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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.

Date: 06. 03. 2016
- Fixed the corrupted level 2 of the New hope campaign, that was producing c
orrupted saves.
If you are already playing this level, you have to start it over, I'm sorr
y for the trouble.
- Fixed the performance issue in the same level after train transport is res
- Fixed that the game reported the error to be related to overlay always whe
n it crashed.
- Fixed rare crash related to splitting item in entity that is just about to
be destroyed. (
- Sending random packets to factorio port can still crash the server eventua
lly, the probability will just be lower. (
- Running biters over with a car or tank will make them aggressive in peacef
ul mode (
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.25
Date: 03. 03. 2016
- Fixed quickbar selection handling when accepting blueprint with item in cu
rsor. (
- Train stations in the new hope level 2 had neutral force, so they weren't
selectable as part of the schedule. (
- Fixed that wall graphics variations were not randomized when built by robo
ts. (
- Fixed that rail signals were not visible under remnants. They are drawn ab
ove now. (
- Fixed that the multiplayer menu would allow one to resume the game as the
game was already being disconnected, which would inevitably lead to a crash (htt
- Possible fix of rare lua garbage collector error.
- Fixed Combinator special signals not summing the inputs correctly(again).
- Fixed green circuit network signals icons in power pole tooltip.
- Fixed that multiplayer-specific options were available in the demo build o
f Factorio (such as --start-server) (
- Fixed crash when using screens connected to both AMD and Intel graphics ca
rds (
- Fixed very rare chance of a bug when window is closed at the same moment w
hen autosave starts.
- Fixed two sources of rounding errors related to research. (https://forums.
- Fixed that replaying multiplayer game ended once any player died. (https:/
- Fixed the ungraceful error message when version/mods don't match in multip
layer. (
- Fixed game not restarting when mods were changed (https://forums.factorio.
- Fixed headless server not working with the Steam version (https://forums.f

- Fixed that destroying a chain signal in the same tick as it was created cr
ashed the game (
- Fixed fullscreen issues on multimonitor configurations (https://forums.fac
- Fixed crash when canceling crafting of a recipe who's ingredients have cha
nged in the meantime (
- Fixed update of stand-alone ZIP package should not require elevated rights
on Windows (
- Fixed specific crash in replay viewing. (
- Fixed game ignoring local changes in config when using Steam Cloud.
- Fixed double key in smart inserter definition, causing it to be slower tha
n fast inserter. (
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.24
Date: 24. 02. 2016
- Updated sountrack.
- Fixed corrupted player-data.json message on startup.
- Fixed unnecessary game restart when no mods were changed.
- Fixed crash due to electric network migration during load of some more comp
lex games. (
- Fixed very long belt lines would crash game (
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.23
Date: 22. 02. 2016
- Scenario pack was moved to the base game package.
- Any changes in the mods settings will automatically trigger the game to be
restarted. (
- The alerts are disabled when player or combat robots get hurt/destroyed. (I
t was especially annoying in multiplayer).
- Underground belt connection visualisation in the "to build preview" wasn't
proper. (
- Fixed that picked up item event wasn't fired when picking items from the be
lt. (
- Fixed that technology list and preview weren't updated when technology was
researched in multiplayer. (
- Fixed a crash after merging forces when the destroyed force's labs were res
earching (
- Fixed that it looked like it was possible to repair a tree in multiplayer.
- Fixed that the max health instead of current health was used for crash calc
ulations. (
- Fixed that the game could desync when someone joined while someone else was
- Fixed that trains were signalling No Path after update (http://www.factorio
- Fixed that accumulators kept their energy when destroyed and retuilt by rob
ots. (
- Fixed the occasional 1pixel gap between vertical steam engine and a pipe.
- Fixed beacon would not re-activate when its deconstruction order was cancel
- Fixed various desynchronisations in multiplayer caused by beacon. (http://w
- Fixed Combinator "each" special signal not summing the inputs correctly (ht
- Fixed players in multiplayer game would not see progress of new player down
loading a map in server/client configuration.
- Fixed crash when checksum error was detected while connecting to multiplaye
r game. (
- Fixed that the full mod change info for recipes wouldn't display if only th
e counts were modified on the recipe. (
- Fixed crash when car collided with decorative entity in object layer. (http
- Fixed that game.load (inner load) crashed the game in multiplayer. It still
causes disconnect though.
- Removed the screen2realposition and real2screenposition methods from lua ap
- Extended the soundtrack.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.22
Date: 22. 01. 2016
- Fixed that save is not loadable when mod changes type of entity. (http://ww
- Fixed that enemy train stops were visible in the rename station gui. (http:
- Fixed freeze when there is no place to put character when he exits the vehi
cle and there is no exit point. (
- Fixed internally inconsistent data state after cancelling deconstrution fro
m script in a certain way. (
- Fixed that map/minimap wasn't updated when settiles was used. (http://facto
- Fixed the graphics inconsistencies related to belt versus inserter drawing.
- Files starting with dot are ignored when opening locale files to ignore gar
bage files that mac is leaving around. (
- Fixed the line trigger target specification. (
- Fixed that neutral entities were shown red on the map. (Applies mainly in t
he campaign)
- Fixed sorting of item groups in the crafting window.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.21
Date: 06. 01. 2016
- Dropped support for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
- Fixed random crash with "Trying to make chunk at unreasonable position" (h
- Fixed crash when calling the set_tiles with non existent terrain parameter
. (
- Fixed that label could go out of the window in other settings. (http://www
- Fixed that the energy progress bar was missing on personal roboport equipm

ent. (
- Cannon shells will not have plural in the item name to be consistent with
other items.
- Fixed slight direction bias with the flamethrower (http://www.factorioforu
- Fixed items in logistic GUI sometimes disappearing or reappearing.(http://
- Fixed copy&paste on linux, again (
- Fixed controls settings gui bad alignment in some situations(http://www.fa
- Fixed the scripting error in the 3rd level of the transport belt madness.
- Fixed various scripting errors in the tight-spot scenario.
- Fixed that enemy train stations were selectable when setting train destina
tion. (
- Fixed crash that could happen when logistic networks are disconnected. (ht
- Fixed invalid gui pointing messages (visible namely in the first demo leve
- Fixed that entities could overlap wrongly in blueprint preview. (http://ww
- Fixed that roboport sound continued even when it was out of power.
- Fixed that train could crash a gate by accelerating too fast. (http://www.
- Fixed construction robots would lose their charging destination when robop
ort is activated/deactivated (
- Fixed that entities marked for deconstruction would be instead rebuilt if
they were destroyed before the actual deconstruction (http://www.factorioforums.
- Fixed undefined behaviour (crashes) when manually (from script) deactivate
d entity was killed and rebuilt by construction robot. (http://www.factorioforum
- Fixed the scripting bug in the first tutorial level. (http://www.factoriof
- Fixed the defines.circuitconditionindex.inserter_logistic value (should be
2 not 1).
- Fixed crash when accessing item on the ground inserted into belt. (http://
- When attacking a player in a tank, the tank will be attacked instead of th
e player directly (
- Better error message when specifying list of filenames instead of one in r
otated sprite. (
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.20
Date: 04. 12. 2015
- Fixed crash when attempting to set font color on styles that don't support
it. (
- Fixed Lua stack overflow when data.raw got too big (http://www.factoriofor
- Fixed units sometimes getting stuck at the end of their paths (http://www.
- Fixed clicking on mod GUI in replay would crash the game (http://www.facto
- Fixed inventory slots with filters did not have hover and click style (htt

- Fixed the inconsitance between personal/normal roboport power consumption

description. (
- The right part of the research window is also scrollable when it doesn't f
it the screen. (
- Fixed that the west/east rotation graphics of chemical was reversed. (http
- Fixed crash when merging a force with disconnected player (http://www.fact
- Fixed Production/Electric network statistics windows resetting position ev
ery few seconds. (
- Fixed the preview drawing boxes of some entities.
- Fixed chain signal not preventing crash when a train passed twice through
one block (
- Fixed crash when loading a game saved by the server with only one player t
hat is currently disconnected.
- Technology prototypes now have optional integer property "icon_size". Defa
ult value for non-base mods is 64 (and 128 for base mod).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.19
Date: 24. 11. 2015
- Fixed Optics technology icon was corrupted sometimes on OSX. (http://www.f
- Fixed crash in GroupBehavior (
- Ingame changelog only shows changes since the last stable release.
- Fixed beam weapon and turret issues (
- Fixed rocket silo inserters sometimes getting stuck (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed ghost trains appearing on minimap.
- Fixed manual crafting bug that could be exploited to get resources (http:/
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.18
Date: 23. 11. 2015
- Fixed replay of a game created from another replay would crash the game. (
- Fixed that rotating an unpaired underground transport belt wouldn't make i
ts items go back (
- Fixed construction robots sometimes not picking up an underground transpor
t belt whilst deconstructing it if it contains items (http://www.factorioforums.
- Fixed all personal construction robots could get stuck waiting for trees t
o be gathered (
- Fixed crash caused by allowing mods to order units to attack a disconnecte
d player's character (
- Fixed rare crash with construction robot. (
- Fixed the info about the energy consumption of personal roboport, to show
the maximum consumption as other machines.
- Inventories with limit (chests) can get scroll bars when they are too big
as well. (
- Fixed, that the train could get stuck when it has to accelerate to get to
station that is very close. (

- Fixed map exchange strings not being accepted when the quote sequence cont
ains spaces (
- Fixed locomotive not centered on rails. (
- Fixed train lights were further away than they should be. (http://www.fact
- Fixed spitters freezing in some cases (
- Fixed crash when trying to load replay from save that doesn't contain leve
l-init.dat (
- Fixed incorrect default request amounts for shield and battery euquipment
due to typo (
- Fixed save with modded roboport could become unloadable without the mod (h
- Fixed beam animations for modded weapons (
- Fixed that reconnecting train in special case lead to corruption of the ra
il state. (
- Improved formating of map exchange string.
- Reading or writing LuaPlayer::character will now fail if the LuaPlayer isn
't connected (see LuaPlayer::connected).
- Lua API documentation is included in release packages (directory doc-html)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.17
Date: 12. 11. 2015
- New technology Icons!
- New item group icons.
- Updated the icons of rocket silo, beacon, sulfur, armors, stone brick and
- Fixed that assembling machines/furnaces could get stuck after changing mod
configuration that affects their recipe.
- Fixed that the window title was "Allegro" on mac os. (http://www.factoriof
- Fixed crash on exit with Steam overlay. (
- Fixed displaying of update unavailable message with disabled experimental
- Added workaround for problem with AMD drivers that could cause missing or
corrupted textures on some systems.
- Fixed that making a blueprint of a ghost was not saving circuit connection
- Fixed occasional crash during update after UAC dialog pops-up. (http://www
- Fixed that the value of the checkbox in tips and tricks wasn't set up prop
- Fixed that rocket silo electric energy drain was applied twice. (http://ww
- Fixed chain signals getting stuck on red (
- Fixed crash while rotating locomotives that crashed into something (http:/
- Fixed an issue causing desync. (

- Fixed crash when loading save with lua tables that are nested more than ex
pected. (
- Added global log method that can be used to debug script problems.
- Added LuaFluidPrototype::localised_name property.
- Fixed that LuaInventory::insert didn't follow the slot restrictions. (http
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.16
Date: 30. 10. 2015
- Fixed chain signal state propagation (
- Added "markers" that will be recognized by nVidia and AMD drivers as hints
to run Factorio on high performance GPU if switchable graphics technology is pr
- Improved burner inserter's fuel searching logic; it will now search both t
ransport belt lines for fuel (
- Fixed crash when building locomotive on the junction. (http://www.factorio
- Fixed crash when the first lab is built by construction robots. (http://ww
- Fixed crash related to train stopping for auto control. (http://www.factor
- Removed the limit of 800 pixels height of the recipe gui. (http://www.fact
- Fixed problems with too big character windows with too big inventory (modd
ed) on screens that can't hold it, by making it scrollable.
- Fixed problem with night vision effect on some PC configurations. (http://
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.15
Date: 28. 10. 2015
- Fixed that it wasn't possible to execute ui actions while the game was sto
pped (research, tips and trikcs etc.)
- Fix of fix of loading of game containing lua objects.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.14
Date: 26. 10. 2015
- Added new smoke graphics
- Fixed loading of game containing duplicate lua tables. (http://www.factori
- Fixed flickering light intensity at the edge of the screen when moving.
- Fixed crash when pasting from empty clipboard into console on OS X.
- Fixed crash when reviving train stop that was connected to rail while dest
royed while the rail no longer exists.
- Some ui actions made while the game was being saved were actually not exec
uted altough it looked like it.

Version: 0.12.13
Date: 23. 10. 2015
- Fixed that blueprint gates were colliding with ghost gates with same type
and direction. (
- Fixed that LuaEntity::clear_request_slot and set_request_slot wouldn't upd
ate the logistics GUI if it happened to be opened at the same time. This time it
's fixed for logistic chests as well. (
- Fixed crash when trying to open car GUIs in the map editor. (http://www.fa
- Fixed the desync issues related to converting floating point numbers to st
ring in lua. (
Note: until 0.13 other special values like nan, inf etc. are not solved pr
operly, so they shouldn't be used.
- Fixed crash when loading a savegame with self recursive table elements. (h
- Fixed that furnaces deactivated improperly when switching products. (http:
- Fixed crashes on linux (when download failed, after Lua error, ...)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.12
Date: 20. 10. 2015
- Fixed another solar panel counting error. (
- Fixed that locale values in zip packages weren't loaded. (http://www.facto
- Fixed pushing of compound localised strings into lua. (http://www.factorio
- Tweaked train path finding values for trains waiting on signals (http://ww
- game.get_localised_entity_name is replaced by LuaEntityPrototype::localise
d_name read property. The same for technology and item.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.11
Date: 16. 10. 2015
- Added --no-auto-pause: When running as a server, --no-auto-pause will prev
ent stopping the game when no players are connected.
- Optimised the particle performance. Helps during heavy fights.
- Showing the log file location when the game crashes, so it is eaiser to fi
nd when reporting the bug.
- The "graphics.force-opengl" option default value is true when AMD graphics
card is present.
- Fixed that multiple electric networks connected to a solar panel could be
exploited to generate more energy. (
The energy of the solar panel is now fractioned between all the networks i
t is connected to.
- Fixed character entities disconnected from players not working correctly w
hen in vehicles. (
- Fixed small-pump and offshore-pump not saving/restoring circuit conditions
in LuaItemStack::get_blueprint_entities/set_blueprint_entities. (http://www.fac
- Fixed threading issue when loading games. (
- Fixed OS X Finder argument crashing the game on startup (http://www.factor
- Burner inserter now grabs fuel for itself even if the target doesn't need
it (
- Fixed active sound playing on machines without power (http://www.factoriof
- Fixed empty unit groups crashing the game (
- Fixed crash when building locomotives in latency hiding.
- Fixed cannot load save with modded rails when a rail mod is disabled (will
work only on 0.12.11+ saves) (
- Fixed crash when setting filters in the tank/car while riding in them. (ht
- Fixed crash when migrating/removing entities marked for deconstruction. (h
- Removed one possible logical deadlock in the tutorial. (http://www.factori
- Fixed that remove_item didn't remove from player ammo, gun, tool and armor
slots. (
- Changed LuaSurface::set_multi_command signature. Now the function takes a
table with following keys:
command(required), unit_count(required), force(optional), unit_search_dist
This solves issue with not finding any enemies to attack: http://www.facto
- Removed game.on_save function. There should be no need for it and it was c
ausing too many problems.
- Lua on_load function is not called when saving the game anymore. It is cal
led only on actual load now.
- Lua API calls on_load, on_init, on_configuration_changed, on_event and gen
have been moved to a new namespace called script (so from now use script.o
n_load(...)). This will break many mods!
The callback registered in on_load function doesn't have access to the gam
e API. This is to avoid common desyncs.
The on_init and on_configuration_changed still retain the access to the ga
me API.
- on_configuration_changed is fired when the map version changes, a mod vers
ion changes, a mod is added, or a mod is removed and passes "data":
Pushes old_version="x.x.x", new_version="x.x.x" when loading map versions
other than the current version
When a mod version is changed it appears as a table of mod changes: {["Mod
name"] = {old_version="x.x.x", new_version="x.x.x"}, ...}
When a mod is added it appears as: ["Mod name"] = {old_version=nil, new_ve
When a mod is removed it appears as: ["Mod name"] = {old_version="x.x.x",
- Changed LuaGameScript::makefile to LuaGameScript::write_file and added an
optional third parameter bool to append.
- Replaced entity type "rail" with types "straight-rail" and "curved-rail".
Property "bending_type" is optional for rail entities,
but is still mandatory for rail remnants.

Version: 0.12.10
Date: 02. 10. 2015
- Script created beam entities will now destroy themselves when the source o
r target entity becomes invalid.
- Fixed crash when research completed in the same tick as inserting equipmen
t into power armor. (
- Fixed hand not refilling with repair packs after a repair pack was consume
d (
- Fixed small pump not saving its condition in a blueprint (http://www.facto
- Fixed rocket silo GUI bug. (
- Fixed "failed to create display" error on systems with multiple graphics d
evices (
- Fixed the blinking problem in the multiplayer. (http://www.factorioforums.
- Fixed units disappearing when they shouldn't (
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.9
Date: 30. 09. 2015
- Added reset button to the control settings dialog. It will set the control
s back to the default.
- Destroyer electric beams now use soft additive blend mode.
- Added --load-game: Will automatically load a save after initialising Facto
rio and go straight to the game, skipping main menu.
- Moved MP / autosave information dialogs to the top half (better visibility
of what is happening in the game) and added screen fading.
- Implemented time-to-live for deconstruction order, if an order is not assi
gned for 1 hour, it is removed.
- game.print_entity_statistics() has been moved to player.print_entity_stati
stics(). (
- Updated the tips and tricks pictures. (+added copy paste)
- Smoothed map scrolling speed on different zoom levels.
- Added Resume button to multiplayer game menu.
- Dramatic speedup of loading packages (mods) from the zip files.
It is recommended to used only zipped mods from now on, as on non ssd disc
s, it might even speed up the startup time.
- Added FPS limiter to main menu screen.
- Fixed the shotgun shooting. (
- Fixed the game could get stuck during start on systems with multiple displ
ay adapters.
- Fixed train GUI closing immediately after opening in multiplayer when the
player is riding on the train.
- Fixed train GUI not containing the wait time slider until a station was ex
plicitly selected (
- Fixed production GUI jumping to undesirable places when resized (http://ww
- Construction robots will be transferred to appropriate network when a logi
stic network splits (
- Fixed crash when auto-re-filling ammo in tanks/cars (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed wait slider in train GUI editing after deleting a station (http://ww
- Fixed that negative emissions of power source (air filtering mod) could re
sult into negative evolution factor.
- Fixed the game could hang when writing a message to log (http://www.factor
- Fixed next save not being selected properly after clicking the Delete Save
button (
- Fixed module icons not showing in alt-view on rocket silos (http://www.fac
- Fixed mining progress bar staying on screen when not mining in certain sit
uations (
- Fixed crash when loading 0.10 or older saves (
- Fixed crash when loading pre-12.7 scenarios with redefined spawn location
- Fixed trains sometimes stopping on signals they reserved.
- Fixed personal roboport taking forever to deconstruct when there are a lot
of deconstruction orders.
- Fixed a crash where the Lua stack would overflow and corrupt Factorio memo
ry (
- Fixed crash when using player.inventory.clear(). (http://www.factorioforum
- Fixed that --create wouldn't create a control.lua, causing the victory dia
log not being shown after launching the rocket, or creating new players without
giving them the initial inventory (
- Player <> entity transfer now ignores modules only when the entity has mod
ule inventory.
- Fixed beacons affected steel furnaces (
- Fixed car starting sound playing when opening it's gui.
- Fixed crash when fast replacing a beacon (modded game only) (http://www.fa
- Fixed train station names appearing on minimap with certain GUI scale sett
- Fixed crash when zooming in the map all the way with the keyboard (http://
- Fixed that LuaEntity::clear_request_slot and set_request_slot wouldn't upd
ate the logistics GUI if it happened to be opened at the same time (http://www.f
- Fixed width of some progress bars did not respect UI scale configuration (
- Fixed projectiles with direction_only = false didn't respect direction_dev
iation configuration.
- Fixed entity dying explosion with "rotated = true" caused crash (http://ww
- Added LuaEntity::get_connected_rail. It takes a table with rail_direction
(0 front, 1 back) and rail_connection_direction (0 left, 1 straight, 2 right)
and returns a new rail (or nil) following that specification from the give
n rail entity.
- LuaTrain::front_rail, LuaTrain::back_rail, LuaTrain::rail_direction_from_f
ront_rail and LuaTrain::rail_direction_from_back_rail
None of the methods takes any parameters.
- LuaEntity::get_output_inventory now returns nil when the inventory doesn't
exist (doesn't raise an exception as before).

------------------Version: 0.12.8
Date: 16. 09. 2015
- New graphics of the steel furnaces.
- Fixed that it was possible to spawn inside an entity in multiplayer (http:
- Fixed that the amount of slots shown in the right panel didn't depend on i
ts with. (Which is indirectly dependent on resolution and ui scale.)
- Fixed desync issue related to mod event registration and saving/loading.
- Fixed enemy units getting stuck on transport belts (http://www.factoriofor
- Fixed a crash caused by icon = "" in a prototype definition (http://www.fa
- Fixed a crash related to assembling machine not being re-setup when recipe
changes due to mod changes. (
- Fixed LuaItemStack::set_blueprint_entities(nil) erasing tiles in blueprint
- Fixed crash when fast-transferring ammo while in vehicles. (http://www.fac
- Fixed trains stopping on green signals (
- Fixed crash when changing the force of a player who is currently not conne
cted (
- Fixed another problem with the missing maximise button after fullscreen. (
- Fixed desync problem related to duplicite order string in inventory groups
leading to non-deterministic inventory sorting.
- Fixed putting a blueprint on transport belt could corrupt game save (http:
- Fixed CTD that could happen when removing focused widget (rarely). (http:/
- Fixed that the tank tower rotation center wasn't aligned with the visible
rotation center. (
- Fixed wrong coordination of the tank cannon direction and shooting directi
on when aiming on near the tank. (
- Beams can now be created via create_entity.
You need to specify source/source_position and target/target_position, you
can also specify duration (ticks), max_length and source_offset (vector).
Position of the created entity does not matter.
- Added LuaItemStack::set_blueprint_tiles/get_blueprint_tiles - the counterp
art to get/set_blueprint_entities.
- LuaEntity::insert/remove_item and LuaInventory::insert/remove now return c
ounts of inserted/removed items.
- Added LuaTrain::insert, remove_item, get_contents, clear_items_inside, get
_item_count methods which interact on the cargo wagons of the train.
- Added LuaItemStack::cost_to_build - the cost in items to build a given blu
- The minimal energy_required for a recipe is 0.001 to avoid wrong behavior
with values close to 0.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.7

Date: 10. 09. 2015

- Added 5th level of character logistic slots research.
- New command line options for the headless server: --disallow-commands and
- Entries in the mod list GUI are highlighted in red only when enabled and i
nvalid at the same time.
- Added natural case-insensitive string ordering for the mod list GUI.
- There is now only one spawn position per each force and per each surface.
This means that only one spawn position can be defined in the map editor as it c
urrently supports only the default surface and the "player" force.
- Added force-opengl value in config (under graphics). When set to true, it
forces to use opengl on windows instead of D3D.
- Map scrolling speed now changes with zoom level.
- Inserters take items from correct line when the input transport belt is ro
tated (
- Solved the "A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlo
ckingCall" error (hopefully as we can't reproduce it).
- Scrolling using the scroll wheel now works much more predictably (not only
when the cursor is over scroll bar or the root scrollable element).
- Fixed crash when a script attempted to access a previously-destroyed GUI e
lement (
- Fixed that the graphics.max-texture-size property in the config was remove
d after Factorio restart.
- Fixed the tree bounding boxes.
- Another attempt to fix map transfer problems.
- Fixed disappearing fonts. (
- Fixed destroying a rail under a train would corrupt future save files. Rai
l can't be destroyed or die if a train is on it.
- Robots can charge from closer roboport when heading to distant roboport fo
r stationing (2.0) (
- Fixed problems with IPv6 on linux when only IPv4 is enabled in kernel. (ht
- Fixed crash when loading save with modded personal roboport in vanilla gam
- Fixed opening power armour inside a chest with latency hiding enabled cras
hing the game (
- Fixed that distractor robots slowly drivted east.
- Fixed that that the high overload factor in assembling machines (the effec
t, that they allow to store more items when they are working very fast)
wasn't taken in to consideration when calculating the slot limit. (http://
- Fixed desync issue related to inventory sorting and blueprints. (http://ww
- Fixed that amount_max in recipe specification actually worked as amount_ma
x -1. (
- Fixed that mining tiles did actually create mining particles+sound on the
lastly mined entity.
- Fixed that the maximize button was disabled when Full screen was turned of
in the settings. (
- Fixed accessing the game menu was not possible when some other player paus
ed the game in MP (
- Fixed a graphical bug where the boiler would still glow after running out
of water (
- Fixed mergable items (repair packs, bullet magazines, ...) could sometimes

confuse personal robots.

