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Quinn" by Masha

"Borderlands Princess Peach"

by Helena Steele
photo by Eye of a Panda // Photography


"SteamPunk Assassin" (original character)

"SteamPunk Assassin"(original character)

"Dreamfinder" (Disney's ride, Journey into Imagination with Figment

(cosplay based off of gender bent fan art by Noflutter)

Twitter: @LovelyLadyLuna4

"Steampunk Assassin" (original character)

I started my cosplay journey a year ago with a steampunk corset from a friend and
dream to make something for myself for the local convention that year. With the
teachings of another amazing friend I was able to go from having no knowledge of
sewing or prop building to making my own cosplay stitch by stitch to wear to my local
convention this year. I have learned so much in this year and made so many friends
along the way. The cosplay community is a place where I feel accepted and I've grown to
love. I am so happy to have a place to share my weirdness with the rest of the world.

"Viking Warrior" (original character)

based off of Lagatha ( Vikings TV show)

"Luna Cat"(Sailor Moon)

(based off of fan art by Noflutter)

"Thor" The Dark World

Instagram - @thorofoz
photos by
Eleanor Lanford
Andrew Lutomski (Thor of Oz) is an Entertainer,
Actor and Model based in Melbourne Australia.
He is also a qualified Personal Trainer.
He began Cosplaying in 2015, having debuted
a "Thor" cosplay at Melbourne OZCOMICCON.

The Photos of his cosplays displayed in these
images are a collaborative effort from:
Eleanor Landford (photographer, photo editor).
SKYLAR Cosplay (original build),
Doofus Creations (customisation)

photos by Eleanor Landford

iInstagram: @Allure_Cosplay

7S Photography

"Silver Age Wonder Woman"

"Sabine" (Star Wars Rebels)

"Lady Punisher"

"Lust" ( Full Metal Alchemist )

"Silver Age Wonder Woman"

"Sabine" (Star Wars Rebels)

Genderbend "Kakashi Anbu" (Naruto Shippuden)

Doofus Creations
Arwin Nidea
photos by
Shelley Phan aka Miz Phanny
Euan Roberts
(Photograph of Aquaman Cosplay)

The Crow ( Doofus Creations ), Bane, and Joker

photo by Shelley D. Phan

"Armoured Captain America"

"Aquaman" photo by Euan's Photo Works

Instagram: kitty_hardy

My name is Shauna Durham, I am twenty-eight years old,

and I have been cosplaying since 2004. Ever since I saw
cosplay going around the internet, I started making my own
costumes, thanks to having help from my mom. Since then,
I have cosplayed characters from anime, movies, TV shows
and comics. My most well-known and most requested
cosplay to wear to conventions is my pinup Captain
Cerulean Photography
Facebook: @CeruPhoto
Pinup "Captain America"

Pinup "Captain America"

Pinup "Captain America" Swimsuit Version

Charles Watson

"Iron Man" ( Alt*Con 2016)

photo by
Wade Bishop Photography

photos by
I am Stephanie a Arizona cosplayer and The first time I cosplayed I was 14 and it was for the midnight release of episode
3 of Star Wars. My first convention ever was SDCC in 2010. Because of that convention I have always wanted to step into
the cosplay world and I finally took a big leap in 2015. It is one of my favorite things to do. I recently went to a daycare in
my town dressed as Tinkerbell and my boyfriend Spider-Matt Cosplay went as Spider-Man I have never had a better time
in my life. I hope one day I'll be able to visit hospitals and do birthday parties for children as well. Cosplay brings my family
closer together.

"Spider Gwen" photo by Spider-Matt


"Jorge" (Halo Reach)
Brent Wettlaufer

Scout Rifle (Destiny)

Harrison Tan (OOC Photography)

Silenced Magnum (Halo)

My name is Gregory Baker, and I go under the name of Grizzly Props! I've been cosplaying and making props since
2013, and it's been a really exciting part of my life since! I was always fascinated as a kid when I would see suits of
armor or fantastic weapons. I thought it would be so cool to learn how to be able to make all those things. So with a bit
of help from YouTube, I taught myself the basics and everything took off since then! I'm a huge fan of Halo and Destiny,
so a lot of my props and costumes are centered around them. My favorite kind of costumes to make, are the large, bulky
ones. Anything that makes me look huge is my specialty! I'm currently working on a Destiny Fireteam for my friends and
I, so I can't wait to finish that! I hope these photos inspire you to go out and try something new. Do something epic!

