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Observation Table: For Task 2 Teaching Listening

Section: Grade (4) section (2)

Number of learners:


Length of lesson:45

Name of teacher observed: Ms.Ashia

Language Learning Goals: To understand when we want to write a paragraph

about the step. There are words like (first, second and third) or (First, Next, Then
and Finally) .
Materials used: Pictures, story, cards, paint, glue, glitter, string, a stick, video

and scissors.

Kind of Preparation

The teacher showed the

picture of step about how
to prepare for the trip to
the desert.

the teacher showed the

video for the students
about how can make the
moon and star mobile as a
decoration by steps after
the video finish she asked
the students about what
would you think this video
or what we will do.

spent on


Type of text, topic

and length

7 Minutes


The teacher said for the

students a story about
steps how to prepare
for a trip. Then The
teacher gives them a
worksheet includes
picture about the steps.
For example there are
many Colum the first
Colum there are four
picture so when the
teacher said for them
the story they listen
what the first step, for
example, we will
choose the place so
they put a circles on
the picture that related
on the first step and
they will write above
the picture ( first,
second ,third and

10 Minutes


The teacher put for

each group a material
such as a card, paint,
glue, glitter, string and
a stick. Then the
teacher said for the
students you should've
listened to what she
said about the steps
how we can make a
moon and star mobile
as a decoration. She
said for them First, cut
out the moons and star.
Next, paint both sides
or use glue and glitter.
Etc. so the student

No. of times
text was

The teacher
repeated the
story two times.

The teacher
repeated each
step three times.

listened to the teacher

to know what the step
because they will do
step by step with the
teacher to make what
she said and make their
moon and star mobile
as a decoration.

After the Observation:


What preparation (i.e. pre-listening activity) did the teacher give the
learners before they listened to the text?

If they had some preparation, select (a) if they did not, select (b).
a. How did the pre-listening activity aid student understanding?

She used in the preparation the picture about how to prepare for
the trip to the desert. To let the students have a knowledge about
the topic and to be easy for them because she gives them
something that related to the topic so when they solve the
question it be easy.

b. What pre-listening activity might have been done to help them understand the
target language better?

Were the learners engaged in a while-listening activity/activities?

If they were, select (a); if not, select (b).

a. What were the aims of the while-listening activity/activities?

The students were with the teacher when she teaches them
because she gave them an activity that attracts the students so
they want to answers and wants to participate in each activity and
they understand what the lesson about. Because she used
different materials also she modelling the activity in a new way.
The purpose of the lesson that makes students understand when
we want to write a paragraph about the step. There are words like
(first, second and third) or (First, Next, Then and finally). So the
teacher achieved this purpose by the activity so they able to use it
in their paragraph.

b. What while-listening activity/activities might have helped the learners more to

Understand what they were listening to?

Did the learners have a post-listening activity/activities?

If they did, select (a); if not, select (b).

a. What were the aims of the post-listening activity/activities?

when the teacher finish the lesson she make for the student's
post-listening activity to be sure they understand the lesson by
giving each group a picture of how can make the cake so she tell
them a story about how can make cake such as first put the egg
and flour then mixed so they will search for this picture then they
will write above the picture the (First, Next, Then and Finally) just
to make sure they understand the lesson.

b. What post-listening activity/ activities might have helped the learners more to
what they had heard?

How many times did the learners listen to the text / recording?

In the first activity, the teacher repeats the story two times but in the
second activity, she repeats the step three times.

b. Would it have increased their understanding if they had been allowed

to listen to the
text/recording again? Explain.


If the teacher repeats for the students more than one they will
understand more because if they didn't understand from the first
time they will understand from the second times also if they didn't
understand the teacher will try to do in the other way.

Did the learners hear the whole text at once, or in parts?

If so, which was the most helpful?

When the teacher gave for students the activity she gives them by
part to make the students understand the tasks easy and it will
helpful for them. Because there are some students are low ability
so if she gives them in the part they will understand easily and the
teacher will know in which part the students didn't understand so
she will practise the students in this part.

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of using the model of pre-,
while- and post-listening activities to teach a listening lesson. Write first from
the perspective of the teacher and then from the perspective of the learners.

First I think the listening very important for the students because that will develop
their ability and when they listen more than one in each activity that will develop

their ability in the grammar and they will recognise for many vocabularies. So it
will better if the teacher uses the pre- listening and post - listening in their
classroom and that resulting many good things for the students. So in the prelisting that the teacher prepares the student to listen and in the post - listing
teacher let the students integrate what they learn with the new information that
learns it. Moreover, the teacher should motivate the students and Preparation
them to listen. Also, the teacher let the students applying their knowledge from
the lesson in the post - listening. Also the listening important for the teacher
because when she will listen to the students she will know where she should
develop the skills on the students.