymnasium, Onsite Doctor and a Cafeteria that serves hot and

Safety: Employees safety remains their prime concern and they ensure complian
laws regarding safety, health and the environment for their employees and n
Recreation: Meditation Room, Yoga Classes and a well - stocked Library.
Other: Concierge Services, ATM, Travel Desk.
Benefits offered to Group employees vary by company and location.


If work becomes fun, it doesnt stay work anymore. It becomes an enjoyable endeavo

multiplies energy.
Provides employees with opportunities to connect with each other on a regular ba
Events are designed to make the employees and their families feel as much a p
Events like Annual Day, Kids Day Out and family picnics to Best Employer celeb

Managing diversity
Age and employment
Employee development
Involvement and participation
Dress code policy
Car policy
Employee relations
New technology
Health and safety
Sexual harassment
Leave policy
Travel policy
Mediclaim and insurance policy


HR policies ensure that a company complies with relevant legislation, employment con
collective agreements. These policies reduce the risk of corporate liability or employee
Policies address various areas that are critical to the company mission, thus ensuring
operational efficiency.