"Jorge" (Halo Reach) photo by Brent Wettlaufer

"Jorge" (Halo Reach) photo by Brent Wettlaufer

"Jorge" (Halo Reach) photo by Harrison Tan (OOC Photography)

What if Vader and Luke dueled to a draw? Would Return of the Jedi take on a new meaning?
I answered this by creating an alternate timeline back-story for the survivor... DUDE VADER.

Dude Vader turned from the Dark Side, stripped off his black outfit, started wearing Hawaiian shirts,
steampunked his helmet a solar gold to reflect his return as a Jedi journey to the Bright Side of the Force, and
redesigned his robotic arm and legs with kids Star Wars toys to reflect back upon his childhood tinkering in the
junk yard as Anakin building C3PO?
Once Dude Vaders outfit took shape he befriended Capt. Solo Seekerman for a panel he moderated at the
2015 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, awakening the new group Star War Steampunk Universe. Lucasfilms
recognized our potential with a TM, copywrite and the amazing handler Pete Vilmur.
Wearing a new outfit at Star Wars and Steampunk Cons, sporting events and award ceremonies was exciting
and generated new friends, even receiving the 2015 Best Costume Group Award from the Hollywood
Costume Designers Guild at San Diego Comic Con.but Dude Vader and the SWSU needed a greater goal
to pursue the Bright Side of the Force.Charity. SWSU redirected most of their energies to appearing at
fundraising events like: Deaf Unity Day, ALS, Autism Awareness, Force for Change, and the American
Veterans (selling limited edition SWSU/Veterans Ride 2 Recovery charity patches).

What about the guy who plays Dude Vader? Christopher Canole never takes off his mask in public.

"Dude Vader"
starting Breast Cancer Awareness Marathon

Dude Vaders Force for Change

"Dude Vader" as an action figure at

San Diego Central Library Star Wars Day

"Dude Vader" and veteran Jon Seyster

at American Veterans Ride 2 Recover fundraiser.

Lindalee Beyond the Marquee interview with Dude Vader at

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim photo by Terry McCully


Nathan Seekerman, aka Captain Solo Seekerman, is a charity

cosplayer and founding member of a new mash-up called "The Star
Wars Steampunk Universe. His character was created as a
Steampunk airship captain, so it was only natural that he would find
himself acting the role of rogue and scoundrel for the Star Wars
Steampunk group that needed a Han Solo. In fact, he has been
cosplaying for years at annual events, but created the Steampunk
character only a short time ago. It was a conscious decision to create
a character with no comic reference and completely original, because
Steampunk has no limits on the gadgetry to enhance the character.
Therefore, he could create his Steam-powered wings (actually C02
cartridges sounding with a great woosh) that would let him fly a
getaway to the safety of a Millennium Airship Falcon with others like
Sir Chewy of Bacca and Lando Chronos on board! In the past year,
he has attended such events like Star Wars Celebration where he met
Pete Vilmar of Lucasfilm who has a been a great supporter of the
charity work. Events like Autism Awareness, Deaf Unity Day and
Storm Stadiums ALS fundraiser to name just a few really great ways
to give back to local communities. And, it keeps happening with the
endless participation from members like Dude Vader, Baron Von Maul,
Sab Sprocket and Steamy Leia!

"Captain Solo Seekerman" photo by York In A Box

"Captain Solo Seekerman" photo by Attack of the Flash

"Captain Solo Seekerman" photo by Jon Rasca

Instagram: @lonstermash

"Wolverine" photo by Michael Greening

"Wolverine" photo by York in a Box

photo by Brandon Jackson/Chief Geek Photography

"Wolverine" photo by Cosportraits

"Rambo" by Craig McNelley Photography

Helena Steele is a nationally published model and actress. She began cosplaying in the Fall of
2014, and won Best Female and Best Women's Costume at her first convention (Springcon) in
2015, and won Best Journeymen with her Borderlands Mario Party group at Anime Central in 2016.
Her cosplays have been featured in City Pages, Geek Girls, Dorkly, and numerous other websites.
Her greatest cosplay achievements yet have been her volunteerism with The Royal Sisterhood and
TC Heroes of Hope. She currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
The BlackArcade
YGK Photography
Eye of a Panda // Photography

