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Managerial Communication

Child Rights and You
1. Which of the following mediums is used most prominently in your
organization for informing employees about the company news/
a) E-mails
b) Intranet
c) Company Newsletters/ Publications
d) Manger/ Higher Management
e) Co-workers
f) Town-hall meetings
Emails are mainly used for communication at CRY
2. Are verbal and written communication given equal importances in your
Yes both are an important part of the organization and we can't do away with
any of them.
3. Does management communicate employees duties and control
responsibilities in an effective manner? Do you feel the lines of
communication are open all the way to the top management in your
Yes there is a consistent facilitation of processes, systems and guidelines within
the team with GM, AGM, and SM supervision. Budget and objective monitoring is
done very frequently.

4. How do you generally communicate with public? Considering the

sensitivity of issues you may be dealing with, how does this
communication pattern vary and what problems do you face?
CRY reaches public mainly through digital media like TV, radio, print for raising
more awareness for underprivileged children. At the same time we ensure
clarification to our stakeholders and even external agencies to ensure quality of
services that we provide.
5. Does management take timely and appropriate follow-up action on
communications received from stakeholders, employees, volunteers or
other external parties? Are communication channels established for
people to report suspected improprieties?
A process is there to ensure feedback and suggestions from our donors and
volunteers for national campaigns to ensure uniformity across all regions.
6. Does the organization release company news in timely manner? Do you
have the appropriate amount of information to make correct decisions
about your work?
Timely reporting of information and prior creation, deployment of
communication strategies and budgets and organizational analysis help us
achieve our goals.
7. With the massive use of social media as a medium of communication,
how important do you think is social media as a tool for communication
for your organization?
Social media plays a major role with content development; search marketing
and these digital platforms provide us with resource generation and effective
positioning of the organization.
8. Does your organization have proper channels for communication and
information flow in case of crisis (if any)?
Yes we have a proper channel for communication flow to our donors, to our
volunteers, to our institutional partners. Crisis managements teams form a part
of daily employees who are trained to deal with such situations.

9. Using the following scale, how would you rate the communication flow
and mechanism of your organization?
a) Very Ineffective
b) Somewhat Ineffective
c) Neither Effective nor Ineffective
d) Effective
e) Extremely Effective
10. What role does communication play in the competitive world and
what advice wouldyou like to give to the present MBA graduates who
are about to enter the corporate world?
Mobilizing people's opinions is very tough on its parts and being stil in your
learning phase I would recommend to take initiatives, try to spot and realise
market strategies and experience new challenges.