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Co-Teaching Lesson Plan

General Education Teacher: Ms. Miller

Special Education Teacher: Ms. Solomon
Grade Level: 6th grade
Subject Area: Mathematics
Content Area Standard: EngageNY: Module 4, Topic A, Lesson 1: The Relationship of Addition and Subtraction
CC.2.2.6.B.2 Understand the process of solving a one-variable equation or inequality and apply to real-world and
mathematical problems.
Measurable Goal for Lesson: Given 8 problems, students will fill in the correct missing variable or numeral by
evaluating identities such as w - x + x = w and w + x - x = w with 75% accuracy.
Essential Questions:
- How can we represent an expression using tape diagrams?
- What effect does adding and then subtracting the same number have on an equation?
- Why is the equation w+x-x=w called an identity?
Key Vocabulary: Addition, Subtraction, Identity, Variable, Equation, and Expression
Pre-Assessment: Students completed an end of module unit exam prior to beginning the new unit including
multiple choice and free response questions. Incorrect answers were reviewed and corrected to earn partial credit
Materials Needed: 10 paper squares per scholar, expression squares cut out (printable on EngageNY), worksheets




General Education

Special Education

(can select more

than one)


X One Teach,
One Support

5 min

Standing by door welcoming

students. Good morning!
Once everyone has entered
the classroom.
Last week we practiced using
tape diagrams to represent
addition problems. Your DoNow is reviewing what we
learned last week.
I have put an example of a
tape diagram on the board.
Once you are finished with
your Do-Now flip it over so
Ms. Solomon mark that you
have earned LiveSchool
points for completing it.

Good morning!
If necessary, reminding
students of the expectation
to sit silently and
immediately begin on donow.

Reading do-now directions

to Christian and Anthony.
Giving LiveSchool points
to students that have
completed their do-now.

- Behavior reminders
on desks of scholars
who have been
struggling to stay
on task
- fiddle box on the
back table for any
scholar who needs a
tactile object to help
them focus during
on time
Christian and Anthony will
need the directions read out
loud to them.
Make sure Que has brought
his journal with him from
his last class.

Takes attendance.
Calls on Christian and 2
other students to show
answer on the board.

Considerations (may
include adaptations,
accommodation, or
student- specific needs).

Prepares Christian to
present answer for question
#1. Signals Ms. Miller if
Christian is prepared.

Give Christian time to

prepare before having him
present his answer on the