"Kim Possible" photo by The BlackArcade

(Based on original fan art by David Galopim)

"Billy the Puppet"

photo by Eye of a Panda// Photography
"Borderlands Princess Peach"
photo by Eye of a Panda // Photography

Borderlands Mario Party- photo by YGK Photography- Cosplayers from left to right:
Toadette: Jezykia Darke, Toad: Wonderer Lila, Princess Peach: Helena Steele, Mario: BlackArcade
Bowser: Eye of a Panda Photography, DK: MrAddup, Lakitu: Starbolt Cosplay, Rosalina: Morgan Elise

aka KMCgeijyutsuka

Costume hobbyist since 1999, Kristen Collins is a character impersonator, make-up and wig
styling enthusiast, and alternative fashion connoisseur. A native Tennesseean, Kristen is a
full-time graphic designer by day and a fantasy illustrator by night. Kristen started costuming
simply for the fun of it and to express love and admiration for various anime, comic-book,
video game and television characters, as well as to bring life to several original tabletop
gaming characters. Kristen travels to many pop culture and gaming conventions across the
U.S., throughout the year, hoping to spread joy and motivate others to take up the mantle of

"Shiz the Dark Elven Rogue"

(Dungeons & Dragons) Original Character
photo by Robert W. Thompson

"Alucard" (Castlevania)
photo by Ken Davis / Ken AD Photography

"Vocaloid Gakupoid" (Default Outfit)

photo by Ken Davis / Ken AD Photography

"Tuxedo Mask" (Sailor Moon Crystal)

photo by Ken Davis / Ken AD Photography


X-men Series
"Gambit" by Logan-V
"Rogue" by TJ Cosplay


TJ Cosplay:

Some Random Photography:


Ace Wheelie
Variant Cover Cosplay Composites

Kristina Wright
Broken Skulls Productions
"Cheshire Cat"
photo by Variant Cover Cosplay Composites

"Cheshire Cat"
photo by Variant Cover Cosplay Composites

Rika is an artist and cosplayer based out of the Florida Panhandle and has been cosplaying since 2009. She has an intense
love for every character she cosplays, and always tries to keep the play in cosplay, embodying the full character while in
costume. To her, cosplay means first and foremost to Be who you want to be.
In early 2013, Rika moved to Florida and began becoming friends and working with some of the most talented cosplayers
and photographers in the Southeastern US. With this new-found inspiration and support, her cosplay portfolio expanded
dramatically, winning various local awards and making appearances at conventions along the Gulf Coast. Her favorite
characters to cosplay have the duality of being sultry and seductive, yet extremely strong, powerful, and a little dangerous.
When not cosplaying, Rika enjoys painting, table-top gaming, international foods, and all things Disney.

"Blind Mag"
photo by Broken Skulls Productions

"Emma Frost"
photo by Broken Skulls Productions

"Poison Ivy"
photo by Variant Cover Cosplay Composites

A ShutterBang Imagery cosplayer, model, and photographer.
Being 25 years old I can honestly say that cosplaying has been
a big thing for me for almost half my life. Born and raised on
the East coast of the United States of America, I have a large
cosplay and convention scene to learn a lot from. I have been
interested in cosplaying since 2008, just starting with the basics
of sewing and altering clothes for cosplays. Now, years down
the road, I not only sew my own cosplays and I am learning to
make armor and props. I started learning how to use a camera
in 2009 and practiced a great deal before opening up
ShutterBang Imagery with Simper. We both have a passion for
cosplaying and helping others to cosplay. Falling in love and
staying with this community was easy with all the amazing
people I've met.