- Fixed the inserter sound related crashes. (
- Blind fix of some of the transport belt gap issues. (http://www.factoriofo
- The LuaEntity::logistic_network now returns also primary logistic network
of other entities than roboport. (Inserter, Character, logistic chests)
- Placing stone or concrete floors will now remove most of the bushes (http:
- Fixed crash on exit when config file can't be written (http://www.factorio
- Fixed player changing direction when the game is paused (http://www.factor
- LuaEntity::belt_to_ground_type also works on a ghost.
- Increased precision of floating point in save files to prevent some desync
s in multiplayer (
- Added LuaEntity::revive() - usable on ghost entities to revive them back t
o normal.
- Fixed that that the resource amount while creating the entity accepted non
-positive values. (
- Added LuaForce::set_spawn_position(surface, position) and LuaForce::get_sp
- Fixed that the event queue was never cleared when scripting error occurs w
hile processing it.
This lead to processing the same event every update once the game was stop
ped when error happened. (
- Fixed inserting or removing items from player's inventory through LuaInven
tory object didn't update logistic supply properly.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.6
Date: 01. 09. 2015
- Smaller breaks between ambient music tracks, some volume tweaks and moved
a few tracks to the interlude category.
- Ambient settings can be controlled from the config file.
By using: sound.ambient_music_pause_mean_seconds (default 60), sound.ambie
nt_music_pause_variance_seconds (default 30)
and ambient_music_mode: possible values are main-tracks-only, interleave-m
ain-tracks-with-interludes, randomize-all (default is interleave)
- Fixed setting circuit conditions desyncing/crashing multiplayer games. (ht
- Fixed reading logistic_network from entities that didn't have logistic net
works returning unknown results. (
- Fixed that opening the Save Game menu after the last used saved was delete
d would terminate Factorio (
- Fixed the behaviour of item on ground, that was created using script to co
ntain many items.
The inserter takes only the amount it can hold, and the stack stays there
if it contains more (
- Fixed destroying rail with gate would corrupt save file. (http://www.facto
- Fixed two different problems related to loading map with different mod set
. (

- Fixed game freeze after desync happens for multiple players in server clie
nt mode.
- Fixed bug with ambient ocasionally taking toooo looooong.
- The rotation of cargo wagon player is riding doesn't affect the riding dir
ection. (While it still affects it while being in locomotive). (http://www.facto
- Smaller breaks between ambient music tracks, some volume tweaks and moved
a few tracks to the interlude category.
- Ambient settings can be controlled from the config file.
By using: sound.ambient_music_pause_mean_seconds (default 30), sound.ambie
nt_music_pause_variance_seconds (default 30)
and ambient_music_mode: possible values are main-tracks-only, interleave-m
ain-tracks-with-interludes, randomize-all (default is interleave)
- Fixed a performance problem in the pathfinder that would cause complete la
ck of enemy attacks in certain situations (
- Added LuaItemPrototype::module_effects read.
- LuaSurface::spill_item_stack will now additionally accept LuaItemStack obj
ects as the stack to drop.
- Lab's researching speed is now independent of it's power consumption and c
an be changed using "researching_speed".
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.5
Date: 28. 08. 2015
- The armor window opening is included in the latency hiding.
- Multiplayer broadcast (heartbeats) is done via a single message when not u
sing peer2peer.
- Added some new ambient sounds (wind, slow tunes).
- Combinators blinking emit light.
- Pasting newlines and tabs into Factorio console now no longer strips them.
Instead they are replaced by spaces.
- Continuous zoom is much slower in the chart mode.
Only applicable when the zoom is setup to keys rather then scroll wheel. (
- Changed open/save dialog and the rail station list to use case insensitive
natural ordering.
- Inserter stack size bonus is added to the assembling machine stack limit,
to avoid inserters being stuck in certain situations.
- Robots can charge from closer roboport when heading to distant roboport fo
r stationing. (
- Further optimizations in size of the Multiplayer heartbeat (message sent e
very tick).
- Fixed that editing tiles in the map editor on the edge of currently genera
ted map could result in a corrupted scenario.
- Fixed potential stability problems when fast-replacing roboports (mod rela
- Fixed non-deterministic armor sorting which could cause desyncs. (http://w
- Fixed crash related to changing recipe prototypes used by entities in inac
tive chunks. (

- Fixed circuit network contents sometimes being reset when removing connect
ions or merging networks.
- Fixed crash when Ctrl-clicking items to the player's main inventory when n
o character is attached (
- LatencyState is suspended when player is killed (and waiting for respawn)
in the Multiplayer.
- Fixed crash after finishing the game in MP with headless server (http://ww
- Fixed crash related to displaying alerts from other surfaces (http://www.f
- Continuous zoom speed is independent of the game speed (http://www.factori
- Fixed that it was possible to stack blueprints by inserting them into an a
ssembling machine (
- Fixed enemy expansion chunks not being updated properly (http://www.factor
- Fixed trains changing state unnecessarily when reserving a signal when arr
iving to a station (
- Fixed smart inserter not waking up when its filter was set from a script (
- Fixed signal placement problems with diagonal rails (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed last wagon of long train did not wake up inserter at its end (http:/
- Additional fix of the puff smoke appering on different surface. (http://ww
- Fixed portions of previous surface visible after respawn when the player d
ied on a different surface than is their spawn surface (http://www.factorioforum
- Fixed internal roboport connection inconsistency that could happen when mi
grating from 0.11 version. (
- Fixed train still having path while being in NO_SCHEDULE state (http://www
- Fixed disconnecting roboport from roboport network caused all construction
robots in the network to cancel orders (
- Fixed that the game could crash when some mod tried to modify the gui in t
he on_save event.
The game now disallows these kind of modifications while processing the on
_save event. (
- Fixed crash when changing recipes (mod related). (http://www.factorioforum
- Fixed solar energy source was not included in electric demand satisfaction
. (
- Finishing research should no longer interrupt GUI when "Singleplayer game
stops when research is completed" is turned off (
- Fixed Underground Belts graphics not tiling correctly.
- Fixed recipes not displaying in the correct sort order when adding and rem
oving mods from an existing game.
- Fixed pathfinding penalty for trains with 1 stop in their schedule (http:/
- Fixed electric furnace still glowing with no power. (http://www.factoriofo
- Fix of loading a map that contains mod with tiles, while the mod is no lon
ger present.

- Fixed that it was not possible to use fast-replace when player was very cl
ose to the building.
- Right side selection info GUI has fixed size. Description and text propert
ies properly wrap.
- LuaForce::chart now creates a new chart if one doesn't exist yet, instead
of erroring out (
- Items now have a new optional attribute "stackable": When set to false, as
sembling machines won't be allowed to create stacks of the item.
Currently only used with blueprints, to fix the "crafting machine stacks b
lueprints" bug.
- Added LuaEntity::rocket_parts read/write, usable on Rocket Silo.
- Added LuaEntity::launch_rocket(), usable on Rocket Silo.
- Added LuaLogisticNetwork - an interface to logistic networks.
- Added LuaLogisticCell - an interface to logistic cells (roboport/player lo
gistic information).
- Added LuaTransportLine::get_contents().
- Added LuaPlayer::connected read - true/false if the player is currently co
nnected to the game.
- Added LuaForce::kill_counts read, set_kill_count/get_kill_count methods to
access and manipulate kill counts per force.
- Constant combinators now export their wire connections in LuaItemStack::ge
t_blueprint_entities. (
- Added Prototype::order/group/subgroup read + LuaTechnology::order read.
- Added LuaRecipe::force read - the force that owns recipe reference.
- Added LuaEntity::chain_signal_state read - the chain state of chain signal
- Added LuaEntity::speed read/write - the speed of a car/tank.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.4
Date: 14. 08. 2015
- Simple mechanism for multiplayer relaying via the server.
- Renamed "multisampling" to "multisampling-level" in the config file.
This will reset everyone's multisampling setting to 0.
- Construction robots take things primary from the main inventory, then quic
- Reverted the order of inserter slot selection. (http://www.factorioforums.
- Added Alt-mode (showing entity info) to the latency hiding.
- Trains now try to recalculate their path, when waiting over 5 seconds on a
signal (only if needed).
The recalculation is forced when waiting over 30 seconds.
- Construction robots will check if their target is still in the network are
a when they return to personal roboport for charging.
- Tweaked the stuck resolve mechanism. This should solve the http://www.fact
- Less annoying glitches when running and shooting in multiplayer with laten
cy hiding.
- Fixed that the loot wasn't always properly put on transport belts. (http:/
- Fixed force building specific blueprints. (

- Fixed setting player character to other player's character crashing the ga

me. (
- Fixed failed --apply-update returning success even when it failed (http://
- Fixed the latency hiding inconsistency in the entity transfer action, enti
ty rotation, blueprint selection deconstruction selection and others.
- Fixed ghost inserter arrows being displayed incorrectly (www.factorioforum
- Zooming works comfortably also when mapped on buttons, as holding the butt
on continuously zooms in/out instead of doing just one small zoom step.
- Proper direction filtering (8 way versus 4 way) when building ghosts from
script. The direction is now dependent on the ghost inner entity limitation.
- Fixed that the new lamp entity was off-center. (http://www.factorioforums.
- Fixed behemoth biter resistance specification. (http://www.factorioforums.
- Fixed that the game could crash when connecting train in a junction. (http
- Fixed construction robots could cause desync when they used up all repair
- Rocket silo behaves correctly when out of electricity. (http://www.factori
- Fixed tank cannon shell tooltips. (
- Fixed error message on campaign mission 4 (
- Fixed crash when exiting the game in the map editor with the menu open.
- Fixed trains not alarming inserters when switched to manual mode when alre
ady stopped. (
- Fixed connection failures on windows without IPv6 enabled (http://www.fact
- Solved stuttering while building when max_expansion_distance was set to hi
gh values by a mod. (
- Fixed robots getting stuck when trying to store damaged items. (http://www
- Fixed that lot of output in the output console could slow down the game a
lot. (
- Fixed that damage to be taken wasn't cleared when entity was rebuild by ro
bots, so the entity was partially unkillable.
- Fixed that train stop rebuilt by robots wasn't working properly. (http://w
- Fixed crashes with invalid locale on linux
- Fixed that Save scenario + Save as wasn't translatable. (http://www.factor
- Changed the default style of custom text field to have not only minimal_wi
dth but also maximal_width 150.
So all of the textfields will not get larger on load, until the maximal_wi
dth is specified to be larger.
- Fixed that replay didn't work on the campaign levels. (http://www.factorio
- Fixed determinism issue in logistic network causing desync. (http://www.fa
- Two trains never collide as long as they don't share a train block, this s
olves some problematic situations, where the
end of the train collided with different track a little, while it was tech
nically on different block already.

- Fixed copy&pasting filters between cars (
- Fixed crash in replay of game which was save and then loaded (http://www.f
- Fixed problems with RTL scripts ... again (
- Fixed the crash when radar was created on a surface that didn't have chart
initialised on the surface for the specific force.
- Fixed that inserter didn't return drop_position.
- Fixed crash when calling set_command on empty unit groups (http://www.fa
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.3
Date: 07. 08. 2015
- Circuit wire building and repairing is incorporated in the latency hiding
- Cars of your own force always render their tags on the map.
- Multisampling not officially supported from now on.
It can still be manually specified in the config, but not in the graphic s
ettings gui.
The main reason is the trouble with tiling which doesn't really have a sim
ple fix.
- Changed the console spam-prevention mechanic to check all messages for the
last second instead of just the last entered one.
- Fixed the Invalid Transport Line Index error. (http://www.factorioforums.c
- Fixed signal selection window not displaying correctly when "Use item grou
ps" is disabled. (
- Fixed broken accumulator input flow limitation. (http://www.factorioforums
- Fixed trains viewing other trains with schedules with only 1 valid stop as
not stopped (
- Fixed trains sometimes not recalculating their path when a new path opens
- Fixed shotgun damaging objects behind player. (http://www.factorioforums.c
- Fixed trains not being counted properly, when entering a block multiple ti
mes without leaving (
- Fixed copy&paste on Linux (
- Fixed desync when trying to open an enemy structure (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed changing forces of damaged entities could corrupt subsequent game sa
ves. (
- Fixed crash when clicking inventory item while dragging wire in latency hi
ding mode. (
- Fixed that the smoke effect when building something always showed on the v
iewer surface. (
- Fixed crash related to alerts on multiple surfaces. (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed copy-paste for cars/tanks. (
- Fixed single locomotivies not rendering on the chart view.

- Fixed the non standard number format of big numbers in the research toolti
p gui. (
- Fixed crash after finishing the game in multiplayer (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed construction robots got stuck when trying to take items from logisti
c trash slots (
- Fixed productivity bonus being lost with very high productivity values (ht
- Fixed that script errors didn't stop the game, and it was possible to poss
ible the game by pressing ESC.
- Fixed that non-default mods were not loaded during the first start of Fact
orio after mod-list.json was deleted.
- Fixed that inserter was always preffering the Left side when picking up fr
om the underground belt. (
- Fixed robots from personal roboport would keep transferring items from che
st which was ordered for deconstruction
even after the chest gets out of the personal robot range. (http://www.fac
- Implemented remove_item() for all entities that have items.
- Added LuaEntityPrototype::autoplace_specification read.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.2
Date: 31. 07. 2015
- Enabled swapping held blueprints with other blueprints directly.
- Force-building blueprints will mark any colliding trees for deconstruction
- Added filters to car and tank main inventories.
- Inserters will never take more than the maximum stack size of the item.
- Way more relaxed timeouts for dropping peers during map uploads (http://ww
- Factorio with RTL languages no longer crashes on startup because of revers
ed font path.
- Fixed crash when removing mods that added/changed recipes (http://www.fact
- Disabled repairing of combat robots (
- --start-server and --create now accept filenames with dots in them (http:/
- Combinators will no longer turn off when no wires are connected (http://ww
- Shift + click will move items into logistic trash slots only in character
gui (
- Fixed circuit network crash when removing mods that changed the inserter (
- Fixed crashes related to migrating entities (
- Inserters and logistic robots no longer extract from enemy chests (http://
- Fixed health bar display on large entities like the rocket silo (http://ww
- Fixed crash when loading some maps that were migrated from early-0.11 vers
ions (
- Inserters now correctly pick up items from splitters (http://www.factoriof,

- Picking up items from curved belts picks up from the correct line (http://
- Fixed that electric pole/roboport radius visualisation were off-centered i
n low graphics mode.
- Fixed that turrets had too small remnants.
- Fixed bug when removing roboports during load migration (http://www.factor
- Empty autoplace tag in mod entity specification doesn't place entity at al
l (
- Fixed blueprints or armors getting erased when inserters move them.
Fixed "Attempt to clone non empty blueprint" and "Attempt to clone armor w
ith equipment grid" when inserters move them.
- Character doesn't get moved by neighbour transport belt after game load.
- Crafting entity tooltips show contents in order and now also show fluids (
- Fixed missing belt activation in specific situation (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed modded spitters could spit very far from their location when trying
to destroy a tree (
- Map editor wire editing works again.
- Fixed beacons stopping working when the modules where removed and re-inser
ted (
- Fixed power armor GUI tooltips not showing sometimes.
- Fixed v-sync causing framerate to go bellow 60 when Windows Aero theme is
enabled (
- Flame-thrower sounds volume is dependent on the distance of the player now
. (
- Tank can turn around without moving forward again. (http://www.factoriofor
- Fixed tile building/removal sometimes removing buildings or killing the pl
- Fixed tile building/removal sometimes creating or removing water.
- Fixed tile removal ignoring changes made in map editor.
- Fixed crashes when mining path tiles while map is generated.
- get_surface never returns invalid surface.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.1
Date: 24. 07. 2015
- Burner inserters start with enough energy to pick up 1 item and fuel them
- Train station names use natural string comparing (station "Iron 10" comes
after "Iron 9", not after "Iron 1").
- New command-line parameter: --latency-ms. Allows to set server latency in
milliseconds rather than ticks
- You can copy paste circuit network conditions between Inserter, Lamp, Pump
and Offshore Pump.
- The delete button in Load Game or Save Game dialogs now asks for confirmat
ion before deleting
- Locomotive on schedule can't be rotated while moving anymore.
- Changed fast inventory transfer from the main player inventory so ctrl+cli
cking empty slots doesn't move items to the logistic trash slots.
- Changed Assembling machine's auto-insertion behaviour when using speed mod
ule effects. Faster speed with fast recipes will insert more items sooner.

- Very rough support for RTL languages, the texts are no longer rendered bac
kwards (but the gui still is and multiline text will cause problems).
- Fixed Rocket Silo rocket inventory tool tip sticking around when it should
n't (
- Fixed furnaces rendering light when inactive (
- Fixed transport belt to ground in blueprints when rotating crashing the ga
me (
- Fixed LuaSurface::can_place_entity checks for rails (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed inserters putting items only on left line of underground belts. (htt
- Fixed ghost building concrete/stone not updating charting (http://www.fact
- Fixed ghost building concrete/stone distance being restricted (http://www.
- Fixed crash when leaving vehicle while on a transport belt entity (http://
- Fixed charging from primary and secondary energy sources (aka shield insta
charge) (, http://www.
- Fixed crash when trying to set filter on vehicle ammo inventories (http://
- Fixed mining concrete/tiles sometimes making water where it shouldn't be (
- Fixed character-logistic-trash-slots-2 technology prequisite (http://www.f
- Fixed crash when calling game.player.surface.set_multi_command (http://www
- Fixed electric wire rendering on low graphics quality settings (http://www
- Fixed unable to load 0.11 savegames with active combat robots (http://www.
- Fixed robots building paths over existing paths not mining the existing pa
ths first (
- Fixed personal robots would sometimes follow player instead of stationing
when they use up all material for terrain building.
- Fixed splitters/transport belts still running when marked for deconstructi
on (
- Fixed death after launching the rocket not ending the game in single playe
r (
- Fixed crash when disconnecting character from player while crafting (http:
- Fixed inserters sometimes not loading Rocket Silo after launch (http://www
- Fixed circuit network sometimes showing items with no number.
- Fixed crash when the game attempted to play a sound in headless mode (http
- Fixed incorrect gun turret health (
- Copy pasting now works for Small pumps and Offshore Pumps.
- Fixed crash when loading single-player save in multiplayer without "Allow
commands" checked (
- Fixed not being able to set the UI scale back to normal after accidentally
setting it to 200% (
- Fixed locomotive lights and vehicle indicators being rendered across diffe
rent surfaces (
- Fixed not being able to fast-transfer stone bricks and concrete into entit
- Fixed splitters giving priority to one input belt (http://www.factorioforu
- Fixed actions during saves strangeness (
- Fixed logistic inconsistency when removing mods that added logistic/constr
uction robots (
- Fixed crash when removing mods that added biter spawners (http://www.facto
- Fixed crash related to changing forces on units (http://www.factorioforums
- Fixed assembling machines going to sleep when their fluid output had fluid
but the ingredient slot didn't have enough item ingredients.
- Fixed crash when trying to read LuaSurface from disconnected player throug
h mods (
- Fixed train going into automatic mode when hitting something (again) (http
- Fixed laser turrets cause other eletric machines to drain more power from
accumulators than they should. (
- Fixed crashes when connecting to MP game on older ubuntu (and possibly oth
er distributions;
- Fixed crash when projectile with default maximum range doesn't hit anythin
g and flies forever (
- LuaSurface::set_multi_command now takes an optional third argument specify
ing the force to send the command to. Default is the enemy force
- Default mods are always enabled if mod-list.json is lost (even when enable
new mods option is disabled).
- LuaSurface can be invalid when read from LuaPlayer and Player entity if th
e player is disconnected from the game (MP disconnect) - use LuaSurface.valid to
Note: LuaSurface currently never switches between valid and not valid so t
he check only has to be done when it's first read from the LuaPlayer.
- Changed default maximum range of projectiles from 10^308 to 1000.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.12.0
Date: 17. 07. 2015
- The game is now finished by launching the rocket with satellite.
- Added chain signals, they can be used to make more complicated junctions a
nd stations without deadlocks.
- Added personal roboport as modular armor equipment.
Once it is active, it uses the materials and robots in the players invento
It supports all the tasks construction robots can do like building bluepri
nts, repairing structures, deconstruction etc.
- Added logistic trash fields to the character gui.
They supply items into the logistic system in the same way active provider
chests do.
- Added combinators (Arithmetic Combinator, Decider Combinator and Constant
These allow more advanced manipulation with the circuit network logic (htt
- The Lamp, Storage Tank, Small Pump and Offshore Pump can be connected to t
he circuit network.
- Multiplayer latency hiding (gives impression that some common tasks are pe
rformed immediately)
Applies to character movement, mining buildings, building, fast replacing,
opening guis, etc.
- Stone brick can be used to build stone path. (30% walking speed increase).

- Concrete can be created.

The concrete can be used to build concrete floors (40% walking speed incre
- Terrain modifies vehicle friction force (sand: 1.8, grass: 1.6, dirt: 1.4,
stone path: 1.1, concrete: 0.8).
- Trees degenerate slowly when there high pollution levels.
- Lab research is now continuous. Science packs have progress bars of usage.
This means that 20 labs doing research with 10 units will still be faster
than 10
labs and the science packs aren't wasted.
- Assembling machine input slot can contain more than the usual stack size w
hen the recipe requirement demands it (3 X recipe demand).
Example: The rocket silo requires 1000 steel, while the stack size is 100,
but the input stack can hold enough.
- Added / updated sounds for biters, spitters, worm, spawner, flamethrower,
tank, lasers, etc.
- New ambient soundtrack added.
Added mechanism that prevents playing track that was played recently.
The ambient player alternates between neutral wind/environment sounds and
soundtrack songs.
- Mousing over a train will show you its current path and blocks it can't en
- Locomotives now show the contents of attached cargo wagons in their toolti
- Trees regenerate health slowly.
- Added support for transferring contents/settings when fast-replacing all e
ntity types.
- Added modules to the alt-view for entities that support modules.
- Factorio can run as a dedicated server without graphics (http://www.factor
- Basic PvP: New forces can now be created and merged back together; a cease
-fire can be agreed upon between forces
- IPv6 support for multiplayer.
- DNS names can be used when connecting to multiplayer game.
- Enabled mining trees/ghosts while holding blueprints to be built.
- Added explosive cannon shells.
- Building blueprints over existing ghosts restores the ghost time to live t
o full.
- Disabled loading of saves before 0.9.0 version (You can use 0.9.8 to load
older saves and re-save them).
- Removed rocket defense entity.
- Items on transport belts don't go off the belt at the end, so the transpor
t belt has
to go directly in front of the required inserter.
- Reduced number of rendered Roboport connections.
- The trade in the marketplace only happens if the player can accept the tra
de items.
- Inserters can now extract from Roboports and Beacons.
- Inserters now take items from right behind them, not from the center of th
e pickup target entity.
- Copy entity settings mechanism now remembers only the last entity copied f
Also mechanism allows copy/paste across different entities of the same typ
e (i.e. assembling machine 1 -> assembling machine 2) and
from assembling machines to requester chests (sets filters to 2 x requirem
ents of the assembling machine).
- Trees have generally smaller bounding boxes, so it is easier to walk throu
gh forest.
- Power armor modules generate and consume 100 times more power in order to

be able to charge construction robots.

- The construction robots don't build gate in the gap between the rolling st
ock vehicles. They wait for the train to get away.
- Player's logistic filters are now remembered after respawn in multiplayer
- All turrets are now 4x4; laser turrets are 4x more expensive and powerful,
gun turrets are 2x more expensive
- Roboport tooltip now shows correct numbers of contruction and logistic rob
ots separately.
- When a train loses a path and cannot find a new one, it stops immediately.
This prevents it from riding into parts of the rail network, from where it can'
t find a path.
- Improvements to circuit network wire connection. You can connect multiple
wires of the same color to the same entity.
- The autosave dialog no longer cancels an active blueprint or deconstructio
n planner selection if the mouse button is still held after the autosave finishe
- Number of autosave slots is now configurable through config.ini (no GUI).
- Overall optimisation of train + belt heavy factories is roughly 66% compar
ed to 0.11,
this means that the game runs 3 times faster.
- Optimised the transport belt movement.
- Optimised the rotated bounding box collisions checks (trains).
- Optimised the smoke update.
- Optimised the solar panel, all the solar panel input is merged, so the cou
nt doesn't matter.
- Optimised the accumulators by merging then into groups, where typical fact
ory has 1 group per network.
- Optimised the land mine activation mechanism.
- Smaller multiplayer heartbeat packet size.
- Optimised adding/removing of roboport, robots keep their tasks if they can
- Path finder will terminate when search is too long. This avoids save explo
sions (see
- Optimised rendering for large logistic networks.
- Fixed that the graphics were saved twice in the RAM memory.
- New graphics of the combat robots.
- New graphics of the laser/gun turrets, their color is now player/force dep
- New graphics of muzzle flash for player, car, tank and turrets.
- New tree graphics. Trees have 4 levels of leafes and the leafs are colorab
- Trees emit leaves (based on the tree color) when being mined and destroyed
- Trees emit branches when mined or destroyed.
- Storage tank has a small window showing the liquid inside.
- Combat robots attack beam (
- New GUI icons: Weapons, ammo, status icons such as out-of-ammo or out-of-e
- Fixed wrong item count in the logistic system when handling partially-fill
ed magazines, repair packs or other items with durability
- Fixed the choppy (not smooth) movement when using the exoskeleton equipmen
- item-description localization now displays correctly when previewing recip
- entity-description localization now displays on entities.
- Proper blueprint centering. It is based on the included entities rather th
en the selection rectangle when the blueprint is created.

- Very big entities no longer disappear at the edge of the screen

- When putting things on ground, the first item was never put exactly under
the cursor even when the place was empty.
- Fixed that it wasn't possible to swap stacks of the same items with differ
ent health.
- Fixed strange behavior of tank/car entering sound.
- Fixed LuaFluidBox crashing the game when attempting to read fluid from an
entity that previously had fluidboxes.
- Car / Tank ammo inventory is refilled from the trunk / player inventory wh
en exhausted.
- Fixed writing invalid LuaEntity::selected_gun_index crashing the game.
- Fixed the power armor battery level indicator getting drawn on top of ever
ything else (
- Fixed that following robots created through trigger crashed the game.
- Fixed the train pathfinding issue when the train crashes to something whil
e stopping for signal or station in front of a junction.
- Fixed that crashing to something while in manual mode in train could switc
h it to automatic mode.
- Fixed crashing when setting modded GUI styles in Multiplayer.
- Fixed crash when trying to read LuaPlayer::opened on a dead player.
- Fixed crash when canceling deconstruction of a logistic container that was
marked for deconstruction after the logistic network it was in lost power
and then regained power (
- Fixed LuaSurface::can_place_entity returning true when checking item-on-gr
ound against item-on-ground (
- Turrets can now be modded to use shotgun (and other not guided) ammo.
- Fixed research window appearing behind the selection/minimap pane when sho
wn from research completion (
- Fix inability to bind some OEM keys on Windows. Added the ability to bind
more keys including multimedia keys. (
- Fixed marking a ton of entities for deconstruction outside the constructio
n range of roboports slowing down normal deconstruction rates.
- Fixed crash when removing electric poles from electric networks or circuit
networks with large amounts of poles (
- Fixed video-memory-usage option on Windows. It is possible to run Factorio
on configurations with low VRAM (less then 512MB). Other platforms don't have t
his issue.
- Fixed that control-clicking entire inventory into a machine installed modu
- Fixed another instance of the "Trying to make chunk at unreasonable positi
on" bug (
- Requester chests no longer request more than they can store. E.g. if a req
uester chest only has one free slot and the requester slider is set to request 2
0000 iron ore, the chest will only request one stack from the network (http://ww
- Console no longer loses focus after an autosave (http://www.factorioforums
- Fixed wrong highlight when crafting ammo in vehicles (http://www.factoriof
- Ambient sounds are specified as prototypes so they can be extended and mod
ified by mods.
- Changed all the identifiers/methods/events/parameters. Underscores are use
d as word delimiter (findentities -> find_entities).

