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Student: Shane Murphy

Class Observed: Junior Infants, Senior Infants.

1st and 2nd Class.

Date: 21/10/2016


As I embarked on my first
insight into being a
teacher I was thoroughly
shocked when I got to the
school I was shocked at
the size of the school.
Then I was in complete
disbelief after the teacher
told me there were only 3
people in second class. I
went in that morning and
saw Jackie and greeted
her. We chatted for about
5 minutes and then the
children started to arrive
so school was about to
start. We then said a
morning prayer. Martin
who was teaching 3rd, 4th,
5th and 6th class, was
there as a substitute as
the principal was away.
As the day progressed I
helped the children make
there lanterns for the Sea
Week parade. The pupils
had very good manners
and were very grateful
for us helping them. The
teacher was very
punctual and good at
timekeeping. The
children got there break
at the exact time and
they came back in from
there break on time also.


A professional approach to teaching should be seen

in the same light as a professional approach to law,
medicine or engineering. (Ramsden, 2003, p. 11). I
was very intrigued and curious to see how such a
small school was run. I went to a big primary school
so I am used to big classes. I also noticed that their
facilities (playground, pitch etc.) were extremely
small. I thought to myself that if theres already two
major differences between my old school and this
one, that maybe there may be some major
differences in other things to do with the school as in
maybe what they teach, how they teach and so on. I
also noticed that the children had their initials on the
back of their jumpers. Throughout the day I realised
that the class were a bit giddy and I noticed that
Jackie had to repeat herself but was very professional
when doing so. She was very calm and collected and
she was more educating them than just giving out to
them and the children did learn from it after she
repeated herself a few times. I also noticed that both
the teachers tone and use of language changed
when she went from talking to us to talking to the
pupils. She spoke in an everyday kind of colloquial
manner to us but as soon as she went back to the
children she spoke within her authority and got the
childrens attention straight away. While doing this
she didnt act like she owned the children she was
just being herself and I think thats what helped her. I
also noticed that any time Jackie wanted attention
she had a habit of saying FREEZE and this got the
students attention straight away. When the teacher
was talking to a pupil she would stoop down to their
level. If they were on the floor she would sit down
with them. This would give the pupil some
confidence and it doesnt make the teacher out to be
some sort of scary person who just towers over them
and make them feel uncomfortable or scared. You

should be motivated and able to take increasing
responsibility for your own professional development
and have a creative and constructively critical
approach towards innovation (Ellis, 2007, p. 19)

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