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Telepathy: The ability to read another persons thoughts and communicate using the
mind. An amateur can read a persons thoughts; an adept could manipulate a persons
body, control and alter thought processes and memory, plant false images and memories
into the mind, and even kill a being by turning off the brain.
Telekinesis: The Ability to move and manipulate objects using the mind. An amateur can
more objects without touching them, an Adept can manipulate and even disassemble
machines, and can possibly extend to manipulating the molecules of objects.
Psycokinesis: The ability to create physical force by using the mind
Clairvoyance: The ability to see possible futures or outcomes of events
6th Sense: the ability to sense immediate impending danger or harm
Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and/or manipulate fire and flames using the mind.
Aquakinesis: The ability to manipulate water and liquids using the mind.
FerroKinesis: The ability to manipulate iron, rock, metals and other minerals by using
the mind.
Aerokinesis: the Ability to manipulate air, wind, and air currents by using the mind.
Omniscience: The ability to have specific knowledge without training, instruction, or
prior education. An omniscient would also have a photographic memory, and total recall
of any stimulus received.

Strength: the Ability to lift large objects and perform fits of strength beyond human
Invulnerability: the ability to resist injury and withstand high impacts
Speed: The ability to move and run faster than human means
Agility/ Reflexes: the ability to move, react, and maneuver the body beyond Norman
human means
Flight: the ability to repel themselves from the ground and fly.
Winged Flight: the ability to fly using physical wings that are biologically attached to the
Metamorph: the ability to change appearance into something else. An amateur can
change their outward appearance, and Adept can even change their mass, height and even
shape and texture of their body
Healing Factor: the ability to heal and regenerate from physical damage much faster
than Normal human means. May also include a resistance or Immunity to disease and
toxic materials and poisons.
Cellular Regeneration: the ability to completely regenerate and/or replace damaged or
missing parts of the human body.
Tactile Adhesion: the ability for the skin of the hands and feet to stick to other objects

Animalistic Mimicry: the ability to mimic the physical abilities, attributes, or appearance
of animals.
Matter Discharge: the ability to discharge matter from the body as projectiles
Tactile Mimicry: The ability to mimic the physical and structural attributes of any object
or substance by touching it
Mass Manipulation: the ability to manipulate or change ones own mass, or the mass of
Bionic Enhancement: Physical and/ or mental enhancement beyond normal human limits
by biomechanical technologies.
Cybernetic Replacement: The replacement of normal human organs or limbs with
technologically advanced prosthetic replacements that function better than the original
human ones
Biocellular Adaptation: The ability to adapt the Body and body chemistry to outside
Genetic Enhancement: The addition of abilities or super powers by altering the Human
bodys genetic makeup
Resurrection/ Immortality: The ability to completely regenerate or reform a new body
upon physical death, or the complete secession of Cellular oxidation and degration.
Granting the person complete immunity to aging and aging effects, such as body
Energy Generation: the ability to generate specific forms of energy and store it like a
Battery for various uses. Usually connected with the ability of Energy Manipulation
Energy Manipulation: Ability to control and manipulate specific forms of energy
Energy Discharge: ability to generate and discharge specific forms of energy
Energy Re-Channeler: the ability to absorb, and re-channel energy, usually the subject is
resistant to the negative effects of said energy
Energy Transmutation: The ability to absorb one form of energy, and transmute it to
another form
Energy Reflection: the ability to deflect directed energy, or reflect it back to its source
Energy Absorbsion: the ability to absorb energy into the body. Usually the absorbed
energy can be neutralized, or used to enhanced or strengthen abilities
Gravity Manipulation: the ability to strengthen, negate, manipulate, or weaken the force
of gravity
Energy Barriers: The ability to create, generate, and maintain barriers of physical energy
or force.
Magic Manipulation: the ability to manipulate, and control the arcane energy called
magic. Can be enhanced by spiritual and mental training.
Time/ Space Manipulation: The ability to alter and manipulate dimensional time, either
relative to themselves, or the area around them. IE: Stop, speed up, or slow down time.
Time/ Space Teleportation: The ability to move oneself or others through time and space
to another point on the time/ space continuum. IE: travel through time

Dimensional Manipulation: the ability to manipulate the dimensional barriers that

separate existence or move between said dimensions
Teleportation: The ability to move from one point in space to another point without
traveling the distance in between
Astral Projection: the ability to project ones spiritual self away from the body to another
Astral Possession: the ability to project ones spiritual self away from the body to another
body, and take control of it
Life Absorbsion: the ability to absorb the life energy away from a living being, animal, or
plant to strengthen oneself.
Probability Manipulation: the ability to blurr the probability of alternate outcomes of the
current space/ time continuum. IE: changing ones luck
Physical Agility/ Reflexes: Special training that pushed flexibility, movement, and
response time to the peak of Human ability.
Martial Arts Training: Training of both armed and unarmed combat techniques to
enhance the persons fighting skills
Mental Training: the traning, study , and skill to push the Brains mental faculties to the
peak of human ability
Weapons Training: training in the use of firearms, blunt weapons, or bladed weapons to
enhance the persons fighting abilities.
Exoskeletal Enhancement: the ability to enhance and increase human abilities through
the use of a technological exoskeleton bodysuit.
Force-of-Will: the ability to use the human ability of force of will the bodys inner
chi energy to push abilities beyond normal human limits.