"Killer Frost"- (original design ) (DC comics)

photo by ShutterBang Imagery

"Raven (Rachel) Roth"(DC TeenTitans)

photo by #Knightmare6

"Raven (Rachel) Roth"(DC TeenTitans)

photo by #Knightmare6

"Clear" ( DRAMAtical Murder)

photo by ShutterBang Imagery

"Lucy Heartfilia" (Fairy Tail)

photo by ShutterBang Imagery

Hellgirl Cosplay
Instagram: HellgirlCosplay
"Hellgirl" Red Means Stop
photo by Doug Brantley Photography

Blind 7 Photography
Doug Brantley Photography

Leilani Kai aka Hellgirl is an award-winning cosplayer, model, gamer, and

fabricator. When she isnt studying to be a theatrical makeup artist, shes
playing Skyrim or Dragon Age and cuddling with her black cat, Lady Loki.
As a child, Leilani was diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis, a type of arthritis
that is triggered by an infection in another part of her body, targeting her
knees and the joints of her ankles and feet. Even the common cold causes
her to have severe pain. When she decided to take a step toward a career
as a character actor, she wanted to make it for a good cause. Thats when
she made the decision to donate a percentage of her comic convention
sales to Arthritis Foundation Kids Get Arthritis Too. Hellgirl Coplay got her
start at Jekyll Comic Con 2014 where she won her first cosplay contest.
Since then, she has appeared at multiple comic conventions (including
Jekyll Comic Con 2015), comic book stores, and other special events as a
guest and contest judge. She has since added other cosplays to her closet

"Hellgirl " at Jekyll Comic Con

photo by Blind 7 Photography

" Hellgirl's Setup"

photo by Blind 7 Photography

including, but not limited to, Immortan Quinn, The Crow, Jessie (Team
Rocket), and The Plague Doctor.
If your objective is to leave your attendees with a great experience, good
reviews and all, look no further. Leilani is great with communication and has
a big heart. - Adam Force, Jekyll Comic Con 2015.

"Immortan Quinn" by Hellgirl Cosplay

photo by Amber Rodriguez

My name is Jordan, I was born in St. Louis
and now live in Kansas City. I'm only about 2
years into cosplay and still new to the idea. I'm
mostly a Bane cosplayer with only a few other
cosplay under my belt.

Noah Smith Images
"Steampunk Bane" photo by No. 9 Photography

No. 9 Photography

"Steampunk Bane" photo by No. 9 Photography

"Steampunk Bane" photo by Noah Smith Images

"Casey Jones" photo by Noah Smith Images


photos by Moon Drip Photography

I am a Texas based cosplayer and musician who fell in love with

anime after watching the madness of FLCL and enthralling story of
Inuyasha. I began cosplaying 5 years ago. My first cosplay was a
zombie student inspired by High School of the Dead. I've played
music since I was 15. Drummed in a band for 4 years, performed
solo around Houston, once played a show w/ the Plain White T's,
and I even proposed to my high school sweetheart while on stage
(and yes, we are lovingly married! ). I built a home recording studio
so I could share my music through SoundCloud & YouTube.
So this year it hit me, why not combine my love of cosplay with
my love of music?! Thus Master Mikuo was born. By taking on the
aesthetic of my favorite virtual idol, infusing the character with my
own personality and musical abilities, I created a new identity for
myself. With this identity, I want to entertain people from different
walks of life and introduce these different crowds to one another in
a fun & enjoyable way. So Ive started creating YouTube videos
where I perform songs as Mikuo. I hoped this fusion would
entertain people from all walks of life while also increasing interest
in the amazing cosplay community by reaching people who
wouldnt normally be exposed to cosplay. Now my dream is to
entertain people around the globe by performing in concert at
conventions and events as Master Mikuo, the live action Fanloid!

"Drake" Steam Punk Adventurer

(Original Character)

"The Gentleman" Victorian Aristocrat

(Original Character)

"Drake" Steam Punk Adventurer (Original Character)

"Hatsune Mikuo" ( Fanloid )


HappyCosplayer is known for her great passion for Vocaloid and

Cosplay. She is the creator and admin for,
and the creator and designer for the Collectible Cosplayer Trading
Card series ( She strives to be a very
passionate and positive cosplayer, as well as a friend to anyone who
needs a friend!
"Black Gold Saw" (Black Rock Shooter)

"Black Rock Shooter" (Black Rock Shooter)

"Hatsune Miku Patriotic"

"Hatsune Miku Racing"

"Hatsune Miku Racing"

"Midna" (Legend of Zelda) by Kiwiuchiha

photo by Becky Gilliam Photography


Instagram: @kiwiuchiha

Becky Gilliam Photography
My name is Kiara but on the internet I go by kiwiuchiha. Im 19, from a small city in Alabama, and have
been watching anime and playing Zelda my whole life. I started cosplaying when I was 9 after my
obsession with the anime, Naruto, took off and I received my first ever costume which was the character
Sakura Haruno. I later discovered anime conventions and cosplay contest and thought, wow, I can
make my own costume too!. I have since been making my own cosplays, attending cons, and meeting
the most amazing crazy people. My one motto is love what you and do what you love.