- Changed glob to global.

- New object LuaSurface, accessible from player/entity as read property surf
- Some commands moved from LuaGame to LuaSurface: get_pollution, can_place_e
ntity, find_entity, find_entities, find_entities_filtered,
find_non_colliding_position, find_enemy_units, find_nearest_enemy, set_mul
ti_command, create_entity, create_unit_group, build_enemy_base,
get_tile, get_tileproperties, set_tiles, pollute, get_chunks, is_chunk_gen
- Added LuaGame::local_player console command: when entered through the cons
ole it will reference the local player doing the console command. Only works whe
n run through the console.
- Added LuaFluidPrototype - similar to LuaItemPrototype but for fluids.
- math.random can now accept negative values for ranges eg x + math.random(10, 10)
- Added LuaRecipe::hidden and energy read.
- New object LuaGroup, accessible from LuaEntityPrototype as read property g
LuaGroup contains: name, type, inventory_order, group, subgroups
- Added several new options to LuaEntityPrototype: mineable_properties, item
s_to_place_this, collision_box, selection_box, order,
group, subgroup, healing_per_tick, emissions_per_tick, corpses, selectable
_in_game, weight, resistances, fast_replaceable_group,
loot, repair_speed_modifier
- LuaItemPrototype::group now returns the new LuaGroup object.
- Added LuaEntity::is_crafting() - returns true/false if the assembling mach
ine or furnace is currently crafting a recipe.
- Added LuaEntity::crafting_progress/bonus_progress - a percent of 1: the cu
rrent crafting progress or bonus progress.
- Added the ability to compare LuaObjects using "==" as in: "if game.player
== game.players[1]" for all LuaObjects.
- Removed all LuaObject::equals(): the == operator can be used in its place.
- Added new blend modes for sprites using "blend_mode" property. Possible va
lues: "normal", "additive", "multiplicative".
- Added on_player_driving_changed_state event - passes the player_index who'
s driving state changed.
- Added LuaEntity::belt_to_ground_type - returns the type "input"/"output" o
f the transport-belt-to-ground.
- Added several methods for manipulating gates: is_opened, is_opening, is_cl
osed, is_closing, request_to_open, request_to_close.
- Changed LuaEntity::neighbours:
For electric poles: the wire connections: {copper={}, red={}, green={}}
For transport-belt-to-ground: the input/output entity it's connected to (o
r none)
For entities with fluid - the entities the fluid connections connect to in
dexed by the fluid connection
- #entity.fluidbox can now be read from any entity and will return the numbe
r of fluidboxes the entity has (0 for non-fluid handling entities).
- Added the ability to specify map colors for all entities: map_color, frien
dly_map_color, and enemy_map_color
- Added the ability to disable drawing the station name for train-stop type
entities: chart_name = "false" in the prototype.
- LuaEntity::backer_name can now be read/written for all entities that suppo
rt backer names (furnace, assembling machine, lab, locomotive, radar, roboport,
- LuaEntity::recipe can now be set to nil to remove the recipe from an assem
bling machine.
- Added LuaItemPrototype default_request_amount, resistances, item_to_clear.
- Added LuaChart::chart_all (charts all the generated parts of the map).
- Expanded LuaEntity::get_item_count and LuaEntity::clear to work with all t

ransport belt entities.

- New object LuaTransportLine, accessible from entity as read method get_tra
nsport_line(index) - an interface to the items on transport belts.
- Added LuaSurface::count_entities_filtered - the same as find_entities_filt
ered but simply returns a count. The benefits being: it's much faster
than find_entities_filtered when the entity references aren't desired.
- Added LuaForce::enable_research() - enables research for the force if it w
as disabled.
- Added LuaSurface::spill_item_stack() - takes a item_stack and position and
drops the items on the ground item bomb style.
- Changed LuaEntity::stack, LuaEntity::held_stack and LuaPlayer::cursor_stac
k to return LuaItemStack objects.
- Changed LuaItemStack to allow reading any inventory slot even when the ite
m in the slot is invalid. LuaItemStack::valid_for_read should be used
before accessing the normal properties/methods for a given LuaItemStack.
- Removed LuaEntity::clear_circuit_condition() - LuaEntity::set_circuit_cond
ition(index, nil) can be used instead.
- Added "force" option to LuaSurface::find_entities_filtered/count_entities_
- ItemStack counts can be excluded and defaults to 1, ItemStacks can be stri
ngs and default to a full stack.
- Added LuaItemStack::count write support.
- Added LuaItemStack::can_set_stack(), set_stack(), clear() - write support
to a specific item stack.
- Removed LuaEntity::stack, held_stack write support - LuaItemStack::set_sta
ck() can be used.
- Removed LuaPlayer::cursor_stack write support - LuaItemStack::set_stack()
can be used.
- Added LuaTrain::cargo_wagons read - returns only the cargo wagons for the
given train.
- Added LuaEntity::remove_market_item - takes an index to remove from a Mark
et entity offer list.
- Added LuaEntity::get_market_items - returns a table of offers the Market e
ntity offers.
- Added LuaForce::research_progress read/write - a percent of 1 - the curren
t research progress (0 if no research).
- Added LuaEntityPrototype::turret_range read - the range of a given turret
entity prototype.
- Added player_index to the on_put_item event.
- Added ghosts from manual building and blueprints to the on_built_entity ev
- Added LuaPlayer::enable_flashlight() - counterpart to disable_flashlight()
- Replaced LuaGameScript::kill_all_enemies() by LuaForce::kill_all_units().
- Changed on_researched events to return the relaed LuaTechnology object.
- Added LuaTechnology::force read - the LuaForce the technology belongs to.
- Added LuaGame::create_surface - takes a string name and optionally a table
of map gen settings and creates a new surface.
- Changed LuaPlayer::teleport to allow optionally a surface name, index or o
bject to teleport the player to. The surface must exist.
- Added LuaSurface::request_to_generate_chunks - takes a position and radius
and requests to generate those chunks - will not generate chunks outside the ma
p bounds.
- Added LuaSurface::map_gen_settings - the current map gen settings for the
- Added LuaGame::server_save - in a multiplayer game with a server, this wil
l make the server save the game. Only works with a headless server, i.e. one lau
nched through the --start-server option.
- Added LuaGuiElement::parent read - the parent of the LuaGuiElement if any
else nil.

- Added LuaPlayer::index read - the numeric index of the LuaPlayer object.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.22
Date: 24.4. 2015
- Fixed the possibility to break the scripting of the 3rd New hope campaign
by fast replacing the boilers with pipe.
- Fixed parsing of localised string in lua commands when the string is conca
tenation. (
- Fixed (once again) the inserter connection to rail in junctions. (http://w
- Fixed that the combat robots ignored the vehicle of the player and damaged
directly the player. (
- Fixed crash when character disconnected from player is crafting. (http://w
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.21
Date: 9.4. 2015
- Fixed potential save corruption if the game was saved while mousing over a
mining drill.
- Fixed that the red/green wires weren't properly revived when rebuilding en
tities after destruction. (
- Proper error message when the game can't handle too big amount of prototyp
es due to big amount of mods loaded at the same time.
- Fixed broken map when the player resizes the window while the map is being
loaded. (
- Fixed that market gave items always to to the first player in the given fo
rce, rather than the buyer. (
- Fixed the freezes and wrong behaviour when manually crafting recipes with
probabilities. (
- Fixed that it wasn't possible to use the for message confirmation for some
thing else at the same time. (
- Fixed the squishy map preview image when moving the loading dialog halfway
offscreen. (
- Fixed wrong probability calculation of bonus production of mining drill. (
- Fixed that writing text in the map editor save/load dialog interfered the
map. (
- Fixed that error messages of malformed parsing ini/json files didn't conta
in the file name. (
- Increased the maximum amount of item subgroups. (255 -> 65535)
- Storage slots of mining drill is moddable now. This affects the internal i
nventory size, so when resource with more different results
is mined, no items are lost (as long as the size is big enough). Default v
alue is 1.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.20
Date: 2.4. 2015
- Fixed crash related to rail segments in map loaded from 0.10.x (http://www
- Fixed issue with connecting to Multiplayer host that has open menu. (http:

- Fixed multiplayer desync in a game loaded from different mod configuration
without save/load in between (
- Fixed crash when inserter with circuit conditions gets destroyed. (http://
- Fixed bug where tank would no longer turn in place. Turning in place is no
t possible when out of fuel. (
- Fixed lockup when iterating large numerical arrays in lua. This time for r
eal. (
- Fixed double speed issue for monitors with 120Hz refresh rate or higher (h
- Fixed bug with game freezing in some situations when the game is blocked b
y a firewall (
- Fixed rail signals blocking the blueprint. (
- Re-Fixed crash when the number shown in the short number format exceeded s
upported prefix. (
The prefix support has been extended for lua files parsing also.
- Fixed production stats accuracy. (
- Fixed the graphical glitches in terrain transitions on certain zoom levels
. (
- Another fix of manual crafting requirements logic calculation. (http://www
- Fixed the loot table probability calculation bug. (http://www.factorioforu
- Fixed armor battery icon being always on top. (http://www.factorioforums.c
- Fixed errors when reading game.player.minimap_enabled.
- Fixed that it wasn't possible to insert ammo into tank ammo slots from cur
- Fixed the wrong inventory highlights of ammo in tank/car. (http://www.fact
- Fixed building position of ghosts built by script. (http://www.factoriofor
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.19
Date: 20.3. 2015
- Fixed that it was possible to use the fast replace on enemy structures. (h
- Fixed crash when multiplayer quit is performed at the same time as the aut
osave. (
- Fixed crash when autosave happens at the same time as mining the entity. (
- Fixed that players/vehicles/units were blocking building of blueprint.
- Entity Spawner / Worm will call for help when attacked in peaceful mode (h
- Fixed crash when the number shown in the short number format exceeded supp
orted prefix (was T for tera).
The prefix support has been also extended, so it supports k for kilo (10^3
) up to Y for yotta (10^24).
- Fixed that the changelog window was too big on 1280X1024 resolution.
- Fixed the (mini) map behavior when a lot of map requests near the edge are
made (linear maps with radars typically).
- Fixed the missing debug symbols on mac and linux, so the error reports on

these systems gives us better information.

- Linux release uses older glibc so, it should be Ubuntu 12+ compatibile.
Use the word intermediates instead of intermeidates. (http://www.factoriof
- Multiplayer dropping threshold is doubled during map upload / download. (
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.18
Date: 12.3. 2015
- Blueprints can be built over things marked for deconstruction.
- Blueprints can be force placed using alternative build mode (shift click).
- Increased the cargo wagon inventory size (20->30).
- Increased the crafting cost of the cargo wagon and locomotive.
- Fixed save corruption (rare probability) related to rendering alerts and s
aving the map.
- Fixed crash in map editor when changing / setting assembling machine recip
e (
- Fixed desync loop when changing player force via script - in PvP mod for i
nstance (
- Added explaining text for the second new hope campaign supplies objectives
. (that the car supplies count only the user is in the car)
- The flamethrower fluid input order is the same as before, so it matches th
e refinery outputs.
- Fixed clearing the cursor while attempting to repair something (http://www
- Fixed that changing force of roboport (in map editor or by a script) didn'
t update the connections properly.
- Roboports now behave correctly when teleported using scripts.
- Fixed that some of the technology icons were scaled down in the technology
- Fixed that the Not minable checkbox was set based on the Indestructible va
lue in the map editor.
- Fixed that the two way signals weren't possible to build on diagonal rails
. (
- Fixed copy-paste for Cargo wagons not activating inserters.
- Fixed copy-paste for entities with inventory limits not copying the limit.
- Fixed that the "Electric demand satisfaction" label was not translatable.
- Removing and merging the locomotive of a train without any additional loco
motives doesn't clear the schedule anymore.
- The line height in the debug info is dependent on the scale, so they don't
overlap or take too much space on different scales.
- Fixed that non valid require did crash the game instead of giving proper e
rror message.
- Fixed "Trying to make chunk at unreasonable position" caused by some vehic
le collisions. (
- Fixed weird behaviour and bad damage calculations when colliding with mult
iple objects while in a car or tank.
- Small change of collision box of curved rail, so the underground belts can
be built on one additional particular position.
- Tank should no longer get stuck. Tank destroys objects by accelerating int
o them even when standing still (

- Setting technology as finished using the script also fires the ontechnolog
yresearched event.
- Order to chart a big area doesn't slow the game horribly anymore. (http://
- Added on_resource_depleted - called when a resource is depleted to its min
imum yield or 0. Passes the resource entity as event.entity.
- Car prototype now uses "energy_per_hit_point" instead of "crash_damage_mul
tiplier", consistent with train prototypes.
- Moved the player hit tint color into the player prototype.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.17
Date: 5.3. 2015
- Tooltips are now generated automatically for some items. You will now see
more detailed info for capsules, turrets, ammo(
- Autosaves in multiplayer are performed at the same time by all clients (in
terval is set by hosting player).
- Progress bar is shown when non-responsive peers are about to be dropped fr
om the game in the Multiplayer.
- Progress bar is shown when other peers in multiplayer are saving map.
- Items dropped by the enemies are collected automatically (without the pres
sed f) and from bigger distance.
- Better construction robot strategy.
When the construction is processed, the closest available supply of the re
quired item is found and the closest robot to this supply is selected for the co
- The game shows name of other players above their head.
- Increased the stack size of straight rail (50->100).
- Fixed desync issue related to removing of active entities.
- Fixed desync issue related to blueprint with more than one icon.
- Don't get stuck in Multiplayer when left alone downloading the map.
- Desync report in multiplayer is generated in parallel avoiding desynced pl
ayer being dropped.
- Fixed that the train didn't continue when it crashed to something (typical
ly player) while breaking for signal/station.
- Fixed that the technology ingredients weren't sorted.
- Unified the rail align of signal to the diagonal rails (http://www.factori
- Fixed crash when the recipe of assembling machine is changed while the gui
is opened. (
- Fixed another updater post-update logic error on windows.
- Fixed shift-removing equipment from the equipment grid freezing the game.
- Fixed the item to entity insertion logic. (
- Fixed crash when autosave happens immediately after loading a multiplayer
map as a new player.
- Fixed some UI icons not scaling correctly and not being displayed pixel-pe
- Fixed that the order of products in the recipe is now specifiable by the l
ua definition the same way as the ingredients.
- Fixed that saves with corrupted energy sources because of the double entit
ies problem in 0.11.16 are not loadable now.
- Fixed the crashes that can happen when accessing the train controls in mul
tiplayer. (

- Fixed electric energy logic, so it is handled properly when the electric p

oles /electric machines are moved (mod related).
- Fixed that rail signal disconnected from rail didn't show health bar and d
econstruction icon.
- Fixed crash when clicking into gui in replay mode.
- Fixed that the button based questions in the sandbox scenario logic could
interfere with other mods. (
- Fixed ocasional crash when building cargo wagons/locomotives. (http://www.
- Fixed crash when removing rail under train in map editor or from a script.
The train on the rail is destroyed in that case.
- Fixed wrong saving directory in the non-hosting MP client(http://www.facto
- Progress bars in Multiplayer (loading map, autosaving, etc.) don't overlap
but instead stack.
- Fixed missing exexcutable permissions in linux tarball.
- Fixed minor issue with generated map even size being rounded up (http://ww
- Electric turret shows energy consumption properly depending on the shootin
g speed upgrades.
- Fixed that the north pipe covers of machines were drawn over the entity. (
- Fixed the crash when autosave is triggered while the computer is locked. T
he game will be saved without the preview picture in this situation.
- Fixed lockup when iterating large numerical arrays in lua (http://www.fact
- Fixed that the small electric pole has wire reach 7.5, but the game was sh
owing 8 in the tooltip.
- Fixed the tank controls, as it could start to break when it hit someting.
The tank doesn't get stuck when plowing through stuff now.
- Fixed, that the gui of inactive mod wasn't deleted the same way as the mod
was removed completely. (
- When the player data file gets corrupted, the file is ignored and the game
can be still launched.
- Fixed that furnace can be modded to have no output/input inventories witho
ut the game crashing.
- Increased the pathing penalty for non-moving train in manual mode from 200
to 1000.
- When building/selecting rail signal, the connected rail is shown by the gr
een selection box.
- Added verbose logging option in other settings. This adds extra logging fo
r the Multiplayer.
- Fixed that player.can_insert returned always true. (http://www.factoriofor
- Fixed that the access luaPlayer/luaGuiElement and luaGuiStyle could result
into crash when the corresponding player was removed.
- Trigger effects of type create-entity now have a property "show_in_tooltip
" which determines if the creation of the entitie(s) should be shown in automati
cally generated tooltips.
- Added LuaTechnology:: upgrade, prerequisites, research_unit_ingredients, e
ffects, research_unit_count, research_unit_energy read.
- Moved radar nearby scan range into the prototype.
- Moved the night vision tint color into the night vision equipment prototyp
- Fixed game::always_day read not returning anything.

- entity.teleport is no longer permitted for walls, transport belts or entit

ies with fluid boxes. The method returns false in this case.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.16
Date: 19.2. 2015
- Option to specify non-standard ui scale.
- Various fixes of multiplayer logic.
- Fixed the error reporting while the game is being updated.
- Fixed the updater logic for the unicode character paths.
- Fixed that the game always crashed when ran on unicode path.
- Fixed a bug in the updater logic that could cause it to crash when the upd
ate is finished.
- Marked Factorio as DPI aware. It should fix different kind of problems wit
h Win 8.1 and it's scaling "features".
- Pressing some key combinations while entering text in a text field will no
longer activate game actions(e.g. pressing Ctrl+C no longer fires the shotgun)
- Fixed problems with low download speed when connecting to multiplayer game
- Fixed that transport belts built by the construction robots were not deact
ivated properly.
- Fixed that entities deactivated internally (automatically) didn't show the
no-electricity icon. The icon is disabled only for manually deactivated entitie
s from now on.
- Fixed that removing construction robot on the way didn't re-assigned new r
obot to the task of deconstruction properly.
- Fixed shift-clicking equipment out of the equipment grid deleting equipmen
t if there was no room in the players inventory (
- Revived character (after dying in multiplayer) are placed on the spawn poi
nt instead of the center of the map.
- Better error message when the (mod) config file can't be saved.
- Fixed the black stripes in tiles visible on some specific location with sp
ecific zoom levels.
- Fixed that the curved rail didn't show the colliding entities when properl
y when building. (
- Fixed that the autosave could randomly make switch the game into the main
manu without the chance to continue. (
- Fixed that the personal laser defense didn't agro biters the same way as s
hooting in peaceful mode.
- Fixed that the debug info config was reset when the the game was updated.
- Fixed that all the personal defense lasers were shooting at the same momen
- Fixed the crash when resizing window with bitmap caching on.
- Fixed that the bitmap caching option was confusing, as the high values wer
e saving video memory usage, for slower performance.
There is just video memory usage selector, where high values means higher
- Fixed that the accumulator capacity was shown only for the first network t
he accumulator was in (when it is in multiple networks).
- Fixed that removing station from schedule could change the current train d
- Enemy structures can't be mined or opened.
- Enemy power poles can't be disconnected.
- Enemy structures can't be fast transfered. (control click)
- Dead character in the ghost move can't move and explore while waiting for

- Map/minimap is separated properly for different forces, and also switched

properly when the force is changed.
- The command history entries are unified.
- Fixes of the notice of the respawn time.
- Assembling machine recipe tooltip doesn't use autocrafting logic. (http://
- Player recipe tooltip doesn't "eat" materials when the auto crafting calcu
lation results in the ingredient not being craftable.
- Fixed the selection priority, ghosts have lower selection priority than ot
her objects now.
- Fixed compatibility problems with older Mac OSX versions.
- Fixed rail inconsistencies when train crashes to itself.
- Fixed the crash when the map can't be saved because there is not enough fr
ee space, proper message is given instead, and the game continues to run.
- Fixed desynchronisation issues on 32bit vs 64bit system related to bluepri
nts and movement bonuses.
- Fixed the transport belt ending drawing logic (http://www.factorioforums.c
- Fixed crash when inserting items to entity that was closed in the same mom
ent in multiplayer.
- Fixed that the player income of items inside assembling machine that was r
eset was not shown. (
- Fixed that items could get lost from assembling machine when doing copy-pa
- Fixed that the crafting queue slots didn't have tooltips.
- Fixed crash when removing transport belts connected to splitter that was r
- Fixed improper activation of rotated splitter.
- Fixed desync when changing to the god controller.
- Moved builddistance, dropitemdistance, reachdistance, reachresourcedistanc
e, tickstokeepgun, and tickstokeepaimingdirection to the player character protot
- Added LuaEntity::signal_state read for Rail Signal entities.
- Added LuaEntity::isitemonbelt read - returns true/false if an item entity
is on a transport belt variant entity.
- Added LuaInventory::hasbar()/getbar()/setbar() - the inventory limit of a
- Fixed that module restriction wasn't working for fast entity transfer.
- Added read/write access to player force.
- Changing player force automatically changes character force and changing c
haracter force automatically changes player force.
- Additional research related fixes, to make different research of different
forces to work correctly (independenly).
- create-entity trigger effect now has an array of offsets specified by the
"offsets" property. The "offset" property was removed.
- Fixed several zero-inventory size related crashes with modded entities (ht
- Added LuaRecipe::products/ingredients read - the products/ingredients for
a given LuaRecipe.
- Fixed that the order of ingredients in the recipe was fixed. The order of
ingredients depends on the order of definition in the prototype.
Mods using recipes with more than one fluid input/output might have the in
puts in different order than before, which might be problem of compatibility
on existing maps, but it can be solved by updating the order of the ingred
ients in those mods (the same way we fixed that in the base)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.15
Date: 4.2. 2015

- Map transfer displays transfer speed.
- Fixed (one of the sources) of the random crashes when loading games, mainl
y with mods
containing heavy code in on_load/on_init methods.
- Fixed (hopefully) the win xp compatibility.
- Tweaks of the error reporting (stack trace written into the log).
- Fixed GUI goal description overlapping GUI elements (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed that inserters weren't woken up when (not) inserting material to fur
nace because the
recipe using it is not researched upon successful research.
- Disabled the LuaPlayer::cursor_position and zoom as they were not determin
- When using the deconstruction planner, the logistic network is not drawn i
f the mouse if over a GUI element(
- Blueprint, deconstruction and cancel deconstruction selection boxes will n
ot get un-selected when hovering over GUI elements.
Instead they will not activate if the mouse is released under a GUI elemen
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0.11.14
Date: 2.2. 2015
- Proper handling of user paths containing non-asci characters.
- Stack trace is written to log when the game crashes in windows (was non wi
ndows only until now).
- Less restrictive (rail collisions related) train signal placement.
- Fixed that the logistic robot storage bonus wasn't used when the full tran
sport belt was being deconstructed.
- Fixed that all the robots were sent for deconstruction of non empty object
s with no logistic robot storage bonus research.
- Fixed the required construction robot calculations related to deconstructi
on of chest/transport belts with mixed contents.
- Fixed loading of save with different mod configuration that caused items t
o have different type. (
- Fixed the layer of drawing of pipe covers.
- Fixed that the attempt to clear empty blueprint consumed electronic circui
t (
- Optimised the situation when huge map needed to be recharted (sometimes ne
eded when moving to newer version).
- Optimised the lua garbage collection strategy.
- Fixed few small problems with the building collision check logic. (http://
- Fixed the crash when viewing the stop distance debug info of train.
- Fixed the inserter insertion logic when inserting mixed ingredients into t
he furnace. (
- Fixed water appearing in maps even when it is disabled.
- Fixed that the deconstruction icon could be under the contents info icon f
or some entities. (
- Fixed that transport belts marked for deconstruction still moved the playe
- Fix (theoretical) of the fast speed on 120Hz screens.
- Further fixes of the manual train controls.(

- Fixed that the big numbers weren't visible in the electric/production stat
- Fixed that vertical straight cables wasn't always visible when the game wa
s zoomed out.
- Added write access to ammo amount left of item stack.
- [] operator of LuaInventory returns LuaItemStack object instead of the sim
plified table.
- LuaInventory::getitem_stack was removed as the [] operator can be used ins
- Added read property LuaItemStack::prototype.
- Added LuaItemStack::drain_ammo/add_ammo.
- Fixed crash when assigning non-existent style.
- Fixed crash when assigning invalid point_to in game.show_message_dialog.
- Fixed that teleporting item stack on belt didn't register the item on the
- Removed LuaInventory.isValid() and added LuaInventory.valid for consistenc
- Added LuaStyle::name - returns the name of the style.
- Reworked all LuaObjects that can be invalid to support the "valid" readabl
e property.
- Furnace never cleans the input/output fluid boxes on load.
- Stable order of the input/output fluid boxes of crafting machines.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.13
Date: 19.1. 2015
- Fixed the freezes related to train building.
- Fixed the inserter activation logic related to situations where inserter t
akes the fuel from the entities powered by fuel.
- Fixed the collision checks related to gun turrets.
- Fixed the train colliding with itself when the destination was changed man
ually. (
- Stopped, manually controlled train adds additional penalty (related to tra
in path finding) of 200 tiles to the block it occupies.
- Fixed the possible crashes related to invalid map exchange string.
- Fixed crash related to loading save that is autosaved the very next tick.
- Gates open in front of the moving character the same way as in front of th
e moving car.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.12
Date: 16.1. 2015
- Fixed building collision check of car/trains.
- Fixed that offline players in multiplayer were receiving alerts that were
never cleared, so their alert
counts were increasing forever. This not only increased save game size, bu
t increased the CRC calculation time as well.
- Crc calculation time was heavily optimised and is calculated only for onli
ne players.
- Fixed that inserters could take items from flying robots. This also disabl
es control-clicking robots to steal their items,
but it was not intended feature anyway.
- Fixed the logistics request text box. (
- Changed default logistic request amount for few items to be different (10)

than the stack amount (modules + alien artifacts).

