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FUNCTIONALITY: Categories are the method by which the items in inventory can be
separated logically and functionally for planning, purchasing and other activities.You
can use categories and category sets to group your items for various reports and
programs. A category is a logical classification of items that have similar
A category set is a distinct grouping scheme and consists of categories. The
flexibility of category sets allows you to report and inquire on items in a way that
best suits your needs.

Suppose we need a category called INV_COLORS. We can define multiple colors in this
category and then assign this category to an item.
1. Item1 - Black
2. Item2 - Red
3. Item3 - Green
4. Item4 - Orange

1] First we need to create a value set to hold these colors.

Navigation > Setup: Flexfields: Validation: Sets
Validation type Select: Independent

2] Next we need to enter our values in the INVENTORY_COLOR valueset

Navigation -> Setup: Flexfields: Validation: Values

Save and close the Screen.

3] Now we need to create a KFF Structure
Navigation Setup: Flexfields : Key: Segments
Create the structure name: In the Code field enter INV_COLORS

4] Click on the Segments button.

Enter the Number field: 10

Enter the Name field: Color

Enter the Window Prompt: Color (This value will appear on the screen)

Enter the Column field: Segment1 (you can choose any column)

Save and exit the form.

5] Check the Freeze flex field Definition, the following warning will appear.

Click OK.
6] The Compile button is now available to be selected. Click on the compile button
Click Ok
Close the form.
7] Go to View -> Request and Verify that the new Category flexfield compiled successfully.
8] The new structure is ready for use. Now lets create a category.
Navigation : Setup: Items: Categories: Category Codes

Enter the structure name: INV_COLORES

Enter the category: BLACK

(Note the form does not provide an LOV for the categories. You will need to
use edit symbol at the top of the page or e to bring up the lov)

Enter the description

9] Next we create our category set.

Navigation Setup: Items: Categories: Category Sets

Fill in the category set Name: INV_COLORS_SET

The description: Inventory color set

The Flex Structure: INV_COLORS

The Controlled: Org Level

Default Category: BLAC


You can define manufacturer part numbers for items. You can use this information
for reporting purposes; and in catalog searches for particular items.
Navigate to the Manufacturers window , Enter the name of the manufacturer &
Save your work.

1. Navigate to the Manufacturers window.

2. Choose Parts.
3. Enter a manufacturer part number.
4. Enter an item.
You can assign the same item to multiple manufacturer part numbers


Navigate Inventory Responsibility -> Transactions -> Transaction Open Interface

-- This form queries the MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table

You can view, edit, and correct transaction received through the transaction open
interface. Using the folder or single row windows, you can choose how to view the
information appropriate for a particular transaction. You can also resubmit
transactions for processing.
To view pending open interface transactions:
1. Navigate to the Transaction Interface folder window. The Find Transactions
window appears.
2. Enter search criteria for the transactions you want to view. You can search
for transactions based on processing information or transaction details.

3. Choose Find to start the search. The results display in the Transaction
Interface window.
4. Select an alternative region to display a type of information:
Error: Interface transaction error information.
Location: Interface transaction location information.
Source: Interlace source information
Intransit: Interface intransit shipping information.
Others: Miscellaneous header and costing information.

Navigate Inventory Responsibility -> Transactions -> Pending Transactions

-- This form queries the MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP table

10] After creating the category set, we can assign it to any items

To assign an item to a category from the Category Set window:

1. Navigate to the Category Set window.
2. Enter a category set.
3. Choose Assign. The Item Assignment window appears.
4. Select the item from the current organization to assign to the category.
5. Select a category.
The list of values contains categories with the same flexfield structure as the
category set you selected in the Category Set window. If Enforce the list of
valid categories is selected the list is limited to those categories.
5. Save your work.

1. Navigate to the Master Items Summary or Organization Items Summary

2. Select an item.
3. Choose Categories from the Special menu.
The item you selected appears at the top of the Category Assignment
4. Select a category set
5. Select a category.
The list of values contains categories with the same flexfield structure as the
category set you selected. If Enforce the list of valid categories is selected
the list is limited to those categories.
6. Save your work.