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The birth of Brazilian Football

The British bring their new game to Brazil. At first the locals
laugh at these strange, pale foreigners chasing a ball.

How it all began The Corinthians Club no

British and Dutch sailors first brought football longer exists in England but
brought to Brazil. They played games on the beaches their name lives on in a club
of the North-eastern coast. started soon after that first visit.
Football arrived in the cities of Brazil in the The Sport Club Corinthians
1870s. A British man called Mr Hugh taught the Paulista are still one of the most
game to the workers on the So Paulo Railway in popular teams in Brazil.
1882. On the Leopoldina Railway, a Mr John In 1914 Brazil played its first international match
introduced soccer in 1875 or 1876. against the English club Exeter City at the
Another important man in Fluminense's stadium The team was made up from
Brazilian football's early history was players from Rio and Sao Paulo - a rare case of
Charles Miller. Miller was born in cooperation between the two federations (see below).
Brazil in 1874, but was educated in Who won? Most reports suggest Brazil beat
England. When he returned to Exeter 2-0 but others claim a 3-3 draw.
Brazil in 1894 he brought soccer
equipment with him. Floodlights
The first official soccer match The first ever-Brazilian
was played in So Paulo in 1894. It floodlit soccer match was
was an immediate success. On the 18th August played on the 23rd June
1898 the first official club team was formed by the 1923. The pitch was lit with
Mackenzie College in So Paulo. the headlights of the cities
Soccer soon became popular all over Brazil. In trams. Republica beat S.E.
1900 the first soccer stadium was built in So Paulo. Linhas and 2 - 1.
A year later the So Paulo league was formed. The first soccer stadium
to install floodlights was Sao Januario in 1928 - a year
De Brito after the stadium was built. Sao Paulo F.C were one
During the early years of the century Brazils best of the first teams to play with a white ball. They
player was Petronillo de Brito. De Brito had painted a natural leather brown ball white.
exceptional ball control, and a powerful shot. He was In 1930 Brazil competed in the first World Cup
a very intelligent player at a time when soccer was a in Uruguay. It did not go well. Continuing problems
much more physical game than it is today. between the Rio and So Paulo federations resulted
in a weakened team. Brazil exited in the first round
The first British team to play in Brazil were the
Corinthians in 1910.
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