"Midna" (Legend of Zelda)

"Maka Albarn" (Soul Eater)

"Hinata Hyuga" (Naruto)

I actually started a bit late into cosplaying (26 years old) due to being a bit picky on my own work, and thus decided to either start off
with a bang or not start off at all. Furthermore, I initially didn't know how to cover my thick, thick eyebrows. However, when Shingeki no
Kyojin came along, I fell in love with Erwin and Levi - and as luck would have it, Erwin was Commander Eyebrows! He was my first
cosplay and I've been doing several variations of him ever since, including alternate costumes, Vampire Erwin, and Erwin x Kingsman
crossover. Eventually I learned and practiced eyebrow covering and so I did Kogistunemaru! At the moment I'm not very good at
making armor or outfits yet, but I specialize in natural makeup, fine-tuning details/small props. I'm also a Photographer and Special
Effects editor, so I have fun both in front and behind the camera!

"Erwin Smith" [Shingeki no Kyojin]

Elite Mobility Squad Unit - photo by

"Erwin Smith" [Shingeki no Kyojin]

Elite Mobility Squad Unit - photo by Felia Photography

"Nicholas Piberius Wilde" (aka Nick Wilde) [Zootopia]

photo by Nelson Chung Photology (

"Elson" (Genderbend Elsa) [Frozen]

photo by Jimjim Cosplay Photography (JimJim Jimmy)

"Kogitsunemaru" [Touken Ranbu] - Photo by Chu Lap Tak

Hi, my name is Larissa, I'm 20 years old and I'm a
cosplayer from Germany. In 2014 I kinda stumbled into
Cosplay community. I wore a costume to my first con ever
without even knowing what was going on. My best friend at
that time introduced me to this amazing community and
well.. I stayed there. From the beginning I made my
costumes by myself (yes even my first one). I just enjoy
seeing what I can do with my own hands and then wearing
the costume, I put so much effort in the last few months
before a con. Cosplay is not only a hobby for me, but a
lifestyle. I mean, I found the best friends I ever had through
this hobby and I never had so much fun in my life. Cosplay
is what I love. It's my passion.

"Blackthorn Morgana" (League of Legends)

"Harley Quinn"
Batman Arkham City:Harley's Revenge

"Lady Loki" -original design

(The Avengers)

"Elsa" (Frozen)

"Blackthorn Morgana" (League of Legends)

"Elise the Spider Queen"
(League of Legends)
photos by

Stuckey Media

My Page
(Means One Wing Angel)
Our Team Page "Final Fantasy VII Forever"

A Hong Kong Cosplayer who really loves Final Fantasy, special Final Fantasy VII ~ Sephiroth, and this is the reason
for his first Cosplay on 2014. Activist Cosplay competition and stage show, he joined the 17th ACGHK Cosplay
Competition 2015, The 16th Rainbow Gala Stage Show 2015 and the Cosplay cover dance show on 23rd April 2016,
and seems he is now preparing the 18th ACGHK Cosplay Competition 2016 with Final Fantasy again.
To restore the characters of styling and features, The love for cosplay and Final Fantasy VII, And hopefully we could let
more people know about "Final Fantasy VII" through our Cosplay, This is the achievement for the reason why we were
here, and also this is my dream to prepare the best performance on the stage through the name of Final Fantasy,
therefore I always build the props by myself to make sure all props look like real and with the best scale. Andrew said.
photos by
Tarry Kwok -

(Charlie Lau) -

"Sephiroth" (Final Fantasy VII ) photo by

Charlie Lau

"Sephiroth" (Final Fantasy VII ) photo by

Charlie Lau

"Sephiroth" (Final Fantasy VII) photo by Tarry Kwok

"Mihawk" (One Piece) photo by Yeung Chung


Facebook: Schmidt House Cosplay
Instgram: @schmidthousecosplay
Twitter: @schmidthousecos
Big Cartel:
Vincent Anderson
Vander Photography
Schmidt House Cosplay is a family cosplay group. We enjoy spending time together, being different characters
from games, anime, movies, and comic books. We have been cosplaying for 3 years and have been to many
conventions. Our favorite is Katsucon at The Gaylord National Harbor. We have received an award at Katsucon
2016 for Best Family/Group Cosplay with our Stygian Zinogre Armor from Capcoms Monster Hunter. Our next
conventions will be Awesomecon 2016, Otakon 2016, Baltimore Comicon 2016, and VA Comicon 2016.