- Fixed the problem of the shaking frame of the assembling machine (and poss
ibly other) entities in the gui preview.
- Fixed the shaking image of burner mining drill.
- Fixed the reversed manual controls of train when driving backwards in some
- Fixed the splitter drawing in blueprint preview.
- Gates open in time (depends on the speed) for cars/tanks.
- Proper processing of save loading errors. The error message is shown inste
ad of the crash.
- Fixed crashes when trying to set invalid style to gui elements from script
- Changed stack sizes of battery/energy shield to 50 so it can be built in a
ssembling machine without getting stuck.
- Changed recipe of power armor (less processing units/steel) so it can be a
utomated more easily as well.
- Fixed the occasional crash when some of the internal Factorio directories/
files were read-only.
- Fixed that the enemy turrets were attacking in the peaceful mode.
- The logfile contains more specific OS info (currently extended only for wi
- The game is automatically closed with notification when the service pack o
n windows 7 is missing.
- Fixed gui error in the mod settings. (
- Fixed the bug with construction robots following vehicles outside of robop
ort area (again).
- Fixed that inserter could stretch for wrong wagon when facing a rail curve
. (
- Fixed crash related to connecting tight train wagons or high-speed train c
- Fixed crash related to loading save with entities that need to be removed
(mod removal/change), while other mod target these entities.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.11
Date: 13.1. 2015
- Fixed problems with inserters taking from diagonal wagons.
- Fixed several train related bugs and issues, mainly:
Fixed the problem of train occasionally loosing path when moving fast.
This also fixes the problems of mods with super fast trains.
Fixed that trains could occasionaly leave block behind them blocked.
Fixed that trains could do huge detours when some block was blocked.
The pathfinding is based on penalties for blocked segments now.
For trains waiting in station, the more remaining time in the station, t
he bigger penalty.
- Removing train station doesn't remove it from the train list.
If there are no stations with the given name, the station is shown as red
in the schedule.
Such station are skipped by the train until the station with the name appe
ars again.
- Fixed the way train was preferring non-blocked paths/stations.
- Fixed that diagonal parallel curve blocks both tracks. (http://www.factori
- Partial fix of the constant micro-freezes/frame drops.
- Fixed problems with inserters not putting items on belts to ground.
- Fixed crash when MP game is refused by the host.
- Update doesn't require UAC approval, when the zip package version is used.
- Fixed some of the technology prerequisites.

- Fixed logistic gui issues (

- The default value of item in the logistic gui is the count of one stack.
- Fixed crash when accessing logistic gui that is opened directly in the sav
e game.
- Fixed that in the logistic gui selecting already set request didn't work.
- Radar ignores chunks outside the map borders. (http://www.factorioforums.c
- Fixed (hopefully) the "unique_path: An Internal error occurred" problem.
- Fixed that the inserter was buildable on the top of underground belt.
- Fixed that the electric pole was buildable so close to the curved rail tha
t it would be destroyed by the train.
- Fixed that the electric network for power armor was ran twice per game tic
- Fixed the "trying to make chunk at unreasonable position" bug related to s
ending empty unit group somewhere from script.
- Fixed problems in the lua equipment grid interface:
.clear() nolonger crashes, .move() works now, and .generator_energy report
s energy as a floating point value.
- Fixed that the rail directions were messed up when building rails from scr
The mechanism, that changes the rail direction based on the position is st
ill used for manual building, to allow the user
to build diagonal rails without having to switch direction after every pie
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.10
Date: 6.1. 2015
- Technology slots icons drawing positions.
- Fixed the crash when trying to drag non-draggable window.
- Fixed the problem of stuck inserters when putting stuff on transport belt
with direction away from it.
- Fixed the crash when tips & tricks window was displayed.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.9
Date: 5.1. 2015
- When removing power line, the neighbours of it are reconnected. (http://ww
- Fixed the save corruption related to saving the game while having electric
-pole selected.
- Fixed possible crashes and save game corruption when saving while having b
lueprint in cursor.
- Fixed the crash/desync problems when someone died in the multiplayer game.
- Added engine as prerequisite for railway, as the diesel locomotive needs e
ngine to be built.
Added electric engine technology as prerequisite for power armor technolog
Added Speed module 3 and Efficiency module 3 technologies as prerequisite
for power armor 2 technology.
- Fixed desync issue related to mods adding inputs/outputs to assembling mac
hines in a way, that
input/output definition order is mixed.
- Fixed the crash when you kill your car/tank using the car/tank weapon.

- Fixed the crash (trying to make chunk at unreasonable position) related to

creation two members
of unit group on the exact same position (mod related).
- Fixed issues with the train schedule gui. (
- Fixed the text selection issues (Going back and forth while selecting the
text reset the selection).
- Fixed the problems related to blueprint selection cancellation by pressing
q (to get the blueprint out of the cursor).
- Fixed the crash related to item on the ground marked for deconstruction ge
tting on transport belt -> underground
belt and deconstructed underground. Items marked for deconstruction can't
be moved by belts anymore.
- Fixed the crash in map editor when removing currently opened entity.
- Fixed that the First Steps script of level 03 could be broken by destroyin
g one of the boilers or mining
drill or steam engine in the tutorial part of the level.
- Fixed the cluttered map from car/tank when it crashes something.
- Green coral is affected by poison capsule (breaths-air flag is included).
- The smart inserter is waken up (alarmed), when the circuit wire is connect
- Fixed that it wasn't possible to build on the top of the grenade crater.
- Moved the picture of spawner to the left to match the collision bounding b
- Fixed crashes (mainly while saving) related to train with lost path trying
to unlock gates on the path.
- Solved that inventory was not sorted after crafting in god mode.
- Solved that inventory was not sorted after another stack of items was move
d to cursor when building, or
when ammo stack was moved to gun slots from inventory when the previous sl
ot was depleted.
- Fixed that transport belts were still animating and emitting sounds even w
hen they were stopped and prepared
for deconstruction.
- Fixed that construction robots, when deconstructing splitters/belts to gro
und didn't remove the items on these
the same way as on regular transport belts first. The result was random it
ems leftovers after deconstruction.
- Reduced the cpu load caused by big count of inserters loading/unloading tr
ansport belts.
Can reduce the update time on big factories by about 30%.
- Fixed various problems in the lua blueprint interface.
- All the entity specific settings that can be specified in blueprint creati
on are now
specifiable also at entity creation like game.create_entity{name="wooden-c
hest", bar=5, position = {0, 0}}
- Fixed the problems related to setting the blueprint icons from script.
- Disabled adding empty string as prerequisite of technology.
- Fixed the buildability check for rails.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.8
Date: 22.12. 2014
- Fixed crash when manually saving the game in multiplayer mode.
- Fixed several problems related to multiplayer synchronisation logic 3+ pla
yers game is less problematic now.

- Fixed the stuck items on belts related to the position representation chan
ge in 0.11.7.
- Fixed the wrong positioning of player color mask of the running with gun a
- Fixed the character wrong animation direction of some of the combinations
of aiming/running with gun.
- Fixed the crash in map editor in the far away zoom levels.
- Fixed the missing refresh of tiles of new generated areas in map editor.
- Fixed the missing (and crashes related to) blueprint previews.
- Compatibility fix of loading saves containing mods changing electric poles
The saves must be first saved in 0.11.8+ to be loadable with different ele
ctric pole mod configuration.
- Fixes of the frozen input states of character related to switching to map
- Fixed that the roboport antenna animation was randomly drawn under the rob
Modes affected: Walking, mining, vehicle riding, picking items.
- Fixed the unknown description in research tooltip in laboratory.
- Fixed that input/output material of assembling machine was lost when doing
recipe reset.
- The car can now accepts fuel and ammo into the trunk by inserter or shift/
control click even when the
burner/ammo slots are already full, so it goes to the trunk.
- Renamed the accelerationpereenergymodifier of lua car to effectivity_modif
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.7
Date: 19.12. 2014
- Fixed the problem of older OS-X compatibility.
- Fixed the problem of multiplayer disconnect when loading/saving larger gam
e as the other peers
didn't get any info about the progress.
- Fixed (another) desync problem related to beacons.
- Fixed cutting off last character of single word console commands.
- Fixed the 32bit versus 64bit desync issue related to damage (and health ma
- Fixed the wrong buildability check for curved rail versus gate.
- Fixed that the car wasn't always pushed by transport belts.
- Fixed that the scorchmark was created water.
- Reduced the savegame size by 53%, this reduces also the saving time by rou
ghly 40%.
- Reduced savegame memory usage up to 10%
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.6
Date: 11.12. 2014
- It is possible to copy paste the train schedule by applying copy paste on
the locomotives.
- It is possible to copy paste station names.
- Train looks one more step ahead when avoiding blocked stations with the sa
me name.
- Fixed (another) desync problem related to path finding.
- Fixed desync problem related to the pollution calculations.


desync problem related to entities connected to beacons.

desync problems related to spitters attacks.
desync problem related to previewing blueprint with mining drill.
desync problem related to unit group movement.
crash related to deactivating of chunks because of pollution diffusi

- Fixed crash related to removing cables of electric poles that is connected
to machine by red/green cable.
- Fixed crash and desync issues related to assembling machines with more tha
n 1 result item. (only happens in mods)
- Correct activation of transport belt based entities when their deconstruct
ion is cancelled.
- Fixed crash on exit when the mods folder was removed before the start of f
- Fixed that underground belt to be deconstructed was accepting items, from
the connected belt.
- Fixed that lights marked for deconstruction were still providing light eve
n without power and during the day.
- Fixed problem with rocket defence in multiplayer.
- Oil refinery and chemical plant disconnected from pipes when the recipe wa
s reset.
- Fixed running the replay of the single player mode. (Replays of multiplaye
r mode still need few fixes).
- No error message about missing red/green wire when copy pasting inserter s
ettings containing connection
to electric pole that it is already connected to.
- Copy pasting of inserter/smart chest can be used to reconnect the circuit
connection as well.
- Fixed the sandbox in the multiplayer mode.
- Fixed the missing exe icon on windows (again, now even in the final deploy
script ^^)
- Fixed the cross device link error when saving game to a symlinked director
- Fixed missing selection box when connecting two different electric poles w
ith red/green wires.
- Fixed crashes on OSX Lion.
- Added ground patch to remnants.
- Better integration of the explosion particles.
- New graphics of car. Overall enhancement, added player colour mask, turret
and wheel animation.
- Added small scorchmark as a result of heavy weapons (grenads, rockets, tan
k cannon).
- The range of all spitters have been set to 15, so they don't outrange the
gun turrets.
- game::can_place_entity is now stricter, it doesn't return true for some ca
ses where it is possible
to build manually, like building over items, fast replacing entities etc.
- Event on_gui_clicked now contains player_index instead of player object to
be compatibile with the other events
that have player_index as well.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.5
Date: 5.12. 2014
- Fixed the faulty connection logic for splitter preview.
- Fixed the crashes when doing certain actions in the sandbox mode.

- Added sanity check for the coordinates of chunk creation, chunks are limit
ed to position of 1000000.
- Fixed crash in map editor when building lab.
- Fixed "start level" button of transport belt madness.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.4
Date: 4.12. 2014
- Added preferred screen option in the graphics option.
- Upgraded the player running animation.
- Fixed 4 different problems in path finding that created desync errors.
- Fixed desync problems related to the logistic network.
- Fixed desync problems that would arise when something happens near the edg
e of the map.
- Fixed desync problems that would arise when using the teleport method in t
he level/mod scripts.
- Fixed desync problems related to working sounds near the edge of the gener
ated map.
- Fixed desync problems related to viewing edge of the map.
- Fixed desync problems related to usage of furnace with fluids (can happen
only with mods).
- Fixed desync problems related to removing electric poles connected with ci
rcuit network.
- Fixed desync problems related to having damaged items in the inventory.
- Fixed that the circuit network wasn't cleared when using LuaInventory::cle
ar on inventory of chest connected to circuit network.
- Fixed crash when roboport without energy was destroyed and rebuilt by cons
truction robot.
- Fixed crash when showing the attacked alert details that contained alert o
f other player being damaged.
- Multiple players can connect to the MP game at the same time.
- Fixed problems with locale names containing dash (for example zh-CN).
- Fixed case sensitivity problem with Chinese font on linux.
- Fixed freeze when closing Assembler's gui with tool-tip (http://www.factor
- Loading MP game in SP tries to retain player's original identity (http://w
- Fixed swapping gun turret ammo types (
- Fixed that the information about which mod crated (or modified) the item/e
ntity/recipe/technology was missing.
- Fixed that the cargo wagon didn't have resistances.
- Fixed that alert sounds weren't working properly (again).
- Fixed adding a new train station to a schedule of a train if isn't selecte
d destination like first
- Fixed replays for the singleplayer.
- Fixed that LuaEntity::get_circuit_condition crashed the game for entities
with non-zero condition, but no connection to the circuit network.
- Fixed the infinite furnace rebuilding bug (
- When there is invalid control sequence in the translation, instead of clos
ing Factorio when it id displayed, the
text just contains the error message.
- Fixed that the game removed all the gui created by mod automatically on ga
me load.
Now it removes just gui of mods that were removed as before.

- Fixed that rail over gate (or the other way around), wasn't buildable as p
art of the blueprint, as the first one
built removed the ghost of the second one.
- Fixed that the exe file in the zip package was missing the factorio icon.
- Fixed that the menu in map editor was not responsible after clicking exit
and cancel.
- Fixed that construction robots didn't have the working sounds.
- Fixed possible crashes and logistic/circuit network inconsistances related
to removal of items in inventories
that have smaller size due to different mod configuration.
- Fixed that changing terrain from script (used by some mods that work with
terrain), wasn't updated on screen until forced by zooming or
moving the screen away and back.
- The sandbox scenario now doesn't have the character visible.
- Assembling machine 3 has up to 6 ingredient slots, so it can make any reci
pe in its category.
- Fixed that LuaEntity::get_item_count returned 6 times more for ammo turret
- Removed write access to LuaGame::tick.
- Disabled deactivating of rolling stock.
- Lua debug library no longer return paths containing instalation directory.
- Fixed that the data-updates.lua of base mod would overwrite the created ef
fect of mod entities by the
smoke effect. It now just adds the smoke effect to the specified effect.
- Rail signal that is not dividing two rail blocks is changing colors the sa
me way, as when it is connected to no rail
because it does nothing, more at
- The standardised mod naming convention is now enforced.
- Changed the preffered-screen-index config option to preferred-screen-index
(spelling error fix).
- Health description will no longer show full health when the entity has min
or damage (and health bar is shown).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.3
Date: 14.11. 2014
- Fixed crash when building trains.
- Fixed that the sandbox scenario was not working.
- (Hopefully) Fixed the missing inet_pton message thus fixing the WinXP comp
- Fixed that the alert sounds were not working sometimes.
- Fixed crashes when roboport was destroyed or lost power.
- Fixed potential crash after using game.remove_offline_players.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.2
Date: 13.11. 2014
- Mods that don't affect game state are not needed to be synchronised when p
laying multiplayer game or replaying game.
This mainly solves the problem of multiplayer games where some of the peop
le had scenario pack mod and some hadn't.
- New graphics of construction and logistic robots.

- Reenabled the windows xp support.
- Fixed various buildability collisions problems.
- Fixed crashes when using walls in blueprints.
- Fixed crash when previewing gates on rails in blueprint.
- Fixed problems when rotating blueprint with walls or rotating already buil
t wall.
- Fixed that the new hope campaign wasn't working.
- Fixed that the "can't build sound" of all players was always played to the
first player.
- Fixed that the capsule range visualisation was drawn for all players.
- Fixed the wrong localisation of No path message of train.
- Fixed the script error when finishing FirstSteps/New hope campaigns.
- Fixed crashes when someone uses nmap on a computer running MP game.
- Fixed multiplayer 3 player "recurring dropping" problem (http://www.factor
- Shift + space pause is switched off when typing in console.
- Shift + space pause is switched off in the multiplayer.
- Fix that children_names-method only returns a single name instead of all
- Starting equipment in freeplay is given to all the new players.
- Fixed that the Allows+Requires+Cost was not wrapped as the effects list in
the technology preview window.
- Fixed that single item got stuck in underground belt until second item ent
ered it.
- Save settings when game automatically sets bitmap-caching because of VRAM
- Fixed crash when crafting weapon / ammo in the vehicle (http://www.factori
- Fixed that modules couldn't be used in electric furnace (http://www.factor
- Fixed crashes in multiplayer freeplay after building rocket defense.
- Fixed train movement problems - both desync and the "Ok, so we didn't make
the train movement right" errors.
- Fixed that ghosts of turrets were not removed when turret was built over.
- Attempted to fix the "receiveMovementImpulse ended up with unreasonable po
sition" car and tank error.
- Unified the Floating point model on all windows distributions. That might
solve the 32bit/64bit desync issues.
- Fixed bug with double-clicking in assembler gui during autosaving (http://
- Fixed bug with burner inserter grabbing coal even when setup with full sta
ck (
- Fixed that the command /c game.regenerate_tiles could crash easily, becaus
e it didn't take the parallel map generation into account.
- Fixed train description speed units and locale.
- In multiplayer game anyone can unpause the game (not just the one who paus
ed it).
- Walls and gates are fast replacable.
- In Multiplayer, research progress gui (in the top right) blinks once resea
rch has completed.
There is no technology window popup anymore. This is optional behavior in
single player as well.
- Fixed bug that SP game wouldn't have commands allowed after loaded from MP
- MapEditor doesn't allow to place and edit character anymore. Instead a spa
wn point (red flag) can be put on map.
- Fixed that the on_robot_built_entity was not working at all.

- Fixed that events giving player index were crashing in the sandbox mode.
(on_picked_up_item, on_built_entity, on_player_mined_item, on_preplayer_mi
ned_item, on_player_createditem, onplayerrotatedetity)
- Fixed crashes when modifying style of gui of player that has no view (alwa
ys in multiplayer).
- LuaPlayer::name (read) now contains the player name.
- Replaced removeofflineplayer with remove_offline_players. It takes a lua t
able of player indexed to remove.
If no arguments are provided it removes all the players.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.1
Date: 31.10. 2014
- Removed test code leftover that artifically created desync every 20 secon
- Fixed the localisation errors.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.11.0
Date: 31.10. 2014
- First version of the multiplayer.
Only co-op mode. Simplistic UI. Requires a public IP address for connectin
g to.
Tested mostly on LAN. Replays of MP games don't work yet. Number of player
s is not limited.
- Added gates, they open when friendly player comes by. Gates built on strai
ght rails become rail gates.
- Added a tank. It is way more durable than a car. It has its own set of wea
- Added spitters. They are a next evoluton step of biters with a ranged (spi
tting) attack.
They are spawned in their own spawners (different mask color) but only aft
er evolution reaches 0.3.
- The console works as a chat tool by default now.
Ingame commands can be used, /w for whisper or /c for lua command (previou
s functionality). For more type /help.
- Highlight of the items added into the inventory (http://www.factorioforums
- Randomized lights turning on and off during dawn and dusk (http://www.fact
- Item entities are now de-constructable.
- Added a cancel deconstruction option to the deconstruction planner.
- Copy/paste entitysettings (filters) for cargowagons (like e.g. recipes for
assembling machines).
- Loads of determinism fixes, mainly for the multiplayer, but the replay sta
bility should improve a lot as well.
- When game speed is < 1 the gui doesn't lag.
- Fixed crash when trying to connect trains in a situation that would result
in collision of the new train with other trains
- Fixed invalid directions in game.create_entity() crashing the game.
- Calling game.take_screenshot{} no longer crashes the game.
- Fixed that some entities weren't placable in the map editor (worm corpses)
- Fixed incorrectly disabled New game -> Custom scenario -> Confirm button.
- Fixed that turret could be walked over when rebuilt until the game was rel

- Accidental building is now not possible when viewing the map.

- Compatibility fix of the new OS X Yosemite.
- Syntax error in script locale is now shown ingame, without closing the pro
- Fixed crash when placing blueprints with wires over existing ghosts with w
ires (
- Fixed the rail segment bug, when mod adds two same rails at the same posit
- New player animation. Three levels depending on the armor. All with masks.
- Rail endings.
- Biters/Spitters/Spawners/Worms are now drawn using the same picture with d
ifferently colored masks.
This allows making different color combinations of biters without rising t
he video memory requirements.(Mods!)
- Blood splashes when units die are now procedural.
- Stone walls need research (just red science packs needed).
- Slower crafting (0.5s->10s) of solar panels and accumulators.
- Fast/Express splitter are made from the lower variants (same as with trans
port belts/underground belts)
- Small electric pole can be used as fuel.
- Changed wood fuel value from (0.6MJ->2MJ), so 2Xwood made from raw wood ha
s the same fuel value as the original raw wood.
- Faster map drawing.
- Optimized main loop. The game will automatically skip rendering when it ca
n't keep up with expected updates per second.
LowFPS mode has been removed because this functionality fully replaces it
(it automatically lowers FPS when needed).
- Added Bitmap Memory Caching. This allows to store certain sprites classes
(defined by priority) in RAM and load them only when needed.
If your computer has little VRAM try setting "Bitmap Caching Level" (in Gr
aphicsSettings) to "very low".
This will keep the trains / player and enemies dying animations in RAM, sa
ving a lot of VRAM.
- Disabled loading of saves before 0.7.0 version (You can use 0.7.5 to load
older saves and re-save them).
- New physics for cars. Car now does very little damage when colliding.
- Disabled shooting from a vehicle (capsules can still be thrown).
- Added phases to the mod loading. data.lua of all mods is loaded first, the
n the data-updates.lua and the data-final-fixes.lua as last.
This allows mods to change the data of other mods without the need to be l
ast. This is used even in the base game, to add the
dust effect when a building is created, so the effect is added to mod buil
dings as well.
- Every animation / sprite can now have a color tint.
- Every animation / sprite can have any number of "overlays" (see how player
masks work).
- Changed the frame_width/frame_height properties of animation to width/heig
ht so it is the same as in sprite.
- Better specification for enemy spawner units (see biter-spawner for exampl
- Furnace and assembling machine have been internally united. They the the s
ame animation and quite a few properties
(crafting_categories, energy_usage, crafting_speed, animation, working_visu
As a result Furnace can now have fluid boxes and use recipes with multiple

outputs (but not multiple inputs).

- Extended car prototypes to make tanks possible.
- Electric turret uses ammo_type directly from its attack_parameters.
- Attack parameters accept warmup field which defines the delay before the e
ffects take place (but animation and sound start playing instantly).
This is now used for spitter shooting animation only.
- Lua API for writing / reading player color (i.e. game.player.color = {r=0.
7, g=0.4, b=0.3})
- Fixed saving and loading references to LuaEntity and LuaItem prototypes.
- Fixed crash when calling game.set_tiles() with invalid parameters.
- Added New LuaFluidBox object to interact with liquids.
- Lua API for reading backer names of entities (and writing station-names).
- Expansion of get_circuit_condition-method; the returned table contains a n
ew key "fulfilled" which
indicates if condition is met.
- Expansion of get/set/clear-filter methods to allow access to cargowagon fi
- Changed onplayercrafted; it is now called for every item in the crafting q
ueue crafted
- Added new events:
on_robot_built_entity: passes entity built
on_robot_pre_mined: identical to on_preplayer_mined_item but called by rob
on_robot_mined: identical to on_player_mined_item
on_research_started: passes the research name
on_research_finished: passes the research finished
on_player_rotated_entity: passes the entity rotated
on_marked_for_deconstruction: passes the entity
on_canceled_deconstruction: passes the entity
on_trigger_created_entity: passes the entity created; only called if the t
rigger creating the entity has been marked with "trigger_created_entity = true"
on_train_changed_state: passes the train
- Added show_entity_info parameter to take_screenshot.
- Function gettext was removed completely, localised strings are now specifi
ed by the curly-brackets {"key", {"key-parameter"}, "literal parameter", 7}
- Added disconnect_neighbour: used with electric poles; takes the circuit co
nnector to disconnect - none to disconnect standard copper wire.
- Added ghost-related methods:
ghost_name read: the ghost entity name
ghost_localised_name read: the localised ghost entity name
ghost_type read: the ghost entity type
ghost_prototype read: the ghost entity prototype
time_to_live read/write: the number of ticks until the ghost dies
- Expanded direction and recipe to provide write access
- Expanded methods to support reading/writing from ghost entities: (connect_
neighbour, disconnect_neighbour, direction, get_circuit_condition, set_circuit_c
clear_circuit_condition, orientation, rotateable, recipe, backer_name)
- Changed set_circuit_condition parameters to: {circuit = index, operator =
operator, name = name, count = count}
- Added Lua API for reading/writing information from special items (ammo, ar
mor, blueprints, tools)
- Added Lua API for reading/writing armor equipment and equipment grids
- Expanded methods for trains:
locomotives read: returns the locomotives for the train
state read: returns the current train state (train states are defined in d
- Lua objects can now be passed between scripts with
If an invalid object is passed the destination interface recives nil in pl

ace of the object.

