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Ashley Monic
18519 Mables Island Ct.
Humble TX. 77346
Phone: (832)-646-7617

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Wesleyan College, Macon Georgia
Major: Psychology
Minor: Neuroscience
Institutional GPA: 4.0

Expected May 2017

Sweet Briar College, Lynchburg Virginia

Institutional GPA 3.754


Related Course Work

Child Psychology
Testing and Therapy
Abnormal Psychology

Principles of Neuroscience
Social Psychology
Cognitive Psychology

Research Experience
Department of Psychology
Wesleyan College
Correlational study that explored the potential relationship between Time Bias and
Psychological distress.
Research was supervised by professor Dr. Shelly Martin, and was a part of the senior seminar
Research Assistant
Department of Psychology
Wesleyan College

March-April 2016

Assisted a senior in a quasi-experimental research study for her Honors thesis

Explored second-language anxiety among female college students, specifically anxiety,
self-esteem, and identity reactions to being misunderstood in a second language.
Interviewed study participants and administered the control and experimental conditions

January-May 2016
Department of Psychology
Wesleyan College
Conducted a correlational study on locus of control and the preference in treatment for PTSD
Study was supervised by professor Dr. Brooke Bennett-Day, and was a part of the research
methodology course
Constructed an online survey and devised a vignette

Monic 2
Research Assistant
August 2015-Present
Department of Psychology
Wesleyan College
Assisted in a rodent learning lab under the supervision of professor Dr. James Rowan
Clocked a minimum of 10 hours a week
Ran mice through patterns and tended to the animals basic needs.

Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant
August 2016-Present
NSC 207
Wesleyan College
Graded tests
Assisted in lab set up and ensured that that equipment was in good repair
Helped collect and sort through literature that pertained to Dr. Rowans current research on sex
and strain differences in pattern learning amongst mice.
Art Instructor
August 2016-Present
Peach Place
Instructed at risk school age children in arts and crafts
Program was hosted at the Family Investment Center of the Macon Housing Authority
Planned and facilitated relaxing and fun art projects for the children to complete after their
Psychology Tutor
May 2016-Present
Academic Center
Wesleyan College
Tutored students that were enrolled in a psychology course for the Academic Center at
Wesleyan College
Conducted individuals and group tutoring sessions
Facilitated weekly Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for psychology

Campus Involvement
Student Servant Leader
May 2016-Present
Lane Center for Service and Leadership
Wesleyan College
Reached out and worked to served the community of Macon GA
Completed a minimum of 30 hours of community service each semester
Deeply involved with was Aunt Maggies Kitchen Table (AMKT), which served children in
low-income housing projects
Helped to set up and plan activities, make and serve lunch, and help the children have fun
throughout the day

Monic 3
Nu Rho Psi Honor Society
Wesleyan College

May 2016-Present

Conducted routine meetings and facilitated conversation about the purpose and the
direction the organization would like to take
Organized a bake sale to benefit the Walk to End Alzheimers
Organized and helped volunteered at a Bone Marrow Registry Drive

Professional Affiliations
Student Member of the Society of Clinical
Child and Adolescent Psychology


Psi Chi Honor Society


Nu Rho Psi Honor Society


South Eastern Psychological Association (SEPA)


Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society


Honors and Scholarships

Presidential Scholar


Trustee Scholarship


Prothro Merit Scholarship


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First Year Honors


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