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Tour Code ESCA0908 ESCA1408
Tour Start Date August 9, 2010 August 14, 2011
Tour End Date August 19, 2010 August 24, 2011
Price Land Only 2040 2040
Price with flights Ex Tel Aviv 2390 2390
Single Supplement 580 580
Pre/Post Hotel Night 50 per person sharing 50 per person sharing
95 per single 95 per single

The Kosher Travel Club, a joint production of Eddie's Travel and Shai Bar Ilan Geographical
Tours, invites you to spectacular Scandinavia, the great land of the Vikings, which is now
divided into a number of countries. The Scandinavian Peninsula is a massive expanse that
offers travelers the most stunning scenery available anywhere in the world, especially in
the west. It's a mixture of diverse human cultures and architecturally interesting cities
attuned to the local climate, alongside small, pastoral fishing villages. Most of the tour will
concentrate on Scandinavia's amazing natural beauty, from the fjords that cross its
landscape to the Troll's Ascent, to the remainder of an ancient glacier that once covered
this area during the ice age, and on to lofty mountains that create a wild and impressive
background for everything else. Another part of the tour is dedicated to the majestic
capital cities of this area of the world: Oslo and Stockholm.
Day 1: Sunday, August 9, 2010: Bergen

Arrival to Bergen. We'll transfer to our hotel to check in and if there's time, we'll take an
initial tour of the city center. Overnight in Bergen.

Day 2: Monday, August 10, 2010: Bergen - Voss

We'll start the day with a visit to the famous fish market in Bergen. Afterwards, we'll make
our way to Voss and set sail upon the fjord. Afterwards we'll return to Bergen. We'll take the
cable car to the top of the mountain for a magnificent view of Bergen and then complete our
tour of the city. Overnight in Bergen.

Day 3: Tuesday, August 11, 2010: Bergen - Hardangerfjord

Today we'll tour the Hardangerfjord. We'll cross the fjord to the Hardanger Heights where
we'll visit the nature center. Afterwards we'll cross back and then north via Voss to the fjords
district. This is a magnificent road trip combined with Ferry passage across the water. We'll
arrive to our hotel toward evening and prepare for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Wednesday, August 12, 2010: Bergen -


This morning we'll head out to one of the main

attractions of this part of the world, the Briksdal
Glacier. We'll hike on foot to the closest point to
the huge glacier. From there we'll continue on
our way, and if the weather permits, we'll
ascend to an exciting viewpoint from where
we'll be able to see the Geirangerfjord spread
out beneath our feet. We'll continue to the fjord
where we'll board a ship and sail along the
water. Afterwards we'll continue to our hotel
for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Thursday, August 13, 2010: Domboss Gudbrands Valley - Lillehammer

We'll continue our tour to the northernmost point of our itinerary, where we'll climb the
Troll's Ascent and afterwards we'll descend down to the valet itself. We'll head eastwards to
Domboss and then south along Gudbrands valley to the town of Lillehammer. There we will
enjoy dinner and spend the night.

Day 6: Friday, August 14, 2010: Oslo

In the morning we'll start making our way to

Oslo, capital of Norway. We'll tour the city
center that recently underwent major upgrading
and gentrification. We'll see the impressive and
recently renovated city hall building. We'll tour
this interesting city and late in the afternoon we'll arrive to our hotel to prepare for Shabbat.

Day 7: Shabbat, August 15, 2010: Oslo

After Shabbat services and lunch, we'll take a walking tour of the city center. After our
Shabbat nap we'll head out once again to enjoy the sights of the city.

Day 8: Sunday, August 16, 2010: Oslo - Carlstadt

We'll complete our tour of Oslo in the morning and then in the afternoon we'll make our
way to the border crossing and cross over to Sweden. On our way to Stockholm, we'll spend
the night in Carlstadt.

Day 9: Monday, August 17, 2010: Carlstadt - Stockholm

This morning we continue on our way to Stockholm. In the afternoon we'll arrive in the
Swedish capital and take our first tour of the city. In the evening we'll arrive to the Jewish
community where we'll have supper. Afterwards, we'll make our way to the hotel. Overnight
in Stockholm.

Day 10: Tuesday, August 18, 2010 : Stockholm

Today we'll tour the interesting sites in this beautiful city. We'll see the Royal Palace and
"Gamla Stan" - Stockholm's Old City. We'll see Stockholm's famous pedestrian mall as well as
the Jewish community buildings where we'll have dinner. Afterwards we'll return to our
hotel to pack our bags for the trip home.

Day 11: Wednesday, August 19, 2010: Stockholm Home Gateway

After breakfast we'll complete our tour of Stockholm and then make our way to the airport
for our flight home.

