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Executive SummaryPart

A. Title of the Study:

A Feasibility Study on Rice in Roll

B. Name of Business:

Rice in Roll

The business proponents generated the company name as Rice in

Roll as it literally describes the food it serves to the customers in which the
rice is being rolled with Filipino dishes as its fillings. The proponents
specifically came up with the idea dedicated for those people who are always
in a hurry.
C. Store Location

Figure 1
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Executive SummaryPart

Location of the Business

Polytechnic University of The Philippines Taguig Branch, General
Santos Avenue Lower Bicutan, Taguig City.
Location of the Business is one of the most important factors that
should be included in the consideration when deciding to open or start
up a business, which is why it needs thorough planning and research.
The owner(s) must have an assurance that the business should be
accessible to its target market or otherwise it will make a huge failure
to the company and the money invested would be such a waste.
Since all of the proponents are from PUP Taguig, they have observed
that many students are complaining about the place where they could
eat comfortably. There isnt enough space to accommodate all
students to eat in the canteen due to lack of space and lack of funds of
renovating it. The proponents decided to put up a business hoping to
resolve what the problem of PUP Taguig students are facing.

Figure 2
Location of the business inside the university

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Executive SummaryPart
D. Description of the Logo

Figure 3
Business Logo
The proponents had accumulated an idea with the logo as appeared above,
for it mainly represents and emphasizes the product that is being introduced to the
market. The fonts color of the name of the business at the right side of the logo is
the same with the color of the Filipino flag as it portrays the Filipino side of the
product. The authenticity of sushi is being known to all as a product of Japan but by
this study, it is being showed off on its new reformation, to be known as a sushi
made up of Filipino dishes.

E. Brief description of the Project

This study is about bringing up a business, particularly a food stall that caters
a new kind of product. It introduces a sushi combined with Filipino cuisine as its
main dish. The objectives of the proponents in making this business possible isto
make an impression that the usual Filipino dishes that commonly serves on the
dinner table may be prepared in many other ways which can turn to be a meal that
is enjoyable to eat. And to prepare meals that is compatible to those who are
always in a hurry. The business mainly targets the students as its market that is why
it is proposed to be located inside the university. The business is mainly concern
with the cleanliness of the facility as well as the products it serves on the customers

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Executive SummaryPart
that is why it emphasizes its neatness, the presentation of the food, the
affordability, the food safety as well as meeting its customers needs and wants.

F. General Objectives of the Business



be able to introduce a new perception of the Filipino cuisine.

provide a new choice of taste of the students of PUP Taguig.
line up and surpass with other competitors using our catered product.
offer an affordable but with high quality and delicious meals.

G. Research and Methodology

The proponents used different techniques in gathering information to support
the study.
A survey has been conducted by the analysts to have a further
knowledge about the potential customers needs and wants. The Slovens
formula was used to get the sample size of the target respondents. To
determine the sample size using Slovens Formula, the analysts carried out
the population of Polytechnic University of the Philippines Taguig Branch.
The total population is 2,481 which is also the total market population used.
G.2.Slovens Formula
1+ (2573) (0.06)
N=Market Population size
e = Margin of error
n= Sample size
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Executive SummaryPart
= 251 respondents
1+ (2573) (0.06)

The analysts have conducted interviews on nearby canteen,
food stalls and other similar business to determine average annual sales they
gain in their business. The analysts also asked questions to the interviewee to
get some information that is necessary to the study.
The analysts have conducted consultations regarding unclear
and additional information necessary to the study being discussed. It was
also conducted to gain more knowledge and to be informed about the
different business requirements that the study needs.
G. 5. Mapping

Figure 4
Taguig City Map

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Executive SummaryPart
The study covered the PUP Taguig as the target market. The target
market is composed of different individuals such as: Admin and Faculty, staff
and students in Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Taguig Branch.

G. 7. Gathering of Information through Books and Internet

With the help of the books and advance technology, the researchers
have conducted a research to gather more information related to every
aspect of the study. The researchers have read several books related to
feasibility study and had a research through the internet which helped us
furnish every aspect of the research. We borrowed some studies related to
our research from the school library and from our professor. We also got
information from our previous subjects related in making a feasibility study
and notes which helped us finish this aspect.
H. Project Summary
1. Market Summary
The surveys conducted and other related information gathered is the
basis of the market projection of the Rice in Roll. Several things such as
competition, target market, markets population size, financial opportunity
and strength of the management team must be considered in conducting a
feasibility study. Demand and supply of the business' products and services
should be carefully studied through a thorough analysis or study of the
market. Marketing research can give a business a picture of what kinds of
new products and services may bring a profit. This section helps the
researchers identify if the study is feasible if the target population are willing
and able to avail their products and services.
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Executive SummaryPart
2. Technical Summary
This chapter discusses business production techniques and methods.
Using the information gathered from the market study, the researchers
project the business operational and technical feasibility. Rice in Roll is made
out of cooked rice rolled with Filipino dishes inside. This inventive way of
serving rice was influenced by the Japanese sushi added by Filipino flavor and
style. The flavours of the rolls are adobo, afritada, kaldereta, kare-kare,
mechado, menudo, pritongisda, pochero and silog. This section also contains
the equipment and machineries as well as the supplies used.

3. Management Summary
The management aspect implies a clear and precise identification of
duties and responsibilities, flow of authority and manpower level requirement.
Rice in Roll is a partnership type of business. The management side includes
the companys mission, vision and core values, the initial capital investment,
the organizational policies and procedures and the organizational chart.

4. Financial Summary
The financial study determines if the business is suitable to raise the
appropriate funds needed to implement the suggested project. It also
determines if it will remain profitable even though there are many
competitors existing in the university. The initial capital investment of the
Rice in Roll is Php 630,000.00 which came from the partners capital

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Executive SummaryPart
contribution. This chapter is composed of income statement, balance sheet,
and cash flow statement. Overall, the financial aspect of this section
quantifies the result of market, technical and management study.

5. Socio-economic Summary
The socio-economic section shows the contribution of the study to the
government and to the society. It also shows the purpose of the study which
is not merely for profit but also for the welfare of the people.

I. Scope and Limitation

The study will tackle the feasibility of a food restaurant that is located
inside a university, also the acceptance of the present and potential

The respondents are those different individuals who are male

and female from 16 years old and above.

The competitors that the business will consider are those carinderia, canteen,
fastfood and sidewalk vendors near the PUP Taguig.

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