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Robby Ackles
Math III Honors
Mr. Dave Corner
Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stock Market Analysis (Nasdaq)

Part I: Review/Breakdown
The most popular stock since the beginning of the year in the Nasdaq Stock Exchange
was Inc. (FLWS) as of Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 10:00am. As in the
case of the New York Stock Exchange, it is critical to note the period at which the stock is most
popular because of market fluctuation on a daily basis. CNN Money has found the stock to have
a year-to-date value of +51.79% for a price of $11.05 per stock. Investors have found
1-800-Flowers to be especially worthy of monetary contributions after the company introduced a
digital gift card experience for consumers.
The largest gain among stocks in the Nasdaq Stock Exchange was lululu athletica1
(LULU) in accordance with the date and time listed above. The stock is currently priced at
$69.41 and has increased by 15.99% with its volume found to be 11,562,255. The rise in
lululemons value can be credited to their innovative product trends, and new features that the
organization is adding to a variety of its athletic wear.
On the other hand, the largest loss among stocks in the Nasdaq Stock Exchange was
Horizon Pharmaceuticals (HZNP), with a price of $15.69 per share and a decrease of 19.08%.

Company name is all lowercase

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The organization abandoned a crucial drug trial after the drug proved ineffective, which resulted
in investors taking their shares for current value to avoid further downfall. It does not get better
for Horizon, as the stock is projected to plunge for the next few months following the aftermath
of the drug failure.
Many investors have pointed to the stock of the Callon Petroleum Company (CPE) to
watch over the next month or so. The stock has increased by at least 50% of its value in late
October and early November, and long-term market charts see the stock continuing its fast pace
up the ranks of stocks worth investing in. With a current President-elect that has restated his
interest and trust in the oil industry, petroleum stocks should rise as a collective group.

Part II: Relevance to Math Concepts

As stated in my last paper, the stock market is largely (if not completely) dependent on
mathematics to provide meaningful data and trends to investors, which includes a variety of
unique measures. In order for an investor to make smart decisions on which stocks to buy and
which stocks to sell, he or she needs to be aware of current data that could persuade them one
way or another. Some investors are constantly alarmed by downward trends in percentages, stock
pricing, YTD values and others, and sell those stocks immediately. Other investors are willing to
stick with a stock for a longer period of time, hoping that the graphs and charts will one day
convey a more hopeful trend in times of economic inactivity or a significant decrease in value.
No matter which type of investor one is, mathematics plays a role in the decision-making

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One calculation that is helpful for investors is that of accrued interest, which is the
amount of interest that a bond has accumulated over time since the initial investment (principal
investment). To calculate accrued interest, one must take the annual interest rate and divide it by
twelve to find the monthly interest rate, and then divide that value by 100 to receive a decimal.
Once the decimal is discovered, the next step is to find the average daily balance of the
investment, which can be found by multiplying the balance of the investment by the number of
days that the balance was in existence, and adding that value to the product of the balance plus
additional borrowings and the number of days left in the month from the amount of time that the
balance was present. This is all divided by the number of days in the respective month to find the
average daily basis. The average daily basis can now be multiplied by the monthly interest rate to
find the accrued interest rate.
There are a plethora of formulas and measures that circulate through the stock market
from one day to the next, and it is difficult for investors to put a finger on which ones are most
important. However, by staying active in the stock market and potentially meeting with a
stockbroker or investment advisor on occasion, the terms become more clear.