- Added game.players[] - returns a table of the current players
- Expanded player-related methods to pass "player_index" of the player doing
the action. If there is no player (map editor) the "player_index" value will be
(on_picked_up_item, on_built_entity, on_player_mined_item, on_preplayer_mi
ned_item, on_player_createditem, onplayerrotatedetity)
- Added "player_index" read to LuaGuiElement
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.12
Date: 16.9. 2014
- Fixed that it wasn't possible to set a filter.
- Fixed that fast replacing moved items primary to character, it made upgrad
ing chests and machines not practical.
Instead, when fast replacing, the content is always transferred to the new
entity, when it can't fit, it transfers
to player, and if it can't be moved to the player as well it makes the goo
d old item bomb.
- The right ui container is slightly larger, so it can contain the roboport
info without enlarging.
- The worm turrets are not taken into consideration when deciding enemy expa
- Fixed that enemy expansion candidates were not updated correctly when base
was destroyed.
- Fixed that combat robots were on the map/minimap.
- Fixed extra mousebuttons over gui behavior (
- The maximum distance for enemy expansion was increased from 5 to 7.
- makefile, take_screenshot and remove_path now use logger to report failure
s, minor fixes in the path verification
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.11
Date: 15.9. 2014
- Fixed that number keys and enter were sometimes randomly not working (http
- Fixed that the pipe to ground was missing the health bar (http://www.facto
- Fixed crash on mouse over ghost of rail signal that was connected to rail
destroyed afterwards (
- Fixed that the blueprint preview could go outside the window in some cases
- Fixed the crash when the selection window of filter slots of cargo wagon i
s opened while the cargo wagon gets away (or id destroyed) and the
filter is selected. Now the crash doesn't occur and the window is closed a
utomatically (
- Show the logistic network areas when the deconstruction tool is in hand (h
- Fixed that the long entity names permanently enlarged the sidebar (http://
- Fixed that downgrading container containing enough items to not fit into t
he inventory resulted in both the new and old container on the same spot
- Fixed that wire connection isn't cleared when the wire is put away in godm
ode (
- Fixed that cursor for wire placing was inconsistent sometimes (http://www.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.10
Date: 12.9. 2014
- Fixed that passive provider chest acted as active provider chest after gam
e load.
- Fixed that player turrets could be walked through after reconstructed. (ht
- Fixed that the starting chest in sandbox mode didn't contain some of the i
tems in full stacks.
- Fixed that the pause game control reset itself to default after every rest
- Fixed wrong directory name inside save (it was "currently-saving", now it
is the same as the save name).
- Fixed that map2scenario didn't copy locale and script state to the scenari
- Fixed crash related to enemy pathfinding.
- Fixed wrongly reported amount of items the player got from mining machines
/containers (
- Fixed entity icons of defender/distractor/destroyer robots.
- Fixed that deconstructing transport-belt-to-ground would delete items they
held (
- Fixed that deconstructing inserters holding items would delete items they
held (
- The notifications of destroyed buildings are created only when someone oth
er than player (or his machines) destroys the building.
This affects player destroying his buildings manually and also land-mine d
estroying itself on impact.
- Fixed that slightly more robots than needed could be send to empty provide
r chest (
- When unresearching (using script) the toolbelt, the items that can't fit i
t are inserted back into the player's inventory.
- Recipes changed by mod will be refreshed to original value automatically w
hen the mod is removed
- Fixed crash when opening save that contained mods that are not already pre
Crash happened when the crafting menu was opened and the active crafting g
roup was added by the mod (so it is not present anymore).
- Fixed that items were moved into quickbar even when there was already stac
k of that type in the quickbar (currently selected in hand)
- Fixed the missing check of gun->ammo compatibility when putting the gun th
ere using shift-click or when the gun was crafted.
- Fixed that the visualisation radius of throwables (the green circle) wasn'
t visible when the player was in the vehicle.
- Fixed that the container's inventory didn't get sorted in case the contain
er couldn't be mined because all the items wouldn't fit the inventory.
- Fixed crash during enemy attack when the enemy unit was modded to attack b
y destroying everything including itself
- Fixed that the player mined item event was not called when he got just par
t of the inventory
- Fixed that it wasn't possible to start fullscreen game in other than the p

rimary window. There is now settings in config in category [graphics] section:

preffered-screen-index. Changing the value changes the display adapter (mo
nitor) that is used. If many people use this feature in the future, we can put i
t in the
graphics settings ingame as well (
- The number input box "consumes" only numeric input. Other keys for walking
or closing the window still work when the field is selected.
This is true as long as these are not mapped to numbers, bad luck in that
case (
- Fixed that actions made in the last tick before closing the scenario due t
o error were applied again when different game was opened
- Added option to turn off vertical synchronisation of the display (v-sync).
- Fixed crash when starting game without config file.
- Progress bar showing electricity availability is now colored. Green for al
l required energy available, yellow, more than half, red less than half.
- Progress bar style enables to specify different colors for different range
s of values.
- Added game.get_chunks() iterator and game.is_chunk_generated(...) and game
.player.force.is_chunk_charted() methods.
- Pre player mined item event is called really before the player starts to g
et items from the inventory.
Note that the change means, that the event is called even when the mine ca
n eventually fail
(not enough inventory to hold all the items). In the future, we might add
an event for when the entity is really going to be removed.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.9
Date: 29.8. 2014
- Fixed crash when the map exchange string is not valid. If is not valid, te
xt color is changed to red.
- Fixed the loading of saves containing inner saves (used in tightspot scena
rio) (
- Fixed that unresearching quickbar slots crashed the game (http://www.facto
- Fixed crash in map editor when building transport belts after building dia
gonal rail tracks (
- Fixed crash when entity with no icon shown in the electric network statist
ics, error icon is shown instead in that case
- Fixed crash when some modded entity attack_reaction effect killed the atta
cking biter.
- Fixed various problems of not loadable save when energy source type of ent
ities changed or mod specifying entities with energy source missing.
- Removed so called "item bomb" effect. It happened When the player tried to
a mine chest that contained items that couldn't fit his inventory.
Instead of dropping all the items on the ground around (which could be A L
OT of items in some cases), the mining just fails, while player
gets as many items from the chest as possible.
- Fixed performance when cancelling large crafting queues and the player has
no room to hold the items.
This also fixes performance when a loot-enabled entity dies and drops a la

rge amount of loot.

- Fixed bug when sometimes rail segments were messed up by placing rail sign
als from blueprint (
Also blueprint which would place two signals next two each other cannot be
- Fixed bug when train was self-damaging when driving backwards at the end o
f the rail (
This also fixes the resulting crash when the wagon was destroyed.
- Fixed bug when train with 2 locomotives with opposite directions was not m
oving backwards when first locomotive had no coal.
- Fixed that laser turrets were not working when built near chunk boundaries
- Saving the crc in the replay only once per second, so the replay (and save
) size shouldn't grow so fast.
- Fixed that the beacon rotating animation was sometimes drawn under the bea
con (
- Fixed bug where placing assembling machine over assembling machine of the
same type could result into repetitve placing
- Fixed the problem with deconstruction of transport belt with inserter (or
something other) putting items on it (
- Fixed that logistic robots were confused when inserting into storage with
damaged items (
- Fixed that construction/logistic robots inside a network that was removed
weren't re-assigned to the closest logistic network.
- The created effect of entities is not applied in map editor, to avoid too
much freezed smoke particles at the same time that slows the render.
- Worms don't collide with the world during the dying animation (http://www.
- Worms don't show healthbar and don't regenerate health during the dying an
- Fixed scrolling with sliders in game (
- Fixed bug when some controls didn't work with mouse over the gui (http://w
Now they work just fine unless there is a gui action (i.e. crafting, trans
fer) with the same binding.
- Fixed extremely low placement probabilities of worms.
- Fixed resetting key bindings when changing keyboard layouts (http://www.fa
- Fixed bug when using deconstruction tool broke the replay (http://www.fact
- Fixed that pausing the game closed the opened gui (http://www.factorioforu
- Fixed that setting more than 65535 value in the logistics request gui didn
't work properly.
- Fixed that the number in the logistic gui wasn't set to 0 when the slot wa
s cleared (
- Map map2scenario reports errors correctly instead of crashing.
- Using map2scenario no longer resets researched technologies and unlocked r
- Migrations are applied even when using map2scenario.
- Fixed bug when blueprints were "looting" the items from transport belt to
grounds (
- Added show_active_chunks debug option, shows which chunks are active on th
e big map.

- Fixed that can_insert method ignored set filters (http://www.factorioforum
- Fixed that LuaForce:reset didn't reset all the force modifiers
Namely: inserter stack size bonus, logistic slots, quickBarCount, followin
gRobotsCount, ghost time to live.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.8
Date: 15.8. 2014
- Fixed bug on windows when game couldn't be saved.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.7
Date: 15.8. 2014
- Fixed bug with non-primary mouse not working on OSX (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed OSX crash due to non-existent write data directory (http://www.facto
- Fixed crash when electric pole with open electricity gui is deconstructed
- Fixed crash when assembling machine item tooltip was active while it was r
emoved (
- Fixed crash when starting the game with dutch translation active.
- Fixed various replay desynchronizations related to research.
- Fixed bug in allocation of construction robots when rebuilding objects (ht
- Fixed bug when removing toolbar filter didn't remove the picture (http://w
- Fixed that the car was displayed multiple times on the map (http://www.fac
- Fixed other transport belt ending drawing logic issues (http://www.factori
- Fixed small bugs with rails (and) ghosts (
- Old save file is not overwritten when saving fails (http://www.factoriofor
- Fast replacing assembling machine keeps the direction of the original asse
mbling machine. This is beacuse the common scenario here is to upgrade
the assembling machine, rather than use it to change direction of existing
machines (
- Allowed to check placebility of item on ground from script as long as the
item is specified (
- Fixed that the video memory was refresh needlessly when the window was jus
t activated.
- Fixed the error reporting with fault definition. It now shows mods involve
d in the error correctly.
- Fixed wrong radar consumption (309kW instead of 300kW) (http://www.factori
- Fixed crash when a cargo wagon is placed in the map editor (http://www.fac
- Mod zip package and folder should follow the pattern <Mod name>_<Mod versi
on> (
- Slightly smaller bounding box for the steam engine (http://www.factoriofor
- Roboport gui says "repair packs" not "material" (http://www.factorioforums

- Roboport is no longer categorised as military structure.
Therefore biters don't target it primary, only when it is in their "area o
f rage", same as with other factory buildings.
- Added Japanese translation and updated some of the other translations.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.6
Date: 1.8. 2014
- Fixed the occasional crashes when switching item groups in filter selectio
- Fixed small inconsistencies of drawing logic of transport-belt based entit
- Fixed drawing of pipe covers for boiler that has less than 2 connections.
- Fixed unnecessary drawing of pipe covers in some cases, not visible in nor
mal game, but
allows cad-like mods to be precise (
- Fixed that furnace started to process the input even with no energy, so it
looks like the item vanished,
as the processing progress bar stops at 0 (
- Fixed, that the selection box of curved rail ghost wasn't proper.
- Fixed minor bugs with ignored low influences in entity placement.
- Fixed placement of rocks (getting rid of stone rings, http://www.factoriof
- Fixed the visualisation of shooting target.
- Fixed crash when Escape was pressed with the map exchange string field foc
used in the new game dialog
- Updated the hand picture.
- Updated the battery, rocket(explosive), plastic bar, repair pack item pict
- Updated the editor tool icons.
- Updated the biter icons (editor).
- Updated shooting selection graphics.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.5
Date: 30.7. 2014
- Fixed crash when player with robots delivering him items, left the logisti
c area (
- Fixed that "Made In" line in recipe tooltip was empty for some of the liqu
id based machines (
- Fixed that the exe file icon added in 0.10.4 addition didn't work for the
release build.
- Better repair tasks and repair pack supply logic. Better logic for choosin
g construction robot for repair.
- Fixed that the tab/shift tab didn't work (
- Fixed that the enter didn't work as confirmation in MapEditor map saving/g
ame saving/updater authentisation (
- Fixed the unloadable save caused by wrong rail segments (http://www.factor

- Fixed load game dialog inconsistencies when the window is resized (http://
- Fixed the blueprint buildability check inconsistency (http://www.factoriof
- The invisible rectangle containing the gui created by mods will no longer
obstruct the interaction area of the player.
This applies generally on any transparent part of the gui (http://www.fact
- Minor transport belt graphics fix, when the belt is starting against curve
to opposite direction, the belt ending graphics was missing
- When the last piece of item is removed from the circuit network, the item
is no longer displayed without number in the network contents, but disappears in
- Health bar for wagons / locomotives rotates with the object (http://www.fa
- Fixed setting of minable. Empty result (result="") triggers error message.
No result specification makes the entity to have no mining result, but let it b
e minable.
- Updated some of the existing translations and added Swedish+Ukrainian tran
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.4
Date: 25.7. 2014
- Lights Render Quality settings is saved now (
- Fixed Lights Render Quality slider overflow(
- Fixed crash when mod lowers number of variations for a resource (http://ww
- Fixed scrolling reset in the mods list (
- Added missing drawlight routines for all entities producing light(http://w
- Fixed roboport recharging rate tooltip(
- Fixed placement indicator for gun turrets(
- Fixed weirdness when inserting into assembling machine running burner(http
- Fixed burner inserter not refuelling itself(
- Fixed that player was oversupplied in some cases (http://www.factorioforum
- Fixed that radar didn't rescan chunks (
- Inserter wakes up after copying entity settings(http://www.factorioforums.
- Pickup items and zoomin/zoomout works even when assigned to mouse cursor t
hat is over gui.
- Fixed the non-fitting graphics of the belt in the underground belt for nor
th+west direction (
- Game guis don't interact when the game is paused(http://www.factorioforums

- Fixed that the provider chests started to be ignored under some circumstan
ces (
- Fixed that the requester chests was ignored when the deliver failed (robot
destroyed or similar) (
- Fixed the direction of input/output underground belt structure.
- Workaround for sound problems with pulseaudio (http://www.factorioforums.c
- The Factorio.exe (Windows systems) has the Factorio icon included.
- Fixed the wrongly drawn rails and other larger structures on the map on th
e edges of the chunks.
- Fixed the tooltip delay label not showing correct value when the Settings
windows was opened.
- Added checks for validity of allocated bitmaps to work around a bug on som
e intel graphics cards on linux (
- Fixed that changing text of textfield from script didn't update the text o
f the field until the game was reloaded
- Fixed rocket defense requirements to be base 10 and fit withint 1 stack si
ze (
- Disallowed duplicate technology ingredient and duplicate lab input. (http:
- Better error message when prototype is not loadable. Type of the prototype
and mod(s) that created/changed the prototype is displayed.
- Fixed dummy can_insert functions for car and character(http://www.factorio
- Call to teleport keeps entity orientation(
- Orientation of car and fish can be changed via entity orientation property
in lua api (i.e. car.orientation = 0.21).
- Added game.player.force rechart command, to force recharting of the whole
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.3
Date: 11.7. 2014
- Slider input (smart inserter gui, logistic gui) now has an alternative of
specifying the value exactly.
- Fixed crash when loading game with ScenarioMessage pointing to player(http
- Fixed that buildings created from damaged items were not repaired by the c
onstruction robots.
- Fixed crashes when the crop-cache.dat file is corrupted.
- Fixed crash when simultaneously removing spawner and its biters from scrip
- Fixed crash when starting new game with the sound disabled.
- Scrolling for crafting gui and for objects selection(http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed enemy expansions ignoring player bases after load (http://www.factor
- Objective fix in demo level 1 (
- Fixed behavior of game.can_place_entity() Lua command (http://www.factorio
- Fixed incorrect block detection for rail signals by smaller rail bounding
box (
- Fixed MacOSX application short version(
- Changed the logistic robot supply strategy.
For player, robots take just enough items to fulfill exactly the requested
amount, so the player doesn't get more than he asked for.
For requester chests, robots take always as much as they can carry and lea
ve it in the chest, so it can get a bit more than requested.
- Consistent stack sizes for guns.
- Lights rendering quality can be set in the graphics settings.
- Configuration option max-texture-size in config file section [graphics]
- API call game.print_entity_statistics now takes optional list of entity na
mes that acts as a filter.
- Updated exoskeleton equipment.
- Updated iron and steel axe icons.
- Faster train movement collision check (related to http://www.factorioforum
- Optimised smoke update (related to
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.2
Date: 27.6. 2014
- Fixed the crash when opening save with active replay saving.
- Fixed crash when smart inserter with logistic condition was rebuilt.
- Fixed leak in path finding that was causing huge saves(http://www.factorio
- Fixed that splitter was buildable over transport belt to ground (and vice
- Fixed crash when renaming OSX application name.
- Rotation of turrets doesn't play role when deciding if the part of the ove
rlapping blueprint doesn't collide.
Rotation of other entities like belts, inserters etc. still matters.
- Fixed that the underground belt cover did have the same graphics regardles
s if it was input or output.
- Fixed that the underground belt direction when building to be connected wi
th different underground
didn't have the preview direction correct (both in blueprint and manual bu
- Fixed wrong blueprint positioning when it contained rail/stations and was
created just from ghost entities.
- Fixed crash when showing tooltip of construction material warning for unbu
ildable entities.
- Locomotive recalculates path on rotation.
- Fixed pump collision box so they can be built next to each other.
- Fixed "bad allocation" bug when removing/adding roboport from bigger netwo
rk in some cases.
- Fixed that construction robots placed damaged items and full health.
- The repair speed of repair packs didn't affect construction robots repair
speed when using these.
- Fixed bug with placing other objects (i.e. pipes) on top of rail signals.
- Game doesn't crash when loading replays from older saves.

Fixed buggy scrolling in train gui when item is crafted.

Ghosts can be mined even out of the building / mining distance.
Added the missing help methods to Lua objects.
Fixed crashes with graphics cards that have larger texture size than avail
able memory.
- Fixed bug with train routing when going "backwards" (http://www.factoriofo
- Fixed crash when placing rail signal for rail loop (http://www.factoriofor
- Fixed crashes when attempting to use construction robots to deconstruct ra
ils under a train.
- Not showing energy for flying robots that don't use energy (combat robots)
- Fixed corrupted save problem that occurred when the player had follower ro
bots active, was in a car that had blueprint with
roboport in the trunk. Saves corrupted this way from earlier versions are
not loadable.
- Changed the prioritization of resupplying source of logistic robots.
provider has biggest priority, then storage and the last one is passive pr
This is to avoid uncontrolled filling of storage chests from the leftovers
- More realistic train light drawing (light cone in the front, red light in
the back).
- Wall repair speed is twice the fast.
- Added Catalan translation.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.1
Date: 20.6. 2014
- Sounds for alerts.
- Proper visualization of trains and car on map / minimap.
- Added scrolling for windows that get too large (i.e. because of mod additi
Map generator, Technology list, Removed content window, Finished game wind
ow (kill counts), Debug settings gui (F4).
- Fixed bug when turrets were not shooting.
- Fixed crash when auto placing electric poles.
- Fixed that the shotgun had just one projectile.
- Fixed changing locale.
- Fixed multiple bugs with loading / unloading the cargo wagons.
- Fixed unloadable save from 0.9 with mod created buttons gui.
- Fixed bug with wrong alt info for the cargo wagon.
- Fixed bug when boiler couldn't fast-replace the pipe.
- Fixed occasional crash when fighting with biters (calling for help biter w
ithout behavior).
- Fixed crash on loading save where generator equipment has been removed bec
ause same mods are not installed.
- Fixed bug with migrated inserters (when mod is removed) causing the save t
o be not loadable.
- Fixed that game couldn't be started when audio can't be initialised.
- Solved that gui of removed mods stayed in the save forever, it is removed

- Fixed bug when pausing scheduled trains didn't clear yellow signal.
- Fixed bug with wrong signal placement(
- Fixed changed direction of transport belt to ground when used in blueprint
- Fixed that finishing research desynchronised replay.
- Fixed bug when two ghost underground belts can be built on top of each oth
- Fixed internal tool error when repairing(
- Turrets are rotatable when building and their direction is preserved in bl
- Fixed bug with construction robots following vehicles outside of roboport
- Fixed wrong position of splitter in the blueprint building preview.
- Fixed bug when train stops (and other backer related entities) had no name
when placed from the blueprint.
- Logistic robots will not insert items that would exceed the requested coun
- Fixed bug with biters stuck in the corners of their own bases (they "disap
pear" after some time).
- Fixed the shotgun ammo damage tooltip info, it is now in the form of 12 x
(6 + 2.5)
- Fixed bug with filters not shown in the second quick bar.
- Fixed slot highlight bug when crafting the highlighted item.
- Fixed that requester c filters get copied to storage chest when built over
. They had no meaning there.
- Fixed bug when construction robots used 0 movement energy on their way to
repair / construction the target.
- Fixed bug when entity settings copy was placing red wire instead green for
smart chests.
- Fixed bug when entity settings copy for wires was not working at all for l
ogistic containers.
- Pasting entity settings copy will now work only for entities in the player
s reach.
- Wires now don't have an unlimited wiring range.
- Game doesn't crash on invalid number input in map generation gui.
- Added missing open / close sounds for logistic containers.
- Idle sound for entity is not played when it is out of energy.
- Fixed oil leak from pumpjack(
- Updated item counts for starting sandbox chest(http://www.factorioforums.c
- Reduced slowdowns when drawing many lights (lamps, accumulators, etc.) at
night (light can be a bit pixelated).
- Limit for number of concurrent paths searched in the path finder (reduces
problems for the "big save bug").
- Removed the trailer mod from the standard distribution to avoid confusion.
It has a regular mod thread now:
It changes the game a lot when turned on and was not meant to be activated
for normal play.
- Reduced creeper spawning in big and dense nests (reduces problem for the
"big save bug":
- Construction robots take as much repair packs as they can carry (not just
1) when going repairing.
- Larger cargo wagon storage area: 15->20 stacks.

- New beacon graphics.

- Added new icons (pipe, pipe to ground, plastic bar, engines, iron ore, sto
ne, raw wood).
- Pushed colors of inserter icons.
- Fixed minor issue with fast transport belt to ground looking twice as fast
- game.can_place_entity now works correctly for rails, and checks all the ad
ditional conditions as when building manually.
Conditions like water for pump, rail next to signal/station etc.
- Every Factorio Lua object now has a method help() that returns a string wi
th names of all methods and member variables.
- Fixed car's consumption_modifier (how much energy it can take from the ene
rgy source).
- Fixes to make assembling machine/lab with burner energy source possible.
- The inventory index for fuel is shared for all entities now in defines.lua
it is specified as inventory.fuel
- Fixed that different rail types were placeable over each other.
- Fixed bug in trailer mod saving / loading. This resulted in stop during au
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.10.0
Date: 6.6. 2014
- Environment sounds. Active machines close to the player create a small fac
tory orchestra.
- Proper volume settings for master volume / effects volume / etc.
- Map generation string - stores seed and settings for sharing map condition
- Clipboard copy & paste (useful for map generation string, updater username
, updater password).
- Station names can be changed in the train stop gui.
- Burner inserter will use item with fuel value for itself when it has empty
- Logistic and Construction robots slowdown to 20% of regular speed when out
of energy (instead of dying).
- Flying text indication for items collected while placing a building (for i
nstance a rotated transport belt).
- Cargo wagon can have filters in the inventory.
- Blueprints copy circuit network connections.
- Updater can now detect some problems caused by firewalls.
- Dust effects when building is placed.
- Added new doodads for dead desert (dead trees, dead trunks, stones, grey g
rass, etc.)
- Different inserter hand drawing logic (now including hand shadows).
- New icons (circuits, steel, copper plate, inserters, etc.)
- Puff of smoke when locomotive stops.
- New steam engine graphics.
- New radar graphics.
- Proper research unit tooltip in the laboratory gui.
- Save game gui tweaks (Enter key in text field saves game, text field start
s with focus)
- Scenario message dialog resizes when the image is too big.
- Whole language name in locale dropdown.
- Slots with filter have a blue background (both in quickbar and in cargo wa

- Highlighted item in inventory (when hovering over corresponding recipe) is
- More polished loading screen.
- Working sounds for most of the machines (inserters, assemblers, furnaces,
steam engines, labs, etc.).
- Sound effects for car and trains.
- Disabled loading of saves before 0.6.0 version (You can use 0.6.4 to load
any old saves and re-save them).
- Miners in blueprint are ignored when no resource present, instead of bloc
king the whole blueprint.
- Changed stack sizes of items to be 10 based, so it fits the inserter/requ
ester count values.
- Smoother car acceleration and braking.
- Changed walls/pipes/pipes to ground/boilers/pumps collision boxes logic.
It is possible to walk between diagonal (not connected) walls now, but wh
en connected, there is no space inbetween.
- Backer names are used for Locomotives, Roboports and Radadars.
- Parallelised map generation, the hiccups when new part of map is generate
d should be smaller or non-existent.
- Reduced the saving time (autosave included).
- One very long path search will not block path finder for others. This sho
uld fix a bug with stuck biters.
- Fixed that inserters had switched the closed/open hand pictures.
- Load game dialog scrolls to the selected item (that can be off screen).
- When there are more items than 4 in the entity info (i.e. smart inserter
filters), the first 4 are shown.
- Limited (and sorted) the amount of items in the finished game gui.
- Fixed crash when using fish capsule in the god mode.
- Prevent negative overflow when mining resources.
- Unused pipe connections (in chemical plant, assembler) are passive (they
don't connect with other pipes).
- Fixed crash: "Can't insert to this EnergySource"
- Fixed unloadable save with train in station with no stations left in sche
- Fixed that radars could explore the same chunk when their progress ended
in the same moment.
- Solved that items on ground in the way of electric poles were lost when b
uilding by dragging.
- Fixed bug with hovering in the map editor over assembler gui output.
- Game won't crash when the modlist.json is corrupted.
- Fixed bug when effect from beacon was applied twice after load.
- Fixed crash when previewing a technology with "give-item" modifier.
- Inserter's logistic condition is copied when building inserter from bluep
- Fix of the window hanging out of the screen at start.
- Fixed the crash when a blueprint is moved to the quickbar with filter for
blueprint selected.
- Fixed the inserter not working properly when loading a train wagon on jun
- Fixed crash in the beta level 4 when player dies.
- Fixed typo in beta level 4 when explaining oil industry.
- Fixed wrong connection of newly built train wagon to train in some cases.
- Fixed that some of the capsules couldn't be fired repeatedly by holding t
he button.
- Fixed that player wasn't notified about items collected from belts when r

ebuilding them with different direction.

