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Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

Definition------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4

Characteristics of a Good team---------------------------------------------- 5

Stages of team Growth---------------------------------------------------------- 6

Dysfunction of Team----------------------------------------------------------- 7

Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7

Reference------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8

The tower of Babel is a structural building built in Babylon, a cosmopolitan city typified

by a confusion of languages. According to the biblical account, a united humanity of the

generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east,

participated in the building. In the book of genesis, the Tower of Babel was not built for the

worship and praise of Yahweh, but was instead dedicated to the glory of man, to "make a name"

for the builders. (Webster encyclopedia for tower of babel)

The first paragraph represents how the people on that time, demonstrated teamwork,

though we know that, tale on the bible wasnt a very good example for the humanity and how it

displeases God. However, Team work has a good side too, not just for own power but also for

everyones benefits. This word isnt just implied for a game or in a specific job. This word is a

general term for all the people with common goals doing together for the success of work.

On this report we will scrutinized what teamwork is and what is the benefits, etc of it. We

will submerge our selves to fully understand why all people cant do certain things without the

lending a hand of others. Or simply to comprehend the meaning of two heads are better than



Team work is concepts of people working together cooperatively as one in order to

accomplish the goals/objectives. In general dictionary it is defined as Cooperative or coordinated

effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common

cause, unison for a higher cause, people working together for a selfless purpose, and etc.

In health care setting teamwork is defined as collaboration of different people with

different specialties however, they still have the same goal, and that is to prevent, to cure, and to

rehabilitate. The team work is very important to this field because they deal with lives. Once a

nurse didnt notify the doctor, that the patient manifest abnormality then the word collaboration

is ineffective and not been use. And worst the patient may die. Medical technologist specialize in

the laboratory results, doctors concentrate to the illness, nurses dedicate to care. All of this has

one common goal, nothing but the patients welfare.

In a game the word teamwork is define by the players itself. Their eagerness to succeed a

in the finals is their main goal, to win and have a trophy, and most of all the unity of each other.

And lastly it is defined as putting together of their hands, building a mansion of trust,

molding the thru spirit of communication and succeeding the company.


very team has characteristic, but in order to make a good result of the goal the members of

the team should posses one of this, to make the team unify as one. To connect and to maintain

the common goal as it is.

The Characteristics of my report, pertains to my real experienced as a member, what they

have possesses, and what I perceive on them as individuals, and this may vary from the real

characteristics of team work.

c Collaborative another term for helping each other for the common goal.

c Competent team members educated suited for the job. Qualified and responsible


c Skills that compliment others this will make the members valued by praising their


c Aarticipative self explanatory

c With open and clear communication for the team to understand constructive criticism

and accept ideas.

c nthusiast interested, eager to help and do the job

c Aersuadable members - to succeed in causing a person to do or consent to something


 Team work is important in almost every activity of humans life. Not only in sport and at

big factories or other multi tasking jobs. team work plays a great role. Also occupations like

managers, negotiators, salesmen and in health care lines have a lot in common with working in a

team. For example in a health care line, a nurse collaborates with colleague nurses and doctors

even in the lowest rank as a orderly. If the nurse fails to inform the doctor that something

happens to the patient 1 then this will be a big problem. Or rather, if the head nurse of the

pediatric station doesnt know how to handle her/his fellow then it is not a team work.

He must know the four stages of team development. These are the four stages of team

development. It's a model of group development proposed by Bruce Tuckman and its a result of

the research taken over the years which shows that teams are developing passing through such


c Forming

c Storming

c Norming

c Aerforming


c ack of commitment

c Fear of failure

c Absence of trust

c Failure of communication/ closed minded person

c ack of participation

Team work should have effective collaborative skills necessary to work well in team

environment so this is not just a team that will put their ideas without putting their minds and

heart on their job, as I stated earlier in the introduction. Because it involves sacrifices, sharing of

rewards, sharing the blame and punishments, true uniformity, suppression of personal opinions,


This is not very pleasant to many of those likely to work alone/ individually. This is a

contradictory to the game called TAG OF WAR. In this game it really possesses teamwork,

where all the playmates hold their hands, pull to win it. But if one fails to pull, energy of the

team goes down, and then everything follows they fall.


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Aublished 1/28/2010

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