Price Includes:
 First Class Tourist Hotels
 Entrance fees as per the itinerary
 Comfortable air conditioned touring coach
 Half board kosher food daily & supplies for making sandwiches for lunch
 Professional experienced English-speaking Israeli guide
 Local English-speaking Guide as required

Price Does Not Include:

 Travel & Health Insurance
 Personal expenses and evening entertainment not included in the itinerary
 Tips for local service providers (90 to be collected in cash abroad)
 Shows and evening entertainment not included in the itinerary
 Tip for our Tour Guide (Recommended: 2 per person per day)
 Miscellaneous expenses such as departure fees, visas, security surcharges etc. where
Important to Know:
 There may be changes to the order of places visited. We will make every effort to
visit every place mentioned in the itinerary.
 The tour organizers have no control over airline services such as seating, special
meal requests, changes in departure times or delays. These remain the sole
responsibility of the airline company.

Kashrut on Tours

Kosher food is provided to our travelers on all our tours. We work with the local Rabbinate
to provide Hashgacha for all local ingredients and fresh meat and poultry. In some cases, we
fly in kosher food from Israel and other sources, depending on the destination of the tour.
We do not guarantee Pat Israel and Chalav Israel for all destinations.

In many destinations we have our own crockery and cutlery. Where we don't, we provide
disposables at the meals. When we cook in Hotel kitchens, we ensure proper Kashering and
we use our own kitchenware on kashered and covered surfaces. All this is done under the
strict supervision of our trained staff/guides who function as our Mashgichim.

Our travelers enjoy gourmet meals prepared by our team including fresh local fish, fruit, and
vegetables. This is an integral part of Jewish travel. We make great efforts to assure that our
travelers will experience local foods first-hand, while maintaining stringent observance of
Kashrut laws on all occasions.

Rabbi Menahem Fogel

A native of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Menahem Fogel served as a pulpit rabbi in South Africa and
Canada before returning to Israel in 1984 to take up the position of spokesman of Yad
Vashem, in Jerusalem, a position he held for six years.

Since that time he has held senior positions in both the public and private sectors developing
interactive computer systems for museums around the world. He also lived and worked in
the USA, Netherlands, Austria, UK and India. A lifelong yearning for travel led to his
becoming a Tour Manager in 2000 and developed expertise tourism to Japan & China,
Alaska, Canadian Rockies and Africa. Recently he took on the added role of Rav Hamachshir
for The Kosher Travel Club to ensure the highest standards of Kashrut are implemented on
all our Kosher Tours.

For any questions about Kashrut please feel free to email

Deposit, Cancellation Fees & Policy:

A 500 Deposit per person must be received at the time of booking in order to confirm your
reservation. Payment in full is due 90 days before departure. A minimum number of
participants are required to operate tour dates. If a minimum number has not been reached
prior to tour departure and the tour is cancelled you will receive a FULL refund.

90 days before departure bookings are refundable less a 100 administration fee
60-90 days prior to departure: 500 + 100 per passenger
30-60 days prior to departure: 1,000 + 100 per passenger
Less than 30 working days prior to departure: 100% of total - no refund
We strongly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance.


If you are joining us for the Land Tour package only (from outside Israel) you can get an
obligation free quote for your flights from

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance encompassing both cancellation and medical insurance is very important
and we cannot stress that enough. We strongly recommend that our clients are adequately
insured when travelling. It is crucial to purchase the travel insurance within 14 days from the
1st payment that you make for this trip (flights/cruise/tour etc). Your payment is made
directly to the insurance company. We highly recommend the 'cancel for any reason'
upgrade option. Our preferred policies are Travel Safe (USA & Canadian residents), Travel
Select (USA residents) and Global Trip Protection Elite (All other Nationalities).
For an obligation free quote and further details email Yonah


To reserve your space on this tour, please complete the booking form below and return it
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Merchant Fee: AMEX 3%; Other 2% Transfer Card
BANK INFORMATION: Eddies Travel Ltd; Bank HaPoalim-Branch 749 Netanya ISRAEL
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$500 USD Deposit per person must be received in order to confirm your reservation.
Full payment is due 90 days prior to departure.
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A minimum number of participants are required to operate tour dates. If a minimum number has not
been reached prior to tour departure and the tour is cancelled you will receive a FULL refund.

90 days before departure bookings are refundable less a $100 administration fee

60-90 days prior to departure: $500 + $100 per passenger

30-60 days prior to departure: $1,000 + $100 per passenger

Less than 30 working days prior to departure: 100% of total - no refund

We strongly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance.

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