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Free McBoot v1.8b
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Copyright (C) 2008 - Neme & jimmikaelkael (www.psx-scene.com)
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the Free McBoot License.
This program and any related
limited to, implied warranties
entire risk arising out of use

documentation is provided "as is"
express or implied, including, but not
of fitness for a particular purpose. The
or performance of the software remains with

In no event shall the author be liable for any damages whatsoever
(including, without limitation, damages to your hardware or equipment,
environmental damage, loss of health, or any kind of pecuniary loss)
arising out of the use of or inability to use this software or
documentation, even if the author has been advised of the possibility of
such damages.
You should have received a copy of the Free McBoot License along with
this program; if not, please report at psx-scene :
Usage :
Please read "Noobie Installation Guide" and "Advanced User Guide" (HTML
format, made by JNABK) in this folder.
Check for updated tutorial at http://bootleg.sksapps.com/tutorials/fmcb/
Special Thanks to all involved in many tests :
Bootlegninja, JNABK, TnA, dlanor, g.t.o, psychomantis, tar, krika69,
AdvanS3B, katananja, Janaboy (all the tester team and everyone I forget).
See the file CREDITS.txt for full credits list of FMCB program.
============================ Technical details ============================
Free McBoot v1.8b
- fixed a bug that prevented CD installations from working
Free McBoot v1.8
Installer side :
- New GUI, graphics & sounds by Berion.
- Installation now possible on mc slot 1 & 2.
- Fixed problem with chinese clone card (was generating wrong mcid).
- Changed "PowerOff PS2" option into "Launch Free McBoot".
- Better compatibility with early jap models.
Loader side :

added "OSDMENU" support in the cnf while defined on LK_?_E? path entries: It enforces OSDSYS to skip disc boot even with Skip Disc boot OFF.ELF is present in INSTALL folder. BOOT. Added hardcoded priority loading of "mass:/FREEMCB. PS2. Added configureable OSDSYS video mode (AUTO.Better compatibility with early jap models. Direct ESR launch on esr disc insert (path defined in cnf)."FASTBOOT" can be used in button-launch and OSDSYS items paths. Fixed bug in elf launching from OSDSYS. Added a prompt for warning no BOOT. . . B?EXEC-SYSTEM folder icons are no longer overwritten.7 Installer side : - Installer now correct SwapMagic boot path for usb_mass. Fixed install bug on x0006 PS2. Loader side : - Fixed bug in loading of usb drivers when mc was in slot 2. Up to 100 OSDSYS items configureable with the new scroll menu. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1. . .6 Installer side : - Added Splash screen FMCB-CNF folder back to SYS-CONF folder. Added options to set the new scroll menu. Added libcdvd modules to install from cd. Added scrolling menu for OSDSYS.. dvd video discs. Added a prompt for asking config overwrite. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1. . Added Suloku's FMCB configurator in package . "AutoBoot_Disc" option renamed into "FastBoot". FastBoot for Ps1.added new BREXEc-SYTEM folder icon that match new FMCB design by JNABK. Fixed bug in loading OSDSYS on some CC modchipped ps2.Changed method of loading CNF from MC.Fixed freezing bug while loading COGSWAP. Fixed bug for detecting video mode as PAL on Slims 77004. ESR. PAL or NTSC).Fixed bug about loading elfs from OSDSYS turing into simple FMCB reboot on some ps2 models (due to new elf-loader mentionned above). . SYS-CONF.CNF" Skip disc boot option working : Skip disc boot under OSDSYS main menu.Fixed bug about Ps1 game color bug (due to bug fixed above).New elf load method which make it launch faster. . Fixed bug for detecting video mode as PAL on Slims 77004.Fixed problem with chinese clone card not booting due to bug fixed in mcid generation above. . . now first check one the one that booted FMCB. .SkipMC now control DVD Player update check from MC. .Fixed bug about loading osd settings correctly. . Splash screen in interlaced mode to fix messing up on some tv.New cnf vars to control "X Enter" and "/\ Version" position at osdsys main menu screen.

it will be copied as config.OSDSYS Hack. by Neme (You can reload FMCB from OSDSYS. XMCMAN.ELF".Install with Cross-Linking available. XMCSERV.You can exit installer by loading "mass:/BOOT/BOOT.Compatility with scph-10000 by loading X-modules (XSIO2MAN. by Coolaan.Loader side : .ELF". .ELF (if the file is not already existing on MC).ELF" (passing to another if the previous is not existing) .Fixed bug in custom embedding process. .Fixed 1st controller problem with slims ps2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1. and placed in same folder where installer is running (This option is only useful for developpers as ffgriever's cdvd init and multilanguage fixes are not applied to the embedded elf).CNF before install and put it in same folder where installer is running.Skip Disc Boot will be working when enabled . great work Neme.ELF".4b - Added Added Added Fixed CNF-Support (thanx to beerboy for the idea) support to launch OSDSYS (auto and manual) by Neme FastBoot-Support Bug on PS2-Slim-Consoles that were freezing on "decrypting dvdelf" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- . .Added entry for Skip-HDD in cnf file. . Installer side : .Added Splash screen . "mc?:/B?DATA-SYSTEM/BOOT. "mc?:/RESCUE.Added third entry (LK_???_E3) for each key in cnf file.Direct ESR Launch when DVDV is inserted. .IRX) . --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1. . .Added Rescue loading (tries before all things to boot "mass0:/RESCUE.You can modify your FREEMCB.5 Loader side : . and icons added.10 configurable items for hacked osdsys.CNF").The file to embed must now be "EMBED. If the file is not existing on MC. "mc?:/BOOT/BOOT. more noob-friendly. it will be copied as mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.CNF"-->"FMCB-CNF/FREEMCB.ELF". Coming Soon : . . passing to another if the previous is not found) .Config folder renamed ("SYS-CONF/FREEMCB. by JNABK. .IRX and USBHDFSD.Modified default config.ELF". XPADMAN) from the same folder where installer is running.You can put a BOOT.Externalized loading of usb modules from SYS-CONF folder (USBD. .ELF in same folder where installer is running.

it may still some regions having problems (problem of the folder).1a by ffgriever DVDELF Inject 1. boot elfs can be differents if you press a button.2R1 by Neme New design by JNABK New mcID generator by jimmikaelkael .3d . it must be BIEXEC-SYSTEM) --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1.Free McBoot v1.Fixed bug that prevented 1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1.3c to install correctly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Free McBoot v1.3b .Fixed bug in installer for Jap units (the folder created was BJEXEC-SYSTEM.3c .3a - CD/DVD + language Fix 1.3R1 by Neme custom elf file inject has been disabled (but you can use a 75kb DVDELF) added light loader to support 75kb dvdelf.Fixed bug again about mg region.4 - added DVDELF Inject 1.