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The Never-ending Discussion on Abortion


Abortion has been around since ancient times. How

long has the United States been debating back and forth on
weather states or the national government should govern
the abortion laws? How long have people debated weather
women have the absolute right in having the freedom to
have an abortion or that abortions should be legal due the
fact that it is taking place inside her? How many people
debated weather it is a moral sin or not? The discussion on
abortion will never be resolved. People have their strong
opinions on how they think and feel, even philosophers.
People of different genders, religion, culture, government
and politics will always be involved. It is difficult if not almost
impossible to change someones beliefs. The way I see it is
there will never be a right or wrong answer, even if it were to

be outlawed, people would find a way to perform abortions.

Through out my research I have come across reasons why
women have abortions. Some being, they are not ready,
contraceptives failed, finances, relationship situations; all of
them lead to the fact that it was unplanned. There will never
be a solution that appeals to both sides on the matter. But I
feel like there are things we can do to lessen the frequency
of its occurrence. If we want to reduce the number of
abortions than we should start with reducing the number of
unwanted pregnancies.
As of 2015, the teen birth rate was 22 births per 1,000
teen girls (age 15-19), and there were 229,888 births to teen
girls. Since its peak in 1991, the teen birth rate declined by
64% (The National Campaign). Obama Care has played a
small yet effective role by providing free contraceptives to
help prevent unplanned teen pregnancies. The National
campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
features sex education and effective programs. The National
Campaign statuses a caution thats poor funding of effective
programs can lead youths in risk in sexual behavior.

Basically, that if there is not proper funding or effective

teaching to the students of the actual facts then they are
attributing to the teen pregnancy rates. Mississippi had the
third highest teen birth rate in the United States in 2012.
More than 4,700 girls ages 15 through 19 gave birth
approximately 13 per day. (NCSL)

Whether one may be for abortion or not, I believe it

may be very effective to learn about the process of all
trimesters of abortion procedures in sex education. In the
United States we have 19 abortions per 1,000 women and as
for Europe its 18 abortions per 1,000 women a year. I
believe that by showing the process of how abortions are
performed such as the animated abortion procedure videos
explained by formal abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino,
students will understand how serious unplanned pregnancies
can lead to. Dr. Levatinos videos are shared throughout the
social networks, the majority of /people and students are
already exposed to these explained educated videos so why

sugar coat these life learned experiences? Already, many

who see the process of how abortions are done begin to
rethink the thought of it in their minds. This is not about
being against abortion or for it, its about making sure that
people and students get the proper education so that when
life experiences comes their way they can make proper and
preventive decisions. I understand that school systems
struggle to not offend students beliefs, religion, culture, and
his or her parents. I understand that parents have their own
way of teaching their beloved youths; I just hope that you
can see that giving people more knowledge is not
necessarily a bad thing. Should we not teach people/ youths
so that they can learn for themselves, understanding the
repercussions of whatever their choice may be?

Arguments will continue back and forth about if its moral,

whether national government or state controls laws of
abortion. My proposal is that we go to our education system

and instead of teaching abstinence or just birth control, we

go deeper and teach the specifics of abortion, so no one is
caught off guard, they will already know the gritty details of
the consequences of unprotected sex, allowing them to
make more educated decisions in the face of teen pregnancy
or stopping it from occurring. Should we not give our country
as a whole more education on the topic? (Maybe talk about
education regarding contraception as well. We need to teach
the options we can use to prevent pregnancy and then
options available to you if you do become pregnant).

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