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The teacher today is a facilitator who combines his years of experience with various strategies to get his students to achieve the necessary skills required to pass each level of education, to become a teacher does not just take time to prepare in college, the most important thing is to have love, vocation and patience to work for the benefit of children.

I did a few assignments that I will use when I became a teacher and those assignments that I did were my personal education philosophy, my philosophy of classroom management, Philosophy of Assessing student learning , the teaching demonstration and my reflection of the volunteer hours that I did in a school.

Ivonne Landin


Chapter 5

My personal Education Philosophy

As Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I know that education is the root of any civilized society. My own personal

philosophy is based on my own goals and my beliefs which are: helping our children to grow mental and emotionally and become productive in the future. I want to be someone that can help these children to obtain the necessary knowledge to be successful.

As an instructor, I will focus on helping my students in their educational process, I will help them to develop critical and creative thinking by using updated and practical techniques. I will be helping them to learn the most important values like respect, honesty, and responsibility. My final goal is that my students might be able to interact with their peers and that way generate an integrated community.

As I said at the beginning, I will base my program of education by knowing that education is the foundation of progress and develop. I also believe that education is a process that starts at home and continues at school. I know that including our children parents in the educational system is critical. I will respect and maintain a close relationship with these parents and I will include them in my decision and in the entire process. I know that by reinforce what the children have learned in school at their homes, it is possible to achieve a real and integrated human development. By providing a quality insightful education, we can assure a better future for our children. The role of the teacher is extremely important in this whole process. As an educator, we should be prepared to face this challenges. We must create a comfortable environment in which our children can express themselves and feel respected in all matters. I will always look for new opportunities to increase my knowledge and improve my skills as a teacher. Albert Einstein said

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”.

Ivonne Landin



Philosophy of classroom management

Chapter 10

A productive learning environment is a classroom that is safe, ordely,and focused on both

academic and social emotional learning and as it says on the book that in it “students feel

physically and emotionally safe, and the daily routines, learning activities, and expectations for

appropriate behavior are all designed to promote learning and development” (Emmer and


My plan to create productive learning environment for my students I will use communication caring, organize my classroom, prevent problems through planning and teaching affectively.

Communication Caring

A good teacher care about their students’ progress and let their students know it at all times and by showing this, first I will learn their names, I will use personal nonverbal communications, such as eye contact, smiling when I communicate with my students, I will get to know my students hopes, fears and preferences so I can communicate with them this knowledge, I will spend time with my student talking during lunch, before and after school.

Organizing my classroom

Organizing my classroom, I will be prepared instructional materials that my students will use such as books, textbooks and games, I will have exercises when the students enter into the classroom in the morning so they wake up and feel ready to learn, I will create establish routines like when they go to the bathroom, when they go lunch, they line up and turn in papers.

Preventing problems through planning

To prevent problems, I will have procedures and rules. The procedures that I will use in my class room for activities like when my student enter and leave the classroom they will line up, when

they turn in papers they will also line up, when they go to the bathroom they will have in the doors a notebook where they will put their name and they will put that they will go to the

bathroom so if another kid wants to go, he or she wait until the other kid come

They will also

.. have rules like raising their hands when they will say something, respect others, listen to the teacher when she is talking, be respectful, stay sitter, put attention, these are my rules that my students will use in my classroom.

Teaching effectively

Teaching effectively support and contribute to student learning and achievement, that you do the best job you can with the resources you have. To teach effectively in class I will create a safe and better learning environment with my

students. I will be very clear about the learning goal. I will have examples like pictures of what my students are going to learn, I will have activities that my students will do after they done their

job. As it says on the book that “as we plan for classroom management, we also need to simultaneously plan for effective instruction” (Good and Brophy, 2008; Greenberg, et al.,2014).

To address negative student behavior, I will let know my students the rules that we have in class, I will talk with my student about the problem that he or she has, I will seat the student right by me so he or she can put attention, I will give the student chores like pick up the garbage that is around the classroom.

By using communication caring, organize my classroom, prevent problems through planning and teaching affectively and how to address negative student behavior it is really important because if you do not have a good classroom management, student won’t learn and they will have a bad behavior in class if you as a teacher do not let the student what are the rules and procedures in the classroom, so you have to be very be careful on how you organize your classroom and how you will teach.

Ivonne landin

Edu 1010


Philosophy of Assessing student learning

Chapter 12

Assessment is the process we use to gather information and make decision about students learning process and make decisions about students learning process, and unfortunately; we tend to think of it’s as a process that comes after a lesson has been taught so quizzes and test are the most common forms of assessment, and indeed, we give our students after we teach lesson but as it says on the book that to asses most effectively, we should be thinking about assessment during our initial planning(Stiggins and Chappuis,2012).

Assessing students is very important because as since in obtaining the results, the teacher realize if the students develops his intellectual capacities normally, it is also important because the teacher is also evaluated and realizes if he or she is developing their methodologies properly and also if he or she is able to teach and guide the process of teaching and learning in students.

