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R . G A M B O A

R N . R S O

Address: 20-A Satwa Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Email address:
Phone (Mobile): + 0567437422
Philippines Passport no: EB9068324
Visa Status: Visit Visa

Desired Position: Senior Safety Officer/Safety Nurse/Safety Officer

To obtain a leading Senior Safety Officer/Nurse position, in Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) by
applying my knowledge and experience to train the workforces on safe work practices in the worksite
and promoting zero accident, positive safety culture in the workplaces.
Graduated of BS Nursing. Registered Nurse (Registration no. 0473366)
NEBOSH IGC Holder (19 May 2015) Master Log Certificate no. GC2/00279845/699328,
DOL OSHA USA Certified (30 Hrs Construction Safety Registration no. 34-301235446)
DOL OSHA USA Certified (10 Hrs General Safety. Registration no. 36-121338891)
Registered Safety Officer, RSO by IBOEHS USA (July 2, 2014 Certificate no. 2832)
Accident/ Incident Investigation Training Workshop (QD-SBG Construction Internal Safety
Basic RIGPASS Safety Orientation
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety and SCBA Instruction
Drilling Technology (Onshore/Offshore)
Universal First Aid and CPR with AED Training
Basic Fire Marshall Training Course (DISS Doha Industrial Safety Services)
Basic First Aid Training (DISS Doha Industrial Safety Services)
Undergone Safety Officer Training at Rodech Training Services Link International, Inc.
Certified Computer Technician by TESDA
Computer Literate (45 to 55 WPM)
Al duhail Doha, Qatar development Project of
ISF (Internal Security Force)
October 20, 2014 to March 7, 2016
Position: Senior Safety Officer/ Certified first aider/ fire marshal/ scaffold inspector
Duties and Responsibilities:
Advising management about safe system of work and giving them list of recommendation
Carrying out inspection/ permit issuer/ briefing work forces about hazards and control
measures. Rectify unsafe condition, and unsafe act.
Prepare Written recommendations for elimination of unsafe acts or hazardous conditions to
comply with applicable laws (QCS 2014)

Investigating the cause of any incidents and prepare reports and control measures. Investigate
compliance and legal mandates pertaining to safety, compliance programs and fire prevention
proper documentation/ and conduct Risk assessment
Incorporates safety instructions in routine orders and see that they are obeyed. Review reports
for accuracy effect of recommendations and conformance with safety standards
Assisting with training for all levels/ submitting daily reports
Keeping up to date with recommended codes of practices/ QCS 2014
Pryce Gases, Inc.
Cebu, Philippines
January 6, 2012 March 18, 2014
Position: HSE Officer
Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversee permit to work system during maintenance and electrical & instrumentation controls
Resolves complaints and makes recommendation to management for corrective action, as
Reviews accidents and makes recommendation to for prevention of similar future incidents
Ensures that the district complies with all environmental regulations regarding hazardous
substance handling and disposal
Conduct training session for management, supervisors and workers or health and safety
practices and legislation
Proper Documentation

Aboitiz Construction Group Inc. Metaphil Division

Cebu, Philippines
January 21, 2009 December 18, 2011
Position: HSE Officer
Duties and Responsibilities:

Assists with the rehabilitation of workers after accidents or injuries and make sure they
experience a satisfactory return to work
Coordinate emergency procedures, rescues, fire fighting and first aid crews
Communicate frequently with management to report on the status of the occupational health
and safety program
Develop occupational health and safety systems, including policies procedures and manuals
Develops, communicates and implements a cost effective strategic safety program
Conduct emergency evacuation drills
Proper Documentation

Eversley Childs Sanitrium Hospital

Jagobiao PH- 6014 Mandaue City
2008 - 2009
Position: Staff Nurse, ER Nurse,
Duties and Responsibilities:
Render Holistic Approach for every patient
Assist and assess patient and doctors needs.
proper documentation

W.BROWN, Alimall Cubao Quezon City, Philippines, 6000

1997 - 1999
Position: Assistant Supervisor
Duties and Responsibilities:
Assist the customers needs and Advice them of our new Product, Make daily report.
Ever Gotesco, Commonwealth, Quezon City, Philippines, 6000
May 1996 Oct. 1996
Position: Sales Man
Duties and Responsibilities:
To assist the customers needs and Advice them of our new Product, Make daily report.