"Stygian Zinogre Armor" (Capcoms Monster Hunter) by David Schmidt, Alyson Schmidt, and Zackary Schmidt

"Stygian Zinogre Armor" (Capcoms Monster Hunter)

by David Schmidt, Alyson Schmidt, and Zackary Schmidt

Pokemon: Mega Ampharos: David Schmidt, Elesa: Alyson Schmidt

"Stygian Zinogre Armor" (Capcoms Monster Hunter) by David Schmidt, Alyson Schmidt, and Zackary Schmidt photo by Vander Photography

"Fairytail" photo by Vander Photography

(left to right) Erza Scarlet: Alyson Schmidt, Gajeel Redfox: Chris Riedel, Lucy Heartfilia: MarcelinaSchmidt, Natsu Dragneel: David Schmidt, and Happy the Cat: Zackary Schmidt

"Howard the Duck" photo by Sergio Mazzotta

"Howard the Duck" photo by Sergio Mazzotta

Twitter @Geekpooldr

"Howard the Duck" photo by Sergio Mazzotta

My name is George DesRosiers, my cosplay name is Geekpool. I'm a geek & I love Deadpool. I started off my cosplay when
going to FanExpo, my first comic con in Toronto as a Zombie. In my 10 years of doing Yoda's voice as a Scout leader I then
started cosplaying as Yoda. It was while shopping when I found a red morph suit that I would eventually make into Deadpool
that my passion took hold. I realized I could use my creativity with this passion to become whoever I wanted. After creating
and cosplaying as different versions of Deadpool, I then chose a character that I've never seen done before, Howard the Duck.
My inspiration was the relaunch of Howard the Duck done by Chip Zdarsky. It is definitely my most popular character to date. I
grew my fan base/popularity by posting comic book related things on my Facebook Geekpool page and have garnered over
8,400 likes. As of now I am working on an X-Force version of Deadpool as well as another character that I am keeping secret
and hoping will be as well received as Howard is. The greatest thing about the cosplaying community is how accepting and
encouraging every one is of each other and it is here that I owe my greatest appreciation. I would also like to credit my wife
who has supported my journey in this lifestyle through the years.

"X-Force Deadpool" photo by Beth Des Rosiers

"Deadpool" photo by Sergio Mazzotta

How to sell your previous cosplay & photoshoot prints!!

Anyone who has been cosplaying for a while more then likely has a few previous costumes in storage. You probably already
have cosplans of something epic that you want to attempt next and if you could only sell your gently used cosplay then you
would be on your way to starting that new project without it hurting or breaking your spider-piggy bank. So here's a couple
of tips on how to increase your chances of selling those old costumes.

1. Selling prints and posters can make a real difference if you are trying to earn extra income or pursuing a career as a full-time
cosplayer. Posting an image with a few different shots of a variety of cosplays that you have done and numbering them, then
simply asking which 3 your fans like the best, after they answer you can follow up with a reply thanking them personally, and
telling them they can find it and more at your shop. Be personable and never copy and paste your response to your fans. They'll
appreciate you more for it.

2. Bring it to your next convention! It may sound strange in this digital age but people still want to buy things in person. They
want something they can easily access and not wait 3-5 days for shipping costs. You will want to present your costume in the
best way possible and if you have a wig, a mannequin bust with head will help your sales. You may want to place shiny gems or
confetti to attract people to your table that catches the light and customers attention or a prop that fits with the theme. Include
some other items that are higher and lower costs will make your price seem less expensive and make sure your tag and price is
visible. People who see a hidden tag will look at the product and turn over the tag. You don't want them to have to question the
price which will distract from the sale.