- Fixed crash when loading save where entity with electric energy source ha
s been removed because same mods are not installed.
- Fixed problems with unicode characters in the path when updating.
- Game doesn't crash when no scenario is selected in custom scenarios scree
- Corrupted saves don't crash the game to desktop, just give an error messa
- API to take game screenshots.
- Simple API to write to disk (makefile, remove_path).
- Added trailer mod (data/trailer), that contains map and logic for new Fac
torio trailer.
- Added set/get/clear filter methods to access inserter filters
- Added set/get/clear requestslot to access requester chest requests.
- Added set/get/clear methods for circuit conditions.
- Changed the game.disableminimap to read/write value of player.minimap_ena
- Added lua interfaces to force to get/set modifiers
- Expanded connetneighbour-method
- Removed the crash when die/destroy is called on the dying entity in the o
n_entity_died hook.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.9
Date: 15.4. 2014
- Fixed that turrets ordered to be deconstructed couldn't be destroyed.
- Fixed crash when locomotive/cargo wagons were attemted to be built as ghost
- Fixed the wrong positioning of the top custom gui flow.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.8
Date: 11.4. 2014
- Fixed crash when starting the game on MacOSX with less than 512MB video mem
Instead low-graphics is set on and a dialog appears with information (same
behavior as on win and linux).
- Fixed crash when using fast transfer (control click) in the demo levels 1 a
nd 2.
- Removed 0 iron ore resource fields in demo level 1.
- Fixed bug in the map editor that created resources with 0 amount.
- Fixed that mouse button action set to close gui didn't work over the gui (s
ame for similar actions).
Mouse actions that interact with the map, like mining shooting etc still wo
rk only outside of the gui.
- Slightly better allocation of count of construction robots to deconstruct e
ntity with items inside.
- Fixed the allocation of construction robots to targets in some cases, mainl
y for containers build using blueprints.
- Fixed twitching of animation of some entities in special cases.
- Fixed get_tile/get_tileproperties method not fetching correct tile for floa
ting point negative numbers.

- New small electric pole graphics.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.7
Date: 4.4. 2014
- Fixed bug with big biters appearing in the beginning on maps created in map
- Fixed crash when a beacon is built from the blueprint.
- Fixed too big maximum zoom level.
- Belt to be deconstructed doesn't accept new items, so it can be deconstruct
- Fixed the wrong positioning of bottom to left basic transport belt.
- Fixed bug with roboport deconstruction by its own robots.
- Fixed the error of not accessible config.ini when factorio crashes during s
tart while the config directory doesn't exist.
- Fixed that used ammo specified in personal logistics didn't trigger logisti
c robots to resupply.
- Fixed the inconsistency of blueprint preview and result when the last build
entity was diagonal (rail, semaphore etc.).
- Fixed the pump animation direction. It was running backwards.
- Fixed that manual rebuilding rails on top of the rail ghost didn't remove t
he ghost in most cases.
- Fixed that pipe/storage tank/assembling machine that was destroyed and rebu
ilt by construction robot did keep the fluids inside.
- Fixed alerts on map, the important ones are on top (destroyed object > dama
ged object > turrets firing > materials) and they don't flicker.
- Fixed wrong damage info calculation for distractor robots (they had 2.5 dam
age not 5).
- Fixed bug when inserters waited too long before putting new barrels to unfi
ll to assembling machine.
- Fixed saving by double click.
- Better error reporting in windows updater.
- Productivity module slowdown changed from 20%->15%, consumption penalty cha
nged from 50%, 70%, 90% -> 40%, 60%, 80%
- Distractor basic damaged increased: 2.5->3.5 and time to live increased 30s
- Fixed that find_non_colliding_position returns nil instead of huge values
when the position isn't found.
- Limited the game.setspeed value to be at least 0.1.
- Reskin of the big electric pole.
- Updated icons (still work in progress): assembling machines, transport belt
s, fluids, barrels, wires.
- Fixed little glitch in the roboport animation (animation and base are separ
ate sprites now).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.6
Date: 28.3. 2014
- Fixed loadability of save with inserter in logistic network, that has clear
ed the
logistic condition due to mod removal.
- Fixed of loading save with gui element with custom mod style, when the mod
was removed.

Note, that we plan to remove gui created by mod that was removed completely
in the future versions.
- Fixed crash with inserter putting stuff to rail-tile when first the rail an
d then the inserter is removed.
- New transport belt graphics.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.5
Date: 25.3. 2014
- Fixed crash when reconnecting nonempty connected ending part of undergroun
d belt.
- Fixed that migration changing logistic chest to other logistic chest with
different mode works properly.
- Fixed that assembling machines with recipe were not working correctly with
- Fixed bug when all entities (including player, biters, etc.) built in the
map editor had neutral force.
- Fix of loading save that have removed/migrated items in circuit/logistic c
- Assembling machine isn't shown as producer in electricity statistics.
- Fixed crashes in the 32 bit Linux version.
- The fire of refinery emits light.
- Function table.deepcopy from lualib.util copies factorio lua objects as re
- Added hungarian translation.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.4
Date: 20.3. 2014
- Added passive provider chest. Provides items only for requester, construct
ion and player. Not for storage chests.
- Moved lubricant recipe from engine technology to oil processing as lubrica
nt is not needed for basic engine anymore.
- Enabled engine technology in the campaign level 2.
- Fixed various problems when mod changes electric usage priority of existin
g entities.
- Fixed a bag in displaying electricity production / consumption.
- Battery technology unlocks science pack 3 instead of rocketry.
- Fixed too wide filter selection gui when too many items are in one subgrou
- Limit the size of the blueprint preview, so it is usable for huge blueprin
- Fixed that control clicking to get items from the logistic robot could cra
sh the game in some cases.
- Fixed that having error in the mod init rewrote the config file specifying
which mods are enabled.
- Fixed crash that could happen when save containing mods altering damage ty
pes is used without the
original mod and car/crain crash happens.
- Fixed dangling tooltip of the slot inserter logistic condition when closed

- Fixed small-plane recipe in campaign level 4.

- Removed accumulator research and requirement from the 2nd beta level.
- Updater checks update packages to be applied before actually running them.
- Fixed that assembling machine recipe configuration was lost when using blu
- Objects with even dimensions like 2X2 are centered over the cursor better
when building.
- Using subgroups and item groups for entities as well.
This partially fixes problem with overflowing window for entities in the m
ap editor.
- Dynamic window size for smaller displays.
- Added a way to specify recipe hidden, so it doesn't appear in the crafting
- Added a way to specify whether to use apply_projection for rotated sprite
or not.
- Added way to add ghost structures.
- Added way to order/cancel deconstruction from script.
- Limit the write property by <0, max buffer size>.
- Added simplified chinese translation.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.3
Date: 14.3. 2014
- Fixed crash when loading save containing gui created by script.
- LogiStic robot didn't need robot flying frame to craft.
- Fixed crash when construction robots destroyed tracks under train. Now the
y wait for the train to move away.
- For two different pipe to ground types, the distance limit is the now the
minimum of the two connections.
- Fix of crash when changing ambient when the game is not opened.
- Fixed that some of the underground belts conents were given to player on g
ame load.
- Fixed infinite map generation with too dense enemy bases.
- Fix of loading a save with equipment in armor that is from mod that is no
longer active.
- Enabled engine research, so automobilism is researchable and 1. beta missi
on completable.
- Fixed smelting steel in prebuilt furnaces in campaign level 2.
- Fixed bug with boilers and pipe fast replace.
- Fixed bug with on_entity_died notification and item count.
- Fixed bug with assembling machine connecting to pipes even without fluid r
- Fixed bug with infinite output coming from mining drill when having multip
le mining results.
- Fixed crash when disconnecting from character in the car.
- Laser turrets can be researched in New hope campaign level4.
- Removed one (minor) memory leak.
- Fixed gap between current and per-minute stats in production statistics gu
- Separate input and output counters for production statistics.
- Solved roboport left/right jitter on low graphics settings.
- Fixed incorrect button positions (and lack of resolution update) when star
ting Factorio as maximised.
- Fixed bug when unavailable recipes were not displayed in assembler recipe

selection without subgroups.

- Added a way to change resize_row_to_width of style from the script.
- Vehicle passenger is accessible from the Lua API.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.2
Date: 7.3. 2014
- Fixed crash when train stop is built in blueprint before rails.
- Fixed bug when crude oil barrels couldn't be unloaded.
- Added missing recipes for productivity module.
- Fixed bug when belts to ground could be built on top of each other.
- Fixed bug with items not going into fast / express belt to ground.
- Barrel filling was affectable by the production module.
- Fixed segfault at research screen after researching tool belt
- Fixed missing translation after loading game in campaigns.
- Fixed bug with mining drill getting stuck on low yield resource.
- Fixed overflowing effects in the technology preview gui.
- Displaying car rotations when building it.
- Unified the smelting recipes time to mean seconds in the stone furnace.
- Train stop and Lab built from the blueprint have proper dedicated to names
- Fixed stucked items on transport belt in special case.
- Enabled inserter to take fuel out of the boiler.
- Fixed drawing of equipment and some of the icons in low-graphics mod.
- Fix of some of the icons scale in low graphics mode
- Fixed bug with chemical plant draining the fluid from the pipes.
- Tweaked what "size" setting does for resources.
- Fixed that repair sound ignored sound volume settings.
- Fixed that inserter couldn't (inconsistently regards to logistic robots) t
ake out of the red
(limited) part of the inventory. The limitation is now just for input.
- Fixed clouds drawing in low-graphics mode.
- Fixed that trying to build trains as ghost did create corrupted rails.
- Crafting gui has the size that fits all groups, so it don't change size wh
en switching groups.
- Right gui container doesn't change size when certain entities selected.
- Fixed bounding box + connectability of underground belt build by blueprint
- Items in the selection guis (quickbar filter, logistic filter, etc.) are o
rdered into subgroups.
- Fixed offshore direction when building using blueprint.
- Assembling Machine Recipe Gui shows all the recipes, but those that are
not craftable are show in red (consistent with character recipe gui).
- Assembling Machines 2 and 3 have an input and output pipe.
Electric engine unit, processing unit, filling and emptying barrels is don
e here.
- Locomotive can be fed by fuel even off station when not moving (on signal,
out of fuel etc.)
- Poison capsules hurt worms as well.
- Engine unit doesn't need lubricant (so car and trains don't require the oi
l industry).
- Fixed: Replacing underground belt's end unearthes items
- Pipe to ground is up to 10 tiles long.
- Disabled enemy spawn shift (but this might not be the cause for big biters
in the beginning).

- Express belts require lubricant (because they need to run extra smooth).
- Changed the amount of wood in dry tree from 1 -> 4
- New assembling machines.
- New inserters.
- New copper wire.
- New light cone.
- New dark entity info background (the old one can be still switched in grap
hics settings).
- Added clear_chart method to luaForce.
- Destroying/adding custom gui element will correctly update the size and po
sition of parent elements holding it.
- Offshore pump can specify the fluid it will produce.
- Max on row/resize row to width in flow style can be specified.
- Pipe to ground can have multiple underground connections.
- Inserters can have arbitrary pickup and insert positions (this allows 90 d
egrees inserters).
- Transport belt to ground max distance is now moddable (max_distance).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.1
Date: 21.2. 2014
- Tooltip with info of the armor equipment.
- Capsules can be used in god mode now.
- Fixed bug when blueprint in the second quickbar would corrupt the save (al
ready corrupted saves can be loaded again).
- Fixed bug where unloadable save was made when blueprint containing robopor
t/armor was as item on ground/held by inserter.
- Fixed save loading bug when oil refinery/chemical plant with reset recipe
was saved.
- Fixed bug with stuck inserter when putting sulfur into chemical plant prod
ucing sulfur acid in some cases.
- Structures now get repaired even when they are in the bigger (construction
) distance from roboport.
- Fixed that the alert icons weren't visible after resize in some cases.
- Fixed that steam engine rotation was wrong in rotated blueprint.
- Fixed double info in item tooltip.
- Oil processing shows oil-refinery in "made in".
- Fixed the burner inserter/locomotive energy consumption.
- Fluid input to chemical plant/refinery is limited to twice the amount in t
he recipe.
- Chemical plant and oil refinery accept modules.
- Fixed bugs in the automatic connection of rolling stock when being built.
- Updated migration to enable explosives recipe when explosives are research
- Fixed bug in assembling machine fast replace.
- Fluid inputs for chemical plant/oil refinery are now saved properly.
- Requester chest now starts working as expected after settings (filters) ar
e copied.
- Logistic condition is now copied as well for smart inserter.
- Assembling recipe machine tooltip takes fluid amounts into consideration.
- Fixed not visible recipes when item groups are turned off (Forced in the t
utorial campaign).
- Fixed leftovers of enemies on the map when they were moving.
- Fixed crash when wrong set_tiles command arguments were given.

- Fixed stuck construction robots with cargo to be returned.

- Fixed that some of the productivity modules had x.9 values instead of x+1
- Fixed, that the storage tank connection to pipe wasn't refreshed when it w
as rotated.
- Fixed that canceling crafting didn't reset the crafting time spent.
- Show energy consumption for the exoskeleton and night vision equipment in
the tooltip.
- Show dimensions of equipment in the tooltip.
- Fixed the help message to open armor to be connected with the correct cont
rol (split stack).
- Fixed crash when generating map under some circumstances.
- Updated the map generation gui to be more responsive to water settings.
- Fixed crash when throwing capsules in the God mode.
- Fixed crash when technology window is displayed over logistic condition wi
- Config file is saved as early as possible to avoid problems with switching
to low graphics mode.
- Merged the second quickbar (researched by toolbelt) with the main quickbar
(now it has 2 rows).
The keyboard shortcuts apply to the top row. Rows can be rotated by a butt
on or keyboard shortcut (default X).
- Fixed transport belt to ground collision boxes, so they are more inserter
friendly. It is even possible to insert into it.
- Less controls in the new game dialog.
- One of the two connected pipes to ground next to each other shows icon of
fluid inside.
- Very small quantities of fluid can be pushed away / destroyed by another f
luid in the neighboring pipe.
This helps for instance in situations with tiny fluid leftovers after pump
- More doodads in the maps.
- Finished crafing sound (tsss) is played only when a full non-intermediate
recipe stack finishes crafting.
- Merged oil gathering and oil processing into one technology.
- Barrel costs just 1 steel plate instead of 2 and can hold 25 litres of cru
de oil.
- Added cracking recipes (heavy oil to light oil and light oil to petroleum
- Storage tank has 2.5 times bigger capacity (25000 litres) and takes longer
to mine.
- Increased basic-grenade splash area by 30%.
- Smaller probabilities for spawning big worms close to the starting area.
- Slightly more coal is generated.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.9.0
Date: 14.2. 2014
- Blueprints. Blueprint item allows the player to select the area that will
be copied into the item.
The player can customise the icons that will represent the blueprint.
While building blueprints, player can rotate these, and they can also over
lap with existing entities as long as they match.
- Deconstruction tool. Allows player to order construction robots to deconst
ruct buildings in the selected area.
When the buildings contain items (chests, transport belts etc.) constructi
on robots first move these items out of it and place it

into the logistics network.

- Oil industry.
Pumpjacks mine the crude oil from the oil spills.
Oil refinery processes the crude oil to oil fractions.
Chemical plant processes the oil fractions to useful products.
- Added fluid storage tank.
- Added electric onshore pump (can speed up the fluid or push the fluid agai
nst the slope).
- Biomes. Gives more variation to the nature, tends to generate similar type
s of vegetation close together.
- Logistic network condition for smart inserters. Takes the sum of all items
in storage/provider chests into consideration.
- Recipe gui contains even recipes not craftable by player (their tooltip sh
ows machines where they can be crafted).
- Copying entity settings (replaces the old shift build functionality).
Shift + left click sets the selected entity as a copy source, shift + righ
t click applies the settings to selected entity.
- Ghost buildings can be built (shift + right click) and mined individually.
- Saves directory can contain custom sub directories. Added delete save butt
- Game saves and mods are read / written natively to the zip files.
- CTRL in the textfields including dev console (CTRL + left/right = jump wor
d, CTRL + backspace = delete word, CTRL + up/down = home/end).
- Roboports have separate logistic radius (now 25) and construction radius (
now 50).
- Player gets separate warning icon when building is destroyed.
- Warning icons tooltip shows list of entities that are under attack/destroy
- Highlight inventory slots that contains results of the recipe the player a
lready have when he is hovering the recipe slot.
- Added / updated sounds for player actions (building, mining buildings, cra
fting, inventory move, gui click, etc.)
- Optional ordering of items sub-categories into individual lines in the cra
fting window.
- New pipes graphics.
- All not connected pipe connections have ending visualisation.
- New 10 types of trees that replace the outdated 2 types.
- Doodads, small decorative objects that appear in the environment (grass ch
unks, trees, small bushes, rocks etc).
- Area visualizations (for electric poles, roboports, beacons, mining drills
) are displayed under the entities.
- Roboports visualization density adds up only to a limit.
- Pipes show the fluid inside in the alt mode.
- Only every second pipe in the row has the window.
- Nicer rail diagonals/turns on minimap.
- Optimisation of the logistic network update - slow performance with many r
obots with cargo and no place to put it.
- Optimisation of the electric network update by the factor of 5.
- Optimisation of inserters update, inserters that have nothing to do are se
t to sleep and woke up when their target/source changes.
- Turrets don't search for enemies when there are no enemies nearby.
- Logistic network doesn't go through empty provider chests/satisfied reques
ter chests any more, so they don't slow down the update.
- Only chunks with changes are recharted, so the limit of 2 recharted chunks
per ticks is applied only on chunk that actually changed,
this allows to have much higher areas covered by radars.
- Optimisation of the building electric poles by dragging (It could get slow
for big networks).

- Small optimisation of transport belt movement.

- Changed many existing recipes (science pack 2, science pack 3, advanced ci
rcuit, laser turret, car, diesel locomotive,
logistic and construction robots, rocket, flamethrower ammo, defender ca
psules, most of the armor equipment, etc.)
- Nerfed down productivity modules. Best module productivity bonus changed:
15->10, it has slow down factor, and its usage
in assembling machines is limited to intermediate products.
- Slightly more stone in the world.
- Pipe to ground is made in pairs and is more expensive.
- Fast/Express transport belt to ground is made from Basic/Fast transport be
lt to ground + gears so it can be upgraded.
- Character logistic slots technology needs only red and green science packs
- Rail signals don't collide with player/car so it can run/walk over it.
- Halfed the radar electricity consumption.
- Multiplied all energy values by the factor of 1000.
- Optimised pipe/asembling machine/chest bounding boxes, so they obstruct th
e movement less.
- The green color of night vision visualisation is less dense.
- Configurable key mapping for lua console, "/" key no longer opens the cons
ole by default.
- ESC (by default) closes the windows in the game as well.
- Capsules (including the fish) are used by build action when they are in th
e cursor
- By default the left mouse key builds and opens gui and the right mouse key
does mining.
- Disabled loading of saves before 0.5.0 version (You can use version up to
0.6.4 to load any old saves and re-save them).
- MiningDrill can be built only if there are some resources within its radiu
- The world is slowly generated around the player up to big distance, so exp
loring should not matter regarding
the existance of enemies.
- Modules are now transfered when fast replacing furnaces.
- Electricity icon of laser turrets in ghost mode.
- Fixed missing black text font borders in some of the texts.
- Fixed crash when opening gui in the ghost mode that is active in some of t
he challenge missions.
- Fixed crash when player fed turret with ammo at the same moment it was des
- Biters can no longer destroy the shipwreck in the 3rd new hope campaign (i
t is indestructible).
- Fixed that the sound of walking to the left/right was played from the left
/right side.
- Fixed unloadable save when mod with logistic chest(s) was removed.
- Inserter without power will not take stuff from the chest even when it's a
rm is above it already.
- Fixed bug with biters disappearing in the peaceful mode.
- Fixed stucked inserters when rail is nearby in some cases.
- Fixed of wrong dropTarget of inserter that pointed to train wagon and was
- It is possible to change tiles from script using the game.set_tiles
- It is possible to specify health of item.
- Read access to electric pole/pipe neighbours.
- Added connect_neighbour method for electric pole.

- Stricter rules for lua scripts (no require outside mod path, no dofile fun
- Recipes can have multiple and randomized products.
- Both ingredients and products for the recipe can be items or fluids.
- Fixed bug, that item on ground created by script ignored the count of the
- Added fluid_usage_per_tick and effectivity fields to the generator.
- Zipped mods can be loaded.
Known issues:
- Basic campaign and scenario pack are broken due to missing oil integration
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.8
Date: 9.1. 2014
- Script fixes in the first demo level.
- Fixed wrong item counts in circuit network when rebuilding non-empty chest
connected to the network.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.7
Date: 8.1. 2014
- Fixed another instance of crash when player closed the container while mov
ing away from it.
- Fixed bug in electric network splitting in special case when circuit netwo
rk cables are present.
- Updated some of the item icons.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.6
Date: 6.1. 2014
- Land mines can be rebuilt by the construction robots.
- Fixed crash when player closed the container while moving away from it.
- Fixed incorrect registration/unregistration of train stop/rail signal/lab
in ghost mode.
- Fixed bug that allowed the player to put 4.3G items into the empty reserve
d (filtered) slot in the quickbar.
- Fixed train waiting time (changed time multiplier from 1 back to 5).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.5
Date: 30.12. 2013
- Fixed unstable game state (savegame/exit crashes) after player re-enters l
ogistically covered area
after removing roboport covering him.
- Fixed bug that logistic robots ignored the player covered by freshly built
roboport, until the player moved.
- Fixed confused logistic/construction robots accessing logistic chest with
limited part containing items.

Robots can take items even from the limited part of the chest now. But sti
ll can't insert to the limited part.
- Don't allow anything other than repair packs in the roboport material slot
- Fixed wrong calculation of items used by crafting when the needed item was
in the cursor.
- When logistic chest / player looses logistic cover (roboport mined or dest
orders for logistic robots delivering into this object are properly remove
- Better reassignment of logistic robots to logistic networks when the netwo
rk was split.
- Red and green wires go to the quickbar by default.
- Disabled the Escape key in the finished game dialog.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.4
Date: 27.12. 2013
- Fixed fast rebuilding from non empty container to logistic container.
- Fixed several bugs in the logistic robots job assignment logic.
- Fixed few "Input handler inconsistency" errors.
- Fixed occasional black lines when moving in the map editor.
- Fixed error in selecting tile variation logic. This was causing ocasional
game crashes.
- Maximum of 10 magazines can be put into the gun turrets by inserters.
- Limit updater timeout to 10 seconds (prevents hanging when for instance an
tivirus interrupts communication).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.3
Date: 22.12. 2013
- Fixed loading of logistic chests connected to circuit network.
- Circuit network contents info has colored (red/green) slots to specify the
network it represents.
- Fixed occasional non passable tiles on new generated terrain.
- Enabled the Advanced chemistry technology in the 4th campaign level that i
s needed to finish the level.
- Fixed bug that automatically limited the larger chest contents when rebuil
t from smaller one.
- Fixed that the windows install application was kept open until the Factori
o or the changelog was closed.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.2
Date: 20.12. 2013
- Fixed bug when armor gui couldn't be opened.
- Fixed infinite loop when looking for enemy expansion (causing 100% cpu loa
d and eating all RAM).
- Added migration to enable combat robot recipes when technologies are resea
- Fixed positioning of tooltip when it can't fit both under and above the cu

- Disabled drawing of energy icons on the entity ghosts.

- Fixed the occasional crash when viewing some of the mining drills created
before 0.8.1 version.
- Fixed some cases of crashes on shutdown on MacOSX 10.9 (still takes cca 15
seconds to shutdown)
- Fixed error in the regenerateTiles (that would result in crash on the edge
of the world).
- Fixed the "Can't insert to entity" when item on ground was in the way of r
ebuilding entity that doesn't have inventory (wall etc).
- Roboport supply area increased from 40x40 to 50x50.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.1
Date: 18.12. 2013
- Alert indication when the player has not enough repair robots, repair pack
s or material for reconstruction.
- Show mod(s) that added/changed item/entity/technology in the tooltip (For
other than vanilla content).
- Keep the inventory limit of chests when fast rebuilding.
- Repairing in god mode.
- Fixed long thin "stripes" of land in the water (doesn't fix the already ge
nerated ones though).
- Fixed of unloadable saves (and wrong behavior) with destroyed roboports tu
rned into the blueprint state.
- Fixed the map colors of the new terrain.
- Changed the map color of coal to pure black, so it is easily recognizable.
- Fixed bug when beacon wasn't deactivated/activated when destroyed and turn
ed into blueprint state.
- Fix of inserters trying to reach distant train in some cases.
- Fix of inserters putting items into the player inventory.
- Fixed the loading of save in the 4th mission of new hope.
- Fixed crash in the map editor when right clicking in the item layer.
- Fixed updating style when switching tabs in the map editor.
- Fixed the wrong calculation of damage caused by the car crash (resistances
weren't considerated).
- Fixed the display of the percentual bonus in technology modifier.
- Fixed the shift building of electric poles.
- Fixed autosorting in the sandbox mode (godmode).
- Fixed the precision problems in the bonus production.
- Fixed minor state bug with the chest in the demo level 1.
- Enemies dont go blindly forward when there is no way (resulted in the infi
nite spawn).
- Fixed building in map editor with overlapping selection boxes.
- Fixed building multiple entities with the same click in map editor.
- Fixed bug with fast replacable entities placed on top of each other in the
map editor.
- Fixed the crazy flickering of boiler when the power consumption is very lo
- Fixed stuck robots trying to ascend from roboport to get charged.
- Fixed some small bugs of stationing robots to roboport.
- Train recalculates its path after leaving signal where it had to wait.
- Fixed bug when shotgun pellets could get through the wall sometimes.
- Fixed loading of saves containing flamethrower flames.
- Fixed the wrong attack directions of enemy worms.
- Entities rebuilt by robots after destroy lose their inventory contents.
- Fixed unkillable turrets. These appeared when turrets were killed by the p

Existing unkillable turrets are terminated on the transition from older ve
- Player (and other biological entities) are not repairable.
- Ghosts for removed (i.e. from mods) / migrated entities are removed as wel
- Removed content gui can be closed by ESC.
- Biter expansions can no longer skip over water.
- Fixed of loading of game containing entity with different energy source ty
pe than it previously had.
- Mining drill ignores resources that can't be mined because of the higher h
- Ghost buildings are removed when some building is built over these.
- Ghost buildings are not rebuilt as long as player, or something other (bit
er), is in the way.
- Construction robots actually use up the repair packs.
- Items on the ground in the way of the rebuilt ghost building are collected
the same way as when player is building manually.
These items are put into the reconstructed building if possible, otherwise
they are lost.
- Fix of wrong map rendering boundaries when the game window was resized whi
le in the map view.
- Fixed few small memory leaks.
- Much easier level 3 of the New hope campaign in the easier difficulties.
- Lowered transmission energy consumption of roboport from 200W to 100W
- Used the new terrains in the campaign levels.
- No enemy expansions in the peaceful mode (this could have caused a biter f
actory attack in the peaceful mode).
- Mining drills don't implicitly run the animation forward and then backwar
d. Existing mods need to add
run-mode="forward-then-backward" to their mining drill animation definitio
ns (see the mining drills in the base).
- Scale specification works for RotatedAnimation type.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.8.0
Date: 6.12. 2013
- Construction robots that can be used to automatically repair and reconstru
ct damaged structures.
- Roboport - the home, charging point and transmission provider for the logi
stic and construction robots.
- Recreated the new hope campaign (now 4 levels instead of 2).
- Redesigned the map editor (separate editing layers, brush / spray / cursor
tool, better character edit gui)
- Structures keep their damage when mined and built again.
- Structures can be manually by the player repaired with repair-pack.
- Chests inventory size can be limited.
- Inserters always work for loading/unloading in the train station, even whe
n facing the gap between wagons.
- Guis for item selection (i.e. inserter filters) uses Item Group tabs.
- Zooming to cursor (like in online maps) in god / ghost controller, map and
map editor.
- Logistic robots take items on the way to chests into consideration when tr
ying to keep separate chests for separate items.
- Wiring cables in the map editor.