Philippines, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2003-2007).
Nursing Licensure examination Passer Batch 2007
Clinical practicum has included experience at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Cebu City
Medical Center, Miller Hospital, Cebu Puericulture and Maternity House, Eversley Child Sanitarium
Hospital, Dr. Ignacio Cortes General Hospital, and Seamens Hospital
PHILIPPINE COLLEGE OF CRIMINOLOY, Sales St Manila, Philippines, Question Documents
(1994-1996). Civil Service Passer For PO 1 Batch 1997

NEBOSH IGC ( safety skills Ltd, 1st Floor Aamal Tower, West bay, Doha Qatar)
Management of international health and safety
Health and safety Practical application
Controlling of workplace Hazards

Basic First Aid Training (DISS Doha Industrial Safety Services)

Basic Fire Marshall Training Course (DISS Doha Industrial Safety Services)

Accident/ Incident Investigation Training Workshop ( QD-SBG Construction Internal Safety


Rodech Training Services Link International, Inc.

Safety Officer Training Course for Construction,
Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industry

General safety
Rig platform environment

Assignment of responsibilities
Water safety and sea survival

Why safety?
Accident investigation

Importance of occupational safety and health Offshore transport safety

Toolbox meetings
Machine safeguarding

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Electrical safety

Hand tools
Permit to work system

Temporary structures
Demolition safety

Fall protection
Fire safety
Explosives safety
Specialized work procedures

Crane safety

Vehicular safety and defensive driving

Excavation safety
Compressed gas cylinder handling
Occupational safety and health program

Industrial hygiene
Materials handling and storage
Hazard recognition

Basic RIGPASS Safety Orientation

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety and SCBA Instruction

Drilling Technology (Onshore/Offshore)

Universal First Aid and CPR with AED Training

October 13, 2006 Professionalism in the Workplace University of Southern Philippines
Foundation and Nursing Student Body Organization Held at the Main Function Room, Don
Agustin Jereza Hall (USPF), Lahug Campus
September 28, 2006 Job Readiness Seminar Guidance Center: A Career Enrichment Activity
Held at the Function Room, A. Jereza Building, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
July 6, 2006 The Future of Nursing: Bringing Clinical Evidence To Clinical Practice Philippine
Nurses Association: Cebu Chapter at MCWD Social Hall, M.C. Briones& P. Burgos Sts.,
Cebu City

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong decision making ability and attention
to detail, as well as supervisory skills
Excellent analytical skills and problem solving abilities, Perseverance and motivation
Ability to work under pressure, strong observation skills that help evaluate the effectiveness of
safety measures
social skills, flexible, adaptable, determination and tenacity
Computer Technician, Software and hardware (Certified Computer Technician by TESDA)
Computer Literate (ms word, ms excel, Adobe Photoshop,(45 to 60 words per minute)
Cell phone Technician, Software and Hardware


Date of Birth: 07 August, 1976

Place of Birth: Quezon, City
Nationality: Filipino
Status: Married
Religion: Born Again Christian
Languages: English,Filipino,Cebuano
Fathers Name: Raul S. Gamboa
Occupation: Deceased
Mothers Name: Delia S. Gamboa
Occupation: Businesswoman

Person to be contacted in case of emergency: Anastacia Manug Landline no. 032 266
81 33




Tanchan Road, Brgy. Banawa, Cebu City

P.O. Box 360 Cebu City 6000

Vlademir R. Gamboa RN.RSO


Upon reques