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Carzon, Monique Angelica C.

Andrade, Diane Marie N.

Roncal, Christian Sid R.


Population Tally: 63
Did not purchase: 15
Conducted on January 10, 2015

Chapter 2 Related Secondary Data

2. 1 Industry
The industry where Quiznos belongs to is Fast Food Industry. Fast Food Industry
has a very broad and large scale of products. The Food Industry constitutes various and
adverse food products starting from beverages up to meals and snacks.It is a specific
type of restaurant characterized both by its fast food cuisine and by minimal table
service. Food served in fast food restaurants typically caters to a "meat-sweet diet" and
is offered from a limited menu; is cooked in bulk in advance and kept hot; is finished and
packaged to order; and is usually available ready to take away, though seating may be
provided. Fast foods are characterized as quick, easily accessible and cheap
alternatives to home-cooked meals, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
They also tend to be high in saturated fat, sugar, salt and calories.

2.2 Direct/Indirect Competitors

Subway is the main and the most direct competitor of Quiznos ever since from
the start of operation until the present. Subway is the leading and the number one when
it comes to submarine sandwiches and salads. The leading company is one of the
fastest growing franchises in the world, with 43,035 restaurants in 108 countries and
territories as of November 15, 2014. It is the largest single-brand restaurant chain and
the largest restaurant operator globally.
The branch is located at Glorietta 3, so the facility is also surrounded with other
food chains. Beside it is Pizza Warehouse and The White Hat which is an Italian frozen
yogurt store. Pizza Warehouse is a newly opened New York style pizza restaurant in
Glorietta, the pizza is very similar to S&R a bit thick crusted. The facility is much bigger
which can accommodate thrice the size compared to Quiznos. They also have more
staffs and as we observed, it seems that more people visit the pizza restaurant
compared to Quiznos. On the other hand, The White Hat is a store which offers Italian
frozen yogurt topped with healthy premium toppings.

2.3 Environmental Factors

Environmental factors
There are 2 factors the internal and external factors, the internal environmental factors
includes factors within the organization or business for the growth of the business, and
external environmental factors are the factor outside of your business that you dont
have any control on its property.
Internal factors
Includes the 7Ps of marketing Quiznos use this 7Ps of marketing like first is the Product
quiznos knows that one of the top and best business in the country is more in foods
because people wants more new in what they eat every time that they order or buy their
food, second is Place they must know where the best place that they can be recognize
easily by the consumers, third is the Price Quiznos choose to be much more higher than
the subway their increase their prices because they increase more in their idea in their
product, fourth Promotion Quiznos advertise their product using commercials and social
site that easily recognize by the consumers their commercial that they use is they have
2 monkeys that dancing, fifth People Quiznos have their problem in their loyal in their
workers because they have a problem that if a manager Quit in his/her position other
workers having a doubt to continue their work and to quit also, six is the Process The
delivery of your service is usually done with the customer present so how the service is
delivered is once again part of what the consumer is paying for, seventh is the Physical
environment this include how consumers background after their eat or buy in Quiznos
on what they perspective in Quiznos product.

External Factors
This factors affect your business even thou you dont have any control of them.

Quiznos direct competition is the subway because its just like a similar product
but not really Quiznos wants to be ahead in subway but subway is more
profitable in the market

Government polices

This include the law for instance if your product is not applicable in that particular
place you obey the rule or the law that can Government affects in your business.

Natural Forces

Your product is one of the important in your business but what if your resources
is not can be occupied all of your customer Quiznos must know how their
manage to use their resources to product their goods in the consumers

Social and natural Resources


This include the human behavior or how generation past, Quiznos must adapt on
what is new in the economy so that their business will never left out in the

Demographic factors

The study of people their age, sex, occupation, marital status etc. of the
genearation of their customers Quiznos must not focus on one particular group of
people example is teenagers how about the others such as elders because all of
them is a customer/consumers

Technological Changes

We know technology is important it helps the business more to grow Quiznos

must adapt the changes in the technology so that this helps to advertise and
tools in their making products

2.4 SWOT Analysis

Quiznos has many good qualities as a company. One is its wide range of choices, they
offer high quality and healthy meals which is suitable for those who are health
conscious. In today's economy everyone is looking for a cheaper lunch, Quiznos offer
sizes such as Small, Regular and Large for each sub so customers can afford it
depending on their budgets. Quiznos is also committed to becoming a proponent for
smart eating and the environment. Quiznos now offers more than 15 menu items that
are less than 500 calories
A weakness that Quiznos has right now is it is very poorly advertised. The only way to
discover Quiznos delivery service is to visit the website; on the site there is very little
information about the service. Customers should be made aware of the delivery
opportunities. Another major weakness that Quizno's has is its prices.Although they
have different prices for each sandwich, for the average Filipino, it is a bit expensive for
a sandwich. According to President of Quiznos Subs Greg Macdonald, "Consumers love
the sandwiches but found them too expensive" (Marketing Magazine p.3).
The next weakness that Quiznos holds is their advertising approaches. For instance,
previous commercial ads seemed a bit tasteless and un-appetizing. One commercial
that involved a sponge monkey was raved as disgusting and unnecessary. Quiznos
continues to offer promotions every week which may seem uncanny. This would make
passersby think that they often offer promotions for them to sell because its the only
way to catch customers attention
One big opportunity for Quiznos is to undertake international expansion. Quiznos
currently has over 500 restaurants in over 21 countries. If Quiznos opened more
restaurants in other countries the company could continue to expand more and reach a
larger group of customers.
Currently, Quiznos biggest threat is Subway. Subway continues to be the leading
sandwich shop internationally and locally. People tend to choose Subway more because
they arent familiar with Quiznos. Indirect competitors like Pizza Warehouse get more
customers compared to Quiznos.