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This game based, blended learning approach not only gives you the formative data you need, but rewards
and motivates student engagement and participation. Who knew questioning could be so fun?!

Step 1: Create Your Free Account

Click Get My Free Account
Choose Teacher, provide a username, password & email account
Click Create Account

Make it Seamless!

You may be asked to verify account via welcome email

Students can access

your Kahoot! From any
web enabled device.
Make it easy with a QR
code! Students can
also add a shortcut app
on their device once
theyve visited

Step 2: Create New KAHOOT

Go to and login

Choose from the 3 types of Kahoots:
Quiz: Points based multiple choice quiz with unlimited questions
Discussion: Gather opinions or facilitate debate with 1 quick question
Survey: Gather opinions / facilitate debate with unlimited questions

Name your Quiz (descriptive and catchy)

Click the purple GO! button
Note: You can always return to this screen by clicking New K!

Step 3: Create Great Questions


1. Type your question


2. Set Points (or No Points)

3. Set Time limit
4. Click Choose File or
Drag/Drop to add image

5. Type answer choices

(use +/- to increase/
decrease number of


6. Create answer key as you

go by selecting Correct
under desired response
7. Add another question or
click Save and continue

Step 4: Review & Save Your KAHOOT!

Review questions and re-order, if desired.

Set Privacy settings (hint: Public allows you to share quizzes with friends)

Edit any questions using the Edit Question button

When finished, click Save & Continue

Description & Tags help others find your quiz

Click Save & Continue
Lastly, if youre a visual person, give your quiz a cover image so you can find it easily!
Click Done!

Step 5: Share Your KAHOOT!

Click Share with other users and share with

up to 10 friends or simply copy the url and email!

Step 6: PlayYour KAHOOT!

Go to and login

Change tabs (top) to view favorites or shared quizzes

Customize your Kahoot experience before each use

Students may join your Kahoot! From any web enabled device
by visiting and entering your game pin.

Click My Kahoots to view all quizzes youve created

Select the Kahoot youd like to use and click Play

Duplicate, Share Edit or Delete existing quizzes from this view.

Click Launch when ready!

TIP: Specify your expectations regarding Nicknames in order to collect student-specific data