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Creating positive channels of communication with parents.
Establishing positive relationships and means of communication to further
involve parents in student learning.
This can be achieved by:
o Sending home a letter with students to introduce myself as well
as link our class website.
o Personal phone calls to introduce myself as the PSIII student
teacher as well as ensure that parents know that I am enjoying
having their child in the class.
o Ensuring that I attend multiple events that are student-centered
(ie. Athletics/Meet the Teacher Night)
o Reaching out to parents to ensure their involvement in
important nights like Parent-Teacher Interviews.
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12. The importance of engaging parents, and meaningfully, in
all aspects of teaching and learning.

Know how to develop and implement strategies that create and

enhance partnerships among teachers, parents/guardians and

September 12 Letters are sent home with students to
September 15 Letters are returned to me signed by
September 20 Meet the Teacher Night
September 29 parent phone calls are finalized.
Measuring Goals:
I will be able to measure this goal upon reflection of how well I was
able to communicate with parents. I will be able to see if different
means (phone calls, email, postings on my website and face to face
meetings) are able to enhance the well being of students at school.

Incorporating meaningful differentiation within a K&E science context.
Personalize learning in a way that is beneficial to diverse learners. This
means personalizing at the individual level, small group and whole class.
This can be achieved by:
o Incorporating different perspectives into the classroom. I have a
high population of First Nations students in my classrooms. It is
important that the First Nations, Metis and Inuit perspectives are
meaningfully incorporated into our learning as a class. Utilizing
the knowledge of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Liaison will be
a definite asset to this goal.
o using check in and review strategies - This is linked to the
opening and closure of lessons that I am aiming to strengthen
over the course of this practicum.
o Employing different levels of questioning using Blooms
Taxonomic Levels
o Strengthening and emphasizing introductions and closure of
lessons. One of the elements of my PSII that I would like to
further develop is my strengthening of introductions and
especially closures. Formative assessment is key to learning,
especially with students in K&E programs.
o Providing engaging content and materials for variety in the
o Integrating technology into the classroom when appropriate
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5. All students can learn, albeit at different rates and in different ways.
o Know how (incl. when and how to engage others) to identify
ways students' and the different learning styles. Respond to
these differences by creating multiple paths to learning for
individuals and groups, including those with special learning
6. The purpose of short, medium and long range planning
o Know how to translate curriculum and desired outcomes into
reasoned, meaningful and incrementally progressive learning
opportunities for students. Vary plans to accommodate
individuals and groups of students.
9. There are many approaches to teaching and learning
o Know a broad range of instructional strategies appropriate to
your area of specialization and subject discipline taught, and
know which strategies are appropriate to help different students
achieve different outcomes.
11. The purposes of student assessment.

o Know how to assess the range of learning objectives by selecting

and developing a variety of classroom and large-scale
assessment techniques and instruments. Analyze the results,
including those from provincial assessment instruments, and use
them for the ultimate benefit of the students.
First Week Develop individual and class goals for the semester and
the first unit. This will be continued on with different units. Students
submitted personal goals to me and then at the end of this first week,
we have created class goals. (Ongoing)
Review Strategies An important aspect that I seek to strengthen with
diversification of a K&E science class is ensuring that my introductions
and closures of lessons are well thought out and emphasized. Each
Friday (if able) we will be reviewing the concepts covered over the
week. Concepts for each day will be highlighted on the board at the
beginning of class.
Technological Integration Our school has great access to technology. I
will be utilizing different forms of technology to strengthen review ie.
Using Quizlet Flashcards and Kahoots as well as allow students to
create and become engaged with the content that they are studying.
Measuring Goal:
Investigating student work:
o If students are engaged with the material and it is at their level,
their better work will be demonstrated.