3. Selling your previous cosplay online can be a viable solution. But it's often hard to get enough attention to attract that one
buyer who accepts both your price point and is looking to cosplay as the character soon. People tend to trust shops and think
they are getting a deal by going to a well established store online but many people still appreciate items that are handmade and
that's why online stores such as Etsy thrive. So when taking photos of your cosplay, make sure they are clear and at an angle
that best displays the details of the costume or prop. Provide a few photos of different angles but make sure you include at least
one photo of you wearing or holding the prop, even if it's just your hand in the shot. People like to see someone else using the
products to familarize themselves with it. It can be effective to post your products in facebook groups that allow it or on Cosplay
Amino but make sure you include your twitter,instagram or to contact you on facebook if they are interested.

4. A raffle may be an option to sell your previous cosplays. Make sure the raffle tickets are a low price and that it is clear that you
will be announcing a winner on a certain day. Collecting emails at a convention or having an online form for entries to fill out will
help your success. Check the laws in your state about raffles before you attempt this.

5. Patreon can be a great way to crowdfund without worrying if you will complete your goal in a set amount of time. It can also
be a great way to have a giveaway for both your previous cosplays and your prints if they share your content so that even if
your previous cosplay doesn't sell, it can help you gain some patreons in the proccess. Just make sure the rules are clear and
they share a post that has your patreon on it and that you announce the winners on patreon and post for them to see who won
on other social networks such as facebook.

6. Live streaming can be an great way to sell your prints but an indirect approach may be best. You don't want to come off as
spammy. But if you tell some businesses you like you are going to shout them out before the stream or maybe even just some
cosplay friends it will boost your views on your stream. Then make a few signs that promote them and hold them up towards the
end of your stream after you mention them and tell everyone why they are awesome. Then hold up your own sign displaying
your twitter or youtube channel where you have recently posted your prints. By doing this, you will get more fans to go visit your
social link where you are attempting to sell your content.

There are many factors that can boost or hurt sales and while we cannot promise these tips will make you a lot of money. We
believe preparation and a personal approach is the best direction to take.



"Sally" The Nightmare Before Christmas

Misa on Wheels got her nickname from a now-dear friend in the artist
alley of her first convention, where she was dressed as Misa Amane
from the anime Death Note and, of course, on wheels. Misa was born
with a form of Muscular Dystrophy, called CMT, and has had to use a
wheelchair since she was 10 years-old. She believes that cosplay is for
everyone and that nothing should ever hold you back from doing what
you love. The best place to find her is on her Facebook page, Misa on
Wheels, where she spreads the resounding message of cosplay
positivity and love for all.

"Yuna" (Game: Final Fantasy X)

"Yuna" (Game: Final Fantasy X)

"Misa Amane" (Series: Death Note)

"Ponyo" (Ponyo)

"Kiki" (Movie: Kiki's Delivery Service)

Mermaid (original costume)


"Belle" ( Disney's Beauty and the Beast)

photos by
Alexandra Spears
Born in Louisiana and mother of two. I have been sewing
costumes, drawing, painting, and designing for as long as I
can remember. I am a graduate of McNeese State
University's Visual Arts program with a concentration in
painting. One of the founders of the AKA cosplay group.
Belle is my most recent accomplishment, winning Best in
Show with my husband as Beast at CyphaCon 2016 in
Lake Charles.


Character : Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

My name is Simon Gucluer, I have a page called Commander Shepard Scotland I cosplay as Commander Shepard from the
popular sci-fi gaming trilogy called mass effect, I live in the Scottish capital city which is Edinburgh I have only been doing
cosplay since September of last year. In November of last year I did an awareness campaign for the skin condition psoriasis it
was well received on social media having 537 shares, 700 likes and 107 comments
Here is a link to that post.

Also this year I had a man message my page asking advice and some reassurance after his parents rejected him when he
came out as gay I gave him the best response I could and reassured him that he had nothing to be ashamed of.
You can read that post here:

and finally when I attended the insomnia gaming convention. I had a lot of con goers wanting photos with me and one person
stood out from them all. This man came an shook my hand and thanked me for the post about the man who was rejected by his
parents for being gay and told me that my post gave him the confidence to come out to his parents and he was more happier
for it.
You can read that post here:

"Commander Shepard" (Mass Effect)

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I started cosplaying and making costumes back in 2010 when I lost my job and had nothing. It has
been a blessing since. I now make probs and costumes for all sorts of people. It has been such a
true blessing making friends from all over the country and out of country. I feel I can build

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MUA: Maisie Eve Make Up
Outfit: Strait Laced Latex

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