There are different types of assessments that we as a teacher can use to assess the students such as: questionnaires, inventories, interviews, standardized or criterion tests, oral exams, short tests,

portfolios, presentations, etc. it also includes the informal assessment that is the process of gathering information and making decisions during the course of learning activities , the formal assessment that is the process of systematically gathering the same kind commonly a paper and pencil quiz or test, the National assessment of educational progress that is a battery of achievement tests administered periodically to carefully selected samples of students and it is designed to provide a comprehensive picture of achievement for students across our country and the program of international student assessment it is a test programs designed to provide a compressive picture of students achievement in different counties across the world (Berliner,2015;Perry and Ericikan,2015).

To plan whether or not my students are learning I plan to give my students oral exams like ask my students question base on the topic that we do or by telling my students to draw a picture in a piece of paper if a read them a story and the picture will be about what was the book that I read them because by giving tests to kindergartens is hard for them so giving them oral exams is really easy for me and for my students.

If there are students that don’t learn I will find new methodologies and I will get help from other

teachers so I can help my students get to the right path and if I get negative results on the new methodologies and the help that I get from other teacher, I will go visit the student’s family that struggle on learning to see if there the problem comes.

Assessing students is really important because you as teacher realize if you are teaching properly and you know if your students really learned about what you teach them. The evaluation also aims, among other things, to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities that students have acquired and developed in the program to which they are attached.

EDU 1010 Orientation to Education Teaching Demonstration Name : Ivonne Landin Date : 11-30-16 Activity Title

EDU 1010 Orientation to Education

Teaching Demonstration

Name: Ivonne Landin

Date: 11-30-16

Activity Title: Busy Body Bingo for 1 graders Utah Core Standard: 1 students will develop a sense of self Objective (s): Describe and practice responsible behaviors for health and safety. Learning Outcomes: (What do you expect students to master as a result of your lesson?) My students will create an awareness of good physical condition throughout exercising sports and fun activities.

Instructional Procedures: In the mourning the first thing that I will do is greet my students, I will ask the students what they remember from last class (summary from previous class), I will

introduce todays class , I will ask my students what they know about the topic, I will teach them what we are going to do before we play bingo, so before we play bingo , I am going to have written on the board the three different ways to do physical activities that are sports, recreation and motion and these three physical activities are in the bingo card, so the picture in the bingo card represents the three physical activities in which we all together are going to put on the board, if it is sport, motion or recreations after we put all on where it belongs, we are going to play but while plating , whatever I tell them to mark, I am going to ask them if it is sport, motion or recreation physical activity so after we finish playing, they remember what are the tree physical activities are because after we finish playing I will erase everything what we wrote on the board , I will ask them what are the three physical activities that we can do, and for homework I will tell them to go to the park with friends or family and to the physical activities that we learn, so they think that by doing physical activities, it is good for their body.


Bingo charts and bingo chips.

Family Connections: (take home activity)

I will tell my students to go to the park with friends or with their family and do some physical activities.

Assessment Plan: (how do you plan to assess whether or not students mastered the

skill/concept?)At the end of the presentation, I will ask the students what are the three ways to do physical activities and also after a week I will ask them if they went to the park with friends or family to do the physical activities and if they went I will ask them what activities they did.

Ivonne Landin

Edu 1010



Being a teacher is an art, a profession and a vocation. An art because each group, each child, needs a variation, an adjustment and personal attention, which requires sensitivity, flexibility and originality, it is also helping, guiding, driving without manipulating, guiding, and being friends with students

A teacher also is not only the person who sits behind a desk to teach reading and writing, a teacher is a partner who cares about his students, who is willing to continue learning day by day to continue teaching.

All these days that I went to do volunteer hours, I observed so many things that I will face when I became a teacher, as I was observing the students and the teacher, I notice that you as a teacher face so many things in the classroom like there are students that do not pay attention and they do not learn , I observed this in the classroom that I volunteered , there are students that instead on paying attention while the teacher is explaining what they are going to do ,they are doing something else but I notice that the teacher knows because she always was paying attention on them and if they were not putting attention she always call them to stop and the students always listen to her and they start paying attention, so as I observed the students know that they have to put attention while the teacher is explaining what they are going to do or when the teacher tell

them to stay silence working, they stay silence doing their work . I really liked how she teaches, she is a really good teacher, I liked how she has her classroom organized and how she has her plan on what her students are going to learn in the day, and also, I liked how she has her classroom rules set, her students are so awesome because as I observed them, they work hard and they participate a lot when they are discussing something. I loved do volunteer hours because I felt like I was the teacher because every time I went there, I helped students do their work. So this was a great experience do volunteer hours because I think that it will help me when I became a teacher and I think all these things that I observed, I will face in my classroom with my students but I think that every student is different so I may face things different than those things I observed in the classroom I volunteered but I hope that those things I observed in the classroom I face them because I want students to participate and work hard and also I will work hard so I can became a great teacher so every student became a great students as they grow up , I think that being a teacher is really great because you are there to help students so they can be great in the future and also you as a teacher learn a lot from your students.