- New terrain graphics. Terrain is composed of tiles of different sizes (1x1
up to 4x4)
- Laboratory has a light source.
- Option to turn off showing pollution in minimap even when the detailed inf
o is on.
- Flickering light of furnace and boiler.
- Highlighted chunk edges in paused game grid.
- Cloud shadows over the terrain.
- Unified all machines to show energy consumption (maximal) in entity info d
- Player starts with one burner mining drill and one furnace in the freeplay
- Unified the crafting time, crafting time 1 is now equal to 1 second of man
ual crafting.
Crafting speed of assembling machine is relative to the speed of manual cr
- Disabled loading of saves before 0.4.0 version (You can use 0.6.4 to load
any old saves and re-save them).
- Disabled technologies are not visible as continuation in the technology pr
eview window.
- Fixed bug with the game being slow when the player was moving after the di
splay was resized.
- Fixed lack of correction of tiles when the tile with invalid neighbour is
created. (grass in deep water for example)
- Fixed of crash when trying to play a game with autosave interval set to ne
- Fixed bug of wrong connection of pipe to ground when rotated.
- Fixed incorrect calculation of mining speed of mining drills showed in too
ltips/entity info
- Fixed crash when viewing electric network info and the pole was removed or
disconnected from the network.
- Fixed bug with armor being insertable into the mining tool slot.
- Fixed bug of the assembling machine with modules inside rebuilding.
- Fixed bug with inserter not taking items from more stacks of the container
when needed.
- Fixed crash when connecting smart/logistic chest that was fast-rebuilt to
circuit network.
- Fixed directions of movement of disconnected/connected trains while the tr
ain is moving.
- When manually controlling the train movement, the back/forward direction i
s determined by
the direction of the currently occupied locomotive.
- New inserted station to the train schedule are inserted under (instead of
above) the currently selected station.
- Stricter rules for enemy expansions.
- Fixed shift building of smart inserters with green wires.
- Fixed unlimited length of wire when shift building smart inserters.
- Fail silently when player data cannot be loaded.
- Configs are saved before unloading graphics and sound.
- Enemy spawners are deactivated when there is no enemy force nearby.
- Increased mining speed of burner mining drill.
- Increased the life time of defender robot from 30 to 45 seconds.
- Changed the recipe of defender robot, instead of 2 steel, it requires pier
cing bullet magazine
- Increased the range of the rocket from 20 to 22.

- Decreased the range of medium worm from 25 to 20.

- Added on_player_crafted_item event.
- Added read/write property current_research to LuaLorce.
- Added the option to create and manipulate the checkbox gui element.
- GameViewSettings to control what is shown in the game view.
- LuaUnitGroup valid and members attributes.
- Lua API call to check if path finder is busy (game.is_pathfinder_busy).
- Lua API call game.find_nearest_enemy.
- Lua API call unitgroup.start_moving.
- Lua API can read and control the wind.
- Lua API to control the train (LuaTrain).
- Added heldentity to the LuaEntity (only for insterters).
- Zooming can be controlled in the lua script.
- Lua API to read / write the mouse cursor.
- Building the entity from the cursor.
- Lua API to control god's flashlight.
- Lua API to read / write player cursor stack.
- Lua API to read fuel value, group and place result of LuaItemPrototype.
- Lua API to read / write player states (riding state, walking state, mining
- Lua API to check and start driving
- Lua API to write entity orientation (works only on biters so far).
- LuaTile has a field valid.
- Added methods read and write pollution (game.pollute/get_pollution)
- Fixed crash when manipulating not generated LuaTile.
- Fixed the bad coordinates of area in on_chunk_generated event for negative
- Enabled migration between different entity types.
- Moved PathFinder settings to map_settings.lua
- Added energy per hit point to rolling stock prototype (energy_per_hit_poin
- Changed the energy specification in energy source from number to the energ
y amount format (J/W).
- Changed mining drill specification to use mining_power instead of mining_s
peed and mining_speed instead of effectivity.
- Moved light cone specification into data (character, car, locomotive).
- Mods can specify allowed combinations of neighboring terrain tiles.
Known Issues:
- there are ocasional "thin lines" in the generated terrain
- on Mac OSX 10.9 the game crashes during shutdown (configs are saved)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.7.5
Date: 29.10. 2013
- Fixed that the train didn't stop in front of red signal in special circums
- Fixed the resistance->damage calculation for damage amount near the resist
- Fixed bug causing crash with one specific rail setup.
- Fix of loading save with non empty modular armor in secondary quickbar.
- Fixed loading game with the armor gui opened.
- Fixed that logistic robots brought wrong item to requester chest occasiona
- Fixed bug when enemies would attack neutral objects after distraction (rai
ls, poles, buildings, etc.)
- Enemies will now attack neutral objects only after pollution attack or clo

se to

their spawner.
Resources no longer disappear when enemy bases are built on top of them.
Fixed rail collision boxes, tight double rail turns don't act as single bl

some missing prerequisites in the technology tree.

crash when setting recipe of assembling machine in map editor.
too high select item list in game with lot of items (added by mods).
Inserters/Assembling machines/Furnaces to player placeable in map ed

When placed as neutral, upgrades/technologies of player will not affect th

ese machines when placed as neutral.
- Fixed rare crash in the first demo level.
- Removed reference dots in rail pictures.
- Slightly larger resource deposits.
- Halved the price of rails (Rails are crafted in pairs now).
- Increased stack sizes of walls (32->64) and logistic robots (16->32).
- Increased character inventory size (56->60).
- Moved big electric pole from electric energy distribution 2->1 (no blue sc
ience packs needed).
- Removed the iron working research
- Decreased the unit count for automation research (15->10).
- Deactivated beacon will stop giving bonuses.
- Fixed crash in train destructor when there is an syntactic error in the lu
a script.
- Fixed crash when reading held stack of inserter with an empty hand.
- Fixed error when parsing the compound command for unit / group.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.7.4
Date: 22.10. 2013
- Fixed loading of filters of smart inserters.
- Fixed crash when loading a game from the new hope campaign.
- Disallowed deleting rails under the train in the map editor.
- Fixed bug with moving trains in the map editor.
- Fixed missing name of stations built in map editor.
- Decreased explosive resistance of medium/big biter from 20/30% to 10%.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.7.3
Date: 21.10. 2013
- Show the mining area of electric mining drill when building/selected.
- Logistic robots delivery is evenly distributed between provider/requester
- Mining drill evenly distributes the selection of resource to be mined in i
ts radius.
- Radar explores one unexplored chunk when the sector scanning progress fini
shes up to distance of 14 chunks.
- Fixed the bug of map not showing entities on the right/bottom side of the
- Fixed the bug of the mining resource slot of mining drill being in the lef
t top corner when no resource was available.

- Fix of crash when getting recipe info of item with cyclic recipes.
- Game ignores non-save directories in the save folder.
- Keep modules in assembling machine when fast rebuilding.
- Fix of crash when using save with removed/changed items in the filter slot
of filter inserter.
- Fixed crash when building rolling stocks immediately connected to other ro
lling stocks.
- Disabled enemy expansion in campaign levels.
- Fixed bug of research window having two text over each other when the rese
arch window is open.
- Fixed that radar was working without electricity.
- Bonus production of assembling machine is reset when the player changes th
e recipe.
- Fixed bug of strange behavior when effeciency modules inserted into machin
- Faster mining speed of burner mining drills (66% speed and consumption boo
- Restricted usage of productivity modules in beacons.
- Resource richness increased by approximately 20%.
- Discharge defense damages only enemies, has increased damage (300%), small
er cooldown and smaller power consumption.
- Increased the damage radius of explosive rocket from 4 to 6.
- Increased the effect range of the slowdown capsule from 7 to 9.
- Fixed that item created by game.create_entity didn't start moving on trans
port belt.
- Allowed to limit type of modules insertable to beacon/assembling machine.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.7.2
Date: 17.10. 2013
- Added low graphics option for cards with lower amount of video memory.
- Better error reporting for some updater error states.
- Fixed bug when engine was not able to load map with removed tiles (loading
save with active tile mod that is not present now).
- Fixed bug with evolution factor being > 1.
- Fixed bug with car being damaged by shooting shotgun while driving it.
- Fixed crashes in editor (related to unzooming and exploring new areas).
- Inserter putting coal in the furnace that has already picked the coal up w
ill put it there even when there is over 5 items in the furnace.
This will avoid stuck inserter when there are more than one feeder at the
same time.
- Fixed "all technologies" button in the sandbox mode.
- Fixed unpredictable behaviour of "None" and "Very Big" starting area setti
- Fix bug of loading map that contains removed/migrated items in logistic re
quest slots or in logistic robots on the way.
- Fixed bug with "teleporting" enemy expansion groups.
- Tweaked small enemy and group movement bugs.
- Fixed bug of burner mining drill accepting more than 5 coal (up to full st
ack) by inserters.
- Fixed bug with the double click in list dialogs Game was loaded even when
clicked on two different items in the short period of time.
- Fixed bug when settings to not use item groups in character crafting gui w
ere not working.

- Fixed bug of active window not being always on top (minimap was over it).
- Fixed bug of the mining drill consuming resource even when executing the b
onus production (given by productivity modules).
- Fixed crash when spawning on the player port.
- Fix in the recipe requirements calculations.
- Total raw calculates requirements per one item with float numbers (circuit
needs 1.5 copper for example)
- Fixed crash when opening the modular armor in the container.
- Fixed inconsistency in gui opening state when destroying entity (chest) th
at contains currently opened armor.
- Fixed crash when inventory with currently opened armor was destroyed.
- Fixed bug that caused production modules make lab work faster.
- Fixed bug that caused remaining pollution in inactive chunks.
- Fixed bug in gui opening after switching controllers.
- Fixed crash when trying to manipulate armor with paused game.
- Remnants are buildable/selectable in the map editor.
- Biters are gettings stuck less now.
- Fixed bug crash when loading save with two trains next to each other.
- Changed the recipe for lab to require 4 transport belts instead of 5.
- Added write access to energy property of entity.
- Added read/write access to the peaceful_mode boolean (game.peaceful_mode)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.7.1
Date: 8.10. 2013
- Toolbelt technology adds second quickbar.
- Gun turret damage upgrades.
- Added late game destroyer robots that follow the player and shoot powerful
blue laser.
- Added middle game defender robots that follow the player and shoot bullets
- Research screen shows current or last completed research.
- Walls, machines and railroads leave remnants when destroyed.
- Peaceful mode in freeplay. Biters don't attack unless attacked. Worms stil
l shoot on sight.
- Slowed down the enemy evolution to 1/3.
- Enemy spawning cooldown depend on evolution level.
- Less expensive and faster crafting of the piercing bullet magazine (5 copp
er instead of 10)
- Less expensive capsules
- Increased armor resistances.
- 1/2 crafting time of all modules, all 10/10 advanced circuit /normal circu
it requirements changed to 5/5.
- Advanced circuit requirements 5/5 circuits/cable changed to 4/4
- Express transport belt iron gear wheels requrement 15->10
- Transport belt to ground craftable in pairs (price is doubled, time kept t
he same)
- Faster extension and rotation speed of the gun turret.
- First 2 levels of research effectivity don't require blue science packs.
- Automobilism doesn't requre blue science pack and prerequisite change from
logistics-3 to logistics-2.
- Basic accumulator capacity increased from 2.5kJ to 5kJ, input/output flow
increased to 300W.
- More effective logistic robot speed upgrades (25% of basic speed cumulativ

Slow down capsule effect time increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

Gun turret range extended from 15 to 17.
Damage increases: Grenade 10->25, Rocket 40->60, Explosive rocket 20->40
Lowered initial natives evolution further away from the start.
Fast Inserter has now the same speed as Smart Inserter.
One time migration that replaces all the smart inserters
without the cable connection or filter by Fast Inserters.
- Iron gear wheel stack size increased from 64 to 128
- Decreased resting energy consumption of laser turret to 1/3.
- Removed the blue potion prerequisite for solar panels.
- Removed the limit of one logistic robot order per tick.
- Speed module doesn't produce additional pollution (except for pollution in
crease from speed)
- Fixed memory leak created when any text on the screen was printed (includi
ng gui).
- Fixed crash on shift + space after using a capsule.
- Fixed map editor crash on zoom out.
- Fixed missing english locales.
- Fixed bug with smelting single resource in the furnace.
- Added missing pollution descriptions.
- Enemy bases should no longer appear on water.
- Fixed crash when opening production and character gui together.
- Fixed bug with off armor equipment placing.
- Entity info panel is shown over armor gui.
- Fixed that game.map_settings.pollution.enabled didn't have any effect on t
he game.
- Mining Mining drills/Labs with modules will give the modules back as well.
- Pollution on the minimap shown only in the alt mode.
- Fixed infinite item bug when holding item while crafting.
- Fixed crash in god mode when editing armor contents.
- Fixed crash when loading a game where the player is in the car.
- Fixed crash when loading a game with ghost view.
- Fixed showing damage alert when no actual damage is done.
- Fixed that the electric network info didn't fit in 1280X1024 (and more squ
are like resolutions).
- Fixed bug with enemy spawners appearing in the player's starting area.
- Alert notifications are visible on the minimap as well.
- New underground indication for belts / pipes.
- Added creeper spawner graphics.
- Added remnants for destroyed buildings and railroads.
- Particle based stickers on slowed down enemies.
- Added attack_reaction field for every entity with health.
- The current interface of lua scripting is up to date on factorio wiki.
- Orientation read only field works for vehicle, fish and unit.
- Added read/write field accelerationperenergymodifier, consumption_modifier
and friction_modifier to LuaEntity(LuaCar).
- Changed isvalid() method of LuaEntity to valid property.
- Changed set/get methods to read/write property for active, destructible, m
inable, rotatable and operable of lua entity.
- Changed getdrop_target/getdrop_position to read property drop_target/drop_
- Changed set/get methods of always_day, gametime, darkness to read/write pr
operty of lua game.
- Removed the connectcharacter/disconnectcharacter, it is done by assigning
the player.character directly (nil disconnects).
- All functions/properties accessible by player.controller are now accesible

directly by player
- getenergy method of lua entity changed to energy read only field.
- disable/enable methods of lua recipe changed to read/write property enable
- set/get researched/enabled methods of lua technology changed to read/write
property researched/enabled
- added game.kill_all_enemies() api call
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.7.0
Date: 27.9. 2013
- The factory now produces pollution. Pollution is visible on the map after
pressing ALT key.
Pollution is mostly produced by mining drills, things that burn coal, asse
mbling machines and modules.
- Enemy creepers were replaced by small, medium and big biters.
- Enemy turrets were replaced by small, medium and big shooting worms.
- Enemy attacks are triggered by pollution accumulated around their base (no
time based attacks from the script anymore).
- Enemies move and attack in groups.
- Enemies wander around their base when they have nothing to do.
- Enemies call for help when attacked.
- Enemies can create new bases.
- Added new weapons / ammos: shotgun, combat shotgun, explosive rockets.
- Added upgrades (research) for all types of ammo and for laser turrets as w
- Added concept of capsules (usable items). Capsules are used from quickbar.
Quickbar shortcut (1-5 shift 1-5) applies the capsule at mouse position.
Current capsules: basic grenade, poison cloud capsule (doesn't damage buil
slowdon capsule (doesn't work on buildings), combat robo
t capsules (spawns robot(s) that fight the enemies)
- The player movement is slower when he is shooting (differs per weapon).
- Added Modular armors with placeable equipment. The armor is opened by righ
t clicking it.
Equipments can be: night vision, speedup exoskeleton, energy sources, batt
eries, energy shields, laser defense, discharge defense
- Weapons have different damage types, entities have different resistances.
- Added production statistics similar to the electricity statistics. (on the
P key by default)
- "Shift-build" - when building with shift the settings of the last built en
tity of that type are applied.
This works for assembling machine, smart/logistics chest and inserter, inc
ludes circuit network wiring and internal settings.
- Laboratories and mining drills are module compatible.
- Logistic robots try to not mix different items in storage chests if possib
- Placing resources now uses the "autoplace" mechanism as well (see lua data
- Better labeling of map generation parameters (swapped frequency and size),
frequency and size are less dependent on each other.
- Automatic updates can use proxy server.
- Extended tips and tricks.
- Mark missing elemental ingredients in the recipe tooltip as red.
- Show cooldown of weapons/usable items in the slot.
- Debug settings can be changed in game (F4 triggers the gui).
- Flying text notification when a train has no path.

- Automatically connect rolling stocks into trains when placed nearby with i
- Show direction of train stop when to be built/selected.
- Show connected/to be connected rails that are selected/to be build
- Double click in load/save dialog opens/saves the game.
- Technologies in the technology gui are sorted (using order string)
- Replaced enemy placeholders (units, turrets).
- New selection boxes.
- New arrows for inserters / mining drills.
- Removed the filter inserter (merged with smart inserter), all filter inser
ters are transformed into smart inserters.
- Land mine has bigger damage radius and trigger.
- Disabled loading of saves before 0.3.0 version (You can use 0.6.4 to load
any old saves and re-save them).
- Enemies can destroy all player creations they find (not only labs, turrets
, logistic robots, train and player as it was now)
- Long hand inserter puts the item into the distance 2 (instead of 1).
- Decreased the car health from 2000 to 500, laser from 350 to 250.
- Increased the wall health bar from 200 to 350 and increased health of most
of the player structures.
- Enemy spawners and turrets slowly regenerate health.
- Electric pole connects to all poles in the reach with no common neighbour.
The limit of 5 connection per pole stays.
Building electric poles with shift pressed builds it without any connectio
- Straight belt pushes items from the center to one of the sides, so randoml
y inserted items on belt
shouldn't cause stucks in the U turns.
- Indestructible objects are now handled properly in the path finding.
- Fix of game being very slow with lots of logistic robots with no place to
put items (no free storage chests).
- Fixed several critical bugs in the map editor.
- Fixed of confused logistic system when rebuilding logistic chests
- Shortened number format works properly for large negative numbers.
- Fixed script crashes when using god mode in freeplay.
- Fixed armor relative protection (It was inversed and 10% protection made 9
0% instead)
- Player inventory didn't get autosorted when item was crafted or delivered
by logistic robot.
- Player crafting gui didn't get updated (number of items craftable), when p
layer recieved
items from logistic robots or dropped item on ground.
- Fixed sharp edges in new maps.
- Fixed crash when player hovers ammo placed in quickbar.
- Fixed bug of losing bonus production in furnace/assembling machine when th
e output slot is full (the production will stop instead).
- Item tooltip is updated when the item on selected slot changes and closed
when the slot is cleared.
- Mining drills deactivate when the resources run out.
- Speedups in the path finding (though path finding around very big lakes is
still slow).
- Speedups in enemy movement.
- Fixed lua gui element#isvalid function, it threw error when the element wa
s invalid.
- Added lua object for entity/item prototype. All prototypes can be aquired

by game.(entity/item)prototypes.
- Added (readonly now) way to access tiles by game.get_tile(x.y) (provides n
ame property and collides_with method)
- getenergy method additionally works for Lamp, Lab, Electric turret, Accumu
lator, Car, Locomotive and Solar panel.
- The on_chunk_generated event is now called for all chunks, even for the st
arting area and for chunks created in map editor.
- Result of shooting, projectiles, capsules and items used in general, is no
w specified by our small but powerful effect framework.
- Added way to migrate/rename entity/item prototypes.
- Introduced moddable game wide map settings in data/base/prototypes/map-set
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.6.4
Date: 14.8. 2013
- Fixed WinXP compatibility.
- Fixed updater problem when updating over multiple versions of packages on
Linux and mac.
- Fixed reversed positions of red/green cable on small electric pole.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.6.3
Date: 12.8. 2013
- Player lost one item when right clicked on full stack, now it does nothing
- Fix of crash when mining pipe to ground in some special setups.
- When manually connecting electric poles, limit the distance by the pole wi
th smaller reach.
- Correct error messages invalid settings is set when starting new map.
- Multithreading related crashes.
- Fix of game stopped for ever when creating two message dialogs in one tick
creating more message dialogs in one tick now creates a queue, and player
to see them all.
- The game doesn't crash when unlock recipe modifier is used in market, alth
ough, the
gui interface should be upgraded. (Price is not shown in the tooltip, and
is not understandable
that you are not buying the item, but the recipe. There is no indication,
when you already
have the recipe, this will be added as feature later, this is bugfix relea
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.6.2
Date: 9.8. 2013
- Fixed a minor possibility to get stuck in demo level 1.
- Fixed wild train acceleration.
- Fixed crash when mining rail signal before the train.
- Fixed walking while filling script-generated text field.

- Belt to ground cannot be fast replaced with the belt to ground of the
same type but different rotation.
- Fixed freeze when setting game speed to 0
- Fixed stack splitting on linux (right click on stack)
- Fixed graphics settings checkboxes for mining drill arrows.
- Correct rounding and SI prefixes for power and energy.
- Proper centering of custom guis on creation.
- Adjust the size and count of machines info displayed in the electric
network gui to screen size.
- Too fast scrolling when game speed is set to faster than 1.
- Fixed moving on the map while in the vehicle.
- Fixed crash when disconnecting character while crafting.
- Fixed crash when removing items from character's inventory.
- A little more predictible behavior of picking items up in god mode.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.6.1
Date: 29.7. 2013
- Exact braking mechanism for the train.
- Fixed train goto functionality.
- Boiler shows its fuel inventory in the entity info.
- Small fixes when displaying module bonuses.
- Beacon displays its effects multiplied by distribution effectivity.
- New furnace recipes are now available only after the corresponding researc
h is done.
- Electric furnace has basic smelting speed same as the steel furnace.
- Fix of tools/ammo not showing the damaged/used progress bar.
- Fixed english fallbacks for item name and description localization
- Fixed flickering of the minimap and the entity info.
- Fixed serialization bug that created corrupted saves when
the map was saved with flyingtext on the screen.
These corrupted saves will be loadable with this version.
- Fix of possible exploit by changing recipe of assembling machine while it
is making something.
- Some of the controls that are related to clicking to some slot are now res
tricted to contain mouse input.
- Stop walking/riding when switched to map.
- Fixed bug when player wasn't visible after leaving the car.
- Fixed crash when "shift clicking" modules into furnace.
- Fixed crash when attempting to set filter in entity inventory window.
- When furnace was mined, player didn't get modules inside.
- Fixed bug in thread allocation when changing number of threads
- Fixed game speed > 1.
- Fixed linux updater ignoring the binary in some cases.
- Fixed exception throw when setting custom gui element caption.
- Added children_names() method to lua gui element.
- Changed express splitter recipe.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.6.0
Date: 26.7. 2013
- World map (opened by the M key). The map is refreshed around the player an

d radars.
- Small version of the world map acting as persistent minimap.
- Player can request things directly from the logistic robots.
- Added steel and electric furnace.
- Added modules, these can be inserted into assembling machines and furnaces
to upgrade their properties.
- Added beacons, can broadcast module bonuses to nearby structures (for now
use old lab graphics).
- Improved terrain generator (trees now follow the fractal generation as wel
- More feedback in updater.
- Show list of content (entities/items) removed from the map when it is load
This can happen when some mods are missing, or some prototypes were remove
- Light around cursor in god controller.
- Additional information shown when loading game (map version, list of mods,
- Slot icons hinting on some slot functionality (like tool / armor / etc.)
- Alert when objects are being damaged / turrets are firing.
- Game can be paused anytime (by default SHIFT + SPACE).
- Changelog is shown after update and accessible in About->changelog.
- New lab graphics.
- New chests graphics.
- New terrain graphics.
- New stone furnace graphics.
- New logistic robots graphics.
- New car graphics.
- New fish graphics.
- Fixed bug with incorrect sum in the flying text.
- Fixed bug of switching of order of internal gui elements (typically in the
electric network gui after dragging)
- Transport belt doesn't pull player out of the edge of it (like items), so
won't be almost trapped on faster transport belts.
- Fixed crafting queue overlaying the quickbar.
- Updater protocol should now behave slightly better with firewalls.
- Fixed bug with rail path planning on cycle rail.
- Lowered darkness in the middle of the night.
- Game render and update can run in different threads.
- Optimisation of the game render.
- Parallelisation of the render preparation (number of threads is configurab
- Transport belt simulation optimisations
- Assembling machine and furnace use the ingredients when they start creatin
g the product.
- Rotated tool equip gui. Gives more space to right side block.
- Updates and tweaks in the demo scenario.
- Labs are dedicated to backers (displayed in entity info).
- Simplified burner logic (burner inserter, miner, car, locomotive), it show
s the power consumption now.
- Use relevant energy values as fuel value (coal fuel value = 8KJ etc)
- Added textfield gui type with text property.
- Adjust the maximum cover distance of electric pole dynamically depending
on the pole with biggest reach.

- New field "stack" (contains name, count) for entities on the ground
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.5.3
Date: 3.7. 2013
- Fix of loading of custom gui styles
- Mining cargo wagon gives back items inside.
- Fixed crash in map editor when opening furnace / boiler / etc.
- Wire dragging in god mode.
- During tight spot simulation the camera can move around.
- Fixed bugs in scenario pack.
- Minor fix with arrow in demo level 01.
- Fixed bug in saving script state (actual save happened only the very 1st t
- Fix of rail not providing direction.
- Fix of setactive method (set always to active), this fixes the scenario pa
ck as well.
- Method getEnergy works on assembling machine.
- Dropped linux deb packages (tar packages remain)
- Merged changes in FR translation
- Added Dutch translation.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.5.2
Date: 22.6. 2013
- Fixed map editor segfaults caused by entities staged for update.
- Fixed double translation in czech translation.
- Added player entity to the locale file.
- Fixed restart button in finished game gui.
- Fixed crashes in map editor when building belts to ground on top of each o
- Fixed the crafting speed description in the assembling machine.
- Fixed straight lines in the newly generated maps.
- Fixed crashes when loading maps with missing tile or resource definitions.
- Fixed setting of sizes of custom gui elements in scripts (took effect afte
r save, but not immediately).
- Fixed some of the line wrapping problems in tool tips.
- Fixed bug when starting chest buttons appeared when loading sandbox game.
- Fixed attacking with tool when there is no ammo.
- Limit the frequency of the message sound.
- The assembling machine 2 speed is now slightly faster (from 1.5 to 2).
- The game doesn't play (and encode) the ambient when ambien volume is 0.
- The game doesn't simulate fish (and other stuff in the future) that are fa
r away.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.5.1
Date: 13.6. 2013
- Arrows for mining drill output when building and in Alt mode.

- Vehicle riding in God mode (vehicle must be selected when pressing enter k
- Safe and resource-rich starting area for freeplay.
- Enabled loading of saves with corrupted rail segments setup from 0.4.x ver
- Fix of crash when opening laboratory with no active research.
- Fixed map editor crash when displaying enemy turret entity info.
- Added options button to the map editor menu.
- Esc in map editor menu returns to map editing.
- Fix bug of logistic storage not updated when rebuilding chest to storage.
- Fixed bug of alt-info + logistic storage beeing off after shift/control
click of items that don't fit into inventory.
- Added missing english translation records.
- Fixed crash when train destroyed another wagon / locomotive.
- Fixed crash when using set_command with defins.command.go_to_location.
- Style for button pie slice progress color (used for crafting slot).
- Small gui style fixes (car gui, inserter gui)
- Unified gui title bottom styles.
- Minimal width for dialog buttons.
- Fixed crashes in updater.
- Fixed the steam engine power output indicator (allowing it to have value u
p to 100%)
- Fixed position of the FPS info (now in the top left)
- Fixed changing god speed on autozoom (F9)
- Boiler is fast replaceable with pipes (and vice versa).
- Fixed the bug of the wrong calculation of craftable items.
- Fixed missing file in Linux tarball.
- Smooth progress bar for splash screen.
- Faster god movement speed.
- New radar graphics.
- New boiler graphics.
- New steam engine graphics.
- New pump graphics.
- New pipes graphics.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.5.0
Date: 7.6. 2013
- Crafting recipes categorized into groups.
- Gui styles (changeable by mods).
- Auto updater for new versions.
- Train path finding takes two way signals into account.
- Train Schedule merging when connecting trains.
- Show what is connected to the electric pole when selected.
- Train can find the path backward when it has locomotives in the back
- Choose direction for some entities automatically (semaphore, train statin,
when more than one direction is suitable. The R key rotates just between t
- Alt info for the cargo wagon contents.
- Train stop building position is rounded to 2x2 grid to fix the rail grid.
- Visualisation of guarded rail area by rail signal when building/selecting
- Blinking unplugged icon for generator/solar panel when it is not connected
to any machine that

can use the electricity, same icon for consumer when not connected to sour
- Multiple Train Stops for the Train Station (Train stop has gui to change t
he station it belongs to)
- Updated recipe tooltip for assembling machine output and technology window
- Inserter can pick up to 5 items when moving from inventory to inventory (w
hen researched), this is
useful for faster loading/unloading of cargo in train stations.
- Electric network statistics, accessible by opening the electric pole of th
e electric network,
shows statistics and graphs for different intervals (5s - 50h).
- God controller (mode without a player)
- Added sandbox custom scenario (no goal, just building factories).
- Enemy base generation settings can be set in the map generation gui.
- Load game gui automatically selects latest save when opened.
- Added fast and express splitters.
- Crop Cache for atlas (requires less video memory to run, first load when c
rop cache is initialized can be slower)
- Faster loading times (sounds are loaded when needed, faster images loading
- New gui look.
- New locomotive graphics.
- New graphics for mining drills (burner and electric)
- Use shooting particles when player is shooting.
- New splitter graphics.
- New small lamp graphics.
- Rendering light sources behind the border of the screen (To the maximum di
stance of 15 tiles).
- Fixed bug in internal rail segment structure creation on circular rails.
This could have made the save games unusable
- Fixed speed of logistic robots manager (slowdowns in games with lots of lo
gistic chest + robots)
- Fixed slow update with big counts of smart chests connected to the circuit
network (now instant).
- Fixed bug in logistic chest unregistration when the "entity-ghost" entity
to be built was held above it.
- Reload fonts when the display is found, this should solve issues of black
fonts after switching from different mode/game.
- Don't allow to do quick transfer (ctrl+click) on entities that are not ope
- Rails are not minable when there is train on them.
- Player selection controller works when player dies (and is respowned by th
e player port).
- Correct saving of max updates per frame to the config - number instead of
- Fix of alt info for chests cleared by the script.
- Fix of loading saved games with mod items in crafting queue, that are not
already present
(mod with that item is not present, or the item was removed).
- Fixed bug of not loadable games due to different mod settings causing to h
ave assembling machines
set to recipes with more ingredients than the number of slots of the assem
bling machine.
- Fixed object creation in the lua scripts (faster and no memory leaks).
- Fixed clearing temporary script data (faster).
- Fixed bug with flickering entity info.
- Character not connected to player dying doesn't lose the game..

- Fixed ordering of commands on entity die to allow clone mod.

- Confirm exit from map editor when map is not saved.
- Fixed bug of not loadable saves with entities on the edge of the region in
some cases.
- Fixed automatic resizing of script-based gui when text is element or child
items are removed.
- Larger scale of terrain features.
- Better movement on transport belts in turns and crossings.
- Rails recipe changed (made from steel, needs also stone)
- Locomotive + wagon + rails are more expensive.
- More random looking enemy base generation.
- Machines using electricity can have limited maximum input/output flow per
so accumulators don't recharge/give energy instantly and laser turrets tak
e energy,
more continuously.
- Ambient (music) isn't loaded all at start, but instead streaming realtime
while playing, this
reduces game starting time and memory requirements.
- Removed the limit to pickup 1 item per tick when player is picking items.
- Player picks all items in range when picking items on ground (not just 1 p
er tick as it was until now)
- Changed the 'orientation' parameter to 'direction' to be consistent, the d
irection is
used for the 4/8 base direction of the entity. Orientation is used for 360 or
ientation of something.
- LuaEntity::clear_items_inside and get_item_count works on all entities (ho
- Added LuaGame::find_entities_filtered, to find entities of certain type/na
me faster.
- Added LuaGame::find_non_colliding_position(name, position, maxperimeter, p
recision) to quickly find building space.
- Saving and Loading game from the script (game.load(name) and
Used in tight-spot and transport-belt-maddness.
- Mods can modify the gui style of the game.
- Configurable car trunk size in the entity definition.
- Measure time spent in scripts divided in individual mods and show in time
statistics info (F5).
- force.reset_technologies now loads new versions of technologies (like befo
re), but it preserves the
research and enabled state of technologies, so it is usable in migrations
to reload existing technologies that changed.
- Enabled to have recipe with no prerequisities (just energy). In the crafti
ng gui, it shows Inifnite count craftable
of that item (and all items dependent on recipes that are for free).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.4.1
Date: 6.5. 2013
- Smooth (precise) rolling stock placement.
- Rotating while building affects the direction of the rolling stock.
- Rolling stocks can be disconnected from both sides.
- Fixed the pump buildability.

- Rail signals connect to more than one rail when connected to junction.
- Fixed memory leaks related to train path searching.
- Fix of building station desynchronising the replay.
- Don't show the contents of the cursor when map is stopped.
- Fixed bug in connecting rolling stocks across crossroads.
- Fixed crash when removing rails in rail crossings.
- Fixed crash when not selecting research while the inserter had already his
science pack on the way to the lab.
- Stop train when riding manually and switching to automatic mode.
- Fixed bug of crash (and other problems) when riding rolling stock after it
was rotated.
- Fixed a bug of crash after removing train stop on circular rail.
- Cannot rotate train stop and rail signal after built.
- Fix of crash when splitter with connected transport belts was rotated.
- Fixed bug in setting up the train while reversing
- Shorter flying text duration (2.5s instead of 3s)
- Added accumulator charging animation.
- Draw ending/starting pieces of underground belt and splitter.
- New transport belt to ground sprites.
- Added entity.vehicle property.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.4.0
Date: 3.5. 2013
- Automated train transportation. Trains can be given schedule to go to Trai
n Stops (named after backers).
- Added simple rail signals functionality.
- Added rail cargo wagon.
- Locomotive uses fuel.
- All the desynchronisation problems in the game replaying should be solved.
- Added small replay options control panel.
- Added small flying text notifications (used to notify mining, quick transf
er and contents of mined entity).
- Added medium electric pole.
- Added big electric pole.
- Added substation.
- Added basic accumulator.
- Player slides around corners.
- Filter inserter doesn't pick items without any filter set, smart inserter
still takes everything without filter set.
- Wider crafting/item selection screen (10 slots instead of 8, temporary sol
ution until crafting tabs are made)
- Smaller inserter bounding box, so it is easier to run through the factory.
- Car shows fuel icon when out of fuel
- Locomotive and Car are minable
- Easier riding in locomotive and car (accelerate vs. brake vs. reverse)
- Fixed resources not colliding with water.
- Fixed the calculation of loot count.
- Fixed not working clear filter action.
- Fixed drawing position of one of the trees.
- Fixed mouse click originated in gui that closes affecting the game. (Click
ing on resume started mining etc)
- Fixed crash after confirming notice box of error in script on level/campai

gn start.
- Show error in the player console when autosave can't be made and continue,
instead of closing the game.
- Fixed over extension in the recipe window.
- Fixed one rail connection bug.
- Fixed some train connecting bugs.
- Picture for single piece of wall.
- More visible (white) carret in the console.
- Mods can specify dependencies.
- Mods can contain lua migrations.
- Default values for loot (probability 1, min = 1, max = 1)
- Better error handling on many places (so the game will write the cause of
error instead of crashing, or writing error -1)
- Changed the gui interface to minimalise mod conflicts.
gui object contains now 3 accessible sub object (top, left, center).
These are always flows and can't be removed, when more than one mod (and/o
r script)
adds something there it all stacks.
- Added frame, label, table and progressbar to creatable gui.
- Added basic font settings for gui elements (bold/not bold + color)
- Added way to change caption of existing gui elements
- Gui name doesn't need to be unique globally, it just needs to be unique in
the context of the parent element.
- Allowed loading bounding box with named parameters (left_top, right_bottom
as well as without it in format {{1, 2}, {3, 4}}
- Added direction property to LuaEntity.
- Added has_flag method.
- Removed game.getrandomnumber, use math.random instead, it will use the int
eral game random number generator.
- Added way to create more entities by the script (projectile, particle, res
ource), more on wiki soon.
- Added way to read/write amount in resource.
- Fixed bug of units killed by die command not creating corpse+sound.
- on_chunk_generated event added (contains area with bounding box of the chu
- Fixed bugs with remote interfaces
- Exposed enemy distraction in freeplay attack data
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.3.2
Date: 30.3. 2013
- Compatibility with win xp
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.3.1
Date: 30.3. 2013
- Compatibility with older windows systems fix (Vista and older).
- Fix of the character projectile creation position.
- Fixed of the not working flame thrower.
- German tralsnation fix.

- Fix of the script crash when player dies in beta scenario mission 1
- Fixed the stucked assembling machines. (It affected saves where
assembling machines had items inside, the order of items was changed.)
- Fixed the building of walls in map editor.
- Fixed the bug of autoclosing character screen when the player is in vehicl
- Fixed the splitter bug.
- Fixed bug in loading lua packages in modules data.lua
- Fixed the crash in the beta campaign level 02 (as well chaning the core to
show script error (instead of freezing) message when different object is g
- Map size settings didn't affect freeplay.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.3.0
Date: 29.3. 2013
- Game updates are using timer event. The program keeps 60 game updates even
with FPS < 60 or FPS > 60.
The "catchup rate" is configurable. When the FPS drops very low this stops
having the effect.
- Added walls. (Walls are made from stone bricks, these are created from sto
ne in the furnace.)
- Storing console history in the player data.
- New tree graphics (8 dry trees 12 big trees)
- New inserter graphics
- New laser turret and gun turret graphics
- Bullet particles for gun turret
- New solar panel graphics
- Lighter stone furnace graphics
- New logistic robot graphics
- Fixed crash when restarting the game with technology gui opened.
- Fixed crafting queue properties when saved during crafting.
- Fixed laser turret not consuming energy in idle state.
- Splitter has maximum memory of 5 items when forced to send items on one si
de because the other one is blocked.
This means that when left is block for a long time, and then both are free
, the right will get mostly 5 items
before it is splitted 1:1 again.
- Fixed that the electric pole has the same orientation all the time (regard
less connections)
- Removed the text length limit from the input console.
- Wrapping of the console text in the game.
- Mods are self sustainable folders now. They contain the prototype definiti
ons, graphics, sounds, locale, scenarios or campaigns.
- Mods Gui in the game to enable / disable mods and change their ordering.
- The default game contents is treated as a mod (called base).
- Prototype definitions are generated by Lua scripts (no json anymore). Mods
can manipulate the definitions from previous mods.
- Mods can have control.lua script that supplements / changes the behavior o
f the default scenario script.
- Multiple running scripts (from the mods) can communicate with each other u
sing interfaces.
- General furnace energy source specification in json (so it can be electric

- Started to use the name of the recipe, this allows different recipes for t
he same product.
Having different recipes for the same product for player crafting is not t
ested (regarding the auto crafting)
- Translation files are merged properly.
- Default english fallback for translations.
- Simple way to add gui elements using script.
- Divided the player and its character, some functions that are not directly
connected with the charater (goal description, printing etc)
are accessible from the player object, the rest from the charater.
The access to character is game.player.character
- The migration script runs before the control.lua is loaded and can be used
to reload scripts from the original scenario
this is used to solve the issue of incompatibile scripts in the save game.
- Merged onunitdied and onplayerdied to on_entity_died
- Check for positive addition in the LuaInventory::insert method
- Added LuaInventory::remove method
- Added LuaInventory::get_contents method
- Simplier access to player from game object (game.player instead of
- Added LuaRecipe::reload method
- Added force parameter in create_entity so player can specify the owner of
the created entity (was always enemy now)
- Added way to change force of entity and damage entity (damaging is differe
nt then sethealth).
- Position doesn't need to be in format {x = 34, y = 7}, the format {34 ,7}
works as well, the
same with bounding box.
- Added simple interface for the Freeplay that allows manipulating the attac
ks from mod scripts.
- Scripts receive only events they have subscribed to.
- Scripts can emit their own events (for instance Freeplay emits an event wh
enever it starts the attack).
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.10
Date: 3.3. 2013
- Repaired the not minable lab/turret bug.
- Fixed the bug of using all recipes (regardless of category in the automati
c crafting of intermediate products).
- Fixed the bug of the incorrect steel processing technology (not reloaded b
y migration).
- Fixed the bug of the disabled iron/copper smelting recipes in scenario map
s loaded from older versions.
- Fixed the bug of the freezed controls after loading a replay from a game.
- Fixed the bug of the incorrect usage of science pack in some cases.
- Fixed the bug of the tooltips not working when entity info window is activ
- Start game script even with missing control.lua
a) Lua-based migrations work for these gaves.
b) It is possible to run console commands in these games.
- Tool tip in tecnology preview shows total raw in the same system as in pla
yer crafting gui
(Using just recipes that player can use for the calculations, so not smelt
- Added Finish and Spanish translation.

- Fixed the \n usage (It works in the campaign translation as end-line chara
cter again)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.9
Date: 1.3. 2013
- Added splitter, it can be used to split items coming on belt in 1:1 ratio.
- Autosave interval is now configurable in Options->Other (values are 1 to 1
00 minutes or never)
- Textual inputs now work with home + end keys.
- Fixed the error of randomly connecting/disconnecting of the pole to be bui
- Added 0 to the allowed characters (only 1 - 9 was allowed).
- Fixed the missing distance check for connection of circuit network cables.
- Fixed periodic slowdowns when creeper attacks were spawned.
- When save/scenario saving (from the save as menu) fails, error message is
and player can try to resolve it (the application will not close).
- Update the size of the entity info window when the contents change.
- Fixed the missing translation tag in the item filter window.
- Fixed bug with attacking with a pick on a large distance
- Moved enemy spawner parameters spawningRadius and spawningSpacing into the
json files
- Alphabetical sorting of all file/directory lists (save/load game/scenario
- Removed obsolete creeper-rocket.
- Update of the tile graphics (mainly stone tiles are upgraded)
- Fixed chest info not updating when inserted items using script.
- Added indestructible/not operable/not rotatable/active property accesible
to the scripting.
- Added Lua force object
- Added function get_entity_count into the force object, used this to fix mi
nor bug in level-02
where count of mining drills/furnaces was done manually
- In Lua set_multi_command now returns number of units sent
- Moved functions getrecipes and gettechnologies from the LuaEntity to LuaFo
- Recipe categories (Both crafting and furnace recipes merged into one list,
recipes are categorised now)
- Current recipe categories are "crafting" + "smelting", it is now possible
to add new recipe
categories in the prototype-definitions/recipe-category folder.
- Player/Assembling machine/Furnace prototype contains list of recipe catego
ries they can use, this
should make it easier to make specialised machines.
- Added polish translation (Missing demo campaign)
- Completed French translation (fixes and tips and tricks)
- Fixes in German translation
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.8

Date: 22.2. 2013

- Underground belt can be rotated (using the standard rotate key) and it swi
tches the input and output ends.
- Intermediate items in the crafting queue have different color.
- Player doesn't collide with the transport belt to ground.
- Player will shoot to enemies close to him no matter where his cursor is.
- Different colors for promised items in the crafting queue.
- Little bit more powerful and less frequent attacks of creepers in 3rd leve
l of the demo.
- New graphics for electrics pole with rotation depending on connection + wi
res shadows.
- Fixed crash when rail with train on it was destroyed (It can't be damaged
- Fixed crash when invalid file name of save is entered (limited the input t
o a-z,A-Z,0-9 and _-.).
- Fixed items stuck on the U-shaped transport belt.
- Fixed items moving along the full transport belt.
- Filter inserter not showing it's info when the first item was not set.
- Fixed Issue with double clicking in the technology preview.
- Proper ordering of the Steel plate vs. the Iron plate.
- Cancelling the item from crafting queue doesn't return the intermediate re
- Cancelling item in the crafting queue now cancels the intermediates as wel
- Paths settings (configurable mode for data directories, system or local),
paths are saved into config
- Zip package's default behaior set to local (so it is self-sustainable pack
- Installer has set default behavior to system (so it works when installed i
nto program files etc)
- Loading images (load preview) with unicode characters in the path, this us
ualy happened to users
that had unicode characters in their user name on windows and wanted to lo
ad save Users/<Name>/AppData/..
- Control click transfered from the chest from further than reach distance (
allowed teleports).
- Fixed freezing with some certain combinations of directions of locomotives
in train.
- Fixed crash when middle-clicking (set filter) in the main inventory.
- Cross connections of transport belt of the same type are disabled (they wo
uld break on save/load anyway)
- Transport belt to ground gives items inside when mined.
- Correction of bounding boxes of some curved rail built.
- Added selection box + helath bar to diesel locomotive. (The health bar is
little bit weird now, maybe it should rotate.)
- Health bar of car.
- Changed avarage to average typo.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.7
Date: 15.2. 2013
- Warning icon for an Ammo Turret without an Ammo (only visible by the owner

- Contents of the inventory of the Ammo Turret in the entity info (only visi
ble by the owner).
- Contents of the Furnace, the Assembling Machine and the Lab is visible in
the entity info.
- Let the player change the map generator parameters when starting a new gam
- Changed standard stone resource frequency from Rare to Medium.
- Distance for building/mining/opening machines increased from 5 to 6.
- Added descriptions for some items (science pack, logistic robot/chests)
- Changed default key to enter vehicle to the Enter key.
- Lost bitmaps after resize on some systems (includes missing light).
- Crash when setting recipe of an Assembling Machine in the Map Editor.
- Crash when mining Logistic Robots in pending state.
- Crash when saving map editor after deleting active entities.
- Attacks in the Freeplay were stucked after the first attack.
- Show ceiled value for health (so you should never see a unit with 0 health
- Window to choose filter in the filter inserter was closed when something w
as crafted.
- Strange (teleport-like) behavior on the Transport Belt turn in some cases.
- Eternal tooltip in the Burner Inserter.
- Eternal tooltip in the Technology gui.
- Crash when clicking on bonuses in the Technology Gui.
- Removed sources of several memory leaks.
- English - complete
- Czech - complete
- German - complete
- Russian - complete
- French - core game + level 01 of the demo(without tips and tricks)
- Italian - Core game and demo campaign
- Translation additions (in english everywhere now) (Map generator + map edi
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.6
Date: 9.2. 2013
- Pick can be used as melee weapon
- Smoke can be switched off
- Stucked laboratory bugfix
- Fixed a bug with replaced container not having alt info.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.5
Date: 8.2. 2013
- Clearing filter in filter inserter didn't work.
- French translation (just the core game, not campaign)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.4
Date: 5.2. 2013

- Added train connection/disconnection keys into the control settings
- Newly built assembling machine could crash the game sometimes.
- Divided diesel locomotive spreadsheet into 4 files, so it is possible to l
oad on computer with maximum sprite size of 2048X2048
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.3
Date: 3.2. 2013
- Source smoke animation in matrix, to be loadable on computer with smaller
maximum bitmap size limit.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.2
Date: 2.2. 2013
- Added assembling machine to the last demo level.
- Scripting of level 01 of campaign, it got stuck when player built mining d
rill on place with no resources
- When transport belts are rotated (or replaced with different than opposite
direction), items on transport belt are collected
To avoid situation when full transport belt was rotated and items got stuc
- Solved bug of stucked main inventory when filter was set there (disabled f
ilters in main inventory for now,
as the feature is not compatibile with automatic sorting)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.1 - Indiegogo campaign start
Date: 31.1. 2013
- Technologies for logistic robot cargo capacity upgrade and research speed
- 3 different autosaves
- Priorities of machines in electric network (energy is consumed from solar
panel first, when it is not enough, generators are used)
- Enemy bases gets bigger as player gets further from the starting point
- 3 different autosaves (1 for every minute, 1 for every second minute, 1 fo
r once per 4 minutes)
- Warning message when player tries to build too far or on colliding positio
- Convinient building of electric poles, it is possible to build electric po
les by holding mouse
- Automatic 180 degree rotation of building when building pipe to ground/bel
t to ground, so
when building the two connections one after another, no rotation is needed
to be done in between.
- Upgrade technologies only show one relevant technology.
- Larger stacks of several items (all resources, steel, electronic circuit,
science packs)
- Crash when mining tool is crafted and automatically equipped while mining
with bare hands.

- Localisation bugfixes
- Transport belt movement optimisations.
- Connection of transport belt to underground belt from the opposite side (o
n game load)
- Rail building and selection boxes
- Get the item in the hand of inserter when it is mined.
- Active locomotive emits light.
- Steel axe
- Better graphics of assembling machine
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.2.0
Date: 20.1. 2013
- Technology Research - not in demo
- Transport robots - not in demo
- Underground belt (simple way to cross transport belts) - not in demo
- Day-night cycle
- Ammo is refilled automatically into the ammo slot from inventory.
- Mining particles
- Light sources: Furnace(burning), player, lamp, rocket, explosions, car.
- Character animations (standing, mining, shooting)
- Rocket smoke
- Red screen when player is hurt
Gui changes:
- Show count of resources available for mining drill, and contained in chest
- Show values of red/green signal in the electric pole entity info
- Show info for entity planned to be built
- Show large numbers in item slots in 1.8k format for big numbers
- Show count of elemental ingredients needed for recipe
- Key (defaultly Q), to switch weapons
- Show (optional) (when selected or building) direction of inserter
- Visualisation of connection (when selected or bulding) of transport belt t
o ground and pipe to ground
- Demo ending screen
- Moving (stack transfer/inventory transfer) of non-full items (mining tool
, armor, magazines)
- Minor translation bugfixes
- Replay synchronisation bugfixes
- Map editor/game doesnt generate always the same series of maps anymore
- Localisation of inventory restriction messages
- Double turrets
- Crash when message diaog was opened and game closed
- Demo campaign changed, faster start, less mining
- Technology included in the beta campaign
- First basic version of freeplay with goal
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.1.2
Date: 26.12. 2012
- Lot of localisation bugfixes
- Localisation of tips and tricks

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.1.1
Date: 26.12. 2012
- Czech localisation (complete demo campaign/gui localisation)
- Building sound when dragging
- Fix of pressing T crashing the game
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version: 0.1.0 - First public release
Date: 24.12. 2012
First semi-public version
Demo Contains:
3 tutorial campaign missions
Game content:
Basic mining tools
Stone furnace
Wooden chest
Burner/electric mining drill
Burner/basic electric inserter
Basic transport belts
Steam engine
Gun/submachine gun
Alpha version contains:
2 harder campaign missions
Map editor
Free play
Game content:
Assembling machine (1, 2, 3, 4)
Long handed/Fast/smart inserter
Fast/express transport belts
Red/green wires that can be used to send signals
Smart chest - signal transferer
Rails + locomotive (can be used just for personal transportation now)
Rocket launcher, flame thrower, land mines and piercing bullets for pistol
/submachine gun
Heavy armor
Laser turret
Solar panel